Best sex machine for women
Last Updated on December 2, 2022

7 Best Fuck Machines For Women: Female Pleasure First!

You want amazing orgasms every time, don’t you? 

Generally, women need more than sexual intercourse to climax. We’re special creatures. We need warming up. And once the sweet spot is hit, it needs to be maintained, right?

One study showed that it takes (straight) women, on average, 13.4 minutes to climax. Sex machines are the ultimate way to get you quivering and shuddering every time (1).

When it comes to the best sexual machines for women, there are a variety of models. Ask yourself what you want.

Is it thrusting, or do you like to grind? Will you use it alone, or with someone, and are you into kink? Do you want the option of attachments for additional pleasure?

With this in mind, read on to discover the ultimate sex machines you can buy…


Best Thruster

The best thruster is here! If you’re into a hard-core thrust, the Sharpshooter is perfect. During amazing sex you usually groan, “Harder, harder!” This combines a “lethal” looking thrusting dildo, but the delicious part? It aims for comfort and your sweet spots.

Take it like the saucy minx you are anywhere in the house. On the floor, bed, sofa, why not take it high on the kitchen counter?! Slide on the Vac-U-Lock dildo, then change the settings and stroke to satisfy your urge. 

This best sex machine for women has infinite settings so that you get the thrust you need: hard and fast, or nice and slow, and? You choose your favorite angle.

Ready for penetration at its finest? This is the ultimate sex thrust toy money can buy for a safe, pleasurable hands-free fucking!



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Best Saddle

Put your cowgirl hat on and straddle the best saddle machine ever! Take control of your orgasm on the Cowgirl Premium fucking machine. 

Because sometimes, ladies, you want to ride, grind, and push down deep wriggling on that vibrating dildo attachment.

Grab the sexual ride of your life on this hands-free saddle. It has a range of functions. 

You get; different speeds, the wonderful choice of 6 vibration patterns, an incredible 360-degree swivel design that will make your back arch like the dirty little minx you are!

Similar to a monkey rocker, with the saddle sex machine you control penetration and choose your pleasure. 

This saddle is one of the most powerful sex toys out there.



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Best Small Sex Machine

The best sex machine for women if you want it small is the Thrust-Bot Sex Machine. They say good things come in small packages, and even better? 

You’re sure to be the one cuming after you’ve opened this package! This little beast takes sexual thrills up a notch through the trigger-pull controls. Trust me, things get wild!

You want a powerful stroke and loads of thrusts per minute? This is the thrusting machine for you! Choose your speed and make yourself cum like the sex queen you are!

It includes a realistic-looking dildo, complete with those thick veins, enough to make you quiver between the legs. Let’s be honest, you like girth, right? 

There’s nothing like being “filled up”. Get plugged and power drilled by the ultimate in sexy thrusters.



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Quiet Sex Machine and? We Love Its Look!

If you want the best-looking sex machine the Hismith is your dream dildo thruster! Let this quiet sex machine shoot your sex-life to the stars.

You have adjustable angles, directions, speeds, and can include all your favorite vibrating dildos. Guess what? You can even have an attachment that allows for double penetration. And you know what that means: the perfect cocktail for screaming orgasms!

At its highest thrusting speeds it will inch towards you seeking your wet hole. Make sure you’ve got water-based lube to hand for this fuck machine! And if you have a lover, tell them to choose the speed on their phone!



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Affordable Sex Machine (And Comfy!)

The most affordable sex machine also happens to be the most comfortable

It’s the Dark Magic thrusting chair. This big black beauty will have you on your back, legs spread, making you climax like the sexiest of sluts ever! Of course, we all like to be a little slutty – it’s where the leg-shaking happens.

This cosy inflatable chaise lounge includes 3 gorgeous sex toys (dildos in various sizes) and you have the choice of three powerful speeds

All you need to do is lazily lube up and introduce your crack to the egg vibrators!

The Dark Magic makes a brilliant sex gift, so if you’re considering it for your partner, my advice is do it. 

BUT, keep in mind that you want to blow this baby up in advance ready to surprise them!

If you want to heat up things in the bedroom even further take a peek at these sex gifts which are perfect for couples! 

Alternatively, if you looking for ways to mount all your dildos and toys, explore these cheap sex toy mounts which are perfect if you are on a budget.  



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Best Rated Sex Machine for Couples / Pro Bang

The kink Pro Bang is the best sex machine for women in a couple. To summarise it, it’s a strong, thrusting fuck machine

This is a worthwhile sexual investment into a relationship. You enhance intimacy and inject your sex-life with adventure. The Power Banger is part of an entire range of kinky best sex machines for women to send you both over the edge.

The adjustable settings offer different angles, positions and speed. Whereas other best sex machines for women move due to the force of the thrusting, this one doesn’t because of the suction cup base that keeps it still.

It’s beautifully crafted for people who love being fucked. 

The machine is also a great idea for a sexy Christmas gift if you want to surprise your second half.

Tip? Watch each other… put on a show. It’s amazing for anal too. If your lover is male and into anal, you should check out our guide about best sex machines for men.



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Best for BDSM Lovers

The Slave Driver is the best sex machine for women who are BDSM lovers (see how to design your sex dungeon here) . 

This is the ideal bit of equipment to train and discipline your lover. 

Their body is yours to do with as you please. They’ll kneel in doggy position cuffed to the stockade while the dildo penetrates from behind.

This is the top fucking machine if you love kink. Choose the depth of stroke and speed through a handheld remote. 

If your lover needs to be punished, you decide how long they’ll be there, how fast and hard they’ll take the silicone attachments.

This is the best sex machine for women if you prefer things spicier, use it for enhanced masturbation too.



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What To Consider When Buying A Sex Machine?

Use sex machines to elevate your self-love and partnered sex sessions. Sex machines are generally genderless, which means everyone can feel comfortable using them.

Before you buy, be sure to think about the following…

You want the best material quality on the market.

For penetration, you want machines with attachments made from medical grade silicone.

All products featured here are body-safe.

Also, be sure to read reviews before making your purchase.

The size of sex machines is important. They aren't your usual sex toy. They take up more space and some are quite heavy. Ensure you have the storage space and more importantly, the space to play!

Sex machines are slightly different in their thrust-power. With a regular toy attachment, your machine will be able to hold it. If you prefer a hard-core pussy beating, then you'll want a sturdier machine!

How Fast It Can Get?

It really depends on the motor. Some thrust 195 times a minute! But the majority of models have adjustable settings so you choose speed.

There are different types of sex machines. Saddles, Thrusters, Gliders, Dolls, and for penis-owners? Strokers. Chose what experience you want according to the types of sensations that turn you on. Check out our ultimate sex machine page as well!

The best sex machine for women will usually come with one or two dildos, others take attachments so you get penetrated by whatever you fancy. They say "variety is the spice of life".

Can The Machine Handle Big Toys?

Yes, best sex machines for women can handle big toys. They’re designed to hold weighty vibrations.

Before you make your purchase, check the sex machine’s features and the type of toy it can hold.


The price of sex machines differ greatly, but the cheapest starts at around $250.

For the ultimate thrusting and vibration experience, getting one of the best sex machine for women is the answer.

Your sex-life needs the same nurturing, effort, and investment as the rest of your life… Take the plunge, get your hips rocking and clit quivering today!

Best sex machines for women