What is sex transmutation guide
Last Updated on August 18, 2023

What Is Sex Transmutation?

For many of us, the desire for sex propels us forward. We pursue other partners with the enthusiasm, passion, and intensity we only wish we could have in the other aspects of our lives.

Now imagine if you could be inspired and passionate about work (or whatever projects you have) in the same way that you’re inspired and passionate about sex!

The good news is that both your sex drive and non-sexual motivation come from the same place: you. With enough practice and patience, you could learn how to control sexual energy and channel it to boost your career, health, relationships, and personal development.

You can manifest your dreams, achieve material success, and even reach new levels of erotic enlightenment by transmuting sexual energy and turning it into creative energy.

In this guide, you’ll learn all about how sex and energy are connected, what sex energy transmutation means, the different sex transmutation benefits, and a few sexual transmutation techniques that can improve your life holistically.

What Is Sexual Energy?

Understanding sexual energies starts with understanding the basics of chakra. Every person has seven chakras or energy centers, each one connected to a specific body part.

For example, sexual desire is associated with the root chakra (in your reproductive organs) and your sacral chakra (in your kidneys).

All of the chakras are connected by the energy that runs through your entire body, also known as kundalini. The root chakra – which, again, is tied to your sexual energy – is the foundation of all this energy coursing through your body.

Sexual Transmutation Explained

Transmutation of sexual energy was first introduced to the wider public through Napoleon Hill, author of the book Think and Grow Rich, almost a hundred years ago.

According to Think and Grow Rich, one of the keys to improving oneself (and achieving all sorts of success) is tuning into your desire and transmuting sexual energy into the rest of your life.

This sexual transmutation book presents the idea that if you have a problem with motivation and willpower, your sexual energy is leaking out of your root chakra instead of moving freely throughout your body.

When you transmute sexual energy, you take the energy in your root chakra and bring it upwards into your other energy centers.

You transform what is essentially a physical expression of energy into mental, psychological, emotional, social, or creative energy.

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How To Channel Sexual Energy & Control It

Although there are many benefits of sexual energy transfer, one of the main ways people use it is to manifest their desires and achieve specific life goals.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to transmute sexual energy.

Step #1: Understand & Build Your Sexual Energy

The first step is harnessing your sexual energy. You have to learn how to build it within you and recognize it when it’s there.

The more familiar you are with the feeling of your own arousal/desire, the easier it will be channeling sexual energy towards whatever goal you have in mind.

If you reject your sexuality – by being ashamed of it, for example – you won’t be able to channel it towards something positive. Having a healthy relationship with sex is an essential part of the transmuting journey – we’ll talk more about this in a bit.

Step #2: Make Your Intentions Clear

Next, you’ll want to tell the universe exactly what you’re trying to manifest. Figure out what it is you want to achieve. That could be a promotion at work, a new passion project, or literally anything else you can think of.

Once you have that down, visualize it in your head. Imagine yourself reaching that goal. As you do, build the sexual energy inside you and imagine it surrounding and filling your vision.

You can also write it down, but make sure that you keep it to yourself – research has shown that keeping it personal helps you stay more accountable to yourself rather than relying on others to motivate you.

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Step #3: Focus On Your Goal

It’s natural to lose your train of thought or get distracted during the transmutation of sex energy.

Bring your focus inward by focusing on your breath and clenching your pelvic muscles in sync with your breathing. This will keep your mind focused on your goal and building sexual energy to support it.

Some sexual energy experts, like Hill, believe that engaging in sexual acts during this period decreases your sexual energy. They recommend that you transform sex desire into desire for your goal instead.

However, others believe that tantra can help you express your desire physically without losing any of your sexual energy.

Choose whichever approach feels more helpful and invigorating!

Step #4: Keep At It

As you go through this meditation practice, new thoughts and ideas will start emerging.

Engage with those thoughts consciously, following those that lead you closer to your goal and keeping unrelated thoughts out of your head.

If you don’t get it immediately, that’s fine. In fact, that is very normal for beginners. Don’t be disheartened; you will get better at it the more you practice.

You’ll be manifesting your desires before you know it.

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The Other Possibilities Of Sexual Energy Exchange

Some people will find that this method of sexual transmutation of energy doesn’t work for them. You might eventually realize that you’re looking for something deeper and more satisfying.

Instead of using sexual transmutation to improve your life, consider using it to improve yourself.

Keep reading to learn more about how to release sexual energy for personal development rather than material success.

Sexual Energy Transmutation Techniques

In the same way that you hit the gym to improve your physical health, there are sexual transmutation exercises that can help you work out your spiritual muscles.

Here are a few ways to harness and channel your sexual energy.

Best Sex Transmutation Exercises

What Blocks Sexual Transmutation?

Whether or not you notice it, you’re constantly transmuting your sexual energy into creative energy. If you find yourself uninspired or unmotivated, there’s likely something that’s blocking your energy from moving from one chakra to the next.

Having lots of sexual energy and no healthy way to channel it can reduce your ability to transmute your sexual energy. Basically, your life force leaks out of your body due to stress, negative emotions, or even pride.

Meditation and breathwork help you clear your mind of any distractions, allowing you to channel your energy somewhere positive.

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Sexual Transmutation Benefits

There are plenty of reasons you should try sexual transmutation:


When you embrace your sexuality as a natural part of yourself, not only do you free yourself of shame, but you also unlock the powers of your sexual energy. You can then channel it into other aspects of your life such as your career, or relationships.

But aside from manifesting your tangible or material desires, sexual transmutation is great for developing your inner self. Through your practice, you’ll notice yourself becoming more spiritual, more creative, more assertive, and more courageous.

The result?

Your dreams, no matter what they are, will always be within reach.