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Last Updated on May 31, 2022

The Best Black Friday Sex Toys for 2021!

If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best time of year to stock up your erotic toys.

My man and I had a nice long chat about our favorite sex toys. (Oh yes, saucy hands-on demonstrations were a must!) We’ve ranked toys for men, women, and non-binary folk on price, pleasure, ease of use, and how good they are at spicing up your love life. (Obvs!)

I’ve then found you the best online stores for Black Friday Cyber Monday sales with up to 60% off! Get ready, darlings, you’re gonna love this…

Black Friday Sale: What to Expect in November

I mean, after thanksgiving you’re ready for sales, right? To find the best erotic toy deals you need to start planning.

Think about what vibrators, cock rings, lingerie, and sex furniture you want! Make a list. Then you need the best websites. Never fear, I’ve found them for you. Here…

Which Sex Toy Brands are Taking Part in Black Friday 2021?

We’re back to that time of year! It’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday and only the best deals will do, right?

I’ve rounded up the best sex toy retailers for great Black Friday deals. Whether you want a sexy gift, a toy for self-pleasure, or a totally new sexual vibe, here are the best places for shopping for all things sex…

  • The Liberator site stocks the best sex furniture and sex toys in America. They often run sales and Black Friday is gonna be hip-grinding wild! They’re offering up to 30% off on some of their most popular products.
  • The Lovehoney page is the one-stop-shop for every sex toy under the sun: rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, clitoral vibrators, then, of course, there’s lingerie, BDSM bits, you name it. Get 50% off in their sale!
  • The Kiiroo shop is for all toys tech. If you’re a gadget freak then you’ll find the biggest range of tech toys and accessories here. This site can be pricey, so do all your shopping during the 50% off sales!
  • The Fleshlight site… Well, the clue’s the name, right? Check out their cock-rocking sale right now, which has up to 40% off!
  • WoW Tech Group is offering up to 40% off on loads of their amazing bestsellers across their online stores!

The ultimate Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on sex toys to blow your mind

Ohhh, you’re gonna find your dream orgasmic sale toy today… get ready!

The Tula Mount is the easiest way to spice up sex!

Love spicing up sex? Whether it’s solo-sex or with a partner, the Tula Toy Mount is literally the hottest.

Check out the 60% reduction deals over at Liberator. This online shop is simply the best for sex furniture that is easy to set up and use.

This is perfect if you love your hips and butt lifted up during sex. (Takes the strain off, right?) Or if you love dildo and vibrator toys. It shoots the sexual sauce up to the stars!

My best way to use it is for putting on a show. My boyfriend watches me ride it. He’ll tell me how to ride it too. Man, it’s hot! And great because he then bends me over it and smashes into my g-spot.

For sensual, safe butt fun (at half price) get the OhMiBod Lumen plug!

Nothing beats feeling filled up, does it? Ha! I tricked you! There is actually something better. Being filled up by something that vibrates in time with music and it’s designed to go up the butt. It’s safe – you won’t lose it up there! Oh yeah, it’s amazing if your partner is traveling or lives far away.

What I love is that this shopping treat is something that both my man and I can use. (Make sure you clean it in between!)

Also, we set it up so that it connects to my Kiiroo Pearl 2. This way, we can both feel the same internal sensations.

Brilliant for couples who want to go on a safe, sensual journey together.

The Ultimate Fleshlight ever is the Feel Victoria Keon

Course, I’ve only pushed my finger and a banana into this, but from watching my boyfriend use it and getting his opinion, this is the hottest fleshlight in the world! So there you have it. Love jacking off? If you do and like it tight, soft, and stimulating, this is your dream Black Friday toy!

When my guy uses it, he prefers to team it up with the Keon and FeelStroker. 

By all means, “It’s as good as my mouth” – yep, I haven’t let him live this down! 

Still, I can’t moan too much. God knows I find it easier to cum with toys!

When you want masturbation as intense as your first time every time, this brings the goods. That’s exactly the reason you need it, especially with 50% off!

Sex Toy Deals to Check Out Immediately

For the Best Sensations at the Best Price, choose the Ice Lady!

Here’s a secret, team up Black Friday deals with an already cheap product and you basically save money!

The Ice Lady is incredible for penis-owners who want a great value product that feels sensational.

I really get off watching my man use it because it’s transparent. 

Seeing his cock slide in and out drives me crazy, especially with all the wet lube sounds! 

My boyfriend tells me it’s not as good as my coochie, but it’s not too off! The audacity! Ha!

Fleshlight is the best site for penis sex toys and men who love wanking (see our favorite sex machines for men). It offers the biggest range of fleshlights. Have a browse through their 40% reduction sale for more sexpirational thrills!

Get Your Kink On with the Much-Loved Liberator Talea

Now, it’s time to get kinky! There’s a reason the Liberator Talea spreader bar is so popular. Not only does it forcefully inject your bedroom with tantalizing restraint, but it’s also the height of comfy! (Yep, the bar is padded!) 

This is the dream purchase for couples who enjoy pleasure with a splash of bondage pain.

I especially love having my wrists cuffed to it (see my article on best handcuffs for sex) while my boyfriend “tortures” me with my new vibrator!

(Le Wand, in case you were wondering, it’s on the Lovehoney site).

It’s an incredible Christmas sex gift for women like me who are on a spanking vibe!

This best rated spreader bar is an absolute necessity for exploring BDSM fun! And right now? You can get 60% off!

The Dream Treats Recommended For You!

Get 50% off the Lovehoney Sportsheet sex swing for Reliably Raunchy Swinging...

Swinging’s great, but only on a safe sex swing! Lovehoney not only offers amazing prices, you also can relax knowing they’re a reputable brand. For couples who want safe saucy swinging in a seat that won’t break, the Sportsheet Swing is ideal!

So, I simply love stand-up positions. 

Unless your bloke is Dwayne Johnson, it’s never going to last that long, though, right? Wrong! 

This swing changes all of that. I love that it gets my man’s dick right in and milking my a-spot.

 It’s fantastic. #squirtinggalore

Go for this if you want safe, swift, swinging fun at half price!

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 is the G-Spot Pleaser You can't get enough of!

Seriously, the Kiiroo site has the ultimate range of technologically enhanced sex toys. With all the amazing egg vibrators and interactive accessories, it’s really worth buying toys as a couple (or a single) during the 50% discounted Black Friday or Cyber Money sale. The G-Spot pleaser is for those of us who love internal coochie play!

And who doesn’t? I was actually embarrassed by how wet the Pearl2 made me. (And it’s not often I feel shy!)

So last week, my man used his Feel Victoria Keon while I used my Pearl2 and it was insane. We synchronized their vibrations.

Honestly, the panty party was off the chain! One of my best tips? 

Put porn on while you’re both touching yourselves. #nextlevel

All I can say is you need this if you’re good with gadgets and love internal orgasms!

Final thoughts?

Still stuck? I’ll tell you my favorites: the Pearl2, the Talea bar, and the Lumen butt plug! Go search the brands and deals yourself. Saving money and incredible orgasms? Black Friday has never felt so good!