Sex on Couch Positions explained
Last Updated on August 2, 2023

The 9 Best Couch Sex Positions 2024

Many sexual adventures begin on the couch. As we get comfortable, it is often where sparks start to fly. In most cases, this would mean moving the encounter to our bedroom.

The more daring among us don’t have time for that. We often want to finish things right where they started.

Who wants the interruption of moving from living room to bedroom anyway? It often comes at the risk of ruining.

Now that we have agreed that the couch is perfect, the only thing left to decide is what sex positions are ideal for it.

You may not realize it initially, but there are some things you simply cannot do on the couch that you can do in bed.

By the same token, your sofa provides options that your bed couldn’t begin to provide.

If you may want to treat yourself with something special, we’ve got you covered! Reading our guide “” will help you decide, which sex sofa is worth your money. 

Stick with us while we explore some of them. With that knowledge, initiating couch sex has never been so easy and pleasant!


When oral sex is brought up, it is usually in the context of a man benefitting from a woman. We are better than that, surely.

Are we not?

The couch presents us with the perfect position for either partner to gain oral access to the genital area of the fortunate one.

You will not hear any complaints from me if all I have to do is spread my legs and let out a few encouraging moans.

Woman licking finger oral couch position

How to do it

If you are going to be performing oral sex on someone on one of the best sex couches, you want to ensure that you are in a comfortable position (see our favorite sex chairs).

The last thing that your partner will want is for you to stop midway to get a cushion.

Have however many cushions you will need there with you right from the start.

Start from a kneeling position. That is one of the positions that we can all hold for a while.

There will be minimal pressure on your back. The knees are resilient.

Go you, you trooper, you!

French Kiss

If intimacy is your thing, then the French Kiss is an excellent position for you. It is a somewhat naturally occurring position.

You will often hear that sex begins with a kiss. That statement stands true when considering this position.

It does not take Sherlock Holmes to tell that there is a similarity between this position and the missionary.

At the very least, they share their intimate nature.

It allows for penetration and a lot more bodily contact than you may get from other positions. You can try it on a bean bag too.

French kiss on yellow couch position pair kissing

How to do it

As mentioned earlier, this is a position that can result directly from a kiss.

You can start with the lady seated on the edge of the couch. Her legs would part to make way for the gentleman.

The gent would kneel by the edge of the couch to allow penetration. The only other tip would be for the man to allow room for thrusting and general waist movement.

No one wants a lazy man in this position.


For those that prefer breaking in through the back door, the grasshopper makes for an exciting position.

We must mention that your couch being large enough to accommodate two persons is a prerequisite.

It is a position that allows you to maintain some intimacy through spooning.

Man and Woman on couch grasshopper position

How to do it

The gent lays down behind his lady. Both partners should be on their sides, facing the same direction.

The lady will lift herself slightly using her elbow.

The man’s waistline should be lower than the lady’s to allow ease of penetration.


This one is for those that are both physically fit and equally adventurous. By “those,” we mean the female.

The lucky guy just gets to sit there in awe of the wonder that is his lady.

Those who love this position will attest to its g-spot stimulation prowess. It is a position that can be enjoyed equally by both partners.

Watermelon position girl lying on the couch

How to do it

With the gentleman seated on the couch, the lady would sit on top of him.

Once penetration has been achieved, the gentleman would hold onto the lady’s waistline and assist her in her descent.

She seeks to lean fully forward, with her man leaning backward.

Tug of War

Perhaps neither of you is the spectator type. You both want to be equally involved in this flaming sexual experience.

Well, the tug of war is a fantastic way to do so.

In this position, both the man and woman are expected to be active.

There are no prisoners taken.

pair sitting on the couch (man and woman)

How to do it

With the man seated on the couch, the lady would mount him in the same manner that she would do in the cowgirl.

In this case, she would raise her legs onto the sofa. They would slide just underneath the man’s arms and rest at the back of the couch. She will use them as anchors when the tug of war begins (you can try it on sex stool too).

The man and woman lock hands and swing back and forth.

Hence the name, tug of war.

Secret entrance

If you are still looking to do some back door burgling, you can always use the secret entrance.

There is some give and take with this one.

The give comes in the form of the shallowness of the penetration that it permits.

The take is that it allows for incredible g-spot stimulation.

Secret entrance position woman lying on the couch after party

How to do it

With the lady laying on her side, she would bend one leg and keep the other straight.

The gent would rise above her from behind. He should be on his feet with a knee resting beside her for stability.

There should be plenty of room for back door entry.

The rest is fairly obvious.

V formation

It is certainly not for beginners.

We would say not to try this at home, but it is probably best attempted there.

What you are bound to get from this position is deep penetration.

Most lovers that have tried this one can testify to the moaning and groaning that it often comes with.

Girl sitting on the couch position V formation

How to do it

The gent sits on the couch with his back rested. His legs should be stretched out as far as possible.

The lady rises above her man with her feet beside him.

Once penetration has been achieved, she would slowly raise her legs above his shoulders. It is done with his help, of course.

The lady would then lean backward and wrap her wrists around his ankles for support.


As the name would have given away, this can be done by any Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Perhaps even together.

For those among us who enjoy the doggy style and are looking for variations, this is one.

It allows for deep penetration and rear entry.

Girl sitting on the couch relaxing

How to do it

The lady gets on the couch first for a change.

She kneels while facing and resting her elbows on the backrest. Her cheeks should already be spread at this point to allow ease of entry for the gentleman.

He would kneel behind her with his arms on her waist.

Penetration would be achieved in the same way that one would do it with doggy style.

Erotic poster

If there ever was a picturesque sex position. This position has to be the one.

It is no wonder you will often come across it in steamy erotic movie scenes.

From a practical side of things, it is a position that allows for deep penetration.

The burden of the work is left to the lady, who will be in a prime position.

Erotic poster position girl in glasses siting on the couch

How to do it

The gent sits on the couch with his back rested. His feet will stretch underneath him.

The lady will spread her legs (expandable spreader bar can be used), one on either side of her man. She will edge towards her man, and she directs his penis.

Her arms would then use the couch armrests to propel her body upwards and downward.

The man can help by lifting her from her waist.


There are probably a few more positions that could be added to this list. These are our favorites.

What are yours?