The Best Door Sex Swing For You and Your Lover!
Last Updated on October 26, 2022

The Best Door Sex Swing & Sex Sling : Let Me Help You Choose

Sex swings are one of the ultimate ways to enhance your sex-life. The best thing is that anyone can use them. If you’re ready for new giggles, thrills, and angles then you’re ready for standing, swinging sex positions!

It’s reported that 36.6% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm during sex (1).

Guess what?

Swings are designed to give you full access to your lover’s bits! Whatever type of relationship you’re in, swings will introduce you to the spiciest of sexual ideas.

We all know how monotonous sex can get. This can have an extremely negative influence on your relationship as a whole… Introducing new ideas into the bedroom improves connections, I’ll explain why later. For now, discover the ultimate door frame sex swing for you!



Whipsmart Door Sex Swing

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Best Sex Sling

Easy Toys Door Leg & Bum Support

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Best Sex Sling

Best Rated

The best-rated door jam sex swing is the Sportsheets by Lovehoney. It’s one of the easiest types of sex swings ever. Its acrylic barbells simply drape over the top of any closed doors and you’ll find it stays firmly in place. It looks hardcore enough to fulfill your sex swing bondage fantasies.

The design of this swing is ideal for you and your partner if you live in a small space and want to try new positions. You can also use it anywhere that has a door with a solid frame to hook onto. The nylon straps are strong so that you feel secure once in place.

For over-the-door sex swing positions, you’ll discover how much you enjoy standing-partner sex. You’ll love discovering the new range of motion and your partner can concentrate on doing you right!



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The most affordable door-mounted sex swing is the Whipsmart. This swing is an absolute dream helping you find new sexual positions. Why? It really gets your sexy bits out there for your lover to have full access to.

You simply hook the acrylic tubes over the door and shut it firmly. This swing doesn’t have a seat so you might automatically hold yourself in an upright position, but actually? I recommend letting yourself go slack and taking it like a little slut! (Isn’t that one of the best ways?!)

The lower straps hold your thighs or your feet which brings you new ideas for more sexual pleasure. Great if you’re looking for something a little kinky!

Interesting fact: sex swings are said by some to have been used as far back as ancient India and are depicted in 18th-century Chinese art!



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Best Sex Sling

The best adult sex swing has to be Easy Toys Door Leg & Bum Support Swing. And trust me, folks, it will get you screaming. This is a very comfortable swing which means you can be suspended as long as you fancy. It’s great for longer lovemaking sessions because couples don’t have to rely on body strength.

Swing is ideal if you love ramping up sexual thrusting because it’s made with metal hardware that can handle a beating. You stay chilled knowing you’re being held securely while getting all hot between the legs.

You’ll find it easy to set up by placing the webbing over the door and clipping it in place. The perfect new addition to your sexual toy box which can also serve as an alternative for sexual spreader bar with cuffs.



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What to Consider When Choosing The Best Door Sex Swing?

Please refer to the product guide above.


An adventurous erotic-life within a relationship keeps you and your partner excited to be with each other. You become committed to keeping things fresh. This makes intimacy and connection even better between the two of you.

Research states that sex improves overall wellbeing (2). Avoiding “routine” sex is critical in long-term relationships in order to maintain lust and desire.

That’s why I think products like the Sportsheets swing can make such a huge difference in creating a healthy long-lasting relationships.


Who makes the best door sex swing?

It really depends on your taste and what you’re looking for. I personally like Lovehoney.

How to best use a door swing?

Make sure the swing is firmly “jammed” in so you can trust it will hold you in place. Then just be open-minded and enjoy being at your partner’s mercy!

What are the best door swing positions?

There are loads you can try (3). I find the best angles come from standing missionary, swinging butt out, and swinging oral sex. You’ll discover all sorts, though!

What is the best erotic swing for under $100?

Personally? I think the best is the Sportsheets which costs $69.99.

How to hang/install a fantasy door swing?

You hook the weighted straps over the door, make sure the door is firmly closed, and then slip onto the seat, body straps, and leg stirrups.

How to build your own sex swing for the door?

It’s best to avoid trying to make your own swing. Sex furniture manufacturers test products to make sure that they’re body-safe, provide comfort, and are made from the best material.

Do I need a stand to use an erotic swing?

The person “giving” tends to be the person who stands. You can also kneel or sit in front of your lover if you have adjustable straps and use sex pillows (to take the pressure off joints, knees, and butts and provide more comfort).

How much weight can a door sex swing handle?

Swings differ, so you’ll need to check the descriptions, however, most usually hold around 300lbs of weight. If you are looking for a swing that holds more weight then a standing sex swing might be a more viable option.