Lelo Noa Review - A Sex Toy That Improves Your Relationship

It has been reported that 41% of Americans use sex toys for sex and masturbation, whereas 28% only use sex toys during sex (1). Even though this number has been increasing lately, it remains surprisingly low. Additionally, it has been shown that partners who believe that good sex takes work are more likely to have a better sex life (2).

Lelo Noa isn’t a sexual therapist – nor will it save a relationship that’s headed for disaster, like if your husband has started enjoying Fast & Furious movies unironically. But Lelo Noa has indeed been designed to bring couples closer together during their most intimate moments.

You could say that Lelo Noa is like a sexy teammate – and to help you discover the wonders of this toy, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to provide you with a detailed Lelo Noa review.

Why Do You Need a Lelo Noa?

My partner has his fair share of experience using various toys by Lelo, and he loved Lelo Noa.

Sure, we’re both already fans of using a couples’ vibrator during sex, but Lelo Noa is quickly becoming one of our most-used toys.

You will need a Lelo Noa vibrator if you enjoy incorporating sex toys into the bedroom with your partner.

Or, you are a fan of sex toys that stimulate your clitoris with different vibration modes without feeling like you’ve placed a washing machine on top of your vagina.

Lelo Noa Black

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Lelo Noa Benefits

Lelo Noa Cerise

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What I Don’t Like about This Product

What Is in the Box?

The box that your brand-new Lelo Noa arrives in should contain the vibrator (If it’s missing, it’s possible that your horny delivery guy took it, and we advise you to contact the postal services), a USB-charging cable, a storage pouch for the toy, and some water-based lube by Lelo.

Lelo Noa - what's in the box

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

How to Use Lelo Noa?

To use Lelo Noa, make sure that it’s charged. Start with gentle foreplay with your partner, using lube as needed.

When you’re ready, insert the toy into the vagina, and proceed with penetrative sex.

You can switch the settings on the toy and explore optimal positions to use it.

How to Charge It?

To charge Lelo Noa, you simply plug in the smaller end of your Lelo USB-charging cable to the toy and the bigger end into a USB port. After charging fully, the battery should last for about 2 hours.

How to Clean It?

To clean Lelo Noa, either use your favorite sex toy cleaner or rinse the toy with warm water and gently rub it with antibacterial soap.

My Experience

I had a good experience with Lelo Noa. It’s not my all-time favorite sex toy by any means, but I’m very happy that I tried it.

Noa provides nice gentle pleasure on the interior and exterior of my vagina while pleasing my partner as well…

Unlike our therapist, who only enjoyed focusing on him.

Overall, Lelo Noa gave me a great orgasm, even though the vibration modes were not very strong.

I found it perfect for my body since I am generally not a fan of strong vibrations.

What to be Careful of While Using Lelo Noa?

While using Lelo Noa, be careful not going to pound town too hard. Slamming your penis against this guy too hard is going to hurt, and so is going to have this toy stuck inside your body.

This is the only bigger precaution. Otherwise, you’re good to go – no need to worry about getting your penis stuck in it either, unless you try to do exactly that.

How Much Does Lelo Noa Cost?

Lelo Noa has a very standard price for a Lelo product. It’s not ultra-expensive, but you definitely cannot get it from a dollar store, either.

All I can say is that I believe that this guy is worth the $$. It’s cheaper than couples’ therapy (although not a replacement for it).

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Where to Buy Lelo Noa?

Lelo Noa can be bought from Lelo’s website, as well as from other online stores such as SheVibe or Amazon.com.

Users' Reviews

After some initial fumbling my partner and I managed to make this work for both of us, with great success. Fitting this and a penis/dildo inside yourself may be a bit tight and uncomfortable at first, but with patience and lube it feels great. The vibrations are great and the toy, whilst not totally silent, is still very discreet.
Woman with curly black hair
Discreet couples vibe that is packaged very stylishly, comes with a USB charging lead. My hubby and I had a lot of fun horning ourselves up with this wee belter, loved arousing my hard nipples with it, sent beatiful surges of pleasure down below, no lube required and the vibe nub sat perfectly on my bean.
Woman with short brown hair
Essentially nothing to complain about! Nice feel to it, good size and shape (could be bigger if you were so inclined). Pretty easy to use, not the easiest but not complicated. Good fun used on its on or during sex; enough room for penetration, which can be a little uncomfortable but you get used to it.
Woman with ginger hair
The Lelo Noa couples vibe is what we were waiting for in the bedroom. Hubs and I teamed it up with a warming lube with almost instant results. The vibe on the clit with a slow, long thrust built a strong climax for both of us. We were quick to want to test it out again.
Woman with long black hair
Initially I was a little reserved how something so small could be any good but when first turnd on it is surprising how powerful it is. The controls are a little hidden which can be a problem when in the middle of things but I soon learnt what to do. The main problem we found was the Lelo could slip out very easily and constantly needed holiding back in place.
Woman with long brown hair
It's a god sex toy to have with your partner. I used it with mine and she really liked it with different vibration speeds and patterns it goes it best you sing with lube. But get lube with it witch is good comes with a black bag to put in.
Woman with short black hair

Should You Buy Lelo Noa? Conclusion

If you want to take your relationship to the next level and become sexually closer to your partner, definitely consider buying Lelo Noa.

To ensure this is the right choice for you, read some reviews, and consider the cons, pros, and attributes of adult toys you like.

Additionally, if Valentine’s Day or another special occasion is coming up, this one can be an amazing gift to your partner. Forget about the Tiffany box. Gifting a box from Lelo to your significant other can be just as stunning.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


What Is Lelo Noa?

Lelo Noa is a couples’ massager intended to be used during penetrative sex with your partner.

How does it work?

Lelo Noa works by inserting the insertable tail inside the female-bodied partner. This provides both partners with vibrations, whereas the larger part of the toy provides vibrations against the clitoris.

Is Lelo Noa compatible with the sense motion remote?

Lelo Noa is not compatible with the sense motion remote.

What is the size of Lelo Noa?

Lelo Noa is approximately 3.3 x 1.6 x 1.1 inches dimension-wise. It’s small and quite discreet – perfect to pack for romantic getaways.

How are the orgasms with Lelo Noa?

The orgasms with Lelo Noa are simply amazing. It can even help you to have a simultaneous orgasm with your partner. What’s hotter than that?

Is Lelo Noa safe?

Lelo Noa is safe unless you decide to keep it inside of your vagina for an unusually long period or decide to do something completely crazy with it.

What material Is Lelo Noa made of?

Lelo Noa is made of body-safe silicone.

Is Lelo Noa waterproof?

Lelo Noa is waterproof. Feel free to have fun with this product in the shower.

What kind of lube should I use with Lelo Noa?

With Lelo Noa, you should only use water-based lubes. Stay away from silicone-based lubes. This generally goes for any sex toy made of body-safe silicone.

Is the package with the products discrete?

The package with the products is discrete. All Lelo products can be safely shipped to your house with no awkwardness from your roommates or neighbors.

Does Lelo Noa Come with a warranty?

Lelo Noa comes with a warranty of one year – like all other Lelo products. It also comes with a ten-year quality guarantee.


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