Romantic Bedroom Ideas
Last Updated on August 15, 2023

Create a Sensual Haven with 10+ Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Have you ever heard of a “love hotel”? 

With origins that can be traced all the way back to the 17th century (1), love hotels started out as establishments in Japan that allowed couples to have sexy times in a private, intimate setting.

Today, they are a hit among locals and tourists alike. The fancier ones are decked out with rotating beds, ceiling mirrors, and even karaoke machines. 

I don’t know about you, but a Japanese vacation with my partner sounds like just what the doctor ordered!

But, let’s be honest, do we really need to pack up our bags and dig deep into our pockets just to give ourselves a sexy room

With a bit of creativity, you can totally transform your own bedroom into a sanctuary that ignites passion and intimacy. Read on for the best romantic bedroom ideas that will give you your very own “love hotel”!

Best Furniture and Accessories for Sexy Bedroom

When it comes to designing a romantic bedroom, the right furniture and accessories are absolutely key. They can be the difference between a session of boring love-making and a steamy night to remember. 

Let your inner interior designer shine as you use these products to elevate your bedroom to new levels of intimacy and allure. 

Esse Lounger

If only I’d known earlier that there is literal furniture that can support sex positions from my wildest fantasies, I’d have dug into my pockets sooner!

The Esse Lounger is the real deal, offering all the comfort and leverage you need for deeper thrusts and supercharged pleasure.

Read our full Liberator Esse review!

Woman on the Esse Lounger



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Adjustable Bed Base

Sleep and screw however you want with this remote-controlled, motorized adjustable base.

With comfort literally at your fingertips, you and your partner can enjoy a bed that is perfect for all kinds of memorable activities (*wink wink*).

Layla Adjustable Base with a couple on it



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Zeppelin Cocoon

Whether you’re having a lazy Sunday afternoon or a sultry night in, this 6-foot love pad will be the hottest spot in your house.

Read our Liberator Zeppelin review!

Girl masked like Catwoman on Zeppelin Cocoon Faux



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Jaz Pillow

I’m a sucker for pillows, especially when they let me enjoy deeper penetration with my darling lover.

Well, the Jaz Pillow lets you do just that.

And if knee or back problems have ever stopped you from enthusiastically going to pound town, this will be a godsend for you.

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Liberator Jaz cyan



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Liquid Velvet Sheet

Wrap yourself in the decadent softness of a liquid velvet sheet.

Its luxurious design adds a sensual touch to your bed, enticing you and your partner to indulge in fiery moments of passion.

Liquid velvet sheet



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Waterproof Squirt Blanket

This squirt blanket protects your bedding from any spills or stains, allowing you to focus on gushing and peaking with zero concerns!

Yoni Waterproof Squirt Blanket



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How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Romantic?

I remember all too well the look on one of my ex’s face when I brought her to my place for the first time.

What I hoped would be a night of lust and love really just turned out to be bland sex. Yeah, she wasn’t into it at all!

Needless to say, there was no Round 2.

So yes, even if your partner doesn’t have particularly luxurious tastes, having a bedroom that feels like it was destined to witness the sex of your dreams can do wonders for the mood.

Honestly, nothing screams apartment therapy quite like giving your master bedroom a sexy makeover! Use the following ideas to transform your sleep space into a romantic haven.

Make it open air

If done right, sex should leave you breathless. But you do need a bedroom that lets you breathe easy for that to happen! Allow fresh air to circulate in your room by opening windows or using a fan.

Set the mood with special lighting


With the right lighting, your bedroom can instantly transform into a sensual chamber that promises a night of delight.

Opt for soft, warm lighting options such as bedside lamps with soft bulbs or string lights. Investing in layered lighting for your main bedroom can also get you in the right mood.

Or, if you’d rather go for a classic, consider placing candle sconces in your bedroom.

The flickering glow and mesmerizing aroma of candles can immediately set the scene.

Put the focus on the bed

Your bed is literally supporting the weight of your sexual escapades. The least you can do is give it some special attention! 

Investing in a comfortable mattress provides proper support for your saucy adventures. Try to go for luxurious, high-quality linen bedding that feels soft and inviting.

And of course, you absolutely must consider a headboard. Be it the padded wooden kind or the wrought iron variant, a sexy headboard can take your porking to the next level.

Try velvet throw pillows

I don’t know about you, but I love me a velvet throw pillow. It’s not only great for lending an ounce of beauty to your bed, but it’s also super helpful for various sex positions.

I once had a sex marathon with my partner on the floor, and our collection of pillows came in handy for keeping things comfy.

If you do go for velvet pillows, opt for rich, deep colors like burgundy or navy blue. Unless, of course, you already have a favorite color in mind.

Play with texture

You can’t think about decorating your bedroom in a sexy way without thinking about textures.

For your bed, you can’t go wrong with sateen or silk bed sheets or faux fur throws. For the floor, a plush rug definitely goes a long way. And your wall will groan out a “thank you” if you can give it some textured wallpaper.

Make use of mirrors

I’ll just say it: mirror gazing during sex is so hot! There’s just something about this self-voyeurism that gets me off like nothing else.

Try placing a mirror or two strategically near your bed to take a good look at your wild side. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it!

Exude romance with a color scheme

Choose a color scheme for your bedroom that evokes romance and passion. And please, for the love of God, don’t go for just one color no matter how much you like it!

Try going for various soft tones like blush pink, lavender, or warm neutrals to produce an intimate ambiance.

Invest in some artwork for your master bedroom as well to further add to the visual experience.

Have you run out of sexy bedroom color ideas? We’ve got you covered!

Sexy woman in a romantic bedroom

Add a sitting area

Create a cozy sitting area in a corner of your bedroom where you and your partner can not just relax, but have insanely hot sex.

A great option here is the Liberator Equus, a curvaceous foam platform that allows you to have breathtaking sex in all kinds of positions. And if you want to catch a break after all that cardio, feel free to lounge on it too!

Highlight repeating motifs

This is where we talk about patterns. Nothing gives your room an identity quite like the right series of motifs and patterns.

It could be floral themes, heart-shaped accents, or even a specific color pattern. Whatever it is, it makes sure that your lover won’t be forgetting about your room in a hurry!

Choose a theme

Again, if your room happens to have a theme, it’s sure to stand out!

Maybe you want a cozy cabin retreat vibe, with a fireplace in the corner and dark wood furniture adorning your surroundings.

Or maybe you’re going for a “lovers’ den” setting, with roses scattered on the bed and 80s jazz blues playing in the background.

Or perhaps you want to showcase your creative side, with fascinating art hanging on the walls, quirky indoor plants in the corner, and a bright neon sign above the headboard that says “You’re in for a good time”. The possibilities are truly endless!

Hang sheer curtains

A woman behind a curtain

The simplest way to make sure your room is dark, but not too dark?

Sheer curtains, my friend.

They diffuse natural light, create a dreamy ambiance, and provide a sense of privacy without completely blocking the outside world.

Go for a minimalist look

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere. Just like with sex, you don’t want to overthink it!

Embrace a minimalist approach by ensuring all spaces in your bedroom are clutter-free. Take some time out to clean up and organize things so that you have a serene atmosphere to yourself.

Keep it quiet

Not the sex of course, make it as loud and passionate as you want!

But in order to get to that point, you need to ensure that you and your partner have a quiet space to yourself.

Use soundproofing techniques, such as heavy curtains, carpets, or even a white noise machine, to minimize unwanted sounds and create a serene environment.

Do not put a computer and other distractions

Okay, this one should be a no-brainer. Why on earth would you have any distractions in your bedroom when you’re going to use it for goosebumps-inducing sex?!

So yes, avoid placing a computer, television, or other electronic devices in your bedroom. Try to create a space that lets you give your lover your undivided attention, which is exactly how it should be.


The bottom line is that you don’t need to be a professional interior designer to transform your bedroom into a sensual space that sparks desire. All you need is some creativity and a passionate fire in your heart to spice up your sex life.

The ideas listed here are a great way to get started on your romantic bedroom journey. And if you want to take it up a notch – and I mean, really take it up a notch – you can learn how to make your room tantra-friendly.

Tantric sex is how you unlock that next layer of pleasure for yourself and your partner. This is a practice that intensifies orgasms by slowing you down and letting the ecstasy of toe-curling sex last longer.

Not quite ready for Tantra room design? Take a look at some spanking good BDSM room ideas to stimulate your imagination.

Top Product Recommendation: For the ultimate in comfort and sensuality, we recommend the Esse Lounger by Liberator. With its ergonomic design that supports all kinds of mind-blowing sex positions, you’ll be sorely missing out if you don’t get this lounger for your bedroom!

And when you’re done creating your perfect bedroom, take a look at our sex room toys ideas!


What does a romantic bedroom look like?

A romantic bedroom exudes intimacy and sensuality. It typically features soft lighting, luxurious bedding, romantic colors, and elements that promote relaxation and connection.

How can I make my bedroom romantic?

Focus on creating the right ambiance. Use soft lighting, incorporate sensual textures, choose a romantic color scheme, and pay attention to details that reflect your personal style.

You can also hire a sex room designer to help you out with creating the sex room of your dreams.

How can I make my room romantic for cheap?

Creativity is key here. Use candles and fairy lights to lend an alluring glow to the room, sheer curtains to diffuse light from the outside, and throw pillows or cushions for added romantic vibes.

What are the seductive colors for bedrooms?

Seductive colors for bedrooms include deep reds, passionate purples, warm neutrals, and sensual shades of pink. Go for color shades that evoke a sense of romance and intimacy.

What lights are romantic in the bedroom?

Soft, warm lighting is ideal for creating a romantic bedroom. Consider using dimmer switches, bedside lamps with soft bulbs, or string lights to achieve that sensual, alluring glow.

How to make a bedroom romantic for Valentine's Day?

Use romantic decorations like heart-shaped pillows, rose petals, scented candles, and incorporate colors associated with love, such as red or pink.

How to transform your bedroom into a romantic getaway for him?

Personalize the space with elements he finds appealing, such as his favorite scents, accents, and lighting styles. Creative tip: hang up some wall art that incorporates one or more of his interests!

How to decorate a romantic bedroom in a cabin?

Embrace the rustic charm of the surroundings. Use natural materials, warm colors, and cozy textures. Let a bit of natural light flow through to give the bedroom a soft hue.

How to make a bedroom romantic for Valentine's Day on a cruise?

To make a bedroom romantic for Valentine’s Day on a cruise, bring along special decorations such as fairy lights, candles, and romantic bedding. Personalize the space with meaningful designs, art, and other touches that you know your partner will appreciate.

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