25 Sexy Valentine's Gifts
Last Updated on August 25, 2023

25 Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Kink, play, and pleasure are a hell of a lot more exciting than flowers and chocolate. If you’re feeling a little less rom-com and a little more NSFW on this lover’s holiday, reach for any of these Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Don’t be surprised when you’re tempted to skip food and a movie just for a little extra playtime. You may even just find yourself a little tied up. These sexy gift ideas will be the beginning of a very fun, very long date night. 

Take your romantic night to the next level with a fantasy box full of fun ideas that’ll set the mood. Explore the links provided for the shop containing gifts you can’t resist.

valentines bedroom white bed cover with rose buds


For Him


Manta Vibrating Stroker

Vibes’re up in the air.
Click to f**k your Lover!

Joy of the Giver
Joy of the Taker
Overall Score

For Her


Womanizer Premium

Spoil your Lover with Premium Pleasure!

Read my review >> 

Joy of the Giver
Joy of the Taker
Overall Score

For Them


Spinning Sex Swing

Bounce and let your kinky fantasies swing you!

Joy of the Giver
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Sexy Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Men are just as excited as women, for Valentine’s Day gifts. And these are worth him getting his hopes up.

The following sexy Valentine’s gifts are organized by budget. Don’t worry, sexy doesn’t have to be pricey!


Sexy funny valentines gifts: LHM Leopard Print Thong for Men

Go wild with LHM Leopard Print Thong for Men. This little number will help him unleash his inner animal or become Tarzan swinging from the posts of the bed.

Gear up with massage oil and take these thongs to a whole new level.

These thongs are guaranteed to show off his best ASSets and pronounce his package. So he’ll look appealing (and appetizing!) from all angles. That’s if he’s bold enough to commit to this look, it’ll make for a great icebreaker.

At the very least, you’ll both have a good laugh.

Sex Paddle for your Valentine: Bondage Boutique Furry Spanking Paddle

Sex paddles from Bondage Boutique are a classic (click here to check out)! Dominant or submissive, your partner is going to love the high-quality feel of a good spanking.

The kinky truth of this great gift is that it’s just an excuse to treat your woman to a sensual massage post spanking!

From faux leather, the real deal, fur, multi-textured, to satin – these sex paddles are guaranteed to make it clap! The handles are built for a comfortable grip and no slip.

Bent over or tied up, just be sure you both have a safe word!

Fulfilling Fantasies Gift: THRUST Pro Ultra Holly Realistic Vagina 16.9oz

Tease and please your man with the THRUST Pro, a realistic-looking and feeling vagina sex toy.

Give him the threesome that he’s too afraid to admit he wants. But be careful, this little goodie might just steal the show. Hold it next to you while in doggy position for double the pleasure.

Ideal for foreplay, let him use this while watching you please yourself. There are so many creative and relaxing ways to enjoy an extra hole in the bedroom.

Be my Valentine? Silky Tie-Ups

What’s a romantic valentine’s gift list without restraints? Silky Tie-Ups are a comfortable and luxurious way to safely tie up your bed buddy. The material is smoother than soy milk. But you’ll still feel perfectly restrained.

Be in control or let him take the reigns for the evening. Offering 48 inches of possibilities you can tie him to the corners of the bed for full-body access. Or have your partner tie your wrists to your ankles for a position you both can’t get enough of.

Want to be more adventurous with your BDSM tools, Silky Tie-Ups is the perfect complement to the Best Bondage Kit. These uncommon goods serve as powerful aphrodisiacs. Naughty gifts and ideas like these are the perfect way for lovers to indulge in a true BDSM Valentine’s day!


Kinky valentines day gifts for husband: Blowmotion Stroking Beaded Male Masturbator

Put your money where your mouth is with the Blowmotion Masturbator.

Pleasure is equally distributed around the entire shaft as the beads massage until he climaxes.

Give your jaw a rest while letting him finish exactly how he likes.

Wet and wild valentines gift: Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Value Pack

Make the fun last longer! With the Fleshlight Stamina Training, you’ll have her eyes rolled back and toes curled.

Prepare the Valentine’s mood by getting plenty of practice with what feels like the real deal!

Lube up and get ready for lift-off with flesh-like suction and unlimited rounds to train you to keep up.

Best sexy valentines day gifts for boyfriend: Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Stroker

Guaranteed to get the party started, the Fun Factory Manta Vibrator Stroker is the ideal foreplay.

With six different speeds and vibration patterns, you’ll have him rock hard and ready in no time.

$150 +

Gift for sensual touch & tickle play: Stainless Steel Small Faux Silver Fox Tail Butt Plug

Prepare for butt play while also tapping into his animal sense with the Stainless Steel Faux Silver Fox Tail Butt Plug.

18.5 inches of genuine fox tail makes for a realistic tail and can also double as tickle play to tease him even more. Surprise him with a tail wag and the most erotic Valentine invitation he’s ever received.

Spice things up with forbidden, animal love crave games. Tease him by wearing it around the house leading up to hours of fun.

Sexy Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Now it’s her turn!


Great sexual gift for your girlfriend: Colorplay Color-Changing Nipple Suckers

Keep her stimulated with Silicone Nipple Suckers. Please your goddess from head to toe, making sure no part of her goes untouched (find out more).

While you’re busy touching, teasing, and tasting, Lovehoney Nipple Suckers stay securely attached giving a real mouthfeel and keeping her turned on all day.

Pro tip: Don’t use massage oil when applying nipple suckers!

Sensual gifts for Valentine’s: Kama Sutra Ignite Massage Candle 6 oz

The fastest way to your woman’s heart (and body) is through the ambiance. Fill the room with pleasurable scents and lustful lighting with a Kama Sutra Ignite Massage Candle.

As the wax from the candle melts it transforms into sweet massage oil that you can safely pour onto her body for a deep-tissue massage. Make sure to give her a proper rub down so she’ll be limber and flexible.

This multipurpose candle brings the romance and the heat!

Sexy clothes valentines gifts: Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Cut-Out Chemise Set

The Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Cut-Out Chemise Set is a cute Valentine’s gift that keeps on giving.

Featuring a peek-a-boo backside, this sultry chemise pairs perfectly with sheer, lace, or fishnet thigh-high stockings and your highest heels.

The chemise features a comfortable boned bustier to keep the girls lifted and perky. Wear this sexy lingerie every time you want to reminisce on your naughty Valentine’s.

No need to search for other lingerie, with a simple silk robe this naughty number turns cute and romantic.


Lover's Gift Box : The Rose Wave Stimulator

Inside this special heart-shaped gift box is a special toy guaranteed to be one gift neither you nor your partner will soon forget.

Surrounded by a decorative bouquet of roses, the versatile Bloomgasm Rose is a fun and exciting way to celebrate a day of love.

This rose-shaped smooth silicone clit stimulator, made with body-safe silicone, is completely waterproof and designed with airtism technology that provides the perfect clit-sucking stimulation to drive her wild.

With three levels of intensity and seven patterns, this fantastic toy will allow you to give her the mind-blowing pleasure she deserves this Valentine’s Day.

Sexy classy valentines gifts: Womanizer Premium

Spoil your lady with the go-to clit teaser. The Womanizer Premium comes with 12 sucking settings that will make her peak within minutes.

Though this toy is discreet, we can’t promise that her reaction to it will be. Turn her orgasm into a game and see how many you can win!

No need to search for the stubborn G-spot. This cool toy takes care of the best spot. Here’s a full review of the Womanizer Premium.

Best gift for the bondage + BDSM: Talea Spreader Bar

The Talea Spreader Bar may be the most exciting on our list of gift ideas. As one of the best bondage gifts you can give to anyone, this one lets you explore new positions like the Mouse Trap, Emperor, and Bound Butterfly.

The restraint aspect is guaranteed to turn you both on. The spreader bar can be comfortably used for hours.

The cushioned details are great for BDSM beginners and exploring an adult game.

Want to explore more of how far you and your partner can take it? Check out the Talea Spreader Bar Full Review for tips, tricks, and benefits.

Vibrating Love Eggs: Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Rechargeable Love Egg Vibrator

Make her legs shake with the Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Rechargeable Love Egg Vibrator. Shaped perfectly for her most sensitive spots–the pleasure may be hers but the power is in your hands.

Navigate the settings of the vibrator directly on your mobile app for hands-free satisfaction.

This is one of several of our Favorite Vibrating Eggs for Ultimate Pleasure.

$150 +

We’ve made shopping for sexy Valentine’s gifts easy! Worry not, these options make for an unforgettable, romantic, sensual experience.

Hot Valentine’s gifts for wife: Le Wand Mini Pleasures Kit

Meet all of her needs on this lover’s holiday with the Le Wand Mini Pleasures Kit.

Featuring a double-ended stainless steel pleasure rod and a mini vibrator-no part of who pleasure zones should remain untouched.

Stimulate her from front to back for a toe-curling climax.

Naughty Valentine’s Day gifts for her: LoveBotz Thrust-Bot Handheld Multi-Speed Sex Machine

Take her all the way with the LoveBotz Thrust-Bot Handheld Multi-Speed Sex-Machine.

With the stamina of a superhero, this machine has made it its business to give multiple orgasms. Great for double penetration and the threesome fantasy of your dreams.

Sex machines aren’t only for the ladies. Discover the 7 Best Sex Machines for Men, too!

Best BDSM spanking gifts: Prelude Bench Queen Black Label

Bend her over the Prelude Bench Queen to give her what she’s begging for!

This modern, BDSM furniture is equipped with hidden restraints for a variety of tying up, tying down, teasing, and torture.

Bring the fun back to the relationship with all the ways you can use the Bench Queen.

See the full review here.

Need more options? Take your night of kink to the next level with any of these Best Spanking Benches!

Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

Ready to explore the sexual possibilities with someone you love and trust? Here are the top sexy Valentine’s gifts for you and your beau.


Sexual valentines day gifts: Oral sex game

It’s all fun and games until someone cums. The Oral Sex Game is the ultimate mood-setting game where finishing means winning.

Roll the dice, move your piece, pull a card, and see what fate has in store for you and your partners. The nastier the better.

Sexy Adult Games: Tracey Cox Supersex Sex Position Card Deck

Ready to try something new but don’t know where to start?

This Sex Position Card Deck offers instructions and visuals to get things hot and steamy really quickly.

With 50 different positions and 10 categories, you’re odds of multiple orgasms on Valentine’s Day just skyrocketed!


Best BDSM gifts: Bondage Boutique Black Rose Under Mattress Restraint Kit

Know exactly what you want to do to her?

Gear up with the Bondage Boutique Black Rose Under Mattress Restraint Kit to make both of your fantasy’s come true.

Lie her back in full restraints as you tease, torture, and please her from head to toe.

Dominate or be dominated-there is a pair of Best Sex Handcuffs for everyone.

Adult valentines gifts: Wanda Magic Wand Toy Mount

Use as a couple or for some solo fun, the Wanda Magic Wand Toy Mount allows you to rediscover the possibilities with your toys.

Search all the Wanda has to offer within this full review and the Best Dildo Mounts here.

Best sexy valentines day gifts: BonBon Sex Toy Mount

Elevate masturbation, enhance your orgasm, and reach new sexual heights with the BonBon Sex Toy Mount.

Suitable for vibrators, dildos, and wands–your lustful wish is this mount’s command!

Get more from this mount by ditching the toy and using the mount for new positions.

Bend, straddle or lean over the BonBon for ease of access and deeper penetration.

Discover new ways to get off in the full BonBon Sex Toy Mount Review.

$150 +

Sex Swing: Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing

Dare to roll the dice by slipping into this Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing!?

The position (and orgasm) possibilities are endless. Thrust deeper and reach the G-spot with ease. Plus–it’s fun!

For more of the Best Sex Swings & Slings, check out our guide here.

Vibrating gift for couples: KIIROO Titan and Cliona Couples Set

Turn on and tease your partner from anywhere at any time with the KIIROO Titan and Cliona Couples Set.

With 11 intensity levels and 4 vibrational settings, you can make your partner cum without lifting a finger.

Sex pillow for plus size: Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo

All women deserve comfort and pleasure when exploring their fantasies. The Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo Lets you get into multiple positions with ease so you feel supported and confident.

Discover how you can have the pleasure you want with this little helper in the Liberator Wedge Review.

This pillow is exceptional if you are a new mom and are searching for safe ways to have intercourse again.

Want to see how far your beautiful body can go? Here is the Hottest Plus Size Sex Furniture Options to keep you coming every time.

Divan Black Label Combo

Lay them down on a bed of roses, or even better, the luxurious velvet Divan Black Label Combo.

Talk about an extravagant valentines gift. Your sex life will change forever, and you’ll be so happy it did.

But seriously, if you’re looking to turn the level of your sexy adventures, look no further. The best part is it can easily blend into your regular furniture.

With multiple colours to choose from, all stunning, btw. This is great for any level of play.

Either use it for some high-level BDSM fun by taking advantage of all the clips for all your restraints, or use the space and pillows to get those super sexy, gymnastic-level sex positions you only see in porn.

Whether you have a sex dungeon, a sex room or just some extra space in your house, this stunning piece of furniture is panty wettingly good.

Sex so good you’ll never use your bed again; check it out!

And if you want to know more about the bed, read our full Liberator Divan Daybed review!


Personal favs!

If you want to be hand-fed your options–here are some personal favs.

More to Choose From

Pleasure is personal. So if you didn’t find what you were looking for here, check out our other sexy gift guides on the best bedroom goodies. Guides include links to the site for easy shopping.

We wish you a sexy, safe, and satisfying Valentine’s Day!