liberator jaz review
Last Updated on April 30, 2023

Liberator Jaz Review for 2021
Jaz or Jaz Motion: What's the Difference?

You want the best sex pillow which can comfort your body at the most pleasant angle. With the right sex wedge, women enjoy more orgasms.

According to Planned Parenthood, 30% of women have struggled to orgasm at some point in their love lives. 80% find it tricky to cum during penetration. I was absolutely gutted to read that. It’s a huge reason, I’m an advocate for sex furniture.(1)

Women deserve regular climax!

Let me tell you about the Jaz Motion. A gorgeous piece of sex furniture to keep both partners sexually content in bed! It’s time to be getting better oral and penetrative sex. This product is an easy way to get enough of what you like!

What is the Liberator Jaz?

The Jaz is a petite high-density foam sex cushion designed to improve your intimate life.

There are two versions: the Jaz and the Jaz Motion. 

The first is triangular and flat on both sides. 

The Motion is curved on one side and flat on the other.

It’s worth checking out all the Liberator shapes in the gallery before you choose!

Why You Need a Jaz or Jaz Motion...

You need the Jaz or Jaz Motion wedge because they make positions with your partner hotter and better. 

The Jaz lifts your hips so g spot access is easier. 

If you’re being penetrated from behind in doggy or anal, it’s deeper.

The circular side of the Motion encourages a rocking movement when you’re screwing. Oh yes!

Liberator Jaz Review: The Benefits

  • Improves positioning during penetrative sex for extra pleasure.

  • Oral sex is prolonged because it’s more comfortable. The angle takes the strain off the giver’s neck.

  • Small, discreet pillow that doubles up as great back support if you’re sitting normally.

  • Extremely helpful in the sex lives of people who have disabilities.

  • Easy spot clean or machine washable microsuede cover.

  • The cover is moisture resistant so doesn’t absorb oil, lube, or cum.

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Liberator Jaz Comparison with Other Sex Toys

What I'm Not So Keen On...

There’s a scratchy tag on the side that irritates me.

It’s size is little. It’s great for getting a quickie in, but I really love larger items of sex furniture for whole-body support during longer sessions.

How To Use The Liberator Jaz?

Use the wedge under your hips for deeper penetration. Or under the underside of your knees to take the pressure off your back.

My particular favorite is straddling my boyfriend in reverse cowgirl with the wedge lifting his hips. 

This was a new way to make love for us and it’s so comfortable.

What To Be Careful Of While Thrusting On The Jaz?

It’s too easy to get comfortable in missionary. It really improves the angle of dick in vagina (and face in pussy)!

TIP? Make sure that during sex, you always change to at least one other position together in order to keep things spicy.

How Much Does The Jaz and Jaz Motion Cost?

The Jaz costs $75 and the Motion costs $85. 

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Where To Buy Jaz Sex Pillows?

Buy either wedge on the Liberator website. You’ll get to choose the color of the deliciously soft microsuede cover and also get to check out other reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Jaz Going To Improve My Relationship?

The foam cushion will improve your erotic adventures with your partner. This really enhances other areas of your relationship.

Is Liberator Jaz good for doggy style?

The Jaz pillow (as well as the liberator whirl pillow) is good for doggy style and many other positions. If you are looking for pillow for short guys (plus doggy style) click here.

Should You Buy The Liberator Jaz Pillow?

Buy this gorgeous little pillow if you want: