Couple Review Screamer Sex Swing Dual Hook
Last Updated on August 22, 2023

Sex Swing Screamer Dual Hook With Stand Review: I'm Sharing My Personal (&Wild) Experience!

My boyfriend and I wanted more fun in the bedroom.

I’m not sure about you, but sex can get a bit “samey” if my partner and I aren’t continually putting in effort. The way I see it is that if you love your partner, you want to have as much fun as possible. In every way.

Sex swings for sale were the natural go-to for us after all the other BDSM bits we’d got up to.

According to one study, “54% of men said they would let someone watch them having sex” (1). While you might not want to see your lover screw someone else, I do have a tip that we did that you might enjoy…

For now, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy this Screamer Sex Swing Review!

The Screamer Sex Swing Review: What Is It?

The Screamer Sex Swing is the best thing to come swinging into your love life. It’s a dual-hook swing designed for bondage and suspended sexual shenanigans.

I love being restrained. It’s amazing for acting out fantasies.

That tip? When we got it, my boyfriend made me undress slowly, cuffed me in and sat across the room wanking until I begged him to stick it in me.

Why You Can’t Say No To The Screamer Sex Swing…

The Screamer Sex Swing enhances your love life because it forces you to laugh, screw, and try new erotic things. It also inspires more trust in your relationship.

Dr. LaMorgese talks about the benefits of a BDSM (2). It can teach you to be more present with your BDSM partner and this positively impacts relationships.

Screamer Sex Swing Benefits

The benefits of the Screamer Sex Swing are endless. Aside from the obvious fun and giggles it adds the following to your relationship:

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What’s Not So Good About The Screamer Sex Swing

I don’t like that the Screamer Sex Swing really makes you giggle. To be honest, it was a little off-putting for my partner.

It took me a while to get used to being “stuck” in the middle of the room, until he got out the paddle and spanked me!

How To Use The Screamer Sex Swing

To use the Screamer Sex Swing, we bought the Screamer Sex Stand (check out the Screamer Sex Swing Stand Review) and attached the swing to it. This takes up a lot of space.

We have a “BDSM Space” especially for kink. It’s definitely worth setting up a BDSM room for this.

By the way, the swing comes with faux-fur lined cuffs which make them really comfortable – great with all the bouncing and swinging!

What You Need To Be Careful Of With the Screamer Sex Swing

Package of the Screamer Sex Swing

If you have high ceilings I’d advise getting the Screamer Swing Stand or another compatible stand to attach the swing to. 

The annoying thing about this for us, is that we do have to take it down sometimes because of its size… 

We use the spare room and when friends stay, we make sure all the bits are safely stored out of sight!

Warning: check out the Screamer Sex Swing Stand Review before you buy! It’s large!

How Much Does The Screamer Sex Swing Cost?

The Screamer Sex Swing is $288. It’s one of the highest quality sex swings you’ll get for the money. Along with that, you get a free head rest for additional support!

It’s worth having a look at our sex swing guide to easily browse the top sex swings online.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Where To Buy A Screamer Sex Swing?

Buy the Screamer Sex Swing from They have a huge selection and you’ll get horny just looking!


Is the Screamer Sex Swing packaging discreet?

Yes, the Screamer Sex Swing is shipped in a discreet box.

How to hide the Screamer Sex Swing from guests?

Hide your Screamer Sex Swing by simply unclipping it when guests come over, or locking the door to the room it’s in!

Is the Screamer Sex Swing safe?

The Screamer Sex Swing is completely safe as long as it is set up correctly and you weigh no more than 300lbs.

Should You Buy The Screamer Sex Swing?

Yes! Buy the Screamer Sex Swing, or any sex swing that you like the look of because seriously, it makes your love life so much more fun!

Women’s Health magazine states that sex swings are a way of “releasing your inner child in a very adult way” (3). 

Why wouldn’t you want to release that level of play?

If you want to see more swings like this one, we have a handy guide reviewing the best bondage sex swings money can buy!