Liberator pulse review
Last Updated on December 7, 2022

Liberator Pulse Rocker Review: Get Ready For Rocking Orgasms...

Sometimes we take solo-sex for granted. Don’t even get me started on couple-play! As a general rule, the way to spice things up is by introducing exciting new ways to experience pleasure.

With new toys and by trying your deepest, darkest fantasies, you improve your love-life with yourself and your lover.

One study (1) reports that “upwards of 98%” of people report having sexual fantasies. If you’re anything like me, you have at least five fantasies a day… about your lover, your gardener, your lawyer, the person who served you in the supermarket. Whoever.

Fantasies are hot. The way to make them hotter is by turning them into reality.

A healthy libido (2) can nourish your mental, emotional, and physical health. By exploring new fantasies and toys you’re actively supporting your body through an holistic approach. Because all parts of your wellbeing are connected.

A Pulse mount is a dreamy way to turn fantasy into reality. Read my review for all the pulsating product info!

What is the Liberator Pulse?

The Liberator Pulse is a sex toy mount with a difference. I’m very keen on it for a reason… I’ll explain why shortly. Let me just tell you what it is…

The Liberator Pulse is a dildo cushion that you can use alone or with a partner. It’s a firm, fun, foam wedge that fits comfortably between your thighs. The Pulse is easily straddled in a cowgirl position.

It features two separate pockets (this is the exciting bit) designed to hold your favorite dildos and vibrators (to shop for best sex toy mounts, click here).

Patience, I’ll tell you how to use it later!

By the way, Liberator have various sex toy mounts that really enhance your sex and solo-sex life. The BonBon Mount is also a little hotty. Take a look at it if you’re into a vigorous explosive orgasms. (Uhh… who isn’t?)

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Why the Pulse sex toy mount is an absolute must-have!

The Pulse is essential if you’re a lover of pleasure and penetration. I love it for masturbation, but also for putting on a show for my partner. 

Its height and narrow width feel amazing during the girl/boy on-top position. It’s a hands-free vibrator pillow, sex toy that gives you total control of your orgasms.

Liberator are masterful at creating sex shapes known as sex pillows. Their products are engineered to create ultimate comfort and pleasure.

The best thing is that this furniture grade Liberator shape puts your favorite sex toys in the limelight. I love sliding my bullet (one of my favorite bullet vibrators for this mount is the Tracey Cox one at Lovehoney) in the smaller pocket and my rabbit vibrator in the bigger sleeve. 

Double the stimulation means double the pleasure!

My partner and I also use the Pulse without a dildo during erotic moments. It enhances whatever position you’re in by lifting your hips. Tip? Bend over it for the doggy position.

Interesting idea: the Kama Sutra talks about the “nine kinds of sexual union”. It’s linked to the dimensions (size) of the penis and vagina. It suggests using positioning as a way to gain more pleasure. Sexual pillows enhance the angles during intercourse for both gay and straight couples.

The Hot Benefits of the Pulse...

Vibrator mounts are amazing for so many sexual treats. Here are the best bits…

Note: if you’re a person with hip mobility issues, the Pulse can really enhance your motion!

Top tip: if you’re into penetrating fun with your partner always pee and then wash your bits with warm water afterwards. This helps protect against urinary tract infections!

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What I don’t like about the Pulse...

When you turn the Pulse around and mount it “backwards”, I find it harder to get a rhythm.

It feels a little awkward. It’s not the end of the world. It just means I have to sit on it facing the “right” way!

Also, I feel like there could be three vibrator pockets. Call me greedy but I love feeling filled up.

The Liberator shape could be improved by having the option of one extra dildo pocket to spread your legs over!


How to use the Pulse?

You can use the mount alone or with a partner. It’s a Liberator pillow shapes that has raving reviews for a reason! Now, my one big tip is LUBE. This is a mount designed to give you spine-tingling penetration as well as clitoral stimulation (if you’re a vagina-owner. It’s also great for gay guys too).

This is a dense pillow with a narrow width. The Pulse loves to be between your legs. So, what do you do?

Top tip? Try it with the Lelo Mona Wave g-spot stimulator! This tantalizing toy really takes sexy things up a notch!

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What to be careful of while using the Pulse?

The truth is, although it’s a “one size fits all” cushion, I read someone else’s review before I bought it and they found the shape didn’t work for them.

They found it too tall for the length of their body. With this in mind, I’d suggest checking out the measurements of the Pulse.

Perhaps compare the height (13″) to the inside of your thigh when you’re in the straddle position.

Also, riding vibrators on the Pulse can create carpet burns on your knees if you use the Pulse on the floor. I’d recommend using it on a bed or getting a Liberator Escape pad to prevent this.

Couple playing Liberator Pulse

How much does a Pulse Mount cost? $$$

The Pulse is a great price, especially considering the sheer deliciousness it brings to your love-life. I’m happy spending $$ on sexual items that get me off.

I’m a huge fan of erotic toys and using the sort of thing to really tease and satisfy my partner.

For me, the Pulse teamed up with some sexy lingerie in bed is absolutely priceless.

Check out the Liberator website for prices because they’re always running discounts.

Use the code: FURNPEAK for 10% off sitewide

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Where to buy a Pulse?

You can buy the Pulse on the Liberator website. You’ll also be able to get your ideal pillow vibrator or any other toy that tickles your fancy to go with it!


Is the Pulse going to improve my relationship?

This toy mount has the ability to improve your relationship. When you buy one as a couple, you’re saying:

Is the package with the Pulse discreet?

Yes. The cover and packaging are completely discreet so the post-person will have no idea what sort of product you have inside.

How to hide the Pulse from guests?

Simply pop it in the cupboard or under the bed. Once the foam has expanded you won’t be able to squeeze it back together because it’s very dense. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have a special place to put it before you buy.

Can the Pulse help me conceive a baby?

Yes. According to experts on the Liberator, sexual aids like sex love pillows can help sperm swim down the vaginal canal to reach the egg!

Are sex mounts safe?

Yes. They are if you buy from reputable companies. Liberator are experts in designing and manufacturing products. They test their products before use to ensure they’re totally body-safe. 

Other companies don’t and can carry a risk of harm. That’s why it’s best to buy from brands like Liberator and Lovehoney.

Should you buy the Pulse pillow?

Getting a sex toy mount says a lot about the sort of lover you are!

I absolutely love having one. It makes me feel empowered as a woman.

This is the way I take control of my pleasure. It’s how I give myself new treats. With my partner it opens up a whole new world of excitement.

He watches me hump it while he jacks off. Seriously, it’s the hottest!

making love with liberator pulse

In my opinion, you can never have too much pleasure.

If you’re wanting an erotic life that is so hot it improves your overall wellbeing as well as your relationship, then all I can say is give it a rocking-good go!