Lelo IDA Wave Review
Last Updated on September 5, 2023

Lelo Ida Wave Review

The female orgasm is much more than an intense moment of bliss. Studies show it can relieve physical pain (1), release pent-up emotions, and improve general mood. Unfortunately, half of us are faking it! We take our orgasms very seriously here at Furnpeak and suggest you do too.

The Lelo Ida Wave is our latest attempt at reaching new, orgasmic peaks with ease. Uniquely designed to replicate a g-spot massage combined with a clitoris vibrator, this unassuming adult toy challenges what many think we need to orgasm. But the Lelo Ida Wave absolutely MUST feel amazing to please my fancy.

Sometimes, a big ol’ dildo is just too much, and a bullet does too little. Perhaps this new-age sex toy that mimics getting fingered can meet us somewhere in the middle.

But we all know how getting fingered tends to go. Someone wildly fishing for the sweet spot while paying no attention to your clit (which most of us need to cum at all (2). So can this toy teach us what being properly probed feels like?

You only need a smartphone and the desire for intense sex toy stimulation to experience all that the Ida Wave has to offer.

Hot Pros Summed Up!

There is nothing worse than spending a good amount of time and effort with your new sex toy to only have a mediocre orgasm. Laying there craving more but too tired to keep going, you just feel cheated.

Lelo Ida Wave was designed to guarantee you have a hands-free orgasm every single time. Crawl out of your wet sheets feeling completely satisfied, thanks to our new favorite toy.

This exclusive Ida Wave review summary captures how this vibrator is reinventing sex toys and has changed the game.

Lelo continues to make waves in the sex toy industry, and the Ida Wave is no exception. Technology meets personal pleasure to give you an effortless and fulfilling orgasm over and over again.

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What is the Lelo Ida Wave?

A solo play or couple’s toy, the Lelo Ida Wave is a self-controlled vibrator that offers penetrative sex and clitoral stimulation. If you are a fan of clit sucking, your better bet may be a LELO Sona though.

All parts of it vibrate with split, dual control.

So the insertable shaft can work vigorously to get you to squirt while the clit vibrations are gentle and build slowly to a comfortable climax.

The shaft uses patented wave motion technology to massage the g spot, while the clitoris can be teased with up to ten different vibration settings.

As high-tech as it sounds, it feels anything but robotic.

Beyond its double action and satisfaction, what seems to set this vibrator apart from the rest is the App (Lelo Ida Wave), giving you direct access to your orgasm with a few easy buttons.

Inspired by the OG sex toy rabbit vibrators, Lelo goes a step further, giving you a few more inches of insertable length and silicone shaft to replicate a perfectly stiff and plump penis–only better.

This one lasts as long as you need it to, and you don’t even have to worry about it texting you back.

Sometimes, massaging and fingering your vagina to climax can feel like a chore. Either there’s not enough g spot action, or your clit refuses to cum.

Needless to say, it can be a lot of work. Fortunately, the Ida Wave does what your fingers and other toys can’t.

According to Glamour, women experience the best orgasms when masturbating with a combination of penetrations and clit teasing (2).

Lelo Ida Wave: Design & Ditching the Remote Control

The Ida Wave once included a separate remote control. But developers decided to make things easy, and now with the app and Bluetooth settings, your smartphone becomes the remote control.

No more having to worry about batteries for the remote or carrying around an extra part. And let’s face it, the more user-friendly the sexy toy, the more satisfying the experience.

The added piece of a remote control can be distracting when you just want to get off. Also, imagine losing the remote control and not being able to use your device without it. Added parts can be burdensome for an adult toy that makes cumming easier.

With no remote control to worry about, here’s what you can expect from this sleek, designed sex toy.

This helps with discretion if your want to play with your toy in public. It can connect to up to ten devices, so your lovers can also have their own remote control to master the art of perfectly sequenced vibrations.


lelo ida wave in hand reflection

How Does Lelo Ida Wave Work?

Created primarily for g spot stimulation in combination with a clitoris vibrator, the Wave is designed to slide into the vagina with the smaller base pressing against the clit.

But before you get to the juicy part, connect your device to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

There you will see a variety of vibration patterns, vibration settings, and wavemotion technology to activate the wiggle that replicates twirling and pressing fingers inside of you.

Lelo Ida wave has a battery life of up to 2 hours, but we’re sure you won’t be able to last that long.

With a vibrating bulb against your clit and the gentle pressure of the wand, you’ll be ignoring your other vibrators for months to come.

How to Use the Lelo Ida Wave Sex Toy?

Most of us don’t like to go in straight for the penetration. Lelo Ida Wave invites you to take your time by relying on the natural vibrations to tease and tantalize.

Once you’re ready, insert the longer arm into the vagina and comfortable press the bulb against the clit

The device is very intuitive to navigate, but if you’d like extra help, the instruction manual features all sorts of body-safe uses.

Invite your partner in on the fun by having the connect via Bluetooth and begin choosing the setting that will turn you both on.

My Experience with the Lelo Ida Wave

Playing with Lelo IDA Wave

If you’re anything like me, you’re certain that even the best orgasms can’t make you squirt.

Let’s just say I had to change the entire bedding after 30-minutes with the Lelo Ida Wave.

Once I tasted the fun I could have on my own with this toy, I thought it was time to take this toy out of the bedroom.

No need to limit your fun to in between the sheets.

My partner and I decided to be adventurous, so sitting across one another at dinner, he helped himself to the Bluetooth connection and began teasing me with varied vibration patterns. We never made it to dessert.

Not much beat my partner’s penis, but this toy was a welcomed guest into our bedroom and a top addition to our toy collection.

Even during sex, I could use the vibrating insert while my partner explored other parts to insert…

Many women can be intimidated by double penetration, but the Lelo Ida Wave paired with your partner is a game-changing sexual experience you have to have.

Using the toy on its own, my masturbation sessions didn’t last long because of the intensity. I also noticed adding lube improved the experience, despite how wet I got.

The hands-free Bluetooth is a unique feature that allows you to control how fast you want your sweet spot massaged. This gives you plenty of time for a slow build-up or to get you nice and turned on for intercourse.

For partner play, the Ida Wave is one of my top three toys, and for masturbation, it’s in my top five. I prefer something resembling a penis, like Lelo DOT for example, but the wave motion does a nice job of making up for that.

Everything Wrong with this Sex Toy

There is a lot to love about the Ida Wave, but it isn’t perfect.

Since the clit isn’t self-lubricating, it’s wise to use lube with this toy. That way, the varying vibration settings never irritate your lady bits.

The next is that sometimes it’s not entirely a hands-free experience. It’s meant to snuggle up into your pussy while choosing your favorite settings.

But it can move out of place and be a bit challenging to find the perfect position.

The multitude of controls is nice, but careful not to do too much too soon. The wrong setting can be a bit painful if you’re not ready for the intensity.

That being said, once you do iron out these small adjustments, the pleasure potential is ridiculous, especially compared to other toys.

Where to Buy the LELO Ida Wave?

You can buy them on the official Lelo website.


Everything you’re asking about our favorite Lelo Ida Wave toy.

Is the Ida Wave Waterproof?

Lelo wants you to have fun anywhere you wish! So yes, the Ida Wave device is 100% fully waterproof and primed for underwater pleasure including the passionate shower sex.

Is there a Lelo Ida alternative toy?

Yes, there is a Lelo Ida alternative toy. Lelo offers a few deliciously seductive toys. For example the Tiani 3 is shaped similarly to the Ida Wave. But it doesn’t have the bluetooth app. Instead there is a separate remote control.

Is there better than the Ida Wave toy?

The Womanizer Premium is shaped similarly and functions a lot like the Ida Wave, but perhaps offers just a bit more power. The vibrational patterns are more erotic and natural for arousal.

The Womanizer has a clit suction instead of a vibrator but isn’t fully waterproof nor hands-free.

Should I Buy the Lelo Ida Wave?

The Lelo Ida Wave is an essential addition to your masturbation toy collection. As far as partner play toys, there are a few better ones out there. If you like intense quickies–this is the way to go.

If you’re in the market for a gift idea for your partner, this is a 10/10 option.

What is WaveMotion™ Technology?

The Ida Wave is powered by two separate engines. The WaveMotion technology is responsible for the insertable want giving it a finger-like feel for the ultimate g spot massage.

Like a wave, pressure rolls through the wand, starting at the base and working its way to the tip. There is also a swirl and of course vibrational setting.

Is this Toy Discreet?

The Ida Wave is small enough to hide under your pillow and is packaged and shipped discreetly.

However, if someone were to stumble upon it sitting on your bathroom counter, it’s obvious that this toy is designed for a good time. Also when in action, the toy isn’t the quietest.

What was Tricky About this Toy?

If your clit is high up or tucked far beneath your hood, you may need to adjust the toy while using it.

This can be inconvenient and some women, based on their anatomy, may not even get the full clitoris stimulation experience.

Can I use it With a Partner During Intercourse?

Yes! Not every sex toy is intercourse friendly and many are designed exclusively for solo play. But the Ida Wave doesn’t get in the way and can even enhance your sex.

Due to the shape, anal use won’t be enjoyable for all users, but you can enjoy double penetration or hold it on your clit while in doggy style position. If you’re willing to get creative, this sex toy can do much more than it already promises.

Where Can I Buy the Lelo Ida Wave?

You can buy it here: https://www.lelo.com/ida-wave.

Overall Review: Conclusion

Lelo Ida has done it again, serving us great orgasms in the form of an innovative and clever toy. The value you get from this orgasm ally is unmatched. And since its vibrations are on the more gentle side, enjoy it as often as you want.


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