Liberator Zeppelin Review: Everything you need to know!
Last Updated on December 2, 2022

Liberator Zeppelin Lounge Review
What You Need to Know Before You Buy!

Sex furniture improves your love-life. I speak from experience when I say this. But if you’re new to all the sexual equipment designed to bring you better orgasms, it can be a bit confusing.

The fact is when I’m sexually satisfied I’m happier. A Zeppelin pillow has the brilliant aspect of being good for screwing and masturbating. Hey, guess what? Although 83% of women masturbate, only 12% do every day.

I literally can’t believe this, I’m at it every day and my favorite place to do it is on my Zeppelin. It’s also lovely for a lazy f*ck!

You really want to know the best sexual positions on it, right? Patience, I’ll tell you that later!

Until then let me give you the overview on what makes the Liberator bean bag lounger such a treat…

What is the Liberator Zeppelin Pillow? Can it be used as a bed?

The Liberator Zeppelin is a top-class piece of furniture from Liberator that looks like a bean bag lounger. It’s filled with shredded high-density foam cubes. What’s great about the Liberator Zeppelin Lounger is that it looks gorgeous, is comfortable, and is much more durable than a regular beanbag chair. 

The Liberator Lounger can definitely be used as a bed. The foam is dense enough to provide excellent support to your head, neck and back. My cousin finds it a little too firm, but I can sleep on it (I can sleep anywhere, though)!

Lounger vs Cocoon

There are two types of Zeppelin pillow; the Lounger and Cocoon. The Lounger is 7.5ft whereas the Cocoon is 6ft. The Cocoon is circular in shape, whereas the Lounger is rectangular. I love having the two shapes. I keep the Lounger in the living room and the Cocoon in the bedroom because I find the cover and circular shape really sensual. All Liberator shapes pillows come with with different covers as well. 

There’s a special edition Cocoon pillow with a faux fur microfiber cover where I chose what color I wanted (bronze, silver, or bronze/silver). I chose the bronze one (called Red Fox).

The Lounger pillow has many more reviews on the Liberator website. I think the reason is because it’s cheaper and larger. I think the point of your purchase is what should influence your decision. Take a look at them both because although I like the size of the Lounger, I love how luxurious the Cocoon feels when I get sexy on top of it!

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Why would you want a Liberator Zeppelin Pillow?

This is a product designed by Liberator. You know what that means? It’s probably going to improve your erotic life in some way!

Low-key it’s also the best option if you can’t decide what kind of sex pillow is the best option for your needs, as it can be used in various different ways. 

It’s amazing for laying down positions like missionary and anal. My current lover and I like to play with each other using sex toys, the Lounger is ideal for this because it holds us in a really comfortable position. The shapes of us come together perfectly.

The Lounger is a wonderful accessory to my living room. It’s a fun piece of furniture that everyone gets drawn to and perfect for a TV binge on a Sunday! It doubles up as a guest bed if I have friends stay over. Its versatility is actually the most practical thing about it and why I love it.

Benefits of a Liberator Zeppelin Pillow

  • The Cocoon is the ideal lounger for enjoying masturbation. Get your dildo out!
  • You get a choice of colors so you can choose what suits your house the most.
  • Comfort. The foam center makes the Zeppelin so cozy my partner and I usually fall asleep on it.
  • Absolutely easy to clean which one of the biggest selling points for me! You can spot clean the microfiber cover easily or put it in the washing machine if you’ve got wet and sticky on it!
  • I’ve read that plus-size couples like the Lounger because there is a lot of space and easily held their weight.

What I don't like...

I didn’t particular enjoy the assembly, the foam expanded so quickly it was a job to get it into the cover fast enough. It’s worth reading reviews for tips around this (I found that out too late)!

Also, I spotted that another reviewer never received enough foam, which I think is pretty slack, but Liberator have brilliant customer service, always answer questions I have and fix issues quickly. They did send out additional foam for that customer which is reassuring when you buy an item with a rating this high.

I’m too lazy to take the cover off the Cocoon, it’s just too much hassle, so I keep my sex blanket draped over it just in case my sexual partner and I decide to have a wet and wild sesh! If I get down and dirty on the Lounger, it’s easier as the foam cubes aren’t so hard to squeeze back in.

How to Use a Liberator Zeppelin Bean Bag

If you’re a person with a girlfriend, this bean bag chair is going to make her want you to put a ring on it. Why? Oral pleasure. My current sexual partner sinks to his knees and is so comfortable down there that I actually thought I loved him after our last sesh. (Damn that love chemical, oxytocin!)

It’s great for all kinds of play: solo-sex, bonking with a partner, watching porn, reading erotica. Yeah, I love all of that, but also? It’s a dream to sleep on.

It’s great anywhere around the house so long as you have the room for it!

What to be careful of...

If you’re properly going at it on the Zeppelin, it can cause the foam to unevenly spread and deflate a bit which is something you don’t want when you’re close to orgasm. You might fancy additional pillows under the hips for better comfort during “laying-down doggy” style.

How much does a Liberator Zeppelin cost?

The cost of a Liberator Zeppelin depends on whether you buy a Lounger or Cocoon. The Lounger is $449 and the Cocoon is $490.

Where to buy a Liberator Zeppelin Pillow?

It’s best to buy a Liberator Zeppelin pillow from the Liberator site. They manufacture items to the highest standards and make sure they meet body-safe standards. There are imitation products elsewhere but they’re not of the same quality or craftsmanship. Also, Liberator are very often running site-wide discounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the product packaging discreet?

Yes, Liberator furniture is shipped in discreet packaging so your boxes won’t give your saucy secrets away to the postman!

Is the Liberator Zeppelin Pillow safe?

Yes, the Zeppelin pillow is totally safe. Liberator manufactures all of its products to the highest design and engineering standards.

Should you buy a Zeppelin?

Investing in my intimate life is really important to me, I know that the more often I cum, the more relaxed and content I feel in general. I’m convinced I get more things done outside of the bedroom when I have happier intimate times too.

There’s lots of advice on how to improve intimacy through things like setting aside erotic time, thinking about body language, and being open and discussing what you want with your partner (1). For me, the setting, and sex furniture is essential too. It makes the act of sex better and this in turn improves your mood.

My advice is to buy whatever makes you have sex regularly, so yes! Get a Zeppelin!