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The Best Sex Machine review explained
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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Sex Machines in 2020

Dreaming of toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasms? Say hello to your new best friend: the fucking machine. Designed to emulate intercourse, these are the ultimate sex toys.

Penetration, ass pounding, masturbation, couple play, tons of sexual positions – seriously, there’s almost nothing a fuck machine can’t do, and they can go on forever.

Intrigued by the idea of sex machines but don’t know where to start?

In this comprehensive guide, we cover everything you need to know about these revolutionary devices. We also review some of the best fucking machines for every need, budget, and fantasy.

Let’s begin!

Our Top Picks

Best Sex Machine

Robo Fuk Adjustable Unisex Thrusting Sex Machine


Most Portable

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Ride-on Cushion with Realistic Vibrating Dildo


Best for Grinding

The Cowgirl Premium


Things to Consider When Choosing a Sex Machine

  • Size​
  • Material
  • Features
  • Price
  • Attachments

Consider how much extra space you have for your new sex machine.

Some are compact and can fit under your bed. Others are heavier and larger.

Factor in the models’ dimensions to make sure it fits into the spot you want it in.

Fucking machines get drenched with bodily fluids on a regular basis. Therefore, stay away from porous materials that are magnets for germs and bacteria.

Go for non-porous materials like medical-grade silicone for attachments that will be penetrating you.

For the machine body and frame, look for products made of solid steel. It needs to be able to handle your weight and intense motions without being damaged.

Sex machines come in every flavor, and you want one that perfectly suits your taste.

Would you like a heating feature? How about a hands-free setting, multiple vibration levels, or a universal adapter?

We go deeper into available features for each fucking machine, so keep reading to find out which ones are your top must-haves.

Fucking machines can be quite expensive, though there are some cheaper models. However, we recommend splurging on your sex machine.

In general, the more expensive the machine, the safer, more versatile, and durable it is. They also last longer thanks to high-quality materials and construction.

There’s a wealth of attachments you can use to customize your fucking machine. Some of these are dildos, pussy-shaped attachments, and masturbators.

Double dildos are great if you like it in both holes. There are also saw & drill attachments that will ultra-thrust and spin you all the way to mindless pleasure.

Before buying a fucking machine sex toy, check if it’s compatible with your model. Your goal is to have an attachment that fits on your machine using an adapter or direct fit.

Best Sex Machine

Robo Fuck Adjustable Unisex Thrusting Sex Machine

The Robo Fuck Adjustable Unisex Thrusting Sex Machine is our top contender for the best sex machine. It’s a plug-in powered thrusting beast that’s compact yet insanely powerful.

This model is suitable for women, men, and couples since it comes with a pussy attachment and dildo. The quiet slide technology means your moans will always be louder than the machine.

Finally, you can use it hands-free using the mounting bracket for minimal effort.

Perfect for solo fantasy play or with a partner!

Pros & Cons

This sex machine is excellent for both beginners and veterans. Compact but extremely powerful, no wonder it tops the list of the best fucking machines. Order yours today.

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Monster Cock - Ken's Twisted Mind

The hardened steel shaft and Precision Linear Bearing of this crazy sex machine makes it one of the sturdiest on our list.

The shaft can handle the weight of bigger dildos. Great for those who like length and girth in their dildos, and those who want to challenge themselves with larger toys.

The stand design is unique and allows you to use it for missionary, anal, or any angle. Can be mounted on the sofa, your bed, the floor, a table— wherever turns you on.

Speed variations of 0 to 240 strokes a minute gives you fantastic control on how slow or rough you want it.

Pros & Cons

Monster Cock - Ken's Twisted Mind Black Sex Machine

If you love experimenting with angles and sexual positions, this one’s for you. Take a closer look at this sex machine today.

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Portable Sex Machine

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Ride on Cushion with Realistic Vibrating Dildo

Nicknamed the “luv log,” this one’s ideal for men and women who love to be on top.

The plush surface is warm to the touch. There are three handles you can grip as you glide and bounce on the dildo attached to the cushion.

The log design enables you to explore countless positions for maximum sensation.

Ideal for penetration and anal play, you can use most lubricants since the dildo is made of PVC. The vibration setting hits all the right nerve endings for euphoric orgasms.

We love how easy it is to store this model. Just deflate before putting away.

Extremely portable so you can have fun anywhere you go!

Pros & Cons

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Ride on Cushion with Realistic Vibrating Dildo Black Front view

Portable and comfy, this sex machine is ideal for those who value discretion. Imagine all the places you can take it to, so get your own model today.

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Thrusting Sex Machine

Fetish Fantasy Series the Bigger Bang Thrusting & Rotating Sex Machine

This state-of-the art plug-in fucking machine doesn’t just thrust in and out.

It has an exclusive Orb-gasm technology that also rotates the piston that will overload you with amazing sensations. You can use the thrust and rotate function at the same time or independently.

You can use a remote or the circular pad on the unit to control hundreds of pleasure combinations.

It’s also super compact so you don’t have to worry about storage.

Pros & Cons

Fetish Fantasy Series the Bigger Bang Thrusting & Rotating Sex Machine Black

This sex machine blends technology with pure orgasmic fun. Ready to climax out of your mind? This is one of the top fucking machine purchases you can make!

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine

Another monster thruster, the Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine will push you over the edge with out-of-this world pounding and penetration.

The multi-speed dial lets you adjust thrust length and speed from slow to ravishing. This model comes with a thick dildo you can use with water-based and silicone lubricants.

The durable steel frame can handle vigorous, non-stop screwing for years.

The Dicktator can also be mounted on the Obedience Sex Bench for sex machine bondage and BDSM action.

Pros & Cons

Black Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine with Dildo

Great for kink play and regular fucking, this is one sex machine you shouldn’t miss. Order one for yourself today!

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Dildo Sex Machine

Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair

Many entries on our list bank on their powerful torque.

The Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair takes a different direction by imitating a natural lovemaking rhythm. It’s a mechanical fuck machine rather than motorized, and is powered purely by the user’s movements.

The cushioned seat is very comfortable. You won’t get tired easily or get cramps even after extended grinding and riding.

One thing we like about dildo machines is that you can attach almost any dildo to it. This is great if you have a favorite toy you want to try riding instead of using your hands.

It comes with a 7-inch dildo you can slick up with water-based lube for smooth penetration. Use for unlimited anal play, penetration, and masturbation without having to plug it in!

Pros & Cons

Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair black Monkey Rocker

Challenge how far you can go with this unique sexual machine when you get yours today.

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Double Sex Machine

FULLfilled Double Penetration Fucking Machine

Satisfy your double penetration fetish with the FULLfilled Double Penetration Fucking Machine from Ken’s Twisted Mind!

It features two power units with separate controls. You can control the penetration speed and length independently on each unit. The height is adjustable for even more flexibility.

You can also adjust the angle to achieve your desired penetration angle. It’s a handy feature If you want to get penetrated by multiple cocks in the same hole.

In the mood for single-hole pleasure? Each unit works as a standalone sex machine. This set-up allows you to explore vertical sex positions.

Pros & Cons

FULLfilled black side view

Experience the kinky thrill of double penetration when you buy one for yourself!

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Anal Fucking Machine

Lovebotz Maestro Multi-Faceted Sex Machine

Create your own BDSM dungeon and anal sex paradise with the Lovebotz Maestro Multi-Faceted Sex Machine!

The Maestro is an anal powerhouse. The silicone-tapered attachment allows thorough anal exploration.

It also comes with a vibrating silicone dildo to stimulate powerful waves of vibration.

Start sensual at 90RMP and build up to ramming speed at 300RPM. You can adjust the frame to achieve your preferred depth, stroke speed, angle, and height.

Since the Maestro is compatible with most screw-in accessories, you can up the pleasure with various sex toys.

Pros & Cons

Lovebotz Maestro Multi-Faceted Sex Machine silver side view

This is one of the best anal machines available, so buy one now and experience it for yourself!

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Saddle Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium is one of the best fuck machines available today, period. It’s one of the most advanced sex machines we’ve ever seen.

For one, the saddle is handcrafted. The Cowgirl is engineered to deliver a world-shattering 1200 RPM of vibration. The 360-degree swivel rotation allows you to explore a ton of sex positions.

For internal G-spot bliss, the Cowgirl comes with a 4-inch probe accessory. There’s also another attachment with a small bump for the ultimate clit climax.

The Cowgirl’s sophisticated technology allows futuristic, real-time interaction. You and your partner can control each other’s device remotely.

Pros & Cons

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine woman riding Monkey Rocker

Transform self-pleasure into a wild ride! This fucking machine is a fantastic treat, so order one now.

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Main Types of Sex Machines

Sex machines have been around for many years, so you’ll find a wide range of models in the market.

However, most sex machines today fall under one of these types:


These sex machines mimic penetrative sex using forward and backward motions. They come in various variations and sizes.

Some are compact and handheld, while others are bigger and non-portable.

Handheld thrusting machines are easier to clean.

However, larger models are naturally much more powerful. There are also stand-up thrusters that you can set on the table or floor for upright sex positions.

Thrusting sex machines typically have a rod at the end that can accommodate different sex toys. Because of this, you can experiment with all sorts of penetration and anal play.

Saddle-Style Sex Machines

Built for mounting, have a saddle with an attachment on top, usually a dildo. They produce powerful orgasms by stimulating the G-spot and clitoris along with deep penetration.

If discretion is important to you, you’ll love how quiet saddle-style fucking machines can be.

Anal Fucking Machines

These are sex machines specially designed for optimum anal masturbation.

Some can be used for double-penetration, but many machine dildos are anal only.

You can buy both saddle and thrusting version of anal machines.

Hybrid Sex Machines

Some fucking machines don’t just thrust or vibrate— they can do both. The hybrid function allows you to customize your way to climax.

The type of fucking machine you buy depends a lot on what turns you on.

Take time to evaluate your sexual wants and needs, to make sure your fucking machine satisfies all of them.

Male Sex Machines

Unlike female fucking machines, male sex machines typically have pussy attachments to simulate sex with a vagina. Anally-inclined gentlemen should also consider getting a dick machine.

One of the main types of male sex machines are strokers. These handheld fucking machines are designed to mimic anuses, mouths, or vaginas.

You can also attach male masturbators at the end of a compatible sex machine. The fucking machine will pull, push, and vibrate the pussy attachment around the penis for realistic pleasure.

We’ve dedicated an entire article to male sex machines, so check it out to learn more.

Female Sex Machines

Many female sex machines are basically a machine that fucks you. Some of them come with automated dildos with thrusting motions that mimic the real thing.

Some female sex machines, such as saddle types, stimulate the G-spot and clit for incredible orgasms. 

Machines you can mount allow you to grind, hump, and choose the perfect angle to stimulate as much of the genital area as possible.

In another article, we dive deeper into the world of sex machines. It’s a must-read if you’re interested in buying one!

Benefits of Sex Machines

The ultimate sex machines go beyond powerful orgasms.

Below are some benefits of owning one:

Know Yourself Sexually

Fucking machines let you explore your sexual side in complete privacy. You can focus on yourself without having to put your partner first.

The versatile settings and options let you discover which type of stimulation turns you on the most.

It’s an effective way to build sexual confidence.

Total Control

How many times have you ended up unsatisfied after sex? Not all people are experienced enough to give you an incredible orgasm, no matter how many times you tell them what you like.

With a fucking machine, you can calibrate the stimulation to the perfect intensity.

Control the speed, thrusting type, pressure, points of penetration— everything is in your hands.


Sometimes you just want to climax without dealing with another person.

Fucking machines lets you orgasm any time you want, as many times as you’d like.

Deeper Relationship Satisfaction

A lot of couples buy fucking machines to boost their sex life. Beyond the hotter sex, sharing a fucking a machine also strengthens the connection.

You learn what type of pleasure each one prefers. It’s also a good way to develop trust, especially when the other partner operates the machine for the user.

Having a long-distance relationship?

Reignite the passion by using your fucking machine for an arousing live cam session with your partner.

Reduces Risk

There’s no way to get pregnant or contract STDs when using sex appliances.

You can have peace of mind knowing that every orgasm is safe and without consequences.

Practice for Real-Life Sexual Encounters

If you don’t have a lot of sexual experience, fucking machines can help you practice before you try doing it with another person.

Sex machines are much more realistic than dildos due to the motions and hands-free operation. It really makes you feel like you’re having sex with a real partner.

It’s a great way to gain experience and know your body to help you prepare for the real thing.

Tips on Optimizing Your Sex Machine Experience

While most sex machines are plug and play, there are a few tips you can follow to create the most pleasurable experience:

Use a lot of lube.

Keeping everything slippery makes it easier to insert toys inside you. It also prevents chafing and discomfort in your sensitive genital area.

Lube up for intense experience of riding, fucking, and grinding on your fucking machine.

Buy different attachments.

Many sex machines are compatible with different attachments. Swapping out your sex toys keeps things thrilling.

We recommend collecting dildos of different sizes and pussy attachments for males.

Anal fans should spring for compatible butt plugs. There are also insertable attachments especially designed for anal action.

Get to know your sex machine.

Unlike simple sex toys like vibrators, automatic sex machines have tons of erotic features and combinations. Make the most of your investment by getting familiar with it.

Test out thrusting length and speed, try hands-free or play with the remote. Try it out on different surfaces and places.

Check out how deep you like the dildo attachment. What surfaces are best for the suction cup?

The more you know your machine, the more orgasmic possibilities you’ll discover.

Steampunk girl in white shirt on the box

Pick the right spot to use it.

If you bought the bigger fucking machines, make sure to use it in a stable spot.

The last thing you want is knocking it over or getting unplugged just when the action is heating up.

Place your fucking machine on a non-slip mat.

Some fucking machines can get noise specially when placed against hardwood floors.

Using rubber mats or placing it on carpet keeps everything quiet and discreet.

Always sanitize your sex machine.

You’ll be dripping and cumming a lot on your fucking machine, so be meticulous about cleaning it. This will prevent bacteria build up and foul odors.

Contact the manufacturer to find out which cleaning agent you should use for your machine.

Sex Machine FAQS

What is a sex machine?

A fuck machine is a motorized sex toy that can thrust, vibrate, and stroke different body parts to bring the user to orgasm.

While there are a lot of different models out there, most fall into three main types. More on this in the article.

They work for both men and women since you can switch out the attachment with different sex toys.

Is it hard to use a sex machine?

Not at all! Unlike vibrators and pocket pussies, sex machines do all the hard work for you.

You can operate one with a remote control or totally hands free.

Some even have warming features that make it feel like you’re fucking a real person instead of a machine.

Why are fucking machines so expensive?

The materials, engineering, motor, and mechanical parts make adult sex machines more expensive to produce than other sex toys.

The more advanced models also have a lot of nifty features that increase the price. However, we do recommend going for higher-end models because they’re more versatile and durable.

Where can I buy a fucking machine?

Some of our favorite sex machine companies are Lovehoney, Jack and Jill, and Ken’s Twisted Mind.

Each sex machine shop is known for top-quality products and sell some of the most innovative sex machines and power sex toys today.

You’ll find our reviews of their products in this article.


No longer exclusive to porn stars or cam girls, sex with a machine is now becoming mainstream. We love how sex machines lets you explore countless ways to orgasm.

Imagine owning a powerful machine built solely for your pleasure!

Whether you’re new to fuck machines or an experienced user looking for novelty, there’s something for you in the models we reviewed.

Want more ways to let your imagination run wild?

Read up on our sex chair reviews, sex stool reviews, fucking machine reviews, and other awesome ways to boost your sex life!

Sasha Linch

Sasha Linch

Sasha Linch is the co-founder, head writer and willing guinea pig over at furnpeak.com. She has five years’ experience working in PR and marketing. Sasha is passionate about good sex and wants to help everybody unleash their potential in the bedroom. You can find more about her here.