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Last Updated on July 22, 2023

The 5 Best Kinky Sex Rooms for Rental

Does just thinking of kink make you tingle? There’s nothing like that sting, the marks that are left… Perhaps you want to explore and try new things with other people? I tried sex rooms when the ball gag ring, belt, sex spreader and cage at home were no longer enough. Maybe you want more too…

Did you know that people who practice BDSM often refer to the activity as a scene? They wouldn’t always view it as just “hooking up” (1). You scene with a person instead.

You want hotels that are clean, a space that is safe, and an area where you can totally explore every little pinch, clap, and slap…

You’re not going to believe what some of these kinky hotels have to offer! Read on to discover the best hotel for you…

Best Exclusive Sex Room Rental

Dungeon East, LA.

The most high-end and exclusive design of rooms for bodnage you’ll find is Dungeon East. 

This beautiful place will take your breath away before your dom spanks the air out of you! Oh, I wish they  had their spanking bench for sale, it’s just awesome. Every spank-lover would love to have such a thingy at home. Ready to get BDSM heady? Make sure you read this guide to spanking paddles.

The dungeon is plush and totally unique. Why? The all-white furniture brings BDSM and kink a whole new vibe. 

You’ll experience pleasure and pain in a dungeon the color of innocence. 

Trust me when I say that this space is spine-tingling.

Dungeon East, LA.

You feel both the sexual beauty and beast fighting within you. In the open-plan apartment filled with custom-made BDSM furniture, you’ll get all the teasing and torture you deserve!



Overview/bottom line

Dungeon East looks deliciously clean and is one of the most beautiful BDSM apartments in the world. This exclusive room for bondage will blow your mind.

Inn Thrall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The dream BDSM stay if you love kink is Inn Thrall. These hotel rooms are the height of kinky B&B! You’ll love the guest suites and sexual sanctuary from the moment you arrive. 

This is a safe space that gives guests the ultimate “erotic adventure” experience.

Romance and kink are the top priority. This B&B is fully equipped with all the amenities you desire. 

In the inner sanctum, suites, and Libertine Hall you’ll have access to Fantasy Bondage swings, sex sling, bondage wall, sex machine, and a cage. 

Sex rooms in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Obviously, the rooms are brimming with sex toys. This is perfect for couples who love to explore.

The ornate furnishings and outdoor shower garden are decadent and make you feel royal. You’ll feel like a king or queen in the curtained four-poster bed with stunningly clean duvets and sheets. 

Oh, and speaking of queens, you’ve got to give their BDSM queening chair a try. Ready to be spanked and spoilt? Have a great time! P.S You may want to read this article first, before going down for some spankery.



Overview/bottom line

Inn Thrall prides itself on being top for adults-only hospitality. Want another review? They have top reviews for you to check out on their site.

The perfect hotel for couples who want tantalizing stays in a luxurious atmosphere.

Too far to travel? Learn how to create your own BDSM room at home here!

Ivy Manor Studios, LA.

The most suave and sophisticated BDSM property for rent is Ivy Manor Studios! 

This cool place takes sexual destinations up a notch.

You’ll enjoy a fully equipped BDSM studio that feels like an art studio (it’s actually in the Art District). 

Be swept away gazing at the mind-stimulating art while you’re being flogged into a frenzy! 

Oh yeah, baby, this place is for guests who want spaces to spank and explore other things… What things, you ask?

Sex room

Let’s just say you get a pleasurable and at times painful choice of play and medical rooms! Get off in bed or by being bound to a bondage wall…

Take your sexual mood to the smartest playground around! And after? Perhaps you’ll want a little nurturing at home… check out our Tantra room ideas for ideas!



Overview/bottom line

If you’re someone whose tastes run smart, sleek, and minimalist, then this is the dungeon retreat for you.

La Domaine

The most hardcore dungeon hotel is La Domaine. 

This is a BDSM hotel that specializes in impact and sensation, so you’ll feel all the extremes of pleasure and pain.

The decor looks dark and dangerous. Inside, the space is divided into 2 areas so you can experience both the hydraulic and hanging tables. 

Get this, they even have an evil gym! There’s a transformation room so you can get fully dressed up for fantasies.

The most hardcore sex room

This is a property for singles or couples who want the ultimate service in what BDSM is. It’s got you covered in every area. 

Get everything you need, from hot wax play, messy and medical play, chastity belts, worship rooms, suspension, and a even deprivation cage. Ever heard of a human roast over hot coals? Well, now you have!

You want whips, floggers, knives? Hey, La Domaine brings you all that and much more… like breast crushers.



Overview/bottom line

Expert BDSM hosts bring all your extreme hardcore pleasure and pain fantasies to life. Perfect for brave and experienced scenesters!

Black Thorn, San Francisco Bay.

The hottest gothic dungeon you’ll find is Black Thorn. 

Here, you get to play and connect with others with up to 30 new people at any one time. You also have the helpful option of paying per hour!

The Black Thorn brings you 5 traditional BDSM style playrooms, including La Boudoir, La Prison, La Clinique, Le Salon, and La Salle à Manger. 

There are 12 high-quality stations where you can explore all the fetish and fantasy ideas you have.

BDSM playroom

There are full bathrooms and a kitchen which feel like a home away from home. In terms of atmosphere, the mood is set with adjustable lighting. The sauciest thing? A video projector and screen so you get extra visual stimulation.



Overview/bottom line

Black Thorn is an amazing site with a variety of BDSM rooms. If you want an area to explore all types of BDSM and you only have an hour to get down, the Black Thorn will fully service you!

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Things To Consider When Finding A Room For Hot Vacation Sex

If you’re looking for the best hotel for sex, here are a few things to consider:

You must check where the sex room or kink hotel is based as they’re spread across North America.

You might have to travel quite far to reach some of them!

The prices of these sex rooms really vary. Some are rentable by the hour and some you stay overnight or for entire weekends.

This, along with services on offer affects the price you pay.

You’ll want to take into account the furniture on offer in each location. You’re going to fulfill your fantasies and you want to make sure the place has the equipment to get you off.

You want every bench, couch, and cage you desire.

Check out couch sex positions for ideas on how to get kinky at home!

Most sex rooms have toys for you to use. The accommodations we recommend follow clean and hygienic practices to ensure your safety.

Also, make sure the room you go to stocks the toys you want to spanked and pierced by!

So, are you ready? These dungeons and hotels are going to make you gasp, others will even cause you to shudder!

Best Pick Hotel & Conclusion

For the ultimate stay and most satisfying bed, you want a room that covers all areas in terms of your kink fantasies. For this reason, we pick La Domaine to take the kink and fetish crown. It leaves no stone unturned when it comes to pushing you to the extreme.

Here, you can experience every sensation imaginable. Why wouldn’t you try it?

Would you like to be able to use a romantic room without having to book it? You can turn your bedroom into a sex kingdom yourself! Here are some ideas how to do it:

Best Sex Room Rental FAQs

What is the best BDSM furniture to look out for when booking?

Look for the furniture that fills your fantasy requirements! Most rooms and hotels list their equipment and toys online.

Do these sex rooms hold or run events?

Some of them do. Some places run events as well as education programs that encourage you to explore the art and practice of BDSM within a safe context. Check websites for information.