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Last Updated on July 16, 2023

Liberator Ramp Review 2024

Does having your legs dangling from the bed while trying to desperately hip thrust tiring you out before an orgasm? Do you feel that getting into your favorite position has become increasingly difficult?

Let me tell you: if this problem isn’t fixed today, it will eventually ruin your sex life.

But there is a solution.

The Liberator Ramp, a uniquely designed sex ramp that promises to bring color and joy back into your sex life… we talk more about it in the features section below. 

Did you know that the vast majority of couples lose their spark because of incorrect sexual positioning, which over time, makes the once enjoyable activity seem like a chore? Sex furniture like the Liberator Ramp promises to change all that, and it claims to be already changing the lives of couples that use it.

We examine exactly how that’s happening and if it is worth the investment by the end of this article.

10 Benefits of the Liberator Ramp

The Liberator Ramp is designed to help make having sex more enjoyable and comfortable for all ages and types of couples/partners. Ramp works by making sexual positions you never thought were possible a reality.

It is also perfectly suited for differently-abled couples or those who may have physical limitations.

All the while, ensuring that each sexual encounter results in a pleasurable experience so that the spark does not die down. 

While there are literally over a dozen benefits associated with the use of the liberator ramp, we’ve highlighted ten major benefits that are changing the lives of many couples using it.

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Helps Couples Get the Angle Right

One of the biggest issues with a bed is that the angle is never right. Then you also have to consider that the angle for each size and type of couple depending on the position they are attempting will also vary.

Beds and couches can’t be adjusted, which is why the experience grows stale over time.

For women, it also means that reaching climax rarely ever happens because the angle of penetration isn’t ideal to stimulate the mythical G-spot.

Liberator Ramp sexy look Man and Woman

The liberator ramp provides couples with the ideal angle, and it is adjustable.

Not only can you adjust the angle of penetration but also adjust it based on the position being attempted. What’s more, adjusting the angle is easy, which means that it can be adjusted in the heat of the moment too.

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An Excellent Angle for Oral

Traditionally oral sex has the man standing or sitting while the woman is on her knees. Women will generally lie down to receive oral, which makes it very difficult for a man’s extensive sessions with their neck down. There’s only one solution  for this awkward problem, which is simply choosing between best liberator shapes for giving cunnilingus.

Statics show that this position isn’t comfortable, and after a few years of the relationship, oral is out of the question. 

The Liberator Ramp is a special piece of wedge furniture which, in our experience, makes oral pleasurable for both partners.

It allows partners to adjust the position in which they receive oral or deliver it by varying the angle of the ramp. Plus, you can experiment with new positions for oral to keep things fresh. For more positions for doing it with a sex pillow click here

Easy to Move in the Heat of the Moment

Now, this is one feature that most couples may not know that they need until they experience it for themselves.

Similar to a sex pillow, the liberator ramp can be easily adjusted in the heat of the movement.

For instance, if you need a steeper incline, it takes under a second to adjust it for deeper and harder thrusts. Similarly, the decline can be reduced to lower the intensity. 

As a sexual position aid, the Liberator Ramp is lightweight, which means that moving it around the room during sex is also pretty easy and does not take long.

The only drawback perhaps is that it is up to the couple to figure out how best to position the ramp using their imagination.

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The High-Density Foam is Rigid but Not Hard Offering Perfect Support

One of the most prominent features of this sex wedge furniture is that it is very comfortable for both parties. The foam is incredibly supportive and yet soft (we discuss this in further detail below).

Think of it as a firm sex pillow. 

However, unlike most pillows, the foam used here can hold up to a great deal of pressure and weight.

Speaking of pillows, it is pretty large, which does make it a challenge to store if you’re living in a dorm. But it also means that it can accommodate couples of all sizes. 

Being firm and comfortable means that regardless of the sex positions attempted, your body will not ache or feel as though it’s being stressed since the body does not sink into the foam.

The result is a highly pleasurable experience, which makes you want more.

Helps to Ease Intercourse Anxiety

On average, one in three couples deal with intercourse anxiety, and so it is perfectly normal.

The good news is that the Liberator Ramp does help to ease a great deal of it. Considering that most of the anxiety is associated with performing during sex since it (Liberator Ramp) makes having sex easier it helps couples to overcome anxiety. 

The variable, adjustable wedge, also helps to ease the discomfort that some women may feel during intercourse, which further reduces anxiety.

However, getting the angle right is going to be different for every couple, so we advise that you experiment with different angles to find what works best for you. [more about sexual pain relief below]

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Makes Penetration Less Painful for Some Women

Many women fear the pain that accompanies intercourse. For some, the pain can be more than others.

The two best ways to reduce pain is proper lubrication and using multiple sexual positions. Placing a pillow under the woman’s butt is one way to help relieve some of the pain, but the size, type and quality of the pillow matter.

Here too the Liberator Ramp does away with all those unnecessary and hurtful bedroom gymnastics couples may use to get pregnant (we discuss using the Liberator Ramp to get pregnant later in this review). Check the following article for best sex furniture for pregnancy

The angle of penetration can be adjusted to what feels the least painful. Plus, attempting multiple positions is made easier thanks to the way the sex wedge is designed.

So, while it does not completely eliminate pain or discomfort is significantly reduces it.

Moisture Resistant Material

Another great feature of the Liberator Ramp is the fact that it is moisture resistant.

Made from a primarily high-density polyurethane foam core, coupled with a dense microfiber cover and removable moisture-resistant liner ensures that stains and fluids don’t linger around for long.

Liberator Ramp doggy style man and woman

However, it isn’t water or moisture-proof, so you’ll want to clean up after yourself ASAP. The use of two covers helps protect the foam core from liquids and other messes.

So, in a way, spilling water, oil, or other fluids will not damage your investment so as long as it is cleaned up on time.

Easy to Clean

Speaking of cleaning, The Liberator Ramp’s covers can easily be machine washed to remove stains and dirt.

However, most people will find that rubbing off stains with a wet rag works best and is the quickest way to keep the Liberator Ramp clean. 

We tried washing the covers in a machine, and it turned out to be pretty easy. We didn’t use detergent because our assumption is that it will play havoc with the color of our test unit.

However, according to the company, using any sort of mild detergent shouldn’t be an issue.

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The Special velvet Like Fabric Does Away with Uncomfortable Friction

Apart from microfiber being moisture resistant, it also prevents pillows from slipping by helping them to cling together. So, whether you’re using two or four sex pillows, they shouldn’t slip during your time on the wedge. 

The feel of the material is like slightly rough velvet, but it does not cause any burns or discomfort. Even hours on the ramp will not cause scratching or burning from friction. If you love velvet, then take a look at these liberator velvet cushion shapes! 

The downside is that the material is a lint magnet, so you’ll need to lint roll it before every session, at least.

Comfortable to Use for All Size Couples

The liberator ramp is available for couples of all sizes. The mid-sized one, in our opinion, is what most people should get, because it is considerably large yet manageable.

Measuring 34x24x12, it can easily be accommodated on a single bed and still have a bit of room. On a double bed, there is more than enough room.

It is also tall enough for anyone to just prop themselves across it while standing, and yet it is short enough for a person who is 5ft 5 inches and beyond to bend over on it without being on their toes too much.

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a 50 plus senior use the Liberator Ramp?

Couples that are 50 plus can use the Liberator Ramp.

In many respects, the liberator ramp helps add something fresh and enticing to long-time couples’ sex lives by allowing them to achieve positions that would otherwise be quite challenging.

If you are looking for something a little softer, check out our review on the Liberator ramps cousin. 

Is the liberator ramp washable?

Yes! The liberator ramp is washable, while at the same time being moisture resistant.

So, it can be washed in a regular washing machine using mild detergent.

Can the angles of the Liberator Ramp be Adjusted?

The Liberator Ramp’s angles can be easily adjusted.

There is a myriad of angles from 80 degrees right down to a completely flat angle. Adjusting the ramp’s angle of inclination is also easy and takes a couple of seconds by either partner.

Is there a Liberator Ramp for Plus Sized People?

Yes, there is a wider Liberator Ramp for plus-sized lovers.

However, before you order the larger ramp for plus sized couples, make sure you need it. See more sex furniture for plus size here.

The mid-sized ramp comes in 24 inches and the plus-sized model is 30-inches. If your butt can fit on to a 24-inch model or just barely fits, then that’s the one to get.

If it is larger than 24 inches, then get the 30-inch plus-sized model.

Does the Liberator Ramp Help Couples Get Pregnant?

The ramp can certainly help couples get pregnant or increase their chances of pregnancy.

Generally, doctors recommend having sex on the back, with the legs raised up to improve the chances of conceiving.

When using the Liberator Ramp, a slight downward angle with the feet raised will help those tadpoles reach their destination sooner! So, if getting pregnant is your goal, this sex ramp will serve you well.

Bottom line

While the Liberator Ramp is a pretty large addition to your sex life, its impact and positive implications are far greater. Not only is it ideally suited to try out multiple positions, but all those positions are instantly more comfortable. 

A big part of a healthy sex life is having fun and trying new things, something which the Liberator Ramp certainly helps with a lot.

So, if your sex life is going cold or you’re feeling the stress of low libido or sexual anxiety, the Liberator Ramp is a worthy investment we can’t recommend enough.

Would you like to try BDSM? You can start by choosing the right wedge! Our guide might help.