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Last Updated on January 26, 2023

The 9 Best Sex Themed Hotels: Best Suites & Sexual Hotel Rooms For Adults

We all love an amazing vacation, don’t we? The only thing that can top it is an amazing vacation in a gorgeous location with loads of wet and wild sex!

Sex researcher, Dr Justin Lehmiller, recently reported that when women have erect nipples, they’re viewed more positively (it’s why I’m always flicking mine)

Whether you want people looking at your nipples or not, we have a list of the best hotels in the world to get your delicious nipples tanned (and maybe even sucked)!

Avoid choosing the wrong resort; read about the sexiest, sauciest, and most sophisticated resorts in the world here. Then? Book your dream room and heat up your single life or spice up your marriage the best way possible…

Things To Consider When Picking A Hotel For Sex

If you’re looking for the best hotel for sex, here are a few things to consider:

Best Exotic Hotels For Sex

Ask yourself whether you want a holiday at the beach, in the city, or maybe out in the countryside?

Check out the local scene online so you know you’ll be happy. Some locations are more sexually promiscuous (i.e. Pigalle in Paris) so you might have more fun in that kind of location!

Research hotel prices and compare different times of the year. Also, make sure you take into account the cost of flights, transfers, and any spending money that you’ll need.

Decide what it is you want to do while you’re away. You might like a relaxed holiday where spa treatments and quiet evenings are the usual, or you might want a resort with access to nightlife and the ability to make social connections.

Check out our best sex gifts guide for ideas on what sexy toys to take with you to spice up your erotic moments.

If you plan on stopping into a foreign country, make sure you have the right plugs and adapters to recharge your toys and gadgets.

Each resort is different, so check what it says on the website. Some are, others are family resorts. For inspiration read our special article on the best swinger clubs in USA. 

Best American Hotels For Sex

South Beach - Miami, United States

1 South Beach is the best resort for couples who like sex and perhaps a discreet swinging swap! If you are looking for the best swinger sites click here. 

There’s a spa to indulge you, pools to immerse in, and regular events. This is a great place for guests who might want to make new friends.

You’ll have a suave, smart, sophisticated room or suite with all the mod-cons. 

This makes it the ultimate luxury home away from home. Some rooms come with two queen or king beds all with cotton sexy bed sheets (like those!). I’d say that’s ideal for swingers who enjoy sharing, watching, and even swapping!

Hotel in Miami



Bottom line?

This is a sophisticated resort with lots of social events to keep you entertained. All you need to do is remember your vibrator to keep it as exciting inside your room as it is outside!

Sahara Las Vegas - Las Vegas, United States

The best resort if you want it all is the Sahara Las Vegas. The boutique-style hotel feels intimate and special.

You’ll have the plushest hotel room with living, sleeping, and working areas should you wish.

During the day, you can swim in the pool with your other half, go to the spa, or hit the fitness studio. (That’s if you don’t want to stay in bed having sex!) 

For other excitement, you can find a world of entertainment in the bars, casinos, and shows in town. There’s an endless choice of restaurants so you and your main squeeze both get your choice of favorite food!

luxury boutique hotel in Las Vegas



Island House - Key West, Florida

The best gay resort in the world is Island House. It’s a stunning sanctuary for the gay man.

In certain rooms you can find specially modified furniture like a spanking bench, sex stool, sex toys etc..

If you get turned on by high-end hotels and incredible food then this is the dream resort for you! After flexing at the health club and spa, enjoy a happy hour with free cocktails – oh yeah, baby!

As soon as you arrive you’re welcomed into the comfortable camaraderie so you feel settled for fun and thrills immediately.

2 guys drinking in an outdoor pool




Gorgeous rooms designed to rest, relax, and work in, and of course enjoy some hanky-panky in too! A brilliant resort if you want fun, thrills, and endless entertainment.

There are pool parties, an outdoor shower, and gorgeous guest rooms for your fantasy vacation.

Island House has amazing day-time activities and bars and clubs just outside the resort so you can enjoy the surrounding area too.

Bottom line?

This is the longest-running gay resort (open since 1976). All ages, races, sizes are welcome as well as singles and couples! It’s a resort for friendship and passion with the celebration of sexuality in a safe and luxurious environment.

Hedonism II - Negril, Jamaica

Hedonism is one of the ultimate love hotels. Absolutely ideal if you’re in a middle-aged couple looking for a little hanky-panky with other resort guests.

The resort is cheap and cheerful, and the best thing? It’s the ideal place for adults who want to get sexy. The perfect getaway for swingers and exhibitionists!

Want nudity? Hedonism has its own isolated section of beach with “nude” and “prude” sections. You’ll have fun in the whirlpool area and even have the choice of a room with a hot tub!

There are raunchy theme parties to get you in the mood for new lovers. After all the naughtiness, you can romp or relax in your room, which is simply decorated but comes with all the mod-cons.

Hedonism II - Negril, Jamaica



My advice?

Hedonism is ideal for couples in their 40s and 50s wanting to spice up their love life. You’re also in a prime location for outside entertainment being close to shops, bars, and restaurants outside of the resort.

Hotel Unique - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hotel Unique is one of the most stunning hotels on the planet. On arrival, you’ll be blown away by the gorgeous architecture. 

This award-winning resort received the title of “best hotel in South America”!

You choose the type of room you want from standard to Paulista or can go for something a little fancier, like a sophisticated suite (ideal if you want to give your lover a Tantric massage).

Enjoy the rooftop pool and a selection of dream experiences

Hotel Unique outdoor pool - Sao Paulo, Brazil

You can go for something romantic or spicy! Indulge in champagne, massages and beauty treatments, spicy gifts for adults, and cultured excursions (like boat trips).

Here, guests get to enjoy the heart of São Paulo’s culture – the art, local cuisine, music, and evening entertainment. Ready for a world-class experience?



Bottom line?

This is a sophisticated hotel in an exciting city. Couples have their entire romantic experience taken care of so they can focus on love, pleasure, and leisure.

Want your marriage or honeymoon in a world-class hotel in an exciting city? The Unique is for you!

Royal Davui - Fiji

The most luxurious vacation for couples wanting a romantic getaway is the Royal Davui. The beach and tropical island will perfectly get you in the mood.

Your heavenly private villa comes with an oversized bathroom and your own heated plunge pool. You can find plenty of gorgeous spots where you can dine completely alone. It’s absolutely perfect for honeymoons or anniversaries.

You can opt for the Romance Package (including a picnic and massage), Adventure Package (with a boat trip and diving), or the Indulgence Package (for massages and beauty treatments).

Royal Davui - Fiji

There’s even the option to rent the entire island for just the two of you. This is the resort of dreams in the striking South Pacific.




The dream resort in the heart of Fiji for guests seeking the most romantic and exclusive vacation. The luxurious rooms and beauty of the islands are simply jaw-dropping.

Perfect if you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime romantic vacation.

Best European Hotels For Sex

Hotel Amour - Paris, France

In the heart of Pigalle, Paris, the Hotel Amour is the classiest spot for spicing up your erotic life. 

It’s in a quaint and cool area so you’ll get to discover the “red light” side of the city too!

The Lovers Package includes delicious champagne and your room is decorated with sophisticated erotic art that gets you in the mood.

Without the distraction of room phones and TVs, you’re sure to focus on intimacy and sex! 

If you want a bit more entertainment, I suggest taking the best bondage kit so you can thoroughly get off in this sexy environment.

hotel in Paris

After your bedroom fun? Re-fuel in the Parisian brasserie-style restaurant. You can privatize a mirrored section of the restaurant for you and your lover’s privacy…



Bottom line?

Set in the red light district of Paris, this a sophisticated place to enjoy romance. The decor hints at eroticism to encourage intimate play. The city of light is the ideal place to reignite your sensual flame!

Monastero Santa Rosa - Amalfi Coast, Italy

The resort with the most breath-taking location and views has to be the Monastero Santa Rosa. 

It’s located on a cliff-side overlooking the ocean. It won “hotel of the year 2020” in the European hotel awards and comes with a Michelin star restaurant.

It has to be one of the most beautiful hotels ever, being situated on a coast described as having “otherworldly beauty”. 

It’s a rural, oceanic area where guests get the joy of “seclusion without solitude”. The best part? How much you’ll love the infinity pool.

Hotel in Italy

Couples who want to leave the bedroom (wink wink) can access the outdoor fitness center, or head off for some local hiking and watersports. You can also reconnect to nature in the beautiful terraced botanical gardens.



Overview/bottom line

One of the ultimate places on the planet for a romantic break with your other half. If you fancy magnificent rooms and top-class treatment on the most stunning cliff-face ever, this is your dream romantic destination.

Andronis Suites - Greece

The Andronis Luxury Suites are the best place for you to stay in the most stunning room of your life. This is the sort of resort you see on Instagram and think, “That’s my dream holiday!”

You get the perfect suite. Either a Deluxe, Honeymoon or Exclusive, all of which include a Jacuzzi or pool and a veranda. 

And being on the side of an ocean cliff, you’re able to overlook the Aegean ocean as well as the nearby volcano from the comfort of your own Jacuzzi! There’s a spa for when you both want extra special R&R.

Hotel in Greece

These opulent suites are cave rooms merging culture and class. 

Want adventure? Then head out for local wine tasting or sailing trips! Perfect for partners wanting romance, sex, and privacy.

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Overview/bottom line

The most stunning guest rooms you’ll ever stay in. You have the pleasure of high-end suites, privacy, you’re own pool or Jacuzzi all from the side of a cliff-end. Some rooms allow up to 4 people, but no children under 13.

There are also options for partners wanting anniversary treats, like the Lover’s Valentine package, which includes champagne, truffles, and massage.

Best Caribbean Hotels

Secrets Cap Cana

Secret Cap Cana Resort & Spa in the Dominican Republic is a literal wet dream in the form of a luxurious resort stay.

If you’re looking for the highest level of luxury for you and your partner, you’ve hit the jackpot.

The secret water sex options are literally endless at this resort.

With access to the stunning pool right outside your balcony door, and just a few steps away from the white sand private beach…

Secrets Cap Cana

You’ll be making love faster than you can say orgasm, and you’ll be orgasming faster than you can say sex.

Looking for a threesome? Maybe ask your butler; If that’s not a fantasy ticked off on your sex bucket list, I don’t know what is.

Iberostar Grand Bavaro

Talk about some luxury with a side of white sand beaches, adults only, all in a fully inclusive package.

If you’ve always wanted to be that half-naked goddess while your man feeds you grapes, done?

This stunning resort has it all. Well, not everything is BYOGF (Bring your own grape feeder); apart from that, whatever your heart desires is yours!

You can enjoy the views from your balcony while drinking coffee with your lover or lovers; I’m not judging, and it does make the grape feeding easier.

Iberostar Grand Bavaro

There is so much to do in this stunning resort, or you can sit back and do nothing. If you get hungry, you have 5 sit-down restaurants;

You can find anything you’re craving. And for dessert, let your wildest fantasies out and see where the night takes you.

TRS Turquesa Hotel

TRS Turquesa Hotel is so stunning you’ll never want to leave. Be treated like royalty while relaxing and taking in the sun with your partner.

Want to get a little extra wild? They have super awesome events like the Cabaret at Chic or Foam parties.

This might be the perfect place to start if you’re looking to do some swinging or just add someone to your playtime.

TRS Turquesa Hotel

If I mentioned all the food options, you’d start drooling on the spot, but it’s that tasty. And for dessert, you can eat something else, if you know what I mean.

Of course, dessert is served in the bedroom with extra whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Best Pick Hotel & Conclusion

Overall, the best pick hotel has to be 1 South Beach in Miami. It combines all your favorite elements:

  • Sophisticated decor so you feel spoilt.
  • Private rooms with all the modern conveniences you’ll need.
  • Stunning swimming pools for you to make a splash in.
  • Delicious food for you to munch.
  • Spa and beauty treatments to make you feel amazing.
  • Relaxed events for your leisure.

Make sure you choose the right resort to suit your tastes and interests. The most important thing, though? Remember that you’re on holiday, the perfect time to let your hair down and explore, so have fun doing it!


What sex toys are best for the hotel?

Take your favorite – the one that gives you an orgasm! Rechargeable ones that don’t make too much noise tend to be the best!

Are hotels good for spicing up sex life with a long-term partner?

Of course. As soon as you escape you tend to relax. With the right time and space to give yourselves some TLC, you soon feel ready for some sweet loving!

What is the best gay hotel?

The best gay resort in the world is Island House in Florida. Check their site out for yourself!

When is the best time to book a stay?

Book about 4-5 weeks in advance to get the best price vacation at the hotel you want!

What are the best ways to keep the noise down while having sex in a hotel?

Make sure the windows are shut. If the mattress is squeaky have sex lounge chair or ask for a new room. If it’s due to your sexual prowess, put a gag on your screamer!