Liberator Flip Stage Review - Unfold Your Kinks

Your mattress and bed are most likely difficult to have sex on. Memory foam beds lack energy return, making most sex positions more exhausting and difficult than they need to be. This results in people exploring other surfaces around the house to have sex on (1).

Okay, but maybe you shouldn’t fuck against the kitchen counter – or the window so that all of your neighbors can see… Unless you live in a commune of kinksters. To make sex easier for yourself and your partner, you should consider getting this Liberator Flip Stage today. I will tell you why in this review.

Why Do You Need a Flip Stage?

If you currently have sex primarily on your regular bed, you require an upgrade, especially if you’re curious about exploring creative sex positions (including standing positions and ones that allow for deeper penetration).

The Liberator Flip Stage is a sex mat perfect for this purpose – particularly when combined with best-selling shapes by Liberator, such as the Esse Lounger, Esse Chaise, or even the wedge ramp combo.

Couple using the Flip Stage

Trust me. After getting this piece of sex furniture, perhaps with an additional product, you’re not only going to be having more sex. You won’t feel like you’ve run a marathon afterward. Moreover, you’ll break up with horizontal sex for good – unless it’s on top of this platform.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What I Don’t Like About This Product

How to Use a Flip Stage?

To use this product, unfold it and set it on the floor – make sure to lay the Flip Stage completely flat.

Lift the sex furniture of your choice on top, and get busy with your lover.

The non-slip surface of this platform provides better traction than simply placing your sex furniture on the floor – assuming that it’s indeed compatible with the platform.

How to Clean It?

To clean this, you simply remove the machine-washable cover to wash it. When you’re about to fill the laundry basket, make sure to hide those sex stains on the cover of this thing.

What to Be Careful of While Using Flip Stage?

When using the Flip Stage, you can get almost as rowdy as you want – given that you’ve picked the right sex furniture to use with it.

If you pick a ramp incompatible with this product, you may end up in Sex Sent Me to the ER on TLC.

Additionally, you shouldn’t sit or have any sexual activity on the Flip Stage without the cover.

How Much Does It Cost?

Compared to other Liberator products, the price of the Flip Stage is much more affordable. However, it’s still not the cheapest product out there – but this purchase is worth the $$.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Where to Buy Liberator Flip Stage?

Liberator Flip Stage can be bought from Liberator’s site along with other products. It’s sometimes also in stock on websites such as

Read also our guide to the best Liberator furniture!

Should You Buy a Flip Stage? Conclusion

You absolutely should buy the Flip Stage, especially if you want to upgrade your sex life by exploring various new ways to make love. It will also make floor sex better than ever before.

Your back won’t be a designated dust collector, and there’s no risk of splinters or bruises except for the consensual ones.

And trust me, you won’t be using your normal bed for anything else than sleeping after being the proud owner of this product.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


What is a Liberator Flip Stage?

Liberator Flip Stage is a padded sex furniture platform that can be used on its own – or coupled with other sex furniture by the Liberator.

Is Flip Stage going to improve my relationship?

The Flip Stage is going to improve your relationship by making your sex life better and more convenient. No more elbowing each other in the face on your regular bed. However, this product will not answer whether your lover is planning to propose, among any other relationship issues.

Is the package with the product discrete?

The package with the product is discrete. The delivery is done by using Liberator’s vacuum compression technology.

How to hide Flip Stage from guests?

To hide the Flip Stage from guests, simply fold it. Then hide it in your closet or simply among your regular mattresses.

Can the Liberator Flip Stage support various positions?

The Liberator Flip Stage can support various positions. It provides great support on its own for floor sex. If you’re curious about standing positions, combine this platform with the Esse Lounger or Esse Chaise to prevent falling over and potentially getting a nosebleed.

Is Flip Stage safe?

The Flip Stage is safe when used according to the instructions. Additionally, don’t use it for any weird non-sexy activities like parkour unless you have a kink for broken bones.

What material is the Flip Stage made of?

The Flip Stage is made of Velvish, which is plush faux velvet and is 100% polyester. The high-density foam is made out of fully supportive polyurethane.

Does it come with a warranty?

It does not come with a warranty. Liberator has a 30-day return policy for its products as long as they remain unopened and unused. For more questions, it is advised that you contact customer service.

Are there any weight or size restrictions for using the Liberator Flip Stage?

There are no weight or size restrictions for using the Liberator Flip Stage. It should work for all different body types.

Does the Flip Stage work with the Esse II or only the original Esse?

The Flip Stage does not work with Esse II. It only works with the original Esse. However, it can be used with other best-selling shapes by Liberator, such as the wedge ramp combo.

Is Flip Stage stable to get two and stack them under the Esse?

The Flip Stage is not stable to be stacked on top of each other under the Esse. This will result in participants potentially falling, getting bruises, and potentially breaking up. Please be careful and stay safe.

Can this be used with the Equus Wave?

This can be used with the Equus Wave, although the dimensions don’t exactly match as well as those with Esse Lounger and Esse Chaise.

Is the Flip Stage available in the Black Label version?

The Flip Stage is not available in the Black Label version. It’s currently only available without the cuff connectors.

Does Flip Stage work in a cowgirl position?

The Flip Stage works in a cowgirl position but can get tricky. If you or your partner have issues with your knees hurting in this position, Liberator Esse may be a better option.

Is it available in other colors?

No, it is only available in one color – black.

What is the weight of the Flip Stage?

The weight of the Flip Stage is approximately 20-23 pounds.

Can I buy Liberator Flip Stage as a standalone product?

Yes, you can buy Liberator Flip Stage as a standalone product.