Best bed frames for sexually active couple
Last Updated on February 3, 2023

The 8 Best Bed Frames For Kinky Sex & BDSM

If you and your partner love ravishing each other’s bodies, you’ll need to buy a sturdy bed frame for sexually active lovers. With so many options, it can be tricky to decide which frame to get.

The thing is a good bed improves sleep, enhances intimacy, and can improve your relationship

A healthy love life filled with erotic pleasure is also good for your heart. One study stated that men who have sex twice a week were half as likely to die of heart disease (2). 

Get the dream bed; a strong frame, a comfortable mattress, and splash-proof covers. Throw in a Liberator sex wedge and, after? Woohoo! You’ll be glowing all over, from your bits to your hips to your cheeks.

Here I run through the ultimate bed frames so all you have to do is pick your favorite!


Budget/Cheaper Option


Zinus Wen Frame

For banging sex on deluxe wood, check out the Zinus Wen frame now!


Overall Score

Better Sex


Olee 18" Frame

Want better sex on the sturdy Olee 18″ frame? Get it on Amazon today.

Overall Score

F*ck Bad Sex

F*ck Bad Sex

Zinus Gene FrameZinus Gene Frame

F*ck bad sex, screw like a sex god on the Zinus SmartBase bed frame.

Overall Score

We Just Love The Look Of...

The Sinus Wen is a sophisticated bed frame for sexually active couples.

If you like a gorgeous bit of wood in the bedroom this solid deluxe wood platform bed is for you!

This lovely bedframe has a minimalist style that upgrades the look of your bedroom. The frame is made with wooden slats (no need for a box spring) and suits any mattress size. 

It comes in a stunning cherry finish that adds charm. It’s the best bed frame if you like things rustic. 

It’s sturdy and will happily house all the naughtiness a sexually active couple can throw at it.

By adding the perfect mattress (see our guide), you’ll have the dream place for romance

Improve your sex-life with this platform bed frame… and why not throw in a gorgeous sex blanket at the same time?!

Tip: When you’re setting up this bed frame, introduce role play. Get your tools out and ask your lover if they need anything screwed.



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Best Sturdy Bed Frame

The Olee is one of the ultimate bed frames for sexually active couples. 

Why? Unlike what you and your partner will be doing, it stays still and keeps quiet! Just as it should. 

This gorgeous metal bed frame creates a sturdy bed that looks suave.

Take your bedroom bonking to new levels by supporting it at the base. The high-quality metal slats are designed to make your ideal mattress last as long as possible

They’re perfectly placed to support you and your partner to have a great night’s sleep and add sexual leverage

Because you need something to hold on to when you get thrusting, right?

This gorgeous full-size platform bed frame is comfortable and there’s no squeaking. Ideal for sexually active couples!

Interesting fact: according to National Geographic, the oldest known mattress dates back 77,000 years (3)! It was made from reeds and rushes. Nowadays we get the choice of latex, memory foam, and box spring mattresses (check out our recommendations here).



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Best For A Small Space

The winning bed frame for sex when you have a small amount of space is the Vecelo twin size. I just love this bed frame. 

It has a stunning antique style that turns fantasies into reality. That’s what you want when you combine a space where sleep, dreams, and orgasms happen.

This striking metal bed frame is made with an anti-scratch rubber mat that won’t slip and is non-squeaky which is the dream frame for a sexually active couple. 

Whether you’re touching yourself or stroking someone else, you’ll feel like royalty on this bed frame due to its headboard and footboard.

It may be small, but it’s 6″ off the floor so you can slide slim things underneath for storage too.

Once you’ve added a great mattress on top, you’re ready to have the spiciest sex in your gorgeous new bed!

Interesting fact: headboards and footboards were originally made from wood and designed to help keep cold drafts away (4)! Now houses have central heating, many of us have the luxury of choosing a stunning headboard for sheer pleasure.



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Noise-Free Nooky

This is an amazing bed frame if you want to make love without the awkward squeaking

The Zinus Gene is a full-size metal frame for sexually active couples who like to go all night long… or maybe just for a half-hour quickie. Not all of us have that type of cardio ability, right?

I’ll be honest, it doesn’t look that sexy, but we all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! 

Once you pop your ideal mattress on top of the 2 non-slip pads (to keep your mattress in place), you won’t even notice. 

This is a metal frame with wires so that you don’t need box springs. With heavy-duty steel, you’re assured that you have the best bed frame for sex and for years to come!

Just try to make this frame squeak with your sexual activities, I dare you! For a noise-free bed this is one of the best. An absolute must for a banging sex-life.



For noiseless nooky buy this top-quality bed frame. Have the best bonk by shopping here!

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Best For Plus Size Couples

The ultimate bed frame for plus size couples is Comasach’s full size. Just look at its sturdy frame! Spine-tingling sex is sweaty, slapping, and makes a noise like someone running in sandals. 

You know what it’s like when you really get into it and you want to break yourself in half, never mind the damn bed. Ahhhh, I love those sessions. Well, with this one, you don’t have to worry about the frame.

If you’re a person after my own heart, you’re going to need the sturdiest of frames, a brilliant box spring, latex, or memory foam mattress, and the best sex sheet ready to absorb all the delicious sex fluid you’re gonna be releasing!

This is my favorite mattress foundation of the lot. The truth is, in my opinion, this is the best frame if you want durability, great support, and minimum noise. 

It’s ideal for people who are heavier (or for people with a lot of partners) because it’s large and holds a lot of weight.

This is one of the best metal bed frames for sexually explicit activities.

Interesting fact: In medieval times the “Great Bed of Ware” in the U.K was so large, it was said to be big enough to hold an entire order of knights! It was passed through numerous inns and was possibly created as a tourist attraction.



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On A Budget

The best frame when you’re on a budget has to be the AmazonBasics platform metal frame. It creates an amazing bed for sex as well as sleep! 

It’s the perfect bed frame if you’re kitting out a new place or need an easy-to-assemble frame for the guest bedroom.

There are horizontal panels and cross rows of wires to ensure you feel comfortable and the mattress is held up easily. 

I can’t rate this bed frame enough if you’re keeping an eye on costs (and I’m sure we’re all doing that after the craziness of the pandemic). 

It looks good in any bedroom (and in a dungeon) and even better? It’s foldable so you don’t have to keep it up if you need to use the space for something else after a night of erotica.

Team it up with the best price mattress, pillow, and duvet and no-one will guess that you’ve saved dollars on the frame! 

It’s designed to be quiet so whether you’re looking for frames for sexually active couples or your partner just moves around a lot in bed, this frame will keep you snug as a bug in a rug.



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Easy Assembly

The Olee sleep 14 inch tall steel frame is the best bed frame for easy assembly. The supreme type of bed frame is one that doesn’t take much work, right? 

The only work that should be going on in the bedroom is sexual.

This is a gorgeous bed frame, it looks the part; it’s sturdy with nice slick lines. It’s engineered to prevent saggy mattresses… 

As much as we all might come to sag in certain areas, that’s the last thing you want from your bed. It must keep you elevated and ready for an erotic sesh!

When you buy a bed frame you want a strong mattress foundation that will keep your mattress in place. The Olee does that by “encasing” the mattress

This means no-slipping when you’re sliding in and out, up and down, or back and forwards with your lucky partner!

Interesting fact: On average we spend 26 years in bed and 7 years trying to get to sleep. With that much time between the sheets, you want to make sure you’re happy there!



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Best Value - Our Choice

The Zinus SmartBase zero assembly bed frame is the best value frame for a few reasons.

The fact that this queen size platform is a no-fuss set up makes it a winner. All you need is your hands to unfold it and, “Hey Presto! Job’s sorted!”

Lay your ideal mattress, pillow (have you ever heard about Liberator shapes?) and blanket on top and you have the best bonking bed frame for spicy intimacy.

Its steel frame handles you being bent over the edge of the mattress while your partner does you doggy style. 

You can hold onto the edge of the mattress screaming, “God bless America” and guess what?

The mattress won’t move and the bed frame won’t make half as much noise as you! Who wants to hear the bed squeak? No-one, especially not your neighbor!

The Zinus is one of the ultimate bed frames because it has little plastic caps on its feet so all your banging around won’t cause any marks on the floor.



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Things to Consider When Buying a Bed Frame for Sex?

You need to make sure your bed suits your sexual activity. To do that you need to consider the following when it comes to bed frames.

Let's be honest, size matters to us all in some ways. It is, however, critical when it comes to a bed frame. Think about your height, weight, and who you're sharing with, then pick a size (twin, full, queen, king, California king) accordingly.

Tip? If you love sex, get a bigger bed.

Most bed frames are between 6"-18" tall. This will give you storage space.

Taller beds also make it easier to get in and out of bed if you have mobility issues or if want standing sex at the edge of the mattress.

A noise-free bed frame really comes down to quality of the frame you choose.

However, choosing a frame without a box spring reduces the likelihood of noise a great deal. If you team it up with top quality mattress then this will also reduce squeaking and unwanted noise.

You want a long-lasting mattress foundation. Take into account your own and any sexual partner's weight, then check the weight capacity that the bed frame can support.

If you're unsure how long you should keep your bed, keep in mind that ten years is usually the most amount of time recommended for a mattress. If you invest in a sturdy, durable frame they can last much longer.

Interesting fact: The U.S threw out 18.2 million mattresses last year (there is a mattress recycling crisis). That's why it's important to invest in a durable mattress that will last.

The material bed frames tend to be made from is steel or wood. All the ones in this guide come with steel or wood slats that are durable and prevent the need for a box spring. This reduces squeaking. The only drawback with slats is that you might feel them if your mattress is lower quality. Add a backing board if you have a thin mattress.

You want a bed frame to be comfortable. The better you feel in it, the more sexual activity and the happier everyone feels! Your bed frame needs to be sturdy enough to support you, your lover, and your mattress. Make sure to check how much weight it holds.

Platform bed frames are the most popular frame nowadays. They usually come with metal or wooden slats rather than a box spring. Sometimes you can buy a platform frame that will allow a headboard to be attached to it (like the Olee bed frame).

Headboards and footboards look great and help keep the mattress in place. Most platform frames come with adhesive strips or "enclose" the mattress to keep it in place. It's best to choose a bed frame that will suit your decor.

You might also consider storage space (underneath the height of the frame). Weight capacity and sturdiness of the bed frame is especially important if you have an active sex life.

You can buy a great bed frame even if you're on a budget. The bed frames featured here cost between $85-$167.

A bed frame with edge support will reassure you that the mattress will stay in place. The Olee frame "encloses" the mattress at the edges. The Vecelo frame has a headboard and footboard. Many others come with non-slip material or adhesive strips to keep the mattress in place.

It's worth checking the manufacturer warranty for bed frames. Most tend to offer between 1-5 years. It's advisable to go for a bed frame with a longer warranty if you can afford it. You pay more for longevity and durability.

What Else Do You Need To Consider Before Buying?

Does a frame make a bed comfier?

Yes, a bed frame makes a bed more comfortable by providing a strong mattress foundation and support. It will also help the mattress last longer.

A sturdy frame improves in-bed action too. Think about it, if your frame is tall enough, you can do standing sex positions… one of you on your back/front on the edge of the bed with sex pillow under your hips and the other standing next to the bed taking care of your lubed-up wet spot.

Depending on when and where you like to fuck, it could also be worth your while investing in a sex blanket. Perfect if you are looking for a little extra warmth. I would suggest looking at a period blanket, which is amazing if you like getting a little freaky on your period (I personally love it!)

What materials should you avoid?

If you live in a humid climate, go for a metal frame as a wooden frame can swell and shrink when it gets hot. Use a sex blanket to keep frames and mattresses clean!

What can we do to keep the bed frame in good condition longer?

Take care of your bed frame to make it last. If you hear a squeak, get some WD40 onto its squeaky joint, check for loose screws (ON THE FRAME). If you go for a bed frame with metal or wooden slats, you can also add a sheet of plywood under the mattress to more evenly distribute weight. Although a top-quality frame won’t need this.

Ensure you buy a good mattress and leave a small space between the frame and any walls so the frame doesn’t “knock” the wall during sex.

Is a taller bed frame dangerous for a sexually active couple?

Absolutely not. If anything, a taller bed frame can add new variations to sexual positions. Being able to stand at the edge of the bed to penetrate can really help people if they suffer from knee/joint pain.

How can we protect the floor from the bed's frame?

To protect the floor from your bed’s frame, you can buy frames whose feet have plastic or silicon caps (like the Zinus bed frame). Or you can place a rug between the frame and floor to prevent slipping.

How do we sex proof our bed?

You can sex proof your bed by ensuring you have a sturdy bed frame, mattress, and appropriate sex bedding. The latter will make sure the mattress stays clean and hygienic. You really want quality furniture so that it will last when you’re throwing yourselves around in the grips of passion.

Is it better without a bed frame when you're sexually active?

No, no, no, a thousand times no. A bed frame is great when you’re sexually active. It makes your bed sturdy which means you get more leverage. Some frames also give you something to hold onto when things get really rocking.

Do Different Types of Mattress affect Sexual Activities?

Yes. Your mattress can affect how sex feels the same way it can affect your sleep. 

A soft, flimsy mattress can mean your knees and elbows sink into the bed; this can cause uncomfortable pressure points. Likewise, really hard mattresses can stop you from finding a leverage point and finding your rhythm.

Ultimately, it’s important to buy a durable bed frame that enhances both your ability to sleep and your love life

It’s worth investing. This ensures better quality materials and that the frame will last longer. With a bed frame sturdy enough to take your weight and sexual shenanigans, you and your lover will be smiling for years to come!