Sybian Sex Machine
Last Updated on January 24, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to the Sybian Sex Machine: Including Alternatives

Have you ever sexually melted? OK, imagine that time and multiply it by a million. I’m being serious, the sex machines I’m going to show you will to take your mind out of your skull. You’ll be left a quivering mess next to your sensational sex saddle wondering WTF just happened!

Every. Damn. Time.

Before we go on, I have to remind you of something: LUBE. Here’s the thing, whether a cock or vagina owner, you’ll want it. Vagina-owners? You have a 65.5% more chance of increased pleasure and comfort if you use lube (1).


GET YOUR LUBE OUT! Everyone! Pleeeease. It makes my eyes water thinking of all the dry stuff happening because let’s be real, sometimes it gets dry. Eeeeeek!

With deliciously slippery dicky-slitty lube in mind, I want to introduce you to the Sybian Sex Machine and all its budget-friendly alternatives. These babies are gonna rock your genital world!

Interesting fact: The Sybian machine was originally called Master Better (haha – get it? Like “masturbater” and “masturbate better”!), but the name didn’t stick, it was rebranded “Sybian” in the 80s. 

Ready to get hot between the legs? Keep reading, baby…

Most Luxurious: The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Sex Machine

Oh yes, darlings, the most luxurious Sybian style machine is The Cowgirl by the brand who never lets us down: Lovehoney!

This sexy, smart, sophisticated saddle seat is the ultimate in high-end stimulation. Perfect if you want to ride yourself to orgasm. The 2 silicone attachments are genius for g-spot stimulation and screaming side-splitting orgasms!

The 6 vibration patterns and 360-degree swivel rotation will force you to cum. Literally. It’s toe-curling and can actually be a little “too much”. 

You’ll need to keep a firm grip on the remote and app controls. It’s perfect for partner play, so long as you trust your partner to slow down when you need it slower. Trust me, you’ll be begging for it slower.

The Cowgirl holds up to 181 kgs so most of your gorgeous butts can sit on the soft comfortable silicone easily. If you’re a rider who loves luxury and a machine with power, an orgasm brimming with clit and g-spot sensations then this luxury machine is for you.

And guess what? It has a slip-resistant base so your pussy or butt doesn’t have to chase it around the room! Just sit on that dildo and find your favorite angle. (Tip? You might want something to hold on to!)

Perhaps you’ve tried a sex stool and loved the bouncing? Right, this is how you take sh*t up ten notches! Get yourself a Cowgirl saddle machine treat. Go for quality and grind that bump attachment or ride the dildo until the movements send you into pussy pleasing or p-spot pounding palace!



Overview / Bottomline

The consistent 5-star ratings say it all! The Cowgirl machine is the ultimate orgasm experience for women, men who love it up the butt, and non-binary beauties!

It’s, without doubt, one of the best sex machines for women.

Take control of your solo sex life and reach new levels of orgasmic excitement ASAP! Some people say it’s even better than the original Sybian machine.

Ride it, Cowgirl, ride it! Let your pussy eat that dildo until you fall to the floor in a shivering heap!

Ready to quiver like a queen? Ride your hoochie-coochie and booty to heaven here!

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Best Budget Sex Saddle: Liberator Bonbon Dildo Saddle

The ultimate sex saddle if you’re on a budget is Liberator’s BonBon. Doesn’t it even sound cute? And Sweet Cheeks, it is.

This gorgeous mount is petite and discreet. Don’t be fooled, though, it’s also a firm mount designed to enhance your pleasure and to take your orgasm from fluttering to body shaking.

You’re absolutely going to love this if you’re a sex toy connoisseur. Love to screw yourself silly with dildos and vibrators? 

Have a collection already? If so, this is the perfect sex product if you love sensual stimulation in a seated position. This toy mount provides a tantalizing hump for you to saddle.

You simply slip your favorite sex toy in the sleeve-pocket and climb on! It has a gorgeous machine washable cover which makes it easy for you to clean.

This darling sex toy mount is the ideal top-quality addition to your sex toy box. Tickle your g and p-spot with this cowgirl-style sex pillow mount.

For more ideas on the hottest sex machines, check out our list of monkey rockers too!



Overview / Bottomline

A comfortable, gorgeous toy mount that won’t break your bank.

It’s amazing if you want to spice up your solo sex life with on-top positions. Alternatively, take a seat and show your lover how you like to cum. When you’re done with that, lean over it for doggy and use it as a sex pillow! Yep, it’s amazing for coupled-up stimulation

Giddy up on your favorite sex toys and make your orgasms sweeter on the BonBon now!

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High Powered Monster: LoveBotz Vibrating Saddle Deluxe

The best high powered Sybian alternative is LoveBotz’s Vibrating Saddle Deluxe. And, my lovelies, it’s going to have you riding rodeo like you never knew was possible!

Want a shuddering g or p-spot orgasm? Then, honey, climb on, find your angle and take hold of your new favorite remote control. 

You’ll find a range of vibration and pulsation settings to make your legs shake.

Ready for a sweet spot massage? Control your pleasure. This sex machine features 5 speeds and 5 functions all designed for your sexually ecstatic experience! 

Feeling a little confused about how it all works? This hot product comes with a complete instruction manual that’s easy for you to follow. Easy peasey, peachy-squeezy!

Love choice? You’ll be spoilt with these silicone attachments. You get a silicone dildo or lose that and go in for a grind for all the stimulation your clitoris or gooch needs. Ooooooh yay, ride it!

Tip? Try the flatter/external attachment with your clothes on! It changes the sensations – both are great and variety is the spice of life!



Overview / Bottomline

This high power saddle is a top quality product at an affordable price. You get all the throbbing sensations you could ever want. Sex toys have never looked so big, been so powerful, or felt so body-quaking.

Check out the top-rated reviews yourself and choose the hottest sex machine sex ever!

Mount your own saddle monster for monster orgasms here!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Things to Consider When Buying a Sybian Style Sex Machine

There are a whole bunch of things you need to think about when buying sex products, especially when it comes to sex machines.

The Sybian design was the original. Alternative machines that are based on the Sybian design come with their own features. You also might want to consider the material it’s made from, particularly if you’re vegan. It is covered in faux leather, which is used in high quality vegan bondage products, and feels like real leather. To the point where you won’t even notice the difference.

You’ll also want to think about levels of vibrations, the power it has, and perhaps what other customers, like me, have thought!

I’m going to run you through all the naughty and nice nitty-gritty so you have the best information to choose the best Sybian style machine for you!

Interesting fact: The Sybian machine takes its name from the Greek city, Sybaris, which was located in Southern Italy. The Greeks viewed its inhabitants as hedonistic and pleasure-seeking! The Sybian machine got its name from ‘A sybarite’, a lover of luxurious things…

Price / Budget

The price of a Sybian style machine ranges depending on what you go for.

The machines I’m about to tell you about are quite different. 

They’re made by different manufacturers and sold by various brands. This along with the features and choice of imitation Sybian attachments changes the cost.

The Sybian style models here start at the low cost of $100.

A seated machine obviously requires more materials than a simple dildo, for instance, hence them costing a bit more. 

girl with a black hat exploring The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine woman riding Monkey Rocker saddle sex machine

Some of the machines come with an attachment or two, whereas the gorgeous budget option here uses your own sex toys! I’ll explain how later.

If you specifically want a saddle (and why wouldn’t you?) for riding, you’re in the right place… Saddle masturbation really gives you more fun and excitement alone or with your lover.


You want to consider storage because Sybian-esque machines don’t just slide under your pillow! You also get various parts that come with your machine. 

That’s why it’s useful to keep the box packaging your machine arrives in. This keeps it and all its attachments together.

It can be useful to store in its box to help protect your new toy from general wear and tear.

Positioning (Sex Positions)

Positions aren’t a big deal on a Sybian style sex machine. It’s made for sitting, riding, grinding. 

You’ll sit or crouch above/on it. I actually place it next to my Prelude Bench and hold onto that once it starts flying!


The Sybian type of machine stimulates your entire pelvic floor region, by that I include the whole clitoris and its glands that stretch back around your vaginal hole (yep, that includes your g-spot).

Darlings, you’ll be happy to discover that this machine isn’t just for vagina owners! It’s also for those of you who get off on a prostate massage!

Dark Magic Inflatable Remote Control Thrusting Sex Machine

Please remember, especially if you’re going for anal play to start slowly… the anal passage can be a delicate area, so be sure to use attachments desgined for your butt! Going for a butt pump? You’re best to lean back, it will help hit your p-spot, especially if you get a curved attachment!

You’ll have fun choosing your favorite types of silicone attachments. (My personal favorite is the one designed for double penetration.) You just need to make sure you buy attachments designed to fit your machine.

A Sybian machine comes with an instruction manual, as do its alternatives… this will also give you tips!


So, let me honest about something now, it can be a little odd getting used to solo sex in a sitting position. 

You’ll love it once you get comfy, though. 

It also takes some getting used to a machine with this much power!

Got a lover? It’s takes foreplay and intercourse with your partner to very new, exciting places! 

It’s a great BDSM humiliation tool if your partner struggles to make you cum! Or alternatively great for forcing you to climax. Oooh-la-la…

You must try a variety of attachments to discover what turns you on most. 

This machine is for the sexual Vikings amongst us – there’s no room for weak climaxing on this beast.

Sexy girl playing cowgirl sex machine

The Sybian and Motorbunny machines come with a huge variety of attachments. The original Sybian has an egg attachment that I’m desperate to get my hands on since reading blogger, Violet Fenn’s, review (2).

You’ll find the machine easy to control and you can change the tempo by remote control, but please, please always…


When it’s time for multiple orgasms, put your Sybian sex machine on a carpet (you need the surface to be soft to help muffle the vibration sounds). Then add a quilt, and a sex blanket (to catch any sex juice)!

Interesting fact: The Sybian orgasm machine has been making next-level powerful pussy and p-spot orgasms popular since the 1980s!

So… You've Bought a Sybian Style Sex Machine But How do you Use It?

Oh yes, the Sybian machine and its alternatives can take a little getting used to but once you do, you’ll be riding daily.

You know, according to MindBodyGreen (3), there are 17 reasons people indulge in solo sex? Here are a few:

  • Make your pelvic floor stronger.
  • Relieve pain.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Increase libido.
  • Make penis owners last longer.
  • Improve sleep.
  • To make you more focused (yep, it’s my favorite way to focus my attention before work)!

This is why I’m a firm advocate for a daily dose of self touch! For the ultimate orgasm blast on a Sybian style machine you simple do the following…

  • Choose your lucky attachment and secure it to the contact strip.
  • LUBE up.
  • Straddle your saddle.
  • Insert the attachment or sit above the flatter attachment to bump and grind.
  • Once you’re comfy, take hold of the remote control.
  • Start at the lowest vibration and move through the levels until you find your favorite setting.
  • Cum as many times as Casanova did!

This the hottest machine designed for you to ride and for you to get your ultimate pleasure. Its saddle is comfortable, its attachments sleek and its vibrations perfect.

For couples? Well, obviously give your partner the controls. Play with each other.

And darlings, if you’re feeling really brave you can see the Sybian machine in actual use… Just have a look online for Brittaney Starr cumming on one… You’ll see how this orgasm machine destroys women and vulva owners.

Finally, to see the machine in action without anyone sitting on it? To see how much that attachment vibrates? There’s a Sybian machine video on Youtube (5). Baby, watch how it’s going to make you fly! Ohhhh, I love it!

Don’t be scared, the trick is to start slowly. And did you remember the other thing I keep saying? USE LUBE! My advice is to increase vibrations and speed after you are thoroughly aroused on a slow setting.


So there you have it, the complete down-low on the ultimate sex machines ever! I think it’s obvious which is best… the Lovehoney Cowgirl. For me, it’s the wide range of settings, the 360-degree rotation, the comfortable padded seat, and how sleek it looks.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt between my legs without even turning it on. You can lube it up and ride it before even flicking that orgasm-ready switch on.

For body shattering masturbation the Cowgirl physically rocks your world. It will make you sweat, scream, and give you multiple orgasms even if you think you can’t have them – trust me, you will.

And finally, if you use one with your lover, this machine will give you the chance to put on the noisiest, sluttiest, most ecstatic sex show ever!

All I can say is that if you’re looking for the most powerful orgasm of your life, you’ve found it! Why wouldn’t you get that today?!


What is the best position for using a Sybian-style sex machine?

The best position for a Sybian style sex machine is you on top. You sit on it and choose to stay still, grind, or bounce.

Can a Sybian-style sex machine be used with a partner?

Yes, of course a Sybian-style machine can be used with a partner. 

In fact, if you have a lover, you must try it with them! If you’re in a relationship where you like watching each other naked and gasping, then you’ll love using the machine together. Also, your partner can take over the remote to control your stimulation settings.

Should I be using lube when using the Sybian Sex Machine?

Hell yes! Lube is essential! I mean, you can try it without but it starts too dry. 

You want the attachments and vibrations to feel slippery and delicious inside and out. Lube does that and increases your chance of orgasm!