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Last Updated on November 20, 2022

Beds and Pillows in Tantra for 2024

There are simple ways to improve love-making. If you apply some basic Tantric principles you’ll turn snoring into sensual shuddering.

With a few tweaks, you can transform your bedroom into a sexy boudoir!

But first? A note: Tantra uses Eastern approaches to create and enhance connection, as well as sensual experiences.

Hear that? The emphasis isn’t orgasm. The important things are connection and pleasure.

So how can you achieve that?

By making…

A Tantric Bedroom

I keep reading that people with the best sex lives are adventurous. They try new things. Yes, that can be in the shower, the kitchen, the garden shed,  but how about… wait for it… the bedroom?

Exactly, you can spice up your sex-life by keeping it in the bedroom!

And it’s easy to make a few small adjustments to “go Tantric”. And no, you don’t have to buy a fancy tantra chaise !

So let’s look to the East, where throughout the centuries people have practiced and recorded lots of wonderful bedroom activities for us to try.

I wonder if you’ll find it as funny as I did when I found out the shape of the pillows that were used in ancient China…!

Interesting fact: In Taoist teachings, couples were encouraged to change the alignment of their beds according to seasons!

tantric bed2

In The Bedroom, Seduce All The Senses

In Eastern China, bedrooms had fruit and flowers positioned about the place. The Kama Sutra advises flowers, too, as well as music, perfume, and games. The trick is to stimulate all the senses.

Why not introduce aphrodisiac foods, like raw honey and cacao, bananas… oysters (they’re the best because they’re ram-packed with essential amino acids that support your libido)? If you’re bringing food, be sure to get one of the best sexy bed sheets to catch the mess!

Your nose knows what’s sexy…

You know you can be turned on by pheromones, but did you know “women with a greater sensitivity to odours had more orgasms during sex”? (1) So, why not try and stimulate the nose? Throughout history, the scent of basil is said to be an aphrodisiac. Essential oils, like lavender and sandalwood, are also reported to be arousing. No harm in trying, right?

Food for thought: Tantra isn’t just about sex. For serious practitioners it’s a way of life that is all about connection. Yoga Tantra can improve mental and physical health through things like breathwork, meditation, and yogic poses.

A Tantric Bed

There are a few things to keep in mind. In the East, beds were often large, low and soft. Mattresses would be stuffed with herbs and flowers. For the best bed mattress, have a look at Furnpeak’s guide.

Easten beds in China traditionally had columns situated around them. By adding drapes, silks, and curtains, beds were turned into a type of room.

How to replicate?

Get that four-poster bed-frame you always dreamed of! Check out Furnpeak’s best bed frames for the sexually active couple.

You can try wall hangings, pillow, and additional blankets. There’s something luxurious and exotic about the added material, and it creates comfort and warmth. Perfect for intimacy (check out best vibrator pillow too).

All those ingredients are sure to put you in the mood for teasing, titillation and sweet sensations.

Interesting fact: Texts from ancient India describe a bed that moved up and down, like a wave, or snake. This was created by air pressure. (Can’t help thinking of waterbeds!)

Tantric Pillows

In ancient China, sex pillows were incredibly important. The room would have a selection of sizes.


Because couples knew how to make love. Pillows ensured that pleasurable positions were easy to hold. They ensured deeper penetration. They encouraged satisfaction and adventure.

Thankfully in modern times, you have the best sex pillows available from all over the world with a few clicks online.

Oh yes! I almost forgot, in ancient China, during love-making, women used to place a horn-shaped pillow under their hips to allow for deeper penetration.

Horn-shaped for horny times. This fact amused me a lot!

So now you know how to create your own Tantric bedroom! Easy, right? Surely it’s time to join the likes of Scarlett Johansson by giving Tantric shenanigans a go!

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