Satisfyer Pro 3 Review
Last Updated on March 6, 2023

Satisfyer Pro 3 Review: Luxury Orgams on a Budget

Alrighty, a new toy, new orgasms, and old jokes packaged as new! Pretty solid if you ask me. Let’s talk suction toys. The technology that is whispering sweet pleasure into clits all over the globe.

Most of us love a bit of clitoral stimulation. Some of us, me included, actually need it to climax, which can get frustrating, especially when you’re in a partnership.

“No babe it’s not that you don’t satisfy me. I just need more to help me get there.”

This is why getting that simple, easy pleasure is important when no partner is involved. I refuse to have a deep conversation with a dildo about how I need more. The Satisfyer Pro 3 not only gives simple, flawless orgams but is beyond affordable, making this a winner in my book.

Ok, so in one of my rabbit hole google searches for random sex facts, I found something interesting that could help with those difficult orgams.

F**k the lingerie and put on some socks said no one ever with a serious face.

Apparently, that’s not true; a psychologist in Germany said it after running a study. No one knows exactly why but apparently, wearing socks during sex increases your chances of an orgasm.

They say it might be something to do with feeling secure and not cold. Who would have guessed that the nerdy guy who kept his socks on in bed was having more orgasms than the rest of us? All I know is I need to buy some more socks and test this theory out tonight!

So are you ready to hear about this luxury budget orgasm maker?

Why Do You Need a Satisfyer Pro 3

You need the Satisfyer pro 3 because you are low-key royalty, and every royal needs their sphere.

That’s the fancy stick they hold in the movies.

But seriously, if you’re looking for some extra luxury, this sexy sleek design, matt black toy with rose gold accents is a top-notch choice.

And one of my personal faves compared to other satisfyer toys.

Not only does this fantastic toy give you intense clitoral stimulation, the kind that gives you orgasms you only read about.

But it’s also super affordable. Making this a wonderful choice for some extra bedroom fun.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Satisfyer Pro 3 Key Features

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What I Don't Like About This Sex Toy

The thing I don’t like about satisfyer pro is it’s not the most comfortable to hold because of the shape. It also needs to be held at all times, so there is no hands-free playtime, and I do quite like having my hands free to roam my body. My nipples, to be specific.

The other two downsides to this toy are that it doesn’t have a replaceable head which means it’s less inclusive to different clit sizes.

Or if you’re looking for a slight distribution or pressure waves. It is also a little bulky, so it is not easy to use during penetrative sex.

That is ok; I always love a toy with some extra uses. The bulkiness also means if you’re an avid traveler, this isn’t the best toy for traveling.

Luckily, the USB port charger is small, which might make stuffing it into your hand luggage much easier. Hand luggage is not code for vagina, well, not this time, anyway.

Satisfyer Pro 3 Comparison with Other Sex Toys

How to Use the Satisfyer Pro 3?

Using the this amazing clitoral stimulator is super easy. In fact, it’s easier than using that scientific calculator.

You know, those bulky ass calculators everyone had to get for school. Looking at one now, I honestly don’t know how the f**k I ever learned how to use it.

So if you’ve read any other articles of mine, you know I always prefer starting by setting the mood.

Obviously, I am not saying a quickie before work isn’t ok. I love those spare-of-the-moment pleasure sessions.

But it’s also important to sometimes create a beautiful space for self-love night sessions just like you would with a partner.

What turns you on? And gets you in the mood? I’m like a roller coaster and can never really decide. But some great options are candles, a sexy playlist, or some dirty porn. Or all 3 if you’re feeling a little extra that day.

Once you’re all comfy, lube the head of the toy up with your favorite water-based lubricant. It is always best to choose water-based lube when using a silicone toy.

Otherwise, it will deteriorate the material much faster than you want. Once lubed up, place it on your clit. Again, because of the pressure waves, you’ll feel stimulation entirely differently than traditional sex toys. 

There are 3 buttons on the toy. 2 for the pulsation control and 1 further up the toy for vibration control.

To turn it on, hold down the “o” button for 2 seconds then you’re good to go. Now you can press either button to increase or decrease the intensity. Be warned; this toy is powerful.

I got the shock of my life when I placed the toy on my clitoris when it was already turned up to intensity level 11. Start at the lowest setting and work your way up is all I will say. Now have fun playing with the 11 pressure wave settings, and find out why this toy is so popular.

Turning on the vibrations is the same, just hold the button for 2 seconds and keep clicking till you’ve found your perfect vibe

If you ever wondered what made a vibrator with two motors controlled independently superior, you’ll soon find out.

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What to Be Careful of While Using the Satisfyer Pro 3?

There is very little to be careful of while using the Satisfyer Pro 3. It’s a very safe toy, like most suction toys, if I’m being honest.

I will only say that since it’s a suction and black-surfaced toy, it attracts dust and makes it hard to see the dirt.

Meaning you need to be more diligent when cleaning. Make sure you get into the suction head with your favorite sex toy cleaner and some warm water. Simple as that.

Don’t forget to dry it before putting it back in its fabric bag; you don’t want it to collect more dust before you’ve even put it away.

My last bit of advice is be careful not to get the magnetic USB charging cable wet. It’s a whole lot of sexual frustration, that can easily be avoided.

Trust me, I know. Before you start having fun with your magic device, make sure you give a quick read to the A safety information leaflet.

How Much Does the Satisfyer Pro 3 Cost?

The Satisfyer Pro 3 costs exactly what you’d expect from a fantastic luxury toy with a sensation of oral sex. No, I’m just kidding. This amazing toy might be a top-notch luxury, but the price is way lower than you could ever imagine!

Talk about saving money while also getting constant memorable orgasms with the combination of suction and vibration. W$nning in the pleasure game is all I’ll say!

Where to Buy a Satisfyer Pro 3?

You buy the Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration straight from the Satisfyer website. That is usually my go-to since I always trust what I am getting and know how to send it back if anything ever goes wrong.

That being said, another favorite online sex shop of mine is Lovehoney. They always have great deals and a huge selection, so keep a lookout for them!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


What is the Satisfyer Pro 3?

The Satisfyer Pro 3 is a clitoral stimulator that provides intense clitoral stimulation that sends waves of pleasure through your entire body.

Is the Satisfyer Pro 3 going to improve my relationship?

Yes, but only because you can’t be angry if you’re having memorable orgasms. Jk, angry sex can be amazing. So, in short, this vibrator can help spice up your sex life. But it won’t replace your therapist. Been there, done that, it does not work!

Is the package with the Satisfyer Pro 3 discrete?

The package with the Satisfyer Pro 3 is discrete as f**k. It comes in a no frills box so much so that your neighbours will never know the number of sex toys you order, even if you got one delivered every day for a year. Unless your neighbour is hot and you want to flirt over coffee and sex toys. If that’s the case, tough titties, you’re out of luck.

How to hide the Satisfyer Pro 3 from guests?

Hiding your Satisfyer Pro 3 from guests is a pretty easy task. Its sleek look makes it blend well with other things. However, I’ve said it before and will say it again. Mount those babies on the wall like your grandpa after a hunting trip.

No one’s saying hang grandpa up on display, more like how he displays the deer or moose above the living room mantle piece.

But in this case, a sex toy in your room. If you are muttering out loud, this chick is cuckoo, A. you are right, B. I have a real solution for you if you actually want to hide your toy, like most normal people.

I suggest either your bedside table drawer or a designated sex box, depending on the number of toys you own.

Can the Satisfyer Pro 3 help me conceive a baby?

No, the Satisfyer Pro 3 on its own will not be the magic baby maker. However, getting super turned on and having free-flowing orgams will definitely relieve some stress during the baby-making season.

That being said, due to the size of the toy, this doesn’t work easily as an addition to penetrative sex. You can try, but there are many more toys out there for that.

If you want to add this to playtime, I suggest your partner use it on you, or you learn some major hand gymnastics and find a way to use it during penetration. Let me know if you find the tricks!

Is the Satisfyer Pro 3 safe?

Yes, the Satisfyer Pro 3 is super safe. But I always recommend reading the safety information leaflet to get all the details about the toy. Just to make sure you know all the ins and outs.

Does the Satisfyer Pro 3 come with a warranty?

The Satisfyer Pros 3 comes with a whopping 10-year warranty. Don’t you just love a sex toy company that knows they are so damn good they give you a decade of confidence in their toy! Definitely a huge selling point!

Users' Reviews

The magnetic charger also has a really strong connection, being a larger connecter than most so was less likely to get accidentally disconnected as long as I kept it in a place where I wouldn't kjostle it around too much. I like how many levels of intensity there are to choose from. The angle of the opening makes so you have to hold this at nearly a 90 degree angle to your body which was a bit awkward. Having it angled more to lay against your body would have been much nicer and discrete. I did like the slightly larger opening on this one though wich made it less of an effert to get it positioned correctly than other brands I've tried.
Woman with short blond hair
The most important takeaways were use lube and don't submerge it or run water over it, use a toothbrush and do your thing. On first use I definitely used it wrong and couldn't understand the appeal but it takes a few uses to really understand how to angle it to hit your spots. You can use air and vibration separately or together. Vibration is the loud portion but it's silent under the sheets. On using both air and vibration at maximum it doesn't get any louder than when just vibration is at max. If the motor inside is jamming you, you're using it wrong unless you like that kind of thing. Only thing that gives me multiple youknowwhats and I think I'd recommend it and definitely if it was on sale.
Woman with long black hair
The cost was much lower than some of the other options and from the reviews seemed like a great economical choice, especially if you haven't tried something like it before. It also had a vibration option in case I didn't like the pulsations so it wouldn't be a complete loss. It gives the option of using both pulsation and vibration or just using each one by itself. It works great and I am a huge fan now. It will get you there quick and strong. I usually need stronger vibration and pressure for myself, but this thing works perfectly without much work.
Woman with braided blond hair
A friend recommended this toy, but I did not realize she and I have several differences. For one, she is not single. Her husband uses this on her. Which has made her rave about it. Telling me it feels incredible and the orgasms are strong and intense. She is also thin and does not have a large tummy to contend with. I am sure if I weren't single this would be fun, but on my own it's not practical or easy to use. I wish this was in one of the many reviews: If you are a bigger woman, using this on your own, it is not easy and I don't recommend.
Woman with ginger hair
The only con I can really think of with this toy, is the shape. It's a little awkward to hold and keep it on my sweet spot. It's a very minor gripe for me, as once things get going it doesn't -really- matter if I'm right on. But I can see it maybe being an issue for anyone out there with difficulty holding a toy like this. The one thing Pro 2 has over it is the shape, almost like a handle. It's really easy to hold and move around to where you need it most. Second minor con is the buttons are not very defined, so one can pretty easily hit the wrong one. And seeing as there's three, two for the suction part of things and one for the vibe, I have had some issues finding the right one in the dark with just touch. A bit more definition in the bumps indicating what the buttons do, wouldn't go amiss in my opinion.
Woman with short brown hair
In conclusion, this toy is amazing and I think everyone with a clit should have one in their collection. It gets you there... then it gets you there again... and again... and again... Well, you see where I'm going with that.
Woman with brown curly hair

Should You Buy the Satisfyer Pro 3?

Hell yeah! At this price and pleasure level, grab yourself 2. Just kidding, you don’t need 2; the first one will last a lifetime. It’s that good. I can’t say this is my favorite vibrtor, not by a long shot.

However, there is no denying that this suction device provides intense and incredible orgasms with two powerful motors that are controlled independently and is it’s fully waterproof.

That being said, knowing what you want this toy for is important. It’s great for self-love, as well as partner play. If they like using toys on you. But it won’t be your go-to to add clitoral stimulation during PIV sex (Penis in vagina). It’s just too awkward to hold.

However, remember the price aspect. You rarely find something so luxurious and powerful at such a great price! So when it comes to luxury on a budget, I am all in!

Also, due to its pressure wave technology, you can have multiple significantly elevated orgams in a row. I had 3 just on my first try. As you know from my other articles, this is not an easy task. 

So, give your bank account a break and treat yourself to a little sprinkle of luxury!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!