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Last Updated on November 20, 2022

2022’s Best Vibrating Sex Pillows to Leave Your Body Shaking

Remember the first time you stroked a vibrator on your bits? Or watched your lover go into a sexual fit as they used one?

That’s right – vibrating treats are (if you ask me) essential to a magnificent orgasmic life! Team vibrations with pillows and you have a whole new solar system of climax!

The condom company, Durex, advises the bridge position as a way of improving the chance of g-spot orgasm. (1) The bridge involves lifting up your bits. So here’s the thing, you could lift your hips… or you could pop a specially designed wedge underneath to get you in position!

There are some innovative designs that give a sex pillow best wedge angle possible, making the experience unreal.

Pillows also help reduce pain during lovemaking. They support you in any position you fancy, even making “flat-on-your-back” hot A.F!

You’re really going to twitch over what we have coming up!

The vibrating sex pillows I’m about to show you are going to blow your mind. If you want comfort, more orgasms from your toys, better sex… and that other thing, a good price, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading…

Our Hot Picks

Liberator’s Finest

BonBon Sex Toy Mount

Bounce and bonk on the BonBon!

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Best for Hands-Free Play

Pulse Sex Toy Mount

Rock to rolling orgasms now!

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Best for Ergonomic Posture

Hands-Free Sex Furniture: Flip Ramp

Touch, taste, and cum here!

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Liberator’s Best & Finest Products

BonBon Sex Toy Mount

The hottest vibrating pillow for screwing and hands-free self-touch is the Liberator BonBon. You can use it alone or with a lover!

This is the ultimate wedge pillow for doggy style to enjoy your vibes and dildos in spine-tingling new ways. And guess what? You don’t even need to use your hands if you don’t want to.

The gorgeous and petite shape feels comfortable underneath you. Its high-density foam supports your body so all you need to do is concentrate on shuddering pleasure.

For partners, all you need to do is wedge the pillow under your hips. This gets dicks and strap-ons in deep. How you like it! Darlings, try bending over it for doggy: oh yes, yes, yesssss!

The pillow stays firmly erect on your bed for easy straddling. This means you get to control the angles.



Overview/bottom line

This mount is a sex cushion for your vibrator or dildo but enhances your sex experience too! An absolute must if you want deeper penetration.

Go deeper on this delicious dildo mount!

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Wanda Magic Wand Toy Mount

The most sensational vibrating pillow for Wand users is The Wanda. And honey, you guessed it: Wanda is a wonder!

The Magic Wand is arguably the hottest vibrator in the world! Of course, Liberator made a mount for you to ride it on. Because, let’s be honest, sometimes you want more than laid-on-your-back stimulation. Sometimes you want more exciting Wand positions!

This wedge shape brings variety to how you use your Wand. It’s incredible for use alone or with a lover!

The thing I love most is to lean over it, so the Wand vibrates on your clit, then get your partner to take you from behind. You know it, orgasm comes easily this way!

And the final icing on the climax cake? When you’re done, shove the wet pillowcase in the washing machine!



Overview/bottom line

The hottest, sexiest, most essential vibrating wedge if your favorite vibe is the Wand. If you’re a regular user of a Wand, the Wanda is an absolute must!

Have Wanda the Wonder make you shudder ASAP!

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best Cushion for Hands-Free Play

Pulse Sex Toy Mount

The ultimate vibrating pillow for those who don’t want to use their hands is the Liberator Pulse. This delicious device has a special design that you’re going to love…

It’s built for you to rock and ride. That’s right! Cowgirls, cowboys, and non-binary hip-rockers, you’re going to find all those grindingly good positions that your hips were made for.

The Pulse features two pockets for your penetration pleasure! It’s built to hold your vibes and dildos with a base size of  1.25″ and 3″. Trust me when I say, you’ll be wishing you had more holes to be filled up!

And another thing? It can also work as the best pillow for oral sex, as if you have a lover it will greatly improve the experience for both of you. How? It gets you or your lover’s hips up in the air so you can bury your face in the genital feast.



Overview/bottom line

The hottest wedge if penetration is your favorite. Slip two vibrators into the pillow sleeves and giddy-up to explosive orgasms!

Rock and ride to ravishing orgasms now!

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best for Ergonomic Posture & Sex Positions

Hands-Free Sex Furniture for Women and Couples, Adult Toy Mount

The ultimate erotic furniture for vibrators and positions is the Hands-Free Furniture and Mount.

It’s absolutely certain to tease and tantalize your sexual preferences!

This handmade sex furniture turns your sex-life into hot and quivering mess.

So here’s the thing, sex cushions are sent from Venus, the goddess of love, I’m sure of it and this furniture proves it!

This duo of sex pillows is designed to give you head, neck and back support while doing it.

Every position is enhanced with your partner and the naughty little secret?

This furniture features pockets to hold your vibrating eggs, so you get a whole new world of play! It’s perfect for massaging your g-spot or p-spot when you straddle it for penetration.

You can use it as a regular piece of furniture and it’s easy to keep clean after you’ve screamed the house down!



Overview/bottom line

The sexiest of pillow shapes for partners wanting a playground of comfort and climaxes. You’ll love finding all the new ways to play on these two cushions.

Sexually play on the two hottest wedges around!

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Things To Consider When Purchasing Vibrating Sex Pillows

You want the best vibrating sex pillow? There are a few things to consider.

You really want to think about what pillows are made from.

During lovemaking or when you're getting yourself off you need erotic products that will support your body.

For this reason, high-density foam is best for the core of the product. A soft, removable machine washable cover is best for the outside.

Because we all like a bargain! $! The price of erotic pillows is generally very reasonable, especially for all the wet and wild fun you get.

It's best to buy from a reputable brand like Liberator where they often run website discounts.

Liberator cushions are designed especially to get you into the perfect position. They're ergonomically crafted to suit your body. I also introduce you to a gorgeous product over at Etsy which will hold your favorite naughty device in place while you and your lover enjoy each other.

With the huge range of pillows to choose from, you're sure to find the best toy mount for you!

Whether alone or with a lover, erotic fun is better with a vibrating pillow. Sex toy fun improves any position because your body is supported and you find new angles and get deeper penetration! With the sleeves in the pillows that hold your vibes, every sexual position is enhanced.

Check out our sex pillow positions for more ideas!

Interesting fact: horned pillows were popular to support lovemaking in nineteenth-century China. (2)

Which is the Best Overall Sex Pillow from the Vibrating Sex Pillow

There’s no doubt about it, vibrating pillows enhance the fun you have with your dildos as well as with your partners.

They seriously improve the quality of masturbation by giving you body support and helping you to find new angles. With a partner, they can give you both neck and back support during oral, missionary, and doggy style sex (see our Womanizer Eco and Womanizer Duo review).

With all the pillows available you still might be a little confused as to which to get. Still in doubt? I’d say go for The Liberator Pulse. The features sky-rocket sensations so you get the ultimate experience. You’ll love the rocking motion and opportunity for double penetration.

Ready to vibrate to orgasmic heaven?


What is the best way to use a vibrating erotic pillow or mount? What sheets are best for sex?

You’ll love all the ways to use a vibrating pillow. Sex is much better with high-density foam wedge shapes to support your weight and enhance your favorite angle.

You can use a wedge under various parts of your body during lovemaking, or you can straddle it for solo-sex.

Can a Vibrating Pillow be used with a partner as a couple?

Of course. An erotic wedge introduces a whole new aspect of fun as you get to explore new angles. It can also help you achieve deeper penetration (check out the best vibrating panties).