Lelo Ora 3 review
Last Updated on June 20, 2023

Lelo Ora 3 Review for 2024:
Is It Better Than Oral Sex?

In my quest to test every sex toy I can find (you have your dreams, I have mine), I came across an interesting little toy called the LELO Ora 3. This nifty new toy does what I thought was practically impossible.

It replicates almost the exact motions of a tongue to simulate oral sex. With claims that the LELO Ora 3 was surprisingly close to the real thing and gives you intense orgasm after orgasm, LELO set high expectations for this vibrator.

The creators of the LELO Ora 3 call it “the world’s most sophisticated oral stimulator.” When I read this, I just had to try it because I am nothing, if not sophisticated (don’t laugh).

After I grabbed my box of wine and the sparkliest halter top, I was ready to find out what the LELO Ora 3 was about.

Why You Need the LELO Ora 3

One of the main reasons you need the Ora 3 is because kidnapping people and keeping them as your sex slaves to perform oral sex on you is technically considered wrong.

To avoid trouble and possible jail time, buying sex toys is a much safer option.

The Lelo Ora 3 has a rotating nub to provide clit stimulation that feels like you are receiving oral.

It can give you the sensations you want without having another person involved. (Yes, we know it’s by choice.)

This clitoral vibrator has premotion technology, which gives you a smoother, firm rotation that mimics the human mouth.

With all of this new technology, soon, there will be no need to have a partner for any reason. If my vibrators could open jars and kill spiders, I would stop dating now.

The Ora 3 has a travel lock (an essential feature on any toy) to keep it from turning on accidentally.

This will limit the number of embarrassing moments you will have to endure.

This specially designed sex toy has twelve settings (Because we like variety), with vibration intensity that ranges from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse.

The LELO Ora 3 is completely waterproof, meaning you can pleasure yourself in the shower, bath, or even public fountain. (That last one is illegal, so don’t get caught). The sensations of the water on your clit and the stimulation from the vibrator will send you right over the edge.

This clit stimulator is pretty quiet, so you won’t call attention to “me time.” At its lowest setting, it can hardly be heard.

In the higher settings, it can be heard but easily covered up with music, the television, or the noise of little humans you have been collecting. (Is that just me?)

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Lelo Ora 3 Review of the Look and Feel

The Ora 3 is not like any other toy. It is shaped like a ring (for some of us, it is the only one we will be getting any time soon).

It is made with ABS plastic and soft silicone. Its available colors are aqua, midnight blue, and deep rose. (Get one in every color to match your lingerie.)

There is a small pleasure nub (don’t feel bad; my ex has one, too) at the bottom of the toy that moves in various directions to simulate oral sex.

The glossy finish gives the LELO Ora 3 a more classy (and sophisticated) look, making it harder for people to tell what it is. You could probably leave it lying around, and no one would pay much attention to it.

I don’t recommend this, however, on the off chance you are like me and have kids who must investigate everything they see. (BTW, my kids no longer ask questions because they know I will answer them honestly.)

How to use the LELO Ora 3

Before you have fun with your LELO Ora 3, you will need to charge it using the USB charging cable. It takes about two hours to charge the LELO Ora 3.

The USB rechargeable battery has a battery life of about an hour when completely charged. (Not the greatest I’ve seen, but it still lasts longer than half of the men I’ve dated)

Then wash and air dry it, so you are sure it is clean. (You don’t know who has been touching your sex toys before you get them.)

Hold the + and – buttons to turn the toy on for a few seconds.

The indicator light will turn on to let you know it’s on. (The sound and movement of the toy is a pretty good hint as well)

Make sure to use a good water-based lube. You can find lube and other LELO products on the LELO website. Silicone-based lube will make the toy tacky, which does not feel good on the body.

There are twelve vibration modes on this particular sex toy that you can access by pressing the button. The vibrations are more on the rumbly side (This one’s for you, Pooh bear), and the strength of the vibrations is pretty strong.

You can increase/decrease the intensity levels by pressing the +/- buttons. (+ To turn up and – to turn down.)

When you are finished playing with your vibrators, remember to always clean them and put them away to avoid the risk of getting an infection. Once it is clean and dry, you can return the Ora 3 to the storage pouch that came with it.

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What Comes in the Box?

The souls of all the poor helpless men with whom I have crossed paths (and other things) in my life.

Just kidding. In the package, which always comes in discreet packaging (so the neighbors won’t suspect what a freak you are), are the following items:


Even if you think that the Ora 3 is not for you, you may still like other Lelo toys. Check out our Lelo review for some inspiration!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

My Experience With The LELO Ora 3

The Ora 3 isn’t precisely like oral sex but imitates the human tongue quite well. I have had worse. FYI, braces and oral don’t mix. (Long and painful story)

The first time you use it, you will probably end up frustrated for one reason or another. Still, if you are determined, you will eventually get the hang of it. (I think I can! I think I can!)

The battery life gave me plenty of time to reach an orgasm without it dying on me right before I climaxed. (Like that guy I met last week) The highest setting gives intense vibrations against my clit that was enough to give me a better climax than most men I have gotten oral sex from. Do you have Ora 2? Read more about the differences between this and Ora 3.

Should You Buy The LELO Ora 3?

If you want my opinion and are still reading this (Hi!), I assume you do. The LELO Ora 3 is a remarkable addition to any collection

For couples looking for new toys to play with, you might want to skip this one or use it for foreplay only. It is best used for solo play.

The LELO Ora 3 is not a toy for quickies. If you are impatient or in a hurry to reach an orgasm, you will get frustrated

The settings take some time to get used to, but the vibrations’ power is intense. And the high-quality ABS plastic, as well as the silicone, won’t harm your body

However, if you want something unique, powerful, and sophisticated, the Ora 3 is worth testing

Personally, I only allow the most refined things anywhere near my clit. (Except for four or five of my exes, but I claim temporary insanity for those.)

Most importantly, if you don’t have space to hide your kidnapped victims, can’t afford bail money, or have nosey neighbours, then you should give the LELO Ora 3 a try.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


What Is The LELO Ora 3?

The LELO Ora 3 is a unique toy that simulates oral sex. That’s right. For women who love oral sex (if you don’t, someone isn’t doing it right), this is a toy you will adore.

This is no regular vibrator or one of those suction toys. The Ora 3 is a great foreplay tool that gives just the right amount of pressure to have a more tongue-like feeling for an intense orgasm.

Technology is a fantastic thing. Thanks to some new technology and the lonely geniuses who turned that technology into something magical, the Ora 3 was born.

How Much Does The LELO Ora 3 Cost?

The LELO Ora 3 will cost you your firstborn child. (It’s okay. That’s usually the practice one, anyway.) While it’s not the most expensive of all my sex toys, the LELO Ora 3 is in the higher price range (read more about the best sex toys to buy). 

That is because LELO prides themselves on making quality products that use body-safe materials like ABS plastic and body-safe silicone. Cheaper products may contain materials that could be harmful (your clit could fall off) to you.

I don’t know about you, but I will pay a little extra to ensure my playthings are safe.

Does The LELO Ora 3 Have A Warranty?

Yes, the Ora 3 has a one-year warranty like all LELO’s products.

The one-year manufacturing warranty will cover your Ora 3 for up to one year after purchase. If a problem does occur within this time, you can file a claim to receive a free replacement. (Keep your receipt)

The ten-year quality warranty will cover your product for ten years. If you break the item for any reason during this time, LELO provides a 50% discount for replacement.