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Last Updated on November 22, 2023

Best Sex Toy Mount

Are you into sex toys? They’re popular for a reason. Over 50% of Americans own a sex toy and many can’t wait to expand their collection (1).

We say the best way to make the most of your favorite toy is to find something to mount it onto (or into) for new layers of fun you have yet to discover!

But how to choose the ideal sex toy mount to make your mischief sessions sexier, sensual, and most importantly totally satisfying?

How do you pick a dildo mount when there are so many?

Let us help you find the most rideable sex toy mount for you.

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Top Dildo Mounts for Women

Tula Mount Toy

This Liberator mount is the ultimate toy mount if you’re the adventurous type. The world’s a hot spot for madness at the moment and the Tula Mount is the perfect solution to get your mind off it!

This sex toy mount has two mounting pockets to make your p-spot or g-spot the hot spot for a crazy climax!

It accommodates up to two of your rideable sex toys. Got a rabbit vibrator and dildo? (see Womanizer Inside Out and Womanizer Duo review). Use them both.

This is a sex toy pillow designed to suit all body shapes and sizes. It’s especially great if you have limited flexibility due to the height.

This is the perfect sex toy mount for putting on a show.

Click here to pair Tula with recommended sex toy!

How To Use It?

To use the Tula sex toy mount, leave your shyness at the door.

It brings a variety of position options. You can straddle it, use it in doggy position, and lay over it on your front or back. Have a partner? Watch each other play as you enjoy screwing your hands free sex toys together.

As with all the Liberator sex toy mounts, it has a microfiber cover so after you’ve finished slathering it in sex stains, shove it in the wash. Check out our black friday best sex toys!

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Liberator Pulse Sex Toy Mount

With all the extra time we had at the start of the year, New Zealand put this mount to great use; sex toy sales tripled at the start of lockdown! (2)

Ready to put your time into self-pleasure?

Let me tell you about this little number. The Liberator Pulse mount is a sexy toy sensation. It’s the product for you if you like to grind, ride and rock. It’s all about a fantastic solo screw. An excellent gift for your wife if she’s into dildos.

It has two pockets for smaller vibrators, so it’s an absolute thrill for women’s clitoral stimulation and penetration.

For men? A dream for self-pegging.

And by the way… click here to pair Pulse with my favorite sex toy!

How To Enjoy It...

This Liberator dildo mount is made from high-density foam and can be used to straddle and ride during masturbation. Really focus on rocking your hips. Slip a bullet vibrator in one of the pockets for extra pleasure!

Alternatively, flip it and lean over it. This gets you into a wonderful doggy position.

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


To get the most from your mount, spice it up!

Did you know that women have an increase in blood flow and lubrication to their vagina during REM sleep?

Morning masturbation can help you take advantage of all that pent-up sexual energy. (Personally, it’s my favorite) 

There’s also a scientific reason behind morning glory.

I’ll explain that in a bit…

If you’re not involved with a penis-owner or just love penetration, then you’ll want the Avant.

A dildo hand-crafted by a woman who had girth in mind. (Because ladies, we all know how it feels to get really stretched!)

And by the way… click here to pair the Avant with my favorite toy mount!

To Make The Most Of Your Avant...

The Avant is a suction-cup dildo.

If you haven’t tried one, you should. You can stick it onto flat surfaces and ride away, hands-free!

Options are endless: doors, floors, walls, the side of the bathtub. They particularly come into their own in the bathroom. Stick it on the shower wall and give yourself some doggy-style.

Run a bath for your partner, pour them a glass of Shiraz and play exhibitionist.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


This Liberator dildo mount will give you Wings. You’ll be flying soon enough!

Did you know women orgasm more during masturbation than sex ? (3) Why not improve your sexual life with the Liberator Wing, which can also make sex with your partner even better?

It has a pocket for your favorite dildo… and guess what, for penetrative sex?

The Wing sex cushion is one of the top products for investigating new angles with your partner. I especially like it under my hips for g-spot stimulation! It also provides excellent support for your head, neck, and spine.

The foam is firm but soft enough to feel great under your hips and butt. It’s one of the best mounts for egg vibrators.

Check out the reviews yourself!

And… Click here to pair the mount with my favorite toy!

How To Use Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being “filled up”, is there?

The Wing is one of the greatest mounts if you want double penetration from your dildo and partner.

Put it under your butt in missionary; it’s especially great for g spot access.

Amazing for use in all positions, it takes the pressure off your knees and is the obvious option for couples.

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Wanda Magic Wand Toy Mount

The Magic Wand is celebrating its 50 year anniversary! (5

To celebrate, Liberator made a toy mount especially designed for the Magic Wand (arguably the most popular vibrator in the world). 

After searching through so many versions to choose from, you finally found your own spell-binding pussy pleaser, and now you want more.

For the dream sex life with a wand, frankly… you need a mount. And a matching dildo.  Make sure you don’t get the one that does not fit!

Click here to pair the toy mount with my favorite toy!

Why Liberator Wanda?


This Liberator toy mount will turn you into a quivering mess.

You won’t even need your hands to cast the wand’s spells, so you can use your fingers elsewhere. If not convinced just yet, read my extended review of the Liberator Wanda.

Ever tried pinching your nipples while you masturbate? Trust me… 😉

Check also out our guide to the best dildo furniture!

How To Use It?

You wanna see stars?

Just slide the magic wand into the pocket and straddle the mount.

Then grind against it like the world’s on fire!

Ladies’ tip? If you have a partner, get them to do you from behind as you press your clit onto the vibrating wand.

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best Hands Free Pleasure For Men

Fleshlight Top Dog

For the men who prefer to get it on more than jacking off, you’re going to love the Fleshlight Top Dog.

This sex toy mount turns your daily jerking sessions from boring to boning.

Get on your knees, grab the Top Dog’s “hips” and think of the sexiest person you’d like to get in this position.

I almost forgot to mention the Morning Glory! The reason your boners are strongest in the AM is that testosterone levels are naturally higher in the morning (4).

The Top Dog is great if you want a more realistic side to your solo sex life. Try giving it the old “Morning Glory” 😉

Get your fleshlight from any good online adult store.

Lovehoney and SheVibe have amazing toys to suit everyone. Click here to check my partner’s favorite.

How To Use It?

Insert your favorite fleshlight into the foam core, lube yourself up, and enjoy!

It’s 14.5 inches tall, so use it on the floor, or on a coffee table or a desk for standing position.

The lovely faux-leather cover wipes clean after you’re done making a mess. 

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Fleshlight On a Mission

This is an incredible Liberator sex toy mount for a fleshlight user.

It makes masturbation feel more like sex, and helps develop those muscles you need to really give it to your partner!

Orgasms release all those fuzzy chemicals in our brains that make you feel amazing, so it’s worth venturing into an online adult shop to invest in a fleshlight.

The Fleshlight on a Mission not only makes masturbation more fun, it helps you relieve your stress.

It comes with a base cover made from faux leather, and it’s soft but firm to pump against.

Plus, it doubles as a positioning pillow for couples play!

Recommended Toy: Fleshlight Pink Lady 

How To Enjoy It?

This is a wonderful Liberator sex mount if you’re into missionary.

It’s also one of the ultimate male sex products for guys in monogamous relationships. Get this… you can penetrate the fleshlight while going down on your lover. Or, penetrate it while being penetrated. Ohhh, yeah!

Always hitting 5 stars in customer reviews, find out for yourself…

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Zolo (Budget Choice)

This gorgeous-looking fleshlight auto-stroker comes with a suction base so that you can stick it to flat surfaces.

Enjoy pulling yourself off all around the house!

It feels fantastic on doors (try pulling the door open and shut against your dick).

The Zolo is easy to clean and suctions to most surfaces.

It has a wonderful, comfortable grip 10 speeds and a rechargeable, gyrating, squeezing auto-jacking machine inside, it feels like you’re having sex with a pleasure robot.

 Absolutely perfect for when you get tired of just using your hand!

Useful Tip?

Mount this to the shower wall and let the water take you to pleasure town.

Or if your partner has a penis, get into 69 position and use the Zolo instead of your mouth! No more sore jaws!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

The Fleshlight Shower Mount

This is the dream mount if you love getting wet. Get your best orgasms in the bathroom. The Fleshlight Shower Mount and adapter means you get the cleanest, easiest wank around.

You don’t even have to touch yourself. And guess what?

It’s so easy to clean. Just rinse it out with water when you’re done!

Enjoy your showers more with your favorite fleshlight! (My boyfriend loves giving it to his Riley Reid model)

This toy mount is one of the ultimate products for men who appreciate some supreme self-loving!

For An Amazing Wank...

Simply attach the suction base to a flat surface, insert your fleshlight and discover every hands-free angle you could want.

Feel the water cascade over your body while you thrust away.

Introduce your partner into the scenario. Playing voyeur when you have a sex toy will soon be your favorite lockdown pastime.


Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Still haven’t found your perfect toy mount? Build our own DIY dildo mount!

Things to consider when choosing a sex toy mount.

  • Is it for a vibrator dildo, magic wand, or fleshlight?
  • What’s your favorite position for masturbation and sex?
  • Will you use it alone or with a partner?
  • Would you like to use your sex toy mount as a sex pillow too?
  • Do you want it for singular or double penetration?
  • Are you up for experimenting?   

Keep these questions in mind
as you read on…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Use A Sex Toy Mount?

You can use a sex toy mount alone or with a partner.

Sex toy mounts elevate sex from everyday to a little kinky. Whether you want it sleazy or sensual, you’ll have the ultimate support for your toys and earth-shattering orgasms.

Dildo mounts have especially designed pockets to position your dildos or a magic wand inside and hump against (check out the best bluetooth vibrating panties too). 

A Liberator sex toy mount can also often double up as a sex pillow. They’re amazing for additional body support and penetration. In some reviews users actually refer to it as the best type of pillow for sex, as it’s more functionally diverse than regular sex pillows.

You can enjoy sex toy mount pillows on either the floor or bed. Sex toy mounts tend to be firm and won’t sink into your mattress. Take it to the living or dining room for additional fun.

Also: Using sex toys on a sex seat feels insanely good! That’s the sort of screwing you want.

Most importantly? They’re a product that is designed for everyone!

Find also out how to use wall mounted sex toys.

Where To Mount A Sex Toy Pussy?

A sex toy mount for fleshlights can be placed anywhere the suction will stick.

Flat surfaces are best. Try tables, walls, cupboard doors, and pretty much any surface in the bathroom! They feel great on a door because you can pull it towards you rather than you having to do all the pumping.



Liberator Pulse

Pulse Sex Toy Mount

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!