liberator esse vs tantra chair comparison
Last Updated on May 23, 2023

Tantra Chair vs Liberator Esse:
Which Should You Buy in 2024?

Is your sex life getting dull? Have you run out of ways to blame it on your partner? Are you dreaming of new sex positions? Are you tired of all these questions? If you answered yes, then buying a sex chair could be just what you need.

Sex furniture makes it easier to try new sexual positions and can lead to more pleasure for both partners during both penetrative sex and oral sex. The Liberator Esse Chaise and Tantra Chair are two of the most popular sex wedges on the market.

In an act of sheer journalistic selflessness, I tried both of these out to let you know whether the Esse Lounger or the Tantra chair is the better option. So let’s get into it.

Why the Best Sex Furniture is Worth Investing In

Before I get into a head’s up comparison between the Tantra Chair and Liberator Esse, I just want to take a quick second to review why these kinds of products are worth considering purchasing in the first place.

Sex chairs are specially-made pieces of furniture that are designed to give you and a partner the ability to enjoy one another in more positions. They can help to make good sex great and improve your overall sexual health and well-being.

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What Features Do the Tantra Chair and Liberator Esse Have in Common?

Both of these sex benches are designed to make your favorite sex positions easier to reach and help you and your partner explore new positions. With either piece of sex furniture, you can get deeper penetration in different positions to take your sex up a notch.

Both of these sex chairs are also designed to withstand whatever fluids might come out during a night of raucous lovemaking. From lube and semen to spit and more exotic fluids, both the Esse lounger and the Tantra Chair can help you find and surpass your physical limitations without getting stained.

Both chaise lounge options use a similar design as well. Whether you prefer Liberator Chaises or the faux leather of the Tantra Chair, you’re getting a piece of sex furniture that offers largely the same curved design either way.

That being said, there are areas where each piece of sex furniture shines more than the other. I’ve highlighted those differences between the sex chairs throughout the rest of this review.

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Tantra Chair Pros and Cons

kamasutra chair



Liberator Esse Pros and Cons

Esse Lounger



How Do You Use Sex Furniture? How Do You Clean It?

Let’s be honest: sex chairs are pretty self-explanatory.

You get on them with your partner and try out whatever sex position you want, such as doggy style, flip stage, reverse cowgirl, or even joint masturbation.

There’s no wrong way to use one of these chairs while trying out new positions.

That being said, there are plenty of explainor videos and graphics that you can find on the internet if you need help.

Esse Lounger black label

Some are available on each company’s website, while others can be found on forums and pornography sites. There’s plenty to explore in both oral sex and your penetrative sex life.

Cleaning one of these products after sex is pretty straightforward as well.

With the Liberator, you can remove the cover and moisture proof liner from the high density foam to put it in the washing machine and have it come out as good as new.

With the Tantra Chair, you can wipe it down with any standard faux leather cleaner. The maple feet and faux leather are designed withstand moisture and stains. So you should be able to enjoy your sex however you want and clean up the bed, pillows, and bedroom with your chair fairly easily.

What Are the Biggest Flaws of the Liberator Sex Furniture and Tantra Chair?

Tantra chair

Both the Liberator and Tantra Chair are great products that can help you and your partner expand your sex life off of the bed and into whatever new position you want to try on any given day.

However, there are some downsides to these products and sex chairs in general.

The biggest potential downside to keep in mind before purchasing any Liberator or Tantra sex product (black label or not) is that every couple experiences these differently.

For example, you may not be comfortable on the Liberator while completing the position you really want to try.

You may only be able to use the furniture for a certain position like doggy style, or you may be able to use it for whatever you want. This depends on you and your partners’ sizes and how you enjoy having sex.

However, you can sometimes add things like a smaller pillow to adjust your comfort and get more value out of whatever piece of sex furniture you decide to purchase.

How Do the Liberator Esse Chair and Tantra Chair Compare in Price?

The basic Liberator Esse Chair is more affordable than the standard Tantra Chair, which is one of the more expensive pieces of sex furniture on the market (think $$$).

However, there are multiple Liberator products to choose from — including the company’s black label design. Black label Liberator products can be just as expensive as the Tantra Chair and feature solid construction that match the Tantra Chair’s wooden sturdiness.

The bottom line is that if you’re shopping for the base version of both products, the Liberator Esse will be more affordable. But if you want more advanced Liberator sex furniture, it may or may not still be more affordable than the Tantra Chair.

Liberator Esse vs. Tantra Chair: Here's Which One I Think You Should Buy

The truth is that both the Liberator Esse and Tantra Chair can be good pieces of sex furniture for different couples. My wife and I preferred the Tantra Chair more because it looks and feels like a much higher-quality product. But we’ve also had a lot of fun on the Liberator Esse, even if that’s not our go-to model.

So, what are the final words on the subject?

You can use either the Liberator or the Tantra Chair, and you should really laying on both before purchasing if you’re able to do so. But, seeing as many people won’t be able to do that, you can try watching demo videos of couples actually using each chair to see which one may be a better fit for you and your partner.

comparison Tantra Chair vs Liberator Esse

To reiterate, the main difference is that the base model Liberator is cheaper and it feels that way, whereas the Tantra Chair is more expensive and it also feels that way. So your best option could also just come down to how much you’re willing to spend.

The bottom line is that my wife and I were able to use both products to enhance our sex life and we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to do the same. You may just have to play around with whichever product you choose a few times before you unlock its full potential. And that’s not such a bad thing, is it?


What is the Tantra Chair?

The Tantra Chair is a brand of sex furniture and specific product. It’s similar to a chaise lounge, but has been specially designed to open up new sexual possibilities for you and your partner.

What is the Liberator Esse?

The Liberator Esse is a specific sex chair product made by Liberator. It’s designed to be used in a variety of sexual positions to provide between experiences for both males and female partners.

Liberator makes other sex furniture options as well. These range in price, construction, and design, which gives you some flexibility over finding the specific type of sex furniture that is right for you and your partner.

Can sex furniture improve my relationship?

Sex furniture may have a positive impact on your relationship. It’s designed to help bring you and your partner closer to one another sexually.

When you make each other feel better in the bedroom, that can transition out into the real world, helping each of you to feel more satisfied in the relationship as a whole.

However, it would be a mistake to rely on a piece of sex furniture to solve more serious relationship challenges. These products (and sex toys in general) are not a substitute for couples counseling, if you think you need it.

But they are worth trying if you’re interested in spicing the relationship up and believe that a lack of sexual satisfaction could be contributing to some of your problems.

Where to buy tantric chairs?

You can purchase tantric chairs online, across many different vendors. Most companies (including Tantra Chair and Liberator) sell their sex furniture directly on the company website. But they’re also available on most websites that sell sex toys and even on Amazon.

When shopping, it’s good to review prices on multiple sites before making the purchase. This will help you verify that you’re getting the best deal possible, as retail costs can fluctuate on different models throughout the year.

How do I hide my tantric chair from guests?

Unlike other sex toys, you may not need to hide your tantric chair from guests. Companies like Tantra Chair and Liberator purposefully make furniture that looks good in the bedroom so that you can use it for sex when you want, and leave it stationary afterward without anyone being the wiser.

That being said, you probably don’t want anyone trying to sit on the furniture that you and your partner annihilated with your loving the night before. So it’s not a bad idea to stash the furniture in a closet or some other out-of-the-way location like the garage until your guests are gone.