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Last Updated on October 4, 2023

Best Mattress For Sex in 2024

The best mattress for sex has to suit your needs. For sleep too!

With 31 million Americans suffering from chronic back pain, you need to choose the best mattress type for you (1). The wrong mattress can damage your spine. According to WebMD, it’s advisable to follow your gut as to what feels right, rather than just go for “hard”(2). As much as you might like it hard in some places…

On that note, it’s also important to find the best kind of mattress for sex too! Sex and sleep are connected, if you get good nooky, you’ll sleep better. If you sleep well, you’ll have the energy for seduction! (3)

Here, the entire team at Furnpeak went to bed (no, not together!) to try out the top quality mattresses available, so your choice is made easy.

Get ready to sink in deep into the bed mattresses… Read our full guide now…

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What You Should Look For In A Mattress For Sex

When looking at the best mattresses for sex, think about what you want. In terms of getting the Zzzs you’re thinking comfort, no-noise, no awareness that your partner has moved! You might want edge support to feel totally secure, like you won’t roll over and out of bed.

But the best mattress types for sex? Firmness options take a new turn. You know that thing where you get “OUT of rhythm” with a partner? It’s so cringe! Well, “responsive” mattresses are best. They allow for fast pace, speedy position changes, and leverage.

Tip? You can buy mattresses that are “half and half” so there could be a medium firm and a firm side so you and your partner are both happy!


It’s all about rhythm. Thrusting and grinding are heaven.

The right mattress type will work with you so that making love lasts long enough to keep hitting your sweet spot. If the mattress is too soft and your knees sink too far in during doggy it’s no good. You and your partner will want a medium firm mattress so you can maintain angles and movements.

A mattress with individually wrapped coils or a hybrid mattress will give you great bounce. You want the best mattress for sex, so ask yourself whether it will hold your weight. 

image showing two young adults kissing in bed

Most mattresses come with a trial period. You’ll want to test your purchase. But please, stay on the safe side and use a sex blanket to protect the bed from stains.

If you still don’t have one (FYI, it’s a mistake), order it NOW! Here is my favorite sex bedding set. 

You don’t want to mess up to the point of no more trial and no return! (no, they don’t warn about this scenario).

No jokes; my best squirting blanket saved me multiple times from washing the whole mattress (and, you know, that’s THE WORST) or even buying a brand-new one! (Ok, that’s even worse.) Luckily, I won’t ever know. 


I have a friend who likes noise, he says, “Squeaking is like a sex-rhythm-maker“. He’s the exception! If you want a quiet mattress, latex and memory foam mattresses are best.

Noise and durability go hand in hand. In the showroom, you can’t test the noise because it’s not until the guarantee has passed that coils start squeaking! It’s best to read reviews to get feedback on long-term noise.

Temperature regulation


A great love life is all panting, heart pumping, and sweating. You’re hot stuff in the bedroom. Guess what?

There are huge technological advancements in bed mattresses. You can get mattresses that support temperature regulation through cooling gel-beads. Some mattresses have an additional outer layer that is cooling. This means you keep your cool when things get frisky and also? You sleep better.

If your bedroom sees a lot of sexual activity go for a hybrid mattress which helps keep your fiery heat under control so you can last longer.

You’ve purchased your new temperature regulation mattress, but how are you going to cover yourself?

Have a look at the best sex blanket for a cool intimate feeling with your partner. 

couple lying in bed covered with white blanket

Tip? A cooling mattress promotes intimacy if you and your partner are “hot sleepers“.

Edge Support

You want edge support so that when you’re in those sexual (or even tantric?) positions at the edge of the bed you don’t fall off! You have more surface space to play on and feel more relaxed knowing you have the entire bed as your playground.

Anyway, you want to know what type of mattress is the best for sex… Let’s get to the nitty-gritty…

TOP Mattresses For Sleep and Sex?

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Sex

The best online mattress for sex has to be the 8″ Luxury Gel Foam Mattress. To be honest, it had me sold at 8 inches. The thing is, with this mattress you get something cool.

What is it?

Well, that’s it. It’s cool. It helps regulate your bodily temperature through its gel-infused memory foam. It works by drawing heat away from your body and keeping you 1-2 degrees cooler than usual.

Isn’t the world amazing? A bed that helps keep you cool. When you’re spreading your legs, pumping, thrusting, grinding, and doing all the good stuff, things get hot, right? This is the dream mattress to support your stamina!

Also, ladies? It’s great for hot flushes during menopause. 😉

Advantages For Lovemaking


Keep your spicy love life cool with the ultimate memory foam mattress!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best Latex Mattress For Sex

Latex mattresses are a special type of mattress. If you’re sensitive, this is the mattress for sleep and lovemaking because it’s completely hypoallergenic. Also, there are no metal coils if you’re concerned about EMFs (4).

The Hope Latex mattress is made with three comfort layers of 100% organic latex. This is one of the best sex beds because it’s comprised of three layers, especially designed to feel “medium-firm”.

It’s similar to memory foam because it’s a mattress that will conform to your figure making intercourse more cosy.

Advantages For Sex


If you’re sensitive and want the best memory foam that’s planet-friendly, check out the best latex mattress here…

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best Hybrid Mattress For Sex

Aside from there being a huge discount on this mattress, the best hybrid mattress for sex is the Brooklyn Aurora. (Btw, you also get a trial period of 120 days on this hybrid mattress.)

It’s a feat of technology. It has hyper-elastic foam and gel beads that respond to your body’s movement and temperature.

Like, who knew a mattress could respond to your body? It’s like a lover in itself! But if you have a lover next to you, its comfort layers are designed so you won’t even feel them move around.

PROS For Your Sex Life?


Elevate your bedroom game with the ultimate hybrid mattress today!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best Innerspring Mattress For Sex

The Natural Escape is the best mattress for good sex when it comes to a coil spring system.

You like things bouncy? Then go for coils! They’ll support your thrust and aid your sexual rhythm.

What about sleep? Oh yes, of course, this is the best mattress for enhanced lumbar and edge support. No way will you be spanked or shunted off the edge of this totally organic-made bed.

PROS for your sex life?


For the best in bouncy beds and incredible body support, jump onto the Natural Escape today!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best Mattress For Large Couples

Here’s the best hybrid mattress for you if you have a little extra cush on that tush.

This mattress provides edge support. The coils and foam feel comfortable and give you enough support for all your sexual activity as well as great sleep. Absolutely amazing for combo sleepers.

The layers of the mattress prevent you from sinking in like you do in memory foam so you can get on with sinking in deep where it counts! Oh yeah, baby!

Advantages For Sex?


Check out one of the best mattresses for sex by going king size today!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best Mattress For Sex And Pregnancy

It’s vegan, it’s organic, it’s safe and non-toxic. No, it’s not rabbit food, it’s the mattress for going at it like rabbits on top of!

Take care of the planet and your baby by choosing the aptly-named Avocado hybrid mattress bed!

Its constructed with pocketed coils and latex to make sure your support level is met.

Of all mattress types this is great for sex to get pregnant, while pregnant and in the months after when sleep is needed! If you want to find out more about sex furniture for pregnant people read our full guide.

Pros Of This Mattress For Sex


If you’re a soon-to-be mummy looking for a top-quality mattress, try an Avocado bed ASAP!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best Mattress For Anal/Gay Lovemaking

Perhaps you want a memory foam mattress with firmness options? The East Hampton Cot mattress is your answer. It helps regulate temperature, has total body support, and has point relief for your joints.

Think about it, when you’re pegging or screwing your partner up the butt, you balance on your knees, wrists and hands and a sinking-soft mattress can be uncomfortable. You aren’t balanced. Also, a soft mattress can cause chronic back pain as well as insomnia. And a too-hard mattress? They don’t accommodate your miraculous moves so well.

When you go in through the back door, I think memory foam is great because it adapts to your body and you get total control during sex.

Advantages In The Sack


Get ready for doggy on the best memory foam mattress by clicking here!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best Air/Portable Mattress For Sex

While we’re all being royally screwed by the pandemic, we’re making the most of what we have locally.

Camping is all the rage and it’s likely to stay that way for a while. (5)

It’s certain you’re going to need the best camping mattress for sex. The best bed for sex outdoors, in my opinion, is the Liberator Black Label Escape.

For more options, check out our best air mattress for sex guide.



Take your love life outside on the Black Label Escape portable mattress.

Use the code: FURNPEAK for 10% off sitewide

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best RV Mattress

An absolute bargain buy! This is the ideal combination if you and your partner love getting really wet. It’s an RV mattress with its own protector to provide ultimate durability and comfort.

The memory foam is gel-infused and has an organic cotton cover, as well as an additional cradle contour foam layer. By adding the zipper-encased mattress topper your memory foam mattress is totally protected so you can get as wet and wild as you want!


This is the best mattress if you have a little extra cush on that tush.

Every mattress Brooklyn Bedding produces supports up to 950 pounds, so you can rest assured that sleep and sex are catered for on this luxury mattress.



For the best bargain mattress for all things wet and slippery, check out the Elevation Gel RV mattress now!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best Way To Protect Mattress For Adult Sex
(Ultimate Mattress Topper For Sex)

To be honest, you want to read our guide on the best sheets for sex. We run through the top selection that are good for sex and that make sure you have what you need for the wettest, dirtiest, stain-inducing sex humanly possible.

Because that’s what we all want to do, right? Leave a mark… just not on the mattress!

Other than sex blankets you can also check out the Tulare 2″ Firm Foam Topper.



Keep your bed clean when you’re being dirty by buying one of the best mattress protectors now!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Last Things to Consider with Mattresses and Sex

So you have all the knowledge you need to buy a mattress good for nooky and sleep. There are a few last things to consider…

FAQ Section

What's the best alternative to a sex bed?

The best alternative to a sex bed is a huge bean bag. No need to buy the bed frame! I like the ones from Liberator, reviewed here.

If you’re kinky, you can also consider BDSM beds.

Which Mattress Firmness Is Best For Sex?

Mattress firmness ranges from a score of 1 (softest) to 10 (most firm).

The best mattress for getting sex is really what feels best for you. Generally speaking, you’ll want a firmness score in the medium range 4-7.

Too soft a mattress and you’ll have less control. Too hard a mattress and you won’t get as much sexual rhythm.

Which Type Of Silent Mattress Is Best For Your Type Of Sex? (which mattress won't squeak)

During sexual shenanighans, there are movements. The best mattresses for sex without noise are memory foam or latex. Although individually wrapped coils in a mattress prevent noise in the first few years, it’s likely that given enough of a good time your bed is going to start squeaking.

If you get a squeaky mattress, try to locate the noise by separate the mattress, box spring (if you have one) and frame. Apply pressure to each to find where the noise is coming from.

  • If it’s the mattress, flip it over. It’s advisable to rotate the mattress regularly anyway! Also, check whether the mattress is still under warranty and if not, it’s probably time to buy a new one!
  • If it’s the frame, it’s probably time to go DIY and get the tool box out to tighten nuts and bolts. Remember WD40 spray – wood lube 😉 makes a hell of a difference!
  • If it’s the box spring, try sliding a little wood into the springs to stop the friction point and again, WD40. If it’s still under warranty, take advantage of that!

What determines the firmness level in a mattress?

It really depends on the type of mattress. A high density foam will provide a firm mattress, as will micro coils and latex. With an innerspring mattress and your memory foam option, manufacturers construct a variety of firmness so you can opt for your preference. The mattress best for you can be determined by looking at the firmness score that most retailers have on their websites.

Is there anything I can do to help prolong the life of my mattress?

If both sides of the mattress are the same then you can flip the mattress every 2-3 months.

If you’re into gel-infused foam mattresses and sleep on the “cool” side then rotate the mattress 180 degrees every 6 months.

Is the Mattress Easy to Clean?

Quite frankly, no. And they stain easily. It’s best to buy a mattress protector or a sex blanket to prevent fluid stains from intercourse, periods, etc.

How Long Can You Expect the Mattress to Last?

The average life span of a mattress is around 6-8 years. High density foam and latex mattresses last the longest! Some lasting up to 10 years. And the best thing? A mattress that is great for sex like the ones featured here can take a spanking, pounding.

How do I clean the cover?

Spot clean the mattress with a mild soap if it gets dirty. It’s best to buy a machine washable mattress cover or protector.

Quotes from experts

~ JoJo DeRodrigo
Metamorphic Embodiment
Read More
'Well, I suggest maybe looking for a firmer bed. Plenty of exploring and movement can happen with a firmer bed, such as long periods of time on your knees and lying on your back with your legs lifted. Firmer beds can help you stay sturdy in more rapid movements. For couples that are quiet or maybe a little older, you may want a softer bed.'
~ Megan Q
Sex Coach SF
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'If you prefer the missionary position, the partner laying down may want something that is softer and less bouncy. The woman-on-top position can be greatly helped by a very bouncy, springy mattress. For couples that are quiet or maybe a little older, you may want a softer bed.'
~ Bethany Ricciardi
Read More
How does one shop for an appropriate mattress for lovemaking? Well, you follow the same logic as when you shop for a bed for sleep. When we want to see how a mattress will perform while we are sleeping we lie down on it. We get on our sides, our backs or our stomachs. We have our partner get into the bed next to us and move around to see how the mattress reacts to more than one person being on it. However, the best mattress for sleep may not even be close to the best mattress for sex. This is where you must incorporate a whole, new set of tests for mattress buying. Firstly, you absolutely must shop for a mattress together with your significant other because you will, literally, have to “assume the position” that you would for lovemaking and see how the mattress performs. Yes, you may look slightly odd in the mattress store, but a mattress is a large purchase and it has to fit all your needs. So, get up on it with your partner and assume all the sexual positions that you like.'


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