The Best Sex Furniture explained
Last Updated on September 8, 2021

Best Sex Assist Furniture in 2021: Reviews & Buyer's Guide to Ultimate Pleasure

When it comes to understanding what the best sex furniture is and how exactly to use it, there’s a lot of space to cover!

From chairs to stools, and swings to do-it-yourself tables, we’ve got you covered in our reviews below!

There are multiple benefits to owning a piece of best furniture for sex.

Not to mention multiple orgasms and sexy street cred, but did you know that sex room furniture can also be a great way to move your body into that baby-making position?

We know!

Too many benefits for one little piece of furniture we reckon, but despite this, many people don’t realize just how quickly it can turn up the heat in our semi-stale relationships!

You are guaranteed to feel like you’ve just met your partner all over again when coming face to face with them and a sex swing – but hey, more on this later!


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What exactly is Sex Furniture?

Sex furniture is a certain type of furniture designed to be used in intimate and/or erotic experiences.

They can be used to improve our sex lives, enhance a fantasy or assist people in more challenging positions.

Furniture for sex can also help couples or a sexual partner feel more comfortable with each other and aid them in performing new moves on each other.

How do I use sex furniture for couples, we hear you say?

Well, you’re in luck!

In this guide, we’ve covered all bases and each piece of adult furniture has its only little section to help you understand what you might like…or love!

Now, there’s nothing left to do other than strap in and join us on this fun (but slightly bumpy) ride through the wonderful world of best sex furniture!

Sex Chair

First up on our best sexy furniture list is probably the most widely searched piece of sexfurniture on the web. A sex chair can range from a good old seat, queening stool, a sexy sofa or a rather interesting looking massage table.

Let’s take a look at them:

Balastudio has taken great care in creating the Adela chair – a unique piece of sex seat design that’s 100% handmade and each piece can be customized to each buyer’s perfection.

It has holsters for whoever’s on top, and overhead handles to keep you feeling stable and sexy!

Win-win position, right?

Get clicking and choose the best sex chair for yourself to spice up the atmosphere in your bedroom!

couple on a sex chair artwork tiles effect



Sex Sofa

Next up is this foldable sex sofa from Amazon – neatly designed to blend discreetly in with the rest of the household’s furniture – and a lot of fun!

If you want to make a sex sofa look even kinkier, why not accessorise with a cover. Blanket sex is perfect when it comes to any sofa, couch or bed. 

Its natural curve allows for creative positions and those spontaneous, sensual evenings with our partner we all love…

white sofa on the floor carpet



Sex Table

Here’s why the sex table is a daring piece of furniture you NEED to try: it focuses on unique and new positions for you and your partner to explore AND has some insanely (slightly humorous names).

For example, this one is lovingly called a “milking table” and well, we can see why!

This piece comes at quite a price, but we think it’s a worthy investment for such a special kind of furniture.

woman on the massage sex table



Tantra Chair

Now, now, now… We’ve entered the realm of tantra, and it’s about to get REALLY exciting.

Tantric sex in a traditional sense is derived from the ancient Hindu faith and talks about “the weaving and meaning of energy”.

It’s a slow form of sex that’s said to increase intimacy and create a mind-body connection that can lead to powerful orgasms.

So what’s more to like than combining tantra and sexual furniture? Nothing!

Most tantra chairs appear similar to sex chaises but some have been designed uniquely to suit the deep notion of the tantra mentality.

The original Tantra Chair is really what you want if this is the kind of tantric experience you are looking for.

luxurious leather tantra furniture



Sex Swing

Our favorite piece of sex furniture for sale has to be the infamous sex swing.

Despite its price, this special swing has us in all of those tricky positions we all (not so) secretly want to try and combined with a sex toy or two, it’s complete magic!

Whether you want to feel like Tarzan and Jane navigating your swinging tactics or want to feel the air between your thighs, trust us when we say, sex swings are THE one.

NB: Liberator often has nice promotions on their site, so click here for their most recent additions.

sex swing door



Sex Chaise

After having a look through the more ‘conventional’ forms of bedroom sex furniture, we’re diving deeper into the unknown…

The chaise (also called lounge chair) can ultimately look and act similar to the tantric or vuntu chair, though they can range in material, colors, shape, and size.

Generally speaking, in the regular furniture world, a sofa or chair can be budget-level furniture, whereas a sex lounger will always be in a higher price range as they are deemed luxurious.

Therefore, we see the sex chaise as the humble upgrade to cheap sex furniture, and it’s well worth the wait!

Our favorite adult furniture of all time has to be the Esse Chaise ii from Liberator. It’s a beautiful advance from their classic Esse range, and of all the sex furniture designs we’ve seen, the Esse Chaise ii is by far the classiest and best, high quality one out there!

Allow yourself that little bit of luxury and treat yourself to the one and only, Liberator Esse.



Sex Bench

Also known as the ‘fuck bench’, it is considered a more simplified version of a sex sofa or sex lounger.

The sex bench is used in the same way as the Esse Chaise lounge would be, however, you may find your positions come with some variety!

You may notice that chairs, benches, sofas, and chaise lounges all appear to be the same thing, or incredibly interchangeable – don’t stress!

Some people will have one name for one piece of sex furniture, while you have another!

Ultimately, they’re all there to improve your sexual experience with your partner, so all you have to figure out which one you want to try!



Sex Stool

The sex stool, otherwise known as the “queening stool” or “weightless sex chair” is one brilliant, sex furnature invention!

At first glance, its fitness stool with space for different exercises… oh, how it fooled you!

Sex stools have been designed primarily for women to receive cunnilingus at a MUCH easier angle!

It can also be used for someone to rim their partner and enjoy going down (or up!) on them in a far more comfortable position.

If you are looking to get even kinkier, why not introduce a dildo when using a sex stool. Have a peek at the best thing to use to mount a dildo. Perfect for keeping the dildo steady while you bounce up and down. 

Go sex stools – it’s nearly time to play!

woman on a queening chair art



Sex Pillow

A sex pillow sounds just like a regular pillow, but trust us when we say it is SO MUCH more!

Sex wedges or ramps double as a furniture aids to lift you or your partner up in a more raised position to reach better depth during sex and ultimately, have better orgasms!

Many women love sex pillows because it helps them arch their back in a softer way without getting hurt during intercourse (or cramp!) and it can make for a really great session!



Sex Bed

Now, this is a funny topic for a number of reasons.

First up, what’s a bed after reading about all these amazing new sex furniture options?

Well, not everyone wants to have extra pieces of furniture around the house, so why not invest in one, awesome sex bed?

Foam mattresses conform to your body and target pressure points, making them more comfortable during intercourse. You could also consider buying something like a bean bag which can also serve as a sex bed. Have a look at the Zeppelin Liberator review we conducted. The ideal product if you are looking for something a little comfier. 

When it comes to choosing a bed that works as a piece of kinky furniture, there are a few things to consider first:

  • Noise
  • Temperature
  • Comfort

Mattresses that are loud can create awkward situations when having guests or living with other people.

Certain mattresses can absorb more body heat than others, creating an uncomfortable environment for lovemaking.

Depending on you and your partner’s preferences, you may want to decide between foam, latex or other alternatives.

Other factors for creating the ultimate sexbed would be to consider a Fascinator Throw to get you in the mood, or some waterproof bedding for those late-night massages…

We’ll definitely be covering more on this as the sexsheets industry takes off!



Shower Sex Furniture

Okay, so shower sex furniture is a whole new concept in the sex world so sadly, there aren’t a huge amount of products circulating currently.

With that being said, here are a few examples of what is available right now for your ultimate shower sex fantasy:

  • Handle
  • Stool
  • Bench/seat

 For obvious reasons!

If you manage to get a waterproof stool to begin with, then chuck it in the shower and give it a go!

Granted your shower is big enough, just imagine the possibilities!



BDSM Furniture

As we enter the wonderful world of BDSM rooms, we just want you to bear in mind that yes, it may not be for everyone, but our motto is: there’s no harm in trying something once!

If you’re not quite ready to Google “Dungeon Furniture”, or have your own 50 Shades of Grey room – we totally get it.

For now, check out this cheeky, little contraption for some light entertainment:

DIY Sex Furniture

Sexual furniture is generally quite high in price and we understand that some budgets can’t stretch that far immediately…

So, how do we solve that riddle?

The answer is: Do it yourself!

We are busy preparing an entire guide on DIY sex furniture covering building plans from chairs to sofas and sexy stools so subscribe here if you’d like to be the first to know how to build your own adult furniture!



To round off our reviews, we thought we’d answer a few of your Frequently Asked Questions (you can find them below).

In case you’d like to read more, see How to Hide Sex Furniture on our blog.


What to consider when choosing sex furniture?

There are many things to consider before buying sex furniture. Before you spend money, make sure the new element of home decor fits your space and even more importantly – your sexual temperament.

Looking for more tips? See how to choose the right sex furniture to make the right choice.

How can sex furniture improve your sex life?

Sex furniture can improve your sex life in many ways. For example they can positively impact your romantic relationship with your partner. To get to know more, read our blog.

Can sex furniture help me if I find intercourse painful?

Yes! Absolutely.

Though we are no sexperts ourselves, we have tried and tested a fair few of these products ourselves, and have discovered through our own experiences how it has transformed intercourse for us, too!

We would advise starting out slow with a bed and working your way up the ranks to other furniture that you like the sound of.

Trial and error, right?

Does it really matter what I have sex on?

The beauty of lovemaking is that nothing else matters at that moment.

Yes, there will be times where a quickie does the job and that’s all you need.

However, there are many other occasions where setting the mood or planning a sexy evening can really boost your intimacy.

Of course, technically humans can fuck on anything, but hey, what’s the harm in exploring something new?

I just bought a sex swing. Help!

We are SO proud of you – well done! Don’t be afraid of it. It is yours and it will listen to you.

Spend some time getting to know it and try to approach it on a personal level – almost like a human.

Yes, it can be extremely intimidating having sex swings in your house (or dungeon tehe!) but start slow with your partner and figure out what works for you guys – not what you’ve seen in that porno last night.

What is the best position for sex?

There is absolutely no right or wrong when it comes to the best sex position, only what works best for you, and your partner. If you find that he’s too big, opt for more relaxed sex positions to reach the angle you both want.

If you’re too tight, consider using sex toys or some lube to loosen you up before going straight for intercourse. Communication really helps couples during lovemaking and if a position isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to say it.

Trust us, you’ll both appreciate it in the long run.

Bottom Line

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration and a bunch of research to check out and we can’t wait to hear what you like the sound of!

Feel free to message us privately or comment below with any questions you have regarding the spectacular stories of lovemaking furniture.

Check in again soon – we have SO much more to cover! 🙂