womanizer duo review
Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Womanizer Duo Review: All You Need To Know!

Most of us love a back-arching orgasm, right? You know the type to almost put your neck out?! (Yep, I’ve actually done that! It gave my massuese a giggle.)

72% of women surveyed for Womanizer admitted that they talked to their friends about self-pleasuring (1). It’s fun to talk about, isn’t it? And you learn new tricks when you do so!

Maggie Gyllenhaal once said, “I love the fact that people wanna talk about sex.”(2) If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us! And what makes sex better? Knowing how to get yourself off. Solo sex is the ultimate way to discover your turn-ons.

Getting one of the finest pussy-quivering toys ever is guaranteed to lead you through this fun adventure easily.

Darlings, what I have coming up is gonna have you squealing! Put your feet up and enjoy meeting the delightful, the daring, the delicious Womanizer Duo!

What is a Womanizer Duo?

The Womanizer Duo is the ultimate of all dual stimulation toys (for those of us who have vaginas anyway)! 

So two of the hottest sex toy creators, Womanizer and We-Vibe teamed up to bring you the best Womanizer toy: the one most likely to give you multiple orgasms!

Basically, it covers clitoral stimulation through a silky silicone suction head and (as if that wasn’t enough) it has an arm designed for g-spot vibration. Quite simply, this is a pleasure machine to make you orgasm like a beast.

Between the sucking sensation and rippling vibrations, you’re sure to get your head blown off!

The Duo is a saucy little device that provides touchless stimulation on your clitoris. Darlings, technology has never been so effing sexy!

This mind-blowing, pussy pleasing sex toy measures up at 8 inches long, which includes the 4 inch g-spot arm. It’s a handy size in your grasp and between your thighs (check out powerful egg vibrator)!

It comes with a gorgeous little storage bag with gold charms, two silicone head attachments (yep, one will fit your quivering clit), and a USB charging cable.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Why Do You Need a Womanizer Duo?

You need the Womanizer Duo if you’re after two things: explosive orgasms and total luxury. Each time I climax over the ten different patterns of vibration, I feel like royalty. Why?

It’s all to do with the dual motors. The suction head is powered by Pleasure Air technology and creates a sucking feeling around your clitoris. The second motor powers the g-spot vibrator arm, which is bulbous and bendy. G-spot heavenly!

Get the Womanizer Duo into the right stimulation spot and the orgasm will rock your socks off! (Check the differences between Womanizer Premium and Duo!)

And guess what? It’s a waterproof and USB rechargeable toy which means you can get wet and wild for hours and charge it easily after!

Interesting fact: On the Beauty IQ podcast, they featured the Womanizer Duo. It was described as “looking like a gun”! The hosts championed how quiet it is in spite of its power!

Womanizer Duo: The Hot Benefits!

Honestly, benefits? They’re endless. They call it “pleasure waves” for a reason. 

From the moment you snatch the gorgeous g-spot arm and run your finger over the stimulation head, you’ll get a sweet tingling between your thighs. As soon as you turn it on, the tantalizing tidal wave is incoming!

Here are all the reasons why and how it brings you clit stimulation, vaginal stimulation, and dare I say it, blended orgasms!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Womanizer Duo Review: What I don’t like...

Well, you know I like to give you an honest review and that means telling you the bits that aren’t so good. The “problem” is that Womanizer makes incredible sex toys.

However, if I’m being picky I’d say that when you select the pattern mode, the low-intensity settings aren’t very stimulating. You need it on higher intensity levels. It’s not a big moan, but it can be quite annoying when a climax is building and it drops down to level 1! (Check out top rated vibrating panties)

Another thing is that you can’t move about much. If you do it will move the clitoral suction head. Now, I don’t mind this at all but it has made me a bit lazy when I’m masturbating! I usually like to hump on and around everything in my BDSM room or bedroom!

Another thing is that it would be cool if I could control the Duo on an app on my phone, like other ***sex toys***. This would make it easier to use when the pressure waves are flowing. When you need to press one of the buttons it can interrupt the suction flow.

How to use a Womanizer Duo?

To use the Duo, you need to play around a bit. You might feel a little confused because it has 6 control buttons, 2 motors, and 2 pleasure-giving points.

I’ll break it down for you now. First? The buttons…

How do the buttons work on a Womanizer Duo?

The buttons are easy to work with once you have a play around with them and the different features.

(Stay with me.)

Guess what? Maaaan, you’re gonna love this…

There are 12 intensity levels. Trust me, in the world of toys that love choochie kissing, it doesn’t get better than that!

Confused? I promise you, it all makes sense when you have it in your hands!

BTW, when you turn on your Womanizer Duo, a light will glow inside the clitoral stimulator. This shows it’s on. The Smart Silence mode will stop it from making a noise/vibrating until it’s in contact with your skin.

How to turn off "g-spot" on Womanizer Duo...

OK, so to turn off the vibrating arm and g-spot stimulation you need to find the g-spot button. This is the button that has a picture that looks like a tiny vibrating bullet on it, below it is a minus button.

Press the minus button on the g-spot control buttons until it reduces down through the levels and turns off. Now you’re ready to focus on clitoral stimulation!

How to Use a Womanizer Duo: Top Tips!

Here are a few top tips to help you get the most out of your Duo…

What is the difference between Womanizer InsideOut and Duo Bordeaux?

There are a couple of differences between the Womanizer InsideOut (read more) and the Duo. The Duo is basically an upgrade of the InsideOut! The InsideOut was a creation created between Womanizer and Lovehoney. 

The Duo is 1.5″ bigger. It has a bulbous head to better stimulate the g-spot and is more pointed at the tip.

So I know many people are asking “What’s a Duo Bordeaux?” as well. Bordeaux basically refers to the gorgeous deep red color the Duo is available in. The other option is called Black Gold (black with a gold band).

The Duo also has the Smart Silence feature which means that when the sex toy isn’t pressed against your body, it’s silent. The InsideOut doesn’t have this. 

The final difference is the Duo’s on/off button is the opposite side of the other controls which means there’s no way of accidentally pressing it off when you mean to increase vibrations!

Womanizer Duo Review: What to be careful of?

How to use the Womanizer Duo: the buttons!

Yes, you need to get used to the buttons. Duo has a separate power button on the opposite side to the others which is very handy. Experiment.

Check the button instructions above for how to control vibration patterns and intensity levels.

How Much Does a Womanizer Duo Cost?

The $ price $ of Womanizer toys varies a little between retailer sites. It’s worth checking out Liberator and Lovehoney. This way you know the toys you buy are completely body-safe and come with warranties. Check out the price on sex toy black friday sales!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Where to Buy a Womanizer Duo?

Liberator sells the Duo, whereas Lovehoney sells the InsideOut. Liberator often runs site-wide discounts. Both have other reviews for you to check out too!

Happy point: with a Duo in your toy box, you won’t need to copy Betty Draper’s washing machine antics in that cheeky Mad Men scene! (God, I MISS that show!)


Is the packaging for the Womanizer Duo discreet?

Yes, the box is discreet and the lovely packaging looks great next to your bed!

The Duo comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual too btw!

Is the Womanizer Duo safe?

Yes, the Womanizer Duo is made with totally body-safe materials. (Also, the silicone just feels lovely and soft on your skin!)

Does the Womanizer Duo come with a warranty?

Absolutely, the Womanizer Duo does come with a warranty. You can check out the length on the retailer sites, but Womanizer warranties are usually five years. (Exactly, top quality.)

Should You Buy A Womanizer Duo? Conclusion

I think so, yes, IF you’re looking for three things:

Also, it’s definitely worth the investment if you’re a person after my own heart and love masturbating! For vagina-owners wanting dual stimulation, this has to be one of the best toys on the market. Possibly, the best…

In review summary, the Duo is one of the hottest treats you can ever buy your coochie. If you’re after guaranteed climaxes, you’re sure to be satisfied!