black label liberator hipster review
Last Updated on December 2, 2022

Hipster Reviews by Liberator Black Label

When I first started having sex I barely ever finished. But then one day I felt my first g-spot orgasm.

From then on I wanted easy g-spot orgasms through sex, as often as I could get them. I prefer g-spot orgasms to clitoral. They feel deeper and so much more satisfying.

Only 18.4% of women orgasm through penetration alone. I don’t understand why that statistic is so low when the g-spot is real!

You can feel your g-spot if you pop a finger in there, it’s the small rippled area at “the front”.

So yeah, I wanted regular, guaranteed g-spot orgasms.

We decided sex furniture was the way forward because the reviews said it helps you stay in certain positions for ages and you can hit your g-spot easily.

What exactly is a Hipster?

After looking at different products, we thought the Liberator Black Label Hipster sounded right for us.

It’s worth knowing that this is from Liberator’s kink selection, “Black Label”.

The Liberator Hipster is the piece of sex furniture – the Black Label version is equipped with cuff points.

For bondage.

Without doubt, $195 is the best price you’ll find – the Liberator website is the cheapest.

My boyfriend gave me a giggle, as we were buying it he said that the money we were saving from not eating out (because of the pandemic) we could use to eat each other instead!

Well, when he put it like that…

The Black Label Liberator Hipster sex pillow is basically a sex wedge. It’s quite curvy in shape. It’s called the “Hipster” because it has this amazing way of getting your hips (butt, vag, and dick) up in the air.

Sex wedges are great because they provide a comfortable way to create optimal lift for your hips so you and your lover can get deeper penetration. You may want to check Liberator’s flagship product as well.

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Why I wanted the Black Label Hipster instead of a regular sex wedge...

We chose the Black Label Hipster because so many of the reviews said it was excellent for g-spot access. We, or should I say, I, was NOT disappointed!

We wanted to experiment more with spanking too – it’s surprisingly hard to handcuff to regular furniture. This sex wedge was perfectly suited in both areas.

The Liberator Hipster gives us easy access to all our favorite “from behind” positions by boosting my hips, and gives comfortable neck and back support with high density foam supports for longer oral sessions.

It’s also the only sex wedge that has restraint points for more kinky sexual positions.

If you’re looking for sex furniture that will give you g-spot access and can give you looooong oral sex sessions, this is, quite frankly, perfect.

If you are interested in the Black Label Hipster, take a peek at the other Black Label Liberator Shapes we have on offer.

How to care for your Liberator Hipster Sex Pillow

The inside of the wedge is made from high density foam. It’s really firm, but comfortable.

Also, it has a soft, machine washable cover.

The soft microfiber cover feels lush against bare skin.

And because it’s machine washable, it’s really easy to keep clean. I can tell it’s going to last ages.

We keep it propped against the bedroom wall so it’s easy to grab if we get the horn, but when we have visitors, we stick it in the bottom of the wardrobe.

All the best parts about the Hipster's high and low curves

The way the Hipster is curved means that your body kind of “flows” with it.

I love that when I’m in doggy position with my hips bent over the higher end, the space between the high and low curves seems made to hold my breasts. It’s lovely. And that’s before my boyfriend handcuffs me to it!

It’s the best for a cheeky spank with a paddle sex toy!

Oh, one drawback. You have to buy your handcuffs for sex separately… We got the leopard print ones off the Liberator site.

It has an amazing multi use shape that can be used for better access to an assortment of new sexual positions, or even just for watching tv in bed.

But what you need to know is that the Hipster makes every sex position better.

The Hipster lets you have better sex and ideal comfort and support for all the different positions that will thrill you and your partner

We keep trying new sex positions. I like being on my back and my boyfriend loves when bent over backwards. I even got what I wanted: g-spot orgasms, all because of how the furniture angles my hips.

When I lay on my back with my hips on the taller end and boyfriend penetrating from the front – something about that angle… Wow.

I think with more practice I’ll be squirting!

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Sex life benefits of the Hipster...

The best way to use it is to have it on the bed. It stays still because of the fabric.

I lay on it, and my boyfriend either stands at the edge of, or kneels on, the bed. Also, the height at the taller end stops me from getting neck ache when I’m giving him a BJ.

Sex feels intimate because you can get real close to each other and it’s easy to kiss during thrusting, but it feels hot and dirty too. I’m gonna ask him to sixty-nine next.

My verdict

It was easily the best sex wedge we’ve purchased in years!

Especially now we’re having to stay in more because of the pandemic – using the Hipster is our favorite indoor activity.

Our sex life is much better now!

Without a doubt, the Black Label Liberator Hipster is an incredible addition to any bedroom.

Find out for yourself!

Use the code: FURNPEAK for 10% off sitewide

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!