Sex Furniture for Pregnancy
Last Updated on August 2, 2023

Best Sex Furniture for Pregnancy

Pregnancy may be a beautiful miracle and a major life event. But it’s also likely to make you the horniest you’ve ever been. Excitability and physical sensitivity increase during pregnancy due to the increase in hormones.

Luckily, sex puts you in a better mood. With all of those hormonal fluctuations, sometimes all you’ll need is a good f*ck to reset your disposition and restore that dopamine. But don’t take our word for it–here’s what the docs have to say about sex and masturbation during pregnancy. (1)

Even the slightest caress and cute smile will have you running…or wobbling to the bedroom, ready to pounce.

Before your little one pops, you should be enjoying as much sex as you can. Unfortunately, having pregnant sex can get, well, a little awkward and uncomfortable. Positions don’t feel how they used to, and your body seems to have a mind of its own.

Sex furniture for pregnancy is meant to help you feel sexier than ever. Even with physical limitations, you deserve the pleasure you crave. Use this Pregnancy Sex Guide to determine if sex furniture is the key to cumming while expecting, or is it just another bulky ottoman that gets in the way?

Find out!


Best On Budget


Wedge Ramp Combo

Sturdy, portable, and designed for long-lasting lovemaking. Get your affordable sex wedge now!

Overall Score

Best Support

best choice

Liberator Plus-Sized Wedge

Get the lift, support, and flexibility you crave. Don’t make great sex wait. Order your plus-size wedge today!

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Most Comfortable

top pick

Liberator Zeppelin

Enjoy your favorite positions snuggled safely into this giant sex pillow. Buy now for the best possible support!

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What to Consider Before Buying

Well, start with how realistically freaky you and your partner are.

If you weren’t into BDSM before pregnancy, you’re not likely to give it a go once knocked up. So be realistic with what you like and choose the furniture that suits your style.

Next, lean toward comfort and functionality. You know your body better than anyone else. Which furniture pieces look safe for your flexibility and athleticism? Consider which aspect of your sex life you’re trying to make easiest.

Check out furniture shape can impact your sex! Take a look at best Liberator shapes!

Your sex furniture is meant to suit you and your body. So don’t look for something you have to accommodate to, it must accommodate you.

If nothing appeals to you and you have faith that a classic mattress is the way to go, take a look at what mattress features promote the best sex while pregnant with our Best Mattress for Sex Guide.

Best Pregnancy Bean Bag Zeppelin

Enjoy pregnancy sex positions with the help of this 6-foot cushiony pleasure pad.

Your belly will safely and securely melt into the center of the Zeppelin for some face-down ass-up fun.

It’s especially suitable for relaxing while you receive some much-needed oral sex.

Since this particular piece of sex furniture focuses on comfort, it’s perfect for lounging with your favorite sex toy or magic wand.

red fox liberator bean bag for pregnant sex

Enjoy hours of masturbation without worrying about getting up and being stiff or sore.

Pregnant women need a supportive soft touch, and the Zeppelin is a beautifully functional and gentle cushion for a pregnant person to enjoy getting down and dirty in the best positions.



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Best pregnancy sex wedge Wedge Ramp Combo

Let’s face it, a traditional missionary is a no-go when you’re pregnant. So it’s time to switch it up.

The Wedge Ramp Combo was created to set you up for success in dozens of your favorite sex positions.

With a pregnant belly, you have to find creative ways to get the access that you’re used to.

The angled ramp gives you a strong and sturdy surface to confidently explore what works for your new body.

The first and second trimester are particularly challenging when it comes to navigating ways to feel sexy.

woman using Wedge Ramp Combo

But this sex furniture for pregnant women does just the trick of making you feel safe and secure in your own skin.

Clitoral stimulation seems like a distant dream when the third trimester rolls around. Thanks to how the ramp is built, you can access deep penetration and clit stim, no matter how big or uncomfortable you get.

The wedge ramp can be dissembled so you can comfortably lie on your back with your legs raised in the air. And in a moment, be able to effortlessly flip over and be supported by the angled wedge.

The wedge ramp combo teaches you that a comfortable position can be just as kinky and satisfying as the ones that seemingly contort your arms and legs.

Discover various ways to use your sex ramp with our complete guide (check out: Liberator Ramp).



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Best pregnancy sex pillow Liberator Plus-Sized Wedge

Maximize your pleasure with minimal effort. The Liberator Plus-Sized Wedge is here to help carry an excess weight that slows you down in the bedroom.

Go faster and for longer, thanks to reliable support.

It is expected for the pounds to add up during pregnancy and other hormonal changes you may experience in your lifetime.

But that doesn’t mean your sexual satisfaction should be sacrificed.

Woman using Wedge Plus-Size

It’s time you commit to cumming, no matter your body size or shape.

The Liberator Wedge collection makes it easy to self-satisfy with sex toys and enjoy various sexual positions with a partner. It is especially ideal for fulfilling penetrative sex with plus-size bodies.

Read also: how to put a pillow under hips to get pregnant.



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Best for safe sex during pregnancy Esse Chaise

Contoured for total body pleasure, the Esse Sex Chair will have you feeling supported from head to toe.

The designer curves help with pregnancy sex positions by aligning with the body’s natural structure.

With the help of this tantric sofa, you’ll be able to maintain and wild and passionate sex life during the first and second trimesters.

With the help of the moveable headrest, you’ll also have extra support going into the third trimester.

woman and man using Esse Chaise

Anal sex, mutual masturbation, doggy style, and playtime with sex toys are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to assisting with pregnant sex. Two people can comfortably crawl, climb, and climax all over this Chaise.

A pregnant person may struggle to give themselves permission to have fun in the boudoir. This sex furniture is perfect for transforming pregnant sex from feeling like a chore into a playground.

You won’t be limited to a single-sex position, and you’ll feel the ease of bending, lifting, and arching thanks to the uniquely designed sex furniture for pregnant women.



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Best for Third-trimester Sex Prelude Bench King Black Label

Pregnancy hormones are at their peak, so third-trimester sex is very common.

Morning sickness has started to wear off, and your hips have widened, encouraging deeper penetration.

The Prelude Bench offers a solid surface that makes BDSM play safe and just kinky enough for your expecting partner.

The pregnant person can bend over for a spanking, anal sex, and other supportive positive that lets the partner’s penis enter easily.

Man and woman using Prelude Bench King Black Label for pregnant people

It may sound a bit robotic, but the key is to be safe and confident while keeping up with your kinky desires.

The bench is non-slip and safer than relying on the edge of the bed. Can be combined with other furniture for even more varied support.



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Best for pregnancy sex on a chair Enhancer Chair

The last thing you want to do in any sex position while pregnant is exhaust your knees, hips, or arms. The Enhancer Chair protects you from all of that.

This is one of those fabulous items you will use long after you’ve delivered. There should be a warning that this sex furniture could even get you pregnant again!

Ride your cowboy or sex toy with the sturdy comfort of this sex chair.

Freeing the pelvic pressure off of your partner, they can grab the sides of the chair and thrust as much as they’d like.

69 is another good one on this chair. Did you know swallowing lowers the risks of preeclampsia? (2)

So if you’ve worked up an appetite, feel free to toss back a little cum. Studies show it can protect a mama from high blood pressure and pregnancy-related kidney damage.

Woman on Enhancer Chair

Or be a spoiled love making pillow princess by placing the stool above their face as they lay and have the most relaxing and satisfying oral sex. The chair keeps everything out of the way, so there is immediate contact with your lady bits.

The Enhancer Chair is primed for deep penetration but what it really does is eliminate the stress that can come with the pregnant sexual experience. It’s intelligently designed to make the best sex positions easier than ever.

Bonus! Your sex chair is shower-friendly along with these other wet and wild goodies!

Check also: shower sex chair and furniture!



Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

So despite your fears, pregnant sex can actually be beneficial.


Pro tips for the best pregnancy sex possible!

What is the best sex position during pregnancy?

Okay, there are a few. Here are our top favs:

Where to buy the best sex furniture for pregnancy? and are the most trusted shops carrying top-rated sex furniture for pregnancy. Liberator offers the Mercedes of sex furniture, and Lovehoney makes a wide range of high-quality pieces at accessible rates.

Check out other Chart-Topping sex furniture from our favs: best Liberator furniture.

How to spice up sex during pregnancy?

Sex is one of the best ways to stay connected to your partner on an intimate level before you welcome a child. And it can be enjoyed in all phases of life and regardless of the changes your body goes through.

Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy can be a time for heightened sexual experiences. Beyond best chairs for pregnancy and new positions to try, here are a few other ways to spice up sex during pregnancy.

Emphasize Foreplay

Nothing helps your pregnant partner like a full body massage. Have your preggo partner lie back and relax as you give them a sensual rub down.

Romance is also an underrated form of foreplay. Sweeten up the pie before you eat it.

Try a New Sex Position

Pregnancy sex positions are altered variations of ones you already know. But maybe it’s time to crack open a tantra book and start from scratch! Everything knew doesn’t have to be pregnancy related.

There is a brief postpartum recovery period that takes intercourse off the table completely. You might as well enjoy as much penetrative pleasure as possible while you can.

Use Sex Toys

Dildos, vibrators, and plugs are the ultimate orgasm hack during pregnancy. With or without a partner, you can enjoy easy intercourse with your favorite toy without stressing about getting into any sex positions.

Be Patient

There is no use putting additional undue pressure on yourself or your body to be or do what you want it to in the bedroom. Instead, lighten up and look at it as an experiment. Trust your body to guide you and listen when it tells you what it does and doesn’t like.

You may not be able to do all that you once did, but there is a new world of ideas you have never explored. Many people don’t even buy their first piece of sex furniture until pregnancy calls for alterations. Pregnancy sex positions can be as great or better as the wild things you did years ago. Remember after hours sex with a colleague on a office chair. 

Additionally, don’t assume you can’t do something before you try it! Along with daily stretching, sex during pregnancy can lubricate your joints, keep you agile, and even induce labor when the time comes. This is no time to limit yourself unless a doctor advises against it.

With the help of premium sex furniture–a growing belly, hormonal changes, and all the wonders that come with the territory of pregnancy never have to hold you back.

Sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe and fun. As you and your partner explore new ways to enjoy yourself, a little help from sex furniture will go a long way.