Best Tantric Sofa
Last Updated on November 20, 2022

Best Tantra Sofa: Your Ultimate Guide To Tantra Sofas

Tantra sofas, you might be wondering what the hell is that. Isn’t my normal sofa or bed good enough? The answer is it’s good but let me introduce you to the tantra chair. 

Let me paint a picture for you, you’re on your knees, your partners grabbing you from behind, and all you can think of is how uncomfortable you are, or how about this one? You’re on top, and it all feels so right, but something is still wrong; how can a position so easy still be so hard to maintain? We’re all thinking it; I’m just the one that said it out loud. 

All jokes aside, buying a tantric sofa will level up your sex game in ways you can’t even imagine. So are you ready to buy a Kamasutra and try every position in the book?

Our Hot Picks

Best Rated

Esse Lounger

The Esse will lift your body and sexy bits for the ultimate orgasm.

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Best Rated


Equus Wave

Discover the Equus today for beautiful luxurious eroticism!

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Best For Bondage

Esse Lounger II Black Label

Get a little extra kinky with this luscious spanking couch.

Luxurious Esse Lounger

With the Esse Lounger, the possibilities are endless. Just picture 360 degrees of the finest lovemaking you’ve ever had.

Yes, your head, neck, and back will be cradled in every position while the extra height and ergonomic slopes guarantee the deepest penetration imaginable, YES PLEASE! 

My favorite part is the supplied headrest, and it can be used at either end of the Esse to raise the knees or add 5 inches of height for standing and bent-over positions.

Trust me when I tell you, doggy style is now a pure pleasure, with no knee pain, and wow, what a difference that makes. I sound like im in my 80s, but we all secretly think it while bending over. 

The Esse is also nice enough to blend into your bedroom decor, and it can even be doubled as a comfy lounger to watch tv or read your favorite book, although you might want to hide it when your mother-in-law comes over, or that will be an awkward conversation.

This amazing Esse lounger comes in various colors, so you’ll be bound to find what looks best in your space.  My favorite is the merlot, but it also comes in Espresso, Black, Platinum, Buckwheat, and Aubergine.



Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Multi-Purpose Sex Sofa Equus Wave

Baby, it’s time to take a deep breath and plunge into the ecstatic swells of orgasmic ecstasy.

If you are looking for greater excitement in the bedroom, the Equus Wave is a sex couch that you have to own!

I have to use the___ with my partner, and damn, do we love it. Talk about upping our 69 game; it’s so comfortable and oh-so-hot.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredible for penetration, but you’ll be shocked by the extra level of sexy added to oral.

One of my favorite things about this elegant chaise is it can be assembled in five different configurations. As a result, the Equus Wave is an excellent choice for any couple wanting to push their sexual limits and try those positions you keep reading about; yes, even that one.



Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best For BDSM Esse Lounger II Black Label

So you want to kick it up a notch? We’ve got you. The Esse Lounger II Black Label is about to be your new best friend.

Call it the newest addition to your relationship if you will. This Lounger allowed my partner and me to explore bondage on a deeper level.

With 28 cuff points provided for all your kinky dirty fun. Explore your BDSM limits in incredible, luxurious comfort. 

The sexual possibilities are endless, with a platform that can be raised and lowered rather than a fixed bed.

You can experiment with different setups to determine which ones suit you best.

There is a reason people keep saying it’s “next level”, and they have good reason to. Using the Liberator Esse Chaise, you’ll be able to go deeper and investigate more avenues to pinpoint the precise source of your enhanced pleasure.



Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What to Consider Before Buying Tantra Chaise?

Before buying a tantra chair (check the best in our guide) or sex chair, you need to figure out what you want it for, the same as you would with other sex furniture. Are you looking to explore more of the BDSM side of things?

Do you want to be tied up till you scream with pleasure, or do you just want extra support in achieving additional spicy positions when making love? Each model mentioned above has its unique offerings allowing you to find what new experiences you desire (check out tantra chair positions).


So as you can see, there is no shortage of amazing tantra sofas; there are so many incredible models it might be hard to choose. My number 1 fave is the Esse Lounger.

It offers my partner and me everything we want and need to create the perfect sexy night of steamy fun. It’s perfect for teasing, spicy foreplay, and mindblowing deep penetration. But, of course, all of this can be done while tied up with the cherry on top for me! 

So dig deep into your sexual fantasies and be ready for eye-rolling orgasms you never thought possible, I hope you’ve already ordered your personal copy of the kama sutra, you’re going to need it.


What is a tantra sofa?

A tantra sofa seems stylish, perfect for reclining to the casual observer or dinner guest. The Tantra Chair, however, is a playful, private session waiting to unfold for those of us with a sensual imagination and the want for more passion.

Lovers of all stripes can find the ideal position along the tantra chair ‘s expertly crafted curves to maximize penetration and oral pleasure, resulting in longer, more intense orgasms by stimulating the g-spot or p-spot directly.

Whether you’re brand new to Tantra or an old pro, the furniture is a great way to experiment with different sexual positions that can help you and your partner feel more connected. It is perfect to spice up sex during pregnancy too! Want to know more? Read our guide! 

The most well-known aspect of Tantric practice in modern Western culture is tantric sex, which is a deliberate, attentive, and sensual practice of intimate connection that honors the body without encouraging the rush toward climax, which is all too typical in Western sexual practices.

Instead, Tantra advises that partners take their time and “smell the lotus petals” during intimate moments. Are you feeling turned on? Cause I am just writing this.

How to use it?

Learning how to use a tantra lounger just takes some getting used to and a flat surface to use it. The thought of purchasing sexual furniture can be daunting, but rest assured that you can and should utilise it in any way your imagination allows. Perfect for exploring different tantric sex positions, increasing penetration, and elevating the quality of oral sex.

There are many novel approaches to normal sexual positions and even brand-new ones. Also, sex chairs very much hold you in position, so all you have to do is establish your rhythm if you have trouble moving freely and easily.

The tantric sofa is ideal for sex and erotic play because it provides complete support. A simple explanation is that a tantra chair will fulfil your sexual fantasies.

Once the sex chair is in place, all that’s left to do is settle in and let your sexual energy flow, and let your body take over. If you need some extra help with position inspiration, Liberator has got you covered with tons of awesome sexy suggestions. You’ll find more in our guide too.

My favorite is the Twisted Tuesday; make sure to look that up; you’re in for a treat. This chair makes play time extra spicy, and we all want a little more spice.

Where to buy a tantra sofa?

Finding where to buy a tantra sofa is easy as pie; if you browse online, you can find more options and better deals than going directly to a sex shop.

Because tantra sofas are Liberator’s area of expertise, and because the company invests a significant amount of time, energy, and knowledge into manufacturing their pieces, the company typically tends to dominate the global market.

On several different websites, it is possible to purchase tantric sex sofas and other types of sex furniture, such as sex stools, seats, and benches. Explore at your own pace, but keep Liberator in mind as a standard for what constitutes an equitable experience (check out the best Liberator furniture). They have some great pictures, and position guides on their website.

This way, you will find the perfect deal $ and an even more ideal lounger for your endless orgasms. Most companies will also deliver so all you have to do is wait. Just make sure to check shipping details before purchasing, You want to get f**ed by your partner not the shipping company.

How to build a DIY tantra sofa?

Building a tantric sofa is simple, but there isn’t one way to do it. Each model with has its features that need to be connected. So make sure you follow all instructions and be ready for business.  Some people, me included create a sacred space that’s closed off and full of magic for all my sexy fun. If you have the space at home I highly suggest it.