Urethral Toys
Last Updated on October 2, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Urethral Toys

Okay, you just saw the title – and perhaps you are on the squeamish side and wondering why anyone would do this to their body. But don’t worry, sex toys intended for urethral sounding are not as scary as people initially think.

With urethral sounding, you insert a thin plug into your urethra for sexual pleasure. Although this may look like a medieval torture device, trust me – it should be anything but this.

Urethral sounding can be perfectly safe when done right with the right type of urethral sex toys and following our safety tips. And if you haven’t tried this yet, I am not telling you that you absolutely should…

But if you’re looking to experience a new type of pleasure or even find great suggestions for urethral toys, you’ve come to the right place. Buckle up.

Our Hot Picks

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Penis Plug

Experience prostate massage with a penis plug!

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Master Series Silicone Urethral Sound Set

Get this 3-piece urethral sounding set for cheap!

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MyStim Thin Finn

Get started with sounding with this toy!

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Best for Deep Play: Urethral Dilator

If you want to experience deep urethral sounding, deep enough to stimulate your prostate, this penis plug by Lovehoney is the way to go.

It’s an affordable toy that can provide very intense stimulation (for more advanced users). Also, come on; it’s quite pretty as well.



Try out this urethral sound that guarantees intense prostate stimulation!

I saw this toy and decided to take a leap in trying it out. I thought that it would feel much different than it did, but then again how could you predict what something like this would feel like in the first place. This toy provided a very erotic experience into a new world of pleasure. The main things I would tell someone wanting to try this toy out is to use plenty of lube and go slow.
Bearded man with glasses
I've used it twice now. Both times my experience was painful. I suspect that this product is too large for me, I don't have a lot of girth so if you are one of those guys that doesn't have a lot of width then more than likely this product may be too large for you.
Man with ginger hair
Bought this a first experience. Found the diameter to be smaller than I thought, but overall quality and feel is very good. The only thing I would cha get about this product is the lack of curvature. Honestly found it a bit sharp due to the lack of curvature, otherwise it would be perfect. The ribed texture feels awesome.
Man with a beard

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Best for Beginners: Silicone Urethral Sound Set

If you haven’t experienced urethral play yet, this Silicone Urethral Sound Set should get you started.

Just please hide it from your snoopy kids.

If they find it, just tell them that it’s intended for artistic purposes since, in a way, it is.

Master Series Silicone Urethral Sound Set in a box



Get started with urethral sounding today!

These sounds are textured like the skin and veins of a real penis which make them uncomfortable. The texture is not very smooth so it makes them very ‘grippy’. I tried McKesson Lubricating Jelly, Surgilube, and HR Lubricating Jelly and the rods still felt too sticky. I even added a few drops of sterile water which made them slippery but still not comfortable. There is change in thickness at the half way point on each rod so be aware. I did care for it myself.
Man with a bun
I never played with sounds before buying these. When they came in I never thought I'd use more than the smallest one. The bigger ones looked scary. Once I got going I was amazed how easy even the biggest one slipped in. And then I added some external vibration with the Fun Factory Mantis. Oooh boy. I'm ready to play with more serious sounds.
Black man with a beard
These sounds dry out quickly and then it's very painful to extract from the penis. Buy stainless steel only!!!
Man with a beard

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Best for E-Stim: MyStim Thin Finn

Are you interested in experiencing something completely new? This toy is not only intended for urethral play. It’s also a heated sex toy.

You can make it cooler or warmer to experience a completely new sensation. It’s a two in one deal – what’s more convenient than that?

MyStim Thin Finn and the box it comes in



Experience the most innovative urethral toy today!

Great product that works very well. Unfortunately it wasn't clear that the connector to a power box is a very specific type that only fits Mystim power boxes and was therefore useless to me. I tried to return the item but Amazon prevents the return of this item - don't know why. So i decided to cut the connector off and solder on a standard 3.5mm jack - now it connects to all my power boxes just fine.
Man with short brown hair
This is huge. I mean HUGE. I've been sounding for a couple years now, but perhaps because of my overall size, this 8mm sound is just too large. I forgot the cardinal rules of sounding play, however, and accidentally ended up with some tearing when I tried. If you aren't certain that you can accommodate an 8mm sound, then you really should not buy this item. Trust me: 8mm is larger than you think.
Man with a beard and mustache

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Vibrating Urethral Sound by Master Series

Oh yes, there are vibrating urethral sounds as well – the legends are true.

This sound rod doesn’t only provide your regular urethral stimulation.

The vibrations that you can feel throughout are something that you haven’t experienced before.

Vibrating Urethral Sound by Master Series



Buy yourself this vibrating-sounding toy now!

Depending on where you are on your journey, this is pretty small. At top (the thickest) about the size of a ball point pen, that tapers down to half that size. The vibrating is good. The bad is it turns on by twisting the top, that is it! There is no button to turn it on, no varying speeds, nothing. So it really does suck because you either have to take top off and remove battery to turn it off, or twist it (the top) half way off. Then if you bump it, the dresser or where ever it is stored it turns on. So not a good design.
Man with a beard
Very well built, but, only concern is the sharp edge along the tip at the back side of the probe. I do not think it would cause injury, but a few moments in a lathe and touched up with 600 grit paper and it is smooth as glass. Just for my peace of mind only. I still do not think it would hurt you. Description states one AAA, but it takes 2. Vibrations are strong enough, not sure I get what others are talking about.
Bearded man with glasses
Vibration isn't as intense as I would like and the edges are a little rough at the tip but it's not an absolute waste still feels good
Man with a bun
I would have rated it higher if the AAA battery came with the product. There was nothing writen on the package to tell me what size I needed. I found out only by looking at the product description on Amazon. Which states "battery is included".
Man with longer hair and beard

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Best for Easy Insertion: Bolted Urethral Sounds

If you’re looking for sex toys that are easy to insert into your urethra, this sound set is the perfect choice for you.

It is perfect for beginners; Sounds are easy to insert with no pain… And, best of all – the sound set offers three different sizes.



Buy this affordable sound set today!

Absolutely perfect! Nice assortment of diameters and the length is amazing. Lube works and is a necessity. Bravo!
Man with ginger hair

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best for Intense Stimulation: Penis Plug with Glans Ring

If you’re looking for a unique toy for urethral play, this penis plug and cock ring combo is exactly that.

Don’t be fooled, I know it looks a bit… frightening perhaps.

Actually, it’s not a weird medieval device to keep your penis in a cage for all eternity. It’s intended to provide you pleasure.



Buy the prettiest penis plug out there!

Does what it should do. The penetrator slips in and out smoothly with no pinching and with the ring will stretch the foreskin foreward comfortably. Cons: Would like a much longer and larger sounding tip. The ring could be thicker.
Man with a beard
This was my first time using a penis plug. Went it easily with plenty of lube, and gave a nice feeling of fullness and stimulation when I moved. Only issue was the glans ring was too small to get over my penis, so made it difficult to insert the plug fully.
Man with a beard
The first one of these I received had a very tiny raised imperfection on the plug which I don't think would have been very good if I had not spotted it first. Lovehoney was great and got a replacement out to me the following day. If you have not done this type of play before, it may be a little big. Looks great.
Black man with a beard
This is fun to wear and suprisingly comfortable to leave in place and go about your daily business. It's fairly easy to fit when you're soft but impossible once you get hard. Don't get a hardon when you're wearing this and you're dressed as it gets quite painful when it's straining against your pants so you do need to get it out frequently to check everything is ok, well that's my excuse anyway ... ahem :o) I think for the smaller penis it would be perfect.
Man with short brown hair

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Best for BDSM: DOMINIX Deluxe Corkscrew

If you’re looking to get kinky – and by that, I mean kinkier than urethral sounding already is – this Dominix Deluxe Corkscrew is here for exactly that.

This one’s a cock cage with a metal urethral sound on it, making it as sure as possible that your wiener will not run away.

It’s a convenient toy for kinky stuff. No need to buy the sound and cage separately.



Lock your penis in this awesome cock cage today!

This three piece metal design consists of a hinged ring that goes round behind the testicales, a ringe cage design and a screw in urethral sound. Build quality is good here. The hinged ring is quite stiff. The cage itself is solid, slightly curved ring design. The rings allow you to easily keep the cage contents clean but it feels secure. This big issue I had was the size of the cage. I don't think of myself as having a small penis but this cage was a little too big for me. Finally the detachable urethral sound. This is a small pipe that goes in your, er, pipe. It screws into the tip of the cage to hold it in place. Ultimately this is a fun cage and the sounds adds a devilish element to it. The build quality is higher than the cheaper metal cages you can find elsewhere on the internet. However check the size before buying to make sure it is right for you.
Man with a beard and mustache
The cage has a nice weight to it which is good. The main issue for me is that I had a lot of spare room in the cage so if there was a shorter version I would probably get that. I tried this without the urethral sound insert and the first time trying this one was a bit clumsy and took a bit of fiddling about. I also found out the hard way that there are a few places that skin can get nipped and caught. However once on and in subsequent tests I found the weight to be very good and there were no major problems especially for short or medium term wearing. I tried this for an extended length and found it started to become uncomfortable in a not nice way, I even ended up catching my skin and getting a few cuts. The urethral sound is slightly curved to make wearing easier. Getting it in is a bit of a wiggle about and the end that enters is squared off so can feel very jaggy to the sensitive tissue inside. Overall this is an ok product for those who are perhaps experienced in urethral play.
Man with ginger hair

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Best for Experienced Players: Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit

Maybe you’ve gone through plenty of regular urethral sounds and want to spice it up and explore more with your body.

In that case, this Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit is a great choice for you. Although it looks like a musical instrument, yes, it’s a urethral sound.



Buy yourself this awesome Rosebud Sounding Kit today!

Very good sound for beginners and experienced alike. First time for me and the weight of the sound does all the work.
Man with longer hair and beard
A1 works as it should.
Bearded man with glasses

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What to Consider Before Buying Urethral Toys?

There are many different things to consider before buying urethral toys – including your preferred material, size, whether you’re a beginner or not, the type of stimulation that you’re looking for, and the features of the sex toy.


Which material do you feel would be the most comfortable for you? This is an important question to ask since when it comes to sex acts such as urethral sounding, your comfort and safety should take priority over everything else.


Size matters – at least when it comes to urethral sounds. And what matters size-wise is the width. A good size for beginners is usually between 0.2 to 0.35 inches, but everyone’s body is unique.

If you are more advanced, you can use a larger urethral sound. Length-wise, it’s good to start small as well and not force the toy too deep. Remember that you don’t need to insert the full length of the toy during your first few times; the kink gods will not punish you for this.


There are many different types of urethral sounds. These are the most well-known:

Hegar Sounds

Hegar sounds are a popular choice of urethral toys. They have uniform sizes throughout and also have a slight curve.

Rosebud Sounds

Rosebud sounds are very much what they sound like – pun intended. These urethral toys have a thin body with a much thicker oval tip at the end.

Dittel Sounds

Similarly to rosebud sounds, Dittel sounds have a flared tip to hold onto during the deed. The flare is a bit different, slightly more reminiscent of the flare of a butt plug.

Van Buren Sounds

Van Buren sounds are very versatile. In fact, they are used as surgical instruments. This type of urethral sound has a prominent curved shape, allowing you to explore several different sensations.

Pratt Sounds

Pratt’s urethral sounds are quite similar to Hegar’s sounds. However, the key difference is a slight flare about halfway through the instrument.

Hank sounds

Hank sounds are like a double-ended version of the Pratt sounds. They have two curves at both ends of the instrument.

Guyon sounds

Guyon urethral sounds have a similar shape to that of a question mark. These instruments have a very strong curve at one end – stronger than that of the Van Buren sounds.

Key Features

Consider the type of features that you would like in a urethral sound. If you’re a beginner, you may prefer soft materials such as silicone instead of metal. If you’re a more experienced sounding tool user, you should also look into vibrating or warming sex toys for urethral sounding.


The price of urethral sounds starts from about $20 and can go all the way up to hundreds of dollars, depending on the material, the brand, and other features.

There is someone for everyone’s budget. Before purchase, ensure that the material can be fully sterilized and it’s not cheap plastic, which may cause urinary tract infections.

Pros & Cons



How to Use the Urethral Toys?

The entire process of urethral sounding is supposed to be quite smooth – when done right. You should try to follow closely the following steps to make the process as safe as possible while also being very pleasurable:


When preparing for urethral sounding, the first thing to do is to pee. You read that right. This helps to clear out all of the potentially horny bacteria in the urethra. Ensure you’ve also sterilized your urethral sound or penis plug before use. Again, kill that horny bacteria on the surface of this toy. This is your session, not theirs.

Additionally, especially if you enjoy using urethral sounds, you should consider using lube. There are many different kinds of lubes that are safe for sounding.


When inserting the urethral toy into your urethral opening, do not force it in. If it’s too big, it’s too big, and you should try a smaller one first. Preferably insert the toy into a flaccid penis instead of an erect one.

Note that heavier urethral sounds are easier to insert due to their weight. If you feel any pain during the procedure, stop immediately, like on a Tinder date where the guy tells you that he enjoys frisbee golf (I am only half-kidding).

Once the urethral sound is in, you can explore different kinds of sensations by adding slight pressure on it and pulling it out a bit – very gently, of course. While the urethral sound is in, you should be comfortable and avoid walking around too much.

Moreover, as nice as it may sound, do not receive blow jobs, masturbate or have penetrative sex while wearing this sex toy. This may result in damage to your urethra and also makes it easier for unwanted bacteria to get in and have an orgy, causing an infection.


You can wear the urethral sound while it’s fully or partially inserted. The wearing of it can help you experience a very intense orgasm that’s unlike something you’ve ever experienced before.


To remove the urethral sound, if you have a penis, you should hold onto the base of your penis as you pull it out. It’s also advisable to wait until your penis is fully flaccid.

If you’re female-bodied, you should gently slide the toy out. In any case, if there is any pain or the toy gets stuck, head to the nearest emergency room and hope that they have a section for professionals to remove sex toys from people. Okay, I’m being dramatic. But don’t try any weird home remedies; it won’t work.

Additionally, regardless of your genitals, you should pee right after being done with urethral sounding. This flushes out all bacteria and lube from your urethra.


You should store your urethral sounds in a sanitary manner. This means that you should keep them away from dirty surfaces, dusty cabinets, and household pets. You don’t want dog drool in your urethra or bladder, trust me.

How to Clean Them?

To clean a sex toy intended for urethral sounding, you have to be a bit more cautious than with other sex toys. Warm water and mild soap aren’t sufficient, nor is a regular sex toy cleaner.

I suggest thoroughly washing your urethral toys using betadine solution or similar to ensure they are extremely clean. In addition to this, I recommend simply boiling these toys – but don’t add onions and carrots to the mix.

Moreover, you should also use rubber gloves when doing this – and this is for cleaning purposes, not kinky purposes. Your urethra will thank you.


If you’re curious, you should get a urethral toy for yourself today. Seriously. It’s a sensation worth exploring if you’re in need of trying something completely new in the bedroom – when taking the proper precautions given in this article.


What are urethral toys?

Urethral toys are intended to be inserted inside the urethra. Most of the time, these toys are meant for people with penises.

What is urethral sounding?

Urethral sounding is the insertion of a urethral toy inside the urethra. It can be done with tools of different shapes and sizes, including urethral sounds and penis plugs.

Is it painful?

It’s not supposed to be very painful. Initially, urethral sounding may sting slightly, but major pain is a big red flag, and you should immediately stop. After taking out the toy used for sounding, you may experience slight discomfort when peeing, but this shouldn’t be unbearably painful.

Is urethral sounding safe?

Urethral sounding is safe – when done properly and taking proper precautions. This includes starting with smaller toys and not forcing things inside when they don’t fit.

You should always sterilize the toys before insertion and take the insertion process slowly and gently – if you skip this, you risk urinary tract infections which are not sexy nor fun (trust me, I’ve been through it multiple times, although it was never caused by sounding).

On top of this, you should use a lubricant when sounding – there are ones specifically made for sound.

How much do urethral sounds cost?

Urethral sounds can cost anything from 20 dollars to hundreds of dollars if the toy is particularly fancy.

How does an inflatable urethral plug work?

An inflatable urethral plug works by first inserting the toy and then inflating it, which is usually done with a pump. This will make the plug slightly larger, dilating the urethra. Be aware that this toy is not to be used as a balloon.

Can I stimulate my prostate with a urethral sound?

You can stimulate your prostate with a urethral sound – but the urethral toy would have to be quite long. Moreover, you should take it slow with this one, almost as if it was the first time you were doing butt stuff. Don’t make prostate stimulation your goal for the first round.

How do urethral-sounding toys feel?

Urethral-sounding toys feel a little strange – at least at first. When you experience these new sensations, it feels like you have to pee.

Once you become more used to them, it can provide a completely new kind of pleasure. It’s kind of like eating watermelon with feta cheese – it sounds crazy at first, but it works (or maybe I’m just weird).

Can non-penis owners use urethral toys?

Non-penis owners can use urethral toys. However, vagina owners have a shorter urethra, so the toys cannot be inserted as deep. Additionally, female-bodied people can stimulate their g-spot during urethral sounding.

What is the best material for urethral toys?

The best material for urethral toys is stainless steel. This is because it’s the easiest material to sterilize fully, making it the most hygienic option.

How big are urethral sounds?

Urethral sounds are of various sizes – in length; most of them are from 7 inches to 12 inches. The width of the toy varies usually between 0.2 inches to 0.32 inches. Penis plugs, on the other hand, are usually much smaller than this.

How long is the urethra?

The urethra is about 7 to 8 inches long for people with a penis and about 1.5 inches long for people with a vagina.

Why use a urethral plug?

A urethral plug is used to provide stimulation by inserting this toy. There are different shapes and sizes of urethral plugs.

Do I need lubrication when inserting urethral sounds?

You should use lubrication when inserting urethral sounds. This makes the insertion more accessible, safer, and less painful. Look for lubes that are specifically intended for sounding.

Stay away from any numbing lubricants since not only does this prevent you from experiencing sensations, but it also makes any warning signs more difficult to detect.

How to use a multi-beaded urethral sound plug?

To use a multi-beaded urethral sound plug, much like a regular one, you simply insert it slowly into your urethra, one bead at a time. Make sure to use a lubricant when doing this, especially if you’re a beginner.

Can urethral sounds be used with electro-stimulation equipment?

Urethral sounds can be used with electro-stimulation equipment. There are plenty of toys available for this.

How far do urethral sounds reach into the body?

Urethral sounds can reach a bit further than the length of the urethra. This would be a bit under 10 inches for male-bodied people and two inches or less for female-bodied people.

Should my penis be erect when I insert a urethral sound?

Your penis should not be erect when you insert a urethral sound. You would still be able to insert the toy. Generally, with urethral inserts, the procedure is less likely to cause pain and discomfort when done to a flaccid penis.

How long can I keep urethral toys in?

You can keep urethral toys in for some time, usually around 15-20 minutes. This depends a lot on the toy. Some of them can be kept inside for slightly longer, but you should always be cautious. If you start feeling uncomfortable, proceed to remove the toy carefully.

Is urethral intercourse the same as urethral sounding?

Urethral intercourse is not the same as urethral sounding. In urethral intercourse, a finger or a penis is inserted into the urethra, whereas with sounding, the urethral stimulation is done with a specialized sex toy.

Be aware that urethral intercourse is extremely dangerous and should not be practiced unless you want a bladder infection or other urinary disorders.

What is the difference between a urethral sound and a penis plug?

The difference between a urethral sound and a penis plug is mainly the shape and length. A penis plug is usually shorter, while a urethral sound is frequently intended to go deeper into the urethra.

Can my partner give me a blowjob while I wear my urethral sound?

It is not recommended that your partner gives you a blowjob while you’re wearing your urethral sound. Especially rough blowjobs while wearing a toy may cause damage to your urethra.

Can I have sex while I wear a urethral sound?

It is not recommended to have sex while wearing a urethral sound. Especially with aggressive or rough penetration, this can severely damage your urethra, which is not very sexy.

Can I use a urethral sound anally to stimulate my prostate?

You should not use a urethral sound to stimulate your prostate anally. To experience prostate stimulation this way, please use a butt plug or a prostate massager.

Urethral toys are not flared, so they may slip inside and stay there. Then your physician, who’s already tired of removing sex toys from people’s bodies, has to take them out.

Can I use different sex toys at the same time as a urethral sound?

You can use different sex toys at the same time as a urethral sound. For example, you can use a cock ring or a cock cage, which is a form of a male chastity device.

Do I need to remove my urethral sound during orgasm?

You don’t need to remove your urethral sound during an orgasm. Depending on the type of toy that you’re wearing, your ejaculation may push it out.

Your toy may also block the ejaculate, which means that your ejaculate ends up in your bladder and will be pushed out the next time you pee. This is not dangerous, but it should not be practiced regularly.

What should I do if my urethral sound won't come out?

If your urethral sound doesn’t come out, you should see a medical expert and go to the hospital immediately. Please make sure no one you know is currently working in the emergency room.

Will using a urethral sound strengthen my orgasms or improve my erections?

Using a urethral sound can strengthen your orgasms indeed – by providing a completely new sensation, whether it’s a smaller urethral toy or one that can directly stimulate your prostate.

Urethral sounds can also make your penis bigger and stronger while wearing it, but it is not a replacement for using Viagra.

Can I use a urethral sound if I have a urethral piercing?

You can use a urethral sound if you have a urethral piercing, but make sure to take proper precautions when you do, such as using a lubricant. Additionally, you should not use urethral toys after getting a urethral piercing until the piercing has fully healed.

Can I make my urethral sound?

You should not make your urethral sound, as the material should be easily sterilizable. Moreover, you can get decent quality sounding toys for quite cheap.

Penis Plug

Penis Plug in a box

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!