Best Bean Bag for Sex guide
Last Updated on October 29, 2022

Sink Deep, Deep, Deeper... Into the Best Sex Bean Bag

There’s nothing better than relaxing with a good cup of coffee, is there?

Oh, hang on… How could I forget?

Fucking! Fucking is better than coffee, right? You won’t believe this, but coffee and sex are actually linked…

One study showed that men who drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day are less likely to get erectile dysfunction.(1)

And ladies? It’s great for breast health. (2)

Want to know the best way of relaxing comfortably?

A good chair, one that you can have amazing orgasms on after a strong cup of coffee with your hard dicks and healthy tits!

Let me introduce you to bean bag sex furniture. It’s a fun and comfy way to get down. I’ll reveal the best positions soon enough

For now, have a little read and decide which you think is the king of bean bag chairs!


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On a Budget

The best giant bean bag chair for your money is the Jaxx Cocoon beanbag. It’s very similar to the Zeppelin Cocoon (read on below!) chair but the cover is made with microsuede.

This soft and plush material makes cleanup easy after a vigorous… ahem… Netflix binge.

It’s filled with polyurethane micro-cushions which are extremely comfortable to lie on.

Great if you want cozy, but to be completely honest, if you want body support during intimate moments then you’re better off going for the Zeppelin Cocoon below.

Tip: I think the best bean bag chair sex position is laying-down doggy… which you can definitely do on this Cocoon…



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Bean Bag Bed

The best giant bean bag/chair for intimacy is the huge Zeppelin Lounger… because you like things big, right?

Or at least huge enough to be completely swallowed up by.

It has a gorgeous velvet-like cover that feels soft to the touch. Inside, the bean bag is filled with high-density foam perfectly engineered to support you during lovemaking and to sleep on.

Ideal if you want to have cosy, comfortable sex anywhere in the house, and want an alternative to a mattress (check out our top picks for mattresses here).

The Zeppelin Lounger is great, especially if spooning and missionary are your favorites!

Is it time to take your love-life to another room in the house?! Have a look at the Zeppelin Liberator bean bag we have on offer currently! 



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Our Favorite

My favorite bean bag/best chair to have sex in is the Zeppelin Cocoon.

Just look at her, isn’t she stunning with all that faux fur?

She’s 6ft long and her gorgeous circular shape adds total glamour to whichever part of the house you place her in.

Guess what? You can use the Cocoon in two positions (and we love lots of different positions, don’t we?).

You can keep the Zeppelin Cocoon flat to lie on, or turn it on its side and use as an up-right seat.

It’s made from moisture-resistant materials so you can get as wet and dirty as you want and then pop it into the washing machine when you’re done. 



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Best Giant Bean Bag Chair

For the best giant bean bag chair when you’re on a budget, the Jaxx 5 Bean Bag chair is ideal. It comes in plenty of different colors so you can choose one that fits in with your home decor.

It’s machine washable, and made with high-quality fabric.

Although it doesn’t look as sexy as other beanbags, it’s totally comfortable to sit on, especially if you’re reading.

But the best thing to use it for?

Reverse cowgirl/cowboy position. Because your feet are positioned on the floor you get amazing leverage for a nice grinding-ride on your partner’s lap!

Tip? Make it sexier by throwing an erotic blanket over it!

Ready to “Yee-haw” your way to g-spot or p-spot orgasms?



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Best Sexy Water Resistant Bean Bag

The best water resistant bean bag is the classic from Bean Bag Bazaar.

You’ll probably find it the most versatile because of its round shape and its long-lasting fabric.

It’s perfect for your garden or inside the house, and also brilliant if you like a little natural nooky under the stars!

The round shape fully supports you as you sink into it. I think this beany bag is amazing for putting on a show for your lover.

Get out your vibrating eggs (check out how to use egg vibrator) and fleshlights and show them how you like to get off!



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Best Washable Bean Bag With Removable Cover

The best beanbag if you need one you can wash often is the Big Joe Large Fuf chair.

Honestly, it’s a lot larger than it looks in the photo, you get totally swallowed up.

Which is lovely, right?

Who doesn’t want to be completely eaten up?

It has this gorgeous black cover that suits any room and is so easy to strip (oh, yeah…) and shove in the washing machine.

There is a handle so you can move it easily about the house.

This bean bag chair is especially great if you have kids or pets because the whole family can get all snuggly on it



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Best for Lovers of Faux-Fur

If you’re a lover of all things furry and that ooze luxury then the Icon Kenai is simply divine.

You’ll love bathing and then falling into this love nest completely naked at the end of a long, hard day.

There is a choice of colors, the grey-ombre is particularly lovely, but my favorite one is the teal (which also happens to be a bit cheaper)!

This traditional beany bag chair is filled with beans, making it light so you can easily move it from room-to-room.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the best way to do it on a bean bag, I think, is rear-entry positions, like doggy, anal, and spooning. Oral’s amazing too, get the receiver to lie back while the giver kneels in front.



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Final Word...

Without doubt, Zeppelin chairs are the best for intimacy.

Liberator manufactures erotic furniture to the highest standards to keep your body safe and ensure you discover the best positions for more pleasure.

To improve your erotic life even more try combining sex wedges and bean bag chairs.

The angles are sublime.

Whatever you’re bringing to your bean bag: Kama Sutra, Casual Kink, or straight Vanilla, they all feel sensational when you’ve sunk into a cozy chair.

What to consider before buying the best bean bag for sex?

You'll want the fabric to be easy to clean.

Some bags come with a fire-resistant layer which can be washed off if put in the washing machine.

You'll need to decide whether you want a cover that goes in the machine or not.

If you want a "love nest", go for one where you can remove the cover and stick it in the wash.

Bean bags come in various sizes, some that we have featured are very large.

Some are big enough for two people to lie down on, while others are better for one person to sit on (maybe your partner can sit in your lap).

Check the measurements and make sure you have space.

Safety needs vary according to purpose.

Some bags have two linings, child-proof zips, and fire-retardant layers. They come with various materials inside (usually foam or beans).

Make sure the bag will be safe for all members of the household.

The best thing about a bean bag is feeling snug.

During intimate moments, you also want to feel supported and ensure there is no pressure on your limbs.

Our "top picks" are the best for sexual escapades, but you'll feel comfortable on all the chairs recommended.


How to have sex on a bean bag? Which positions are the best?

You might want to know, “Can you have sex on a bean bag chair?” and the answer is, yes, of course!

The best bean bag positions are missionary, spooning, doggy, and anal. But we’re all different, you might find a different position works better!

Is there any weight limit on bean bag chairs?

There aren’t any weight limits on beany bags but some might get a little flatteed if you’re on them for a long time and you’re plus-size.

Your safest bet is to choose a huge bean bag. Sleep, sitting and spicy things are guaranteed to feel comfortable, then!

How to clean a bean bag?

Most bean bags can be spot cleaned with a cloth, mild detergent, and warm water.

Alternatively, you can remove most of their covers and put them in the washing machine. Be sure to check the washing guidelines on products first.

(Note: you can’t remove the cover from the furry Icon Kenai as there is no inner lining, so it can’t be put in the washing machine.)

Can I sleep or relax on a bean bag designed for sex?

Of course you can sleep and relax on a bean bag that is designed for sex!

In my opinion, I’d rather sleep on a bean bag that is designed for sex than on a regular bag because you can lie or sit on them and the filling tends to be more supportive of your neck and back.