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Last Updated on July 14, 2023

Turning Your Airbnb into a Sinful Paradise: A Guide to Adult Airbnb Design

Can you imagine an Airbnb that triples your earnings and teases with eroticism? Welcome to a world where the ordinary becomes a sensual spectacle. Your Airbnb, now an irresistible pleasure ground, where every corner whispers of desire and thrill.

We’re not merely creating a sexy hideaway. We’re redefining pleasure boundaries, crafting an arena where guests’ fantasies aren’t just possible, but celebrated. It’s the secret spice of adult rental Airbnb design. Ready to take a deep dive?

We’re Aiden and Greta, explorers with a knack for the extraordinary. We’ve indulged in the world’s forbidden delights, and now we’re ready to share these juicy tales. Brace yourself as we turn your Airbnb into a fantasy stage.

Creating a Seductive Adult Airbnb Design: Tips & Tricks

Imagine an Airbnb where every corner whispers erotic tales. Just Imagine a space with multiple restraint points that don’t just host guests but toys with their deepest desires. This is adult Airbnb design, where pleasure is king, and ROI is measured in satisfied sighs.


Setting the stage for a night of passion begins with the decor, from the lush throws that beg to be touched to mirrored ceilings that offer a clear view and every custom-built design element whisper of pleasure.

Your room is decorated with little things like the scent of leather in the living room or provocative artwork on the wall to get the blood rushing.

With the right decor, your Airbnb cottage isn’t just a space—it’s an invitation to play, explore, and unleash desires that are usually kept under wraps. So, just think and bring those Paris-like vibes to your captivating story.


That’s the power of illumination.

It’s not just about visibility. It’s about creating an atmosphere ripe for exploration, desires, and fun.

Consider draping fairy lights over the bed or hanging a decadent chandelier.

This isn’t just about bedroom design.

It’s about creating a private space where fantasies aren’t just imagined but experienced.

Colorful lamps

Sex Furniture

In an adult Airbnb, furniture becomes a thrilling playmate. It’s not merely about aesthetics or comfort – it’s about sparking primal instincts. These pieces are the best friends of pleasure-seekers. They’re adventurous playfields and gateways to ecstasy.

But it’s not just about the sexual excitement. It’s also about creating an unforgettable, fabulous trip for guests surrounded by ecstasy. Every flat surface is a stage for desire, from the floor to the walls. What are the must-have pieces in an adult Airbnb? Let’s dive in.

Discreet: Liberator Esse

“Picture this,” says Aiden. “You’re stretched out on the Liberator Esse, the soft contours fitting perfectly to your body.

As I explore your every curve, you realize this chaise isn’t ordinary.

It’s a passport, a short drive to the planet of sensuality. A beach or an infinity pool of kinky desires.”

Read our Liberator Esse review to learn even more about it!

Esse Lounger

Verdict: The Liberator Esse isn’t just furniture. It’s a secret weapon of seduction. If your Airbnb guests knew what this chaise could do, you’d never have a vacant night in the city. Order the Liberator Esse now.

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Queen size space: Divan Black Label Daybed

Greta’s eyes twinkle with mischief as she remembers the Divan Black Label Daybed.

“I’ll never forget the night Aiden introduced me to this daybed’s more playful side.

Restraint play had never been on our radar, but let me tell you, there’s no turning back once you indulge in the ocean of lustful desires.”

Women using Divan Black Label Daybed

Verdict: The Divan Black Label Daybed is for the daring, those who want to make their Airbnb an experience, not just a place to sleep. Order now, and let the whispers of your guests’ wild nights bring you fame.

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Best for support: Liberator Ramp

Aiden chuckles, recalling a particularly wild night on the Liberator Ramp.

“The way Greta moaned when we tried the Kama Sutra positions… Trust me, it’s worth every penny. Watch it yourself.”

Liberator Ramp Sex Pillow woman lying on her back

Verdict: The Liberator Ramp is the next level of your bedroom game. It’s a stage for your deepest desires located in your fantasy land. Order now, and let your guests discover the erotic roller coaster ride of your villa.

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For challenging sexual positions: DOMINIX Deluxe Swing

The mention of the DOMINIX Deluxe Swing blurs Greta’s cheeks.

“I was hesitant at first, but when Aiden lifted me into it… the way it made anal so much more accessible… it was a game-changer.”

bondage deluxe sex swing

Verdict: The DOMINIX Deluxe Swing is for those who dare to explore. It’s an adventure hanging from your ceiling. Order now, and let your guests swing into their deepest fantasies.

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Versatile: Sex Position Enhancer Chair

Aiden grins, “The Sex Position Enhancer Chair took our sex life from steamy to volcanic. Every bounce, every thrust became so much more… satisfying.”

Read our full Bondage Boutique Enhancer review!

Boutique Sex Position Enhancer

Verdict: Located in our private love nest, Sex Position Enhancer Chair is your ticket to an erotic amusement park. If you want to make every night a ride of a lifetime, this is your answer. Order now, and let your Airbnb guests uncover the thrill of a bounce they won’t forget.

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“Aiden, accessories are a must in our erotic estate,” Greta purrs, her eyes alight with devilish delight. The Beginners Set, a perfect introduction for those exploring bondage within the kink family, is a must-have.

“Imagine the Faux Leather Flogger,” she continues, “Every stroke a tantalizing mystery, creating ripples of pleasure throughout the building.” Her words, like a purchase note, promise an investment in pleasure.

“And the Wand, oh, the magic it brings!” she exclaims, her voice soft as a summer night in France. The Wand, she implies, is a tool of intense ecstasy, a passport to the realms of desire.

“Finally, the Olivia’s Boudoir Rose Candle,” she breathes, “Perfect for wax play.” Like a lighthouse in Canada, the flickering flame promises warmth and sensuality.

Best for bondage: Beginners Set

“Aiden and I started our journey into the world of bondage with the Beginners Set,” Greta recalls, a flush creeping up her cheeks.

“The feeling of the faux leather and feathers against my skin, the thrill of being restrained with adjustable cuffs, was nothing short of electrifying.”

Ribbon Bondage Set

Verdict: The Beginners Set isn’t just a toy, it’s your gateway to unexplored realms of erotic pleasure. Step into this tantalizing world and let your guests uncover a provocative playtime they never thought possible. Secure this set today, and transform your Airbnb apartment into an alluring den of desire.

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Best for a delightful tickle: Faux Leather Flogger

“With the Faux Leather Flogger, I discovered a side of me I didn’t know existed,” Aiden confesses.

“The control, the balance of tantalizing tickle and stimulating sting, turned our weekend into a playground of desire.”

Bondage Boutique Faux Leather Flogger

Verdict: The Faux Leather Flogger is more than a toy. It’s an instrument of seduction, turning every encounter into a dance of pleasure and anticipation.

It’s also perfect for playing on the terrace or on the balcony (we dare you). Seize this flogger now and let your Airbnb house ring with the echoes of delight, drawing in those seeking a taste of the extraordinary.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best for Massage: Magic Wand

“The Magic Wand was like a key that unlocked a whole new realm of pleasure,” Greta sighs.

The way it sent waves of bliss coursing through my body, whether we used it together or I used it alone, it was unforgettable.”

Magic Wand

Verdict: The Magic Wand isn’t just a massager. It’s an enchanting conductor, orchestrating waves of pleasure that reverberate throughout your body. Embrace this wand today, and let your Airbnb guests experience a symphony of sensations that will keep them coming back for more.

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For wax play: Olivia's Boudoir Rose Candle

Aiden and I transformed an ordinary night into an extravagant feast for the senses with Olivia’s Boudoir Rose Candle,” Greta shares, her eyes gleaming.

“The intoxicating aroma of roses, the soothing warmth of the wax—it was pure indulgence.”

Olivia’s Boudoir Rose Petals Massage Candle



Verdict: The Olivia’s Boudoir Rose Candle is more than a sensory treat. It’s a feast for the senses, turning every encounter into an intimate indulgence. Light up this candle now, and let your Airbnb guests revel in a luxurious experience that will leave them yearning for more.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

How Sex Airbnb Design Outshines Traditional Accommodations

Aiden: “Greta, ever noticed how our erotic Airbnb stands apart from regular lodgings?”

Greta: “Oh, indeed, Aiden! It’s more like a sexy wonderland, isn’t it?”

Aiden: “I would call it a walk into our fantasyland.”

Greta: “The city of sex :).”

In erotic Airbnb interiors, each element, from the silky linens to the provocative art pieces, is deliberately chosen to ignite guests’ passions.

It’s not merely a place to sleep—a sensual getaway, a private pool of love, and a nest of power that makes every stay unforgettable, turning it into a perfect place to unwind your kinkiest desires.

Catering to Diverse Sexual Preferences in Design

Aiden: “As a host, Greta, how would you create a space that caters to all…fetishes?”

Greta: “Well, Aiden, it’s all about embracing the erotic rainbow—from BDSM aficionados to Tantra worshippers.”

In an adult-themed Airbnb, variety is the spice of life. Hosts must cater to a broad spectrum of sexual preferences—installing BDSM paraphernalia for the kink-curious (yeah, St. Andrews Cross is a must) or stocking up on sensual oils for the Tantra romantics.

Not sure how to start? These BDSM room and tantra room ideas might help. You can also take some inspirations from the video below.

Safety and Hygiene

Aiden: “In our Joshua Tree hideaway, cleanliness is as enticing as a playful tease, isn’t it, Greta?”

Greta: “Absolutely, Aiden! Cleanliness is the secret ingredient in our erotic recipe.”

For hosts of a sensual Airbnb rooms, here’s a quick guide to ensure safety and cleanliness:

Invest in sex furniture like those from Liberator, featuring machine-washable covers that promise fresh encounters for every guest.

Regularly sanitize adult toys. Body-safe materials, such as silicone and glass, are easy to clean, keeping the adventure spotless.

Keep personal items like condoms and dental dams on hand. This ensures safety while enhancing the erotic ambiance.

Maintain crisp, fresh linens. Change them after every guest, offering a clean slate for new erotic tales.

In essence, your erotic haven must echo cleanliness, guaranteeing an enticingly safe and hygienic environment.


Crafting an erotic Airbnb, be it in the three bedrooms of a cosy cabin or the five bedrooms with a hot tub of a luxurious villa, requires a delicate equilibrium. It’s not only about curating a complete, thrilling and sensual space but also ensuring it’s respectful, serene, and spotless.

Nestled on the second floor, it isn’t just about the titillating accessories or risqué furniture. It’s about creating an environment that appreciates all shades of sexual preference. A short walk on the wild side that is both safe and impeccably clean, like the pristine landscapes of New Mexico.

Remember, dear hosts, as you and your best friend embark on this enticing journey. Ensure to honor your partner’s needs, maintain an open mind, and respect the diverse tastes of your guests. Let them savor their erotic adventures in your carefully curated haven!


What is the design of sex Airbnb?

The Design Concept for a Sex Airbnb involves creating a sensual space for guests, with an erotic atmosphere, kinky furniture, enticing artwork, and a ‘pleasure palace’ vibe.

Check out the best sex rooms for rental for some inspiration!

What are the most popular themes for adult Airbnbs?

The most popular themes for adult Airbnbs are BDSM dungeons and Tantra temples.

What should I consider when choosing furniture and props for an adult-themed Airbnb?

When choosing Furniture and Props for an Adult-Themed Airbnb, consider comfort, versatility, and kink. Items should cater to various sexual preferences while ensuring maximum comfort.

What are some essential features that every adult-themed Airbnb should include?

Every Adult-Themed Airbnb should include essential features like kinky furniture, impeccable hygiene, safety features like non-slip rugs and sturdy fittings, and an environment of total discretion.

How do I style my bed for an adult-themed Airbnb?

To style your Bed for an Adult-Themed Airbnb, use silk sheets, plenty of pillows for support, and possibly hidden restraints, to create an irresistible invitation to sensual delights.

How to do sexy interior design for Airbnb?

To create Sexy Interior Design for Airbnb, use provocative artwork, sensual lighting, and erotic furniture. The space should tease and tempt while ensuring easy access to toys.

How do I make my adult Airbnb design luxury?

To make your Adult Airbnb Design luxurious, invest in high-quality sex furniture, lavish decor, and maintain high cleanliness standards. Luxury is as much about the experience as it is about appearances.

Can I set a higher price for an adult-themed Airbnb than a regular one?

Yes, you can set a Higher Price for an Adult-Themed Airbnb than a Regular One. This is because you’re offering more than just accommodation, you’re providing a unique, wonderful experience.

How can I make my adult-themed Airbnb appealing to a diverse range of guests?

To ensure your Adult-Themed Airbnb appeals to a Diverse Range of Guests, make sure your Airbnb caters to various sexual preferences, from BDSM to Tantra. A diverse offering makes a successful rent.