The Best inflatable sex furniture explained
Last Updated on October 4, 2023

My Favorite Blow Up Sex Chairs & Furniture in 2024

If you had told me that I could potentially have sex in the air, I would have asked where to sign up.

Well, I know inflatable sex furniture isn’t quite “floating in the air”. It is, however, as close as most of us may ever get to the ultimate experience at a reasonable cost. 

Inflatable furniture does not only provide a bouncy and often awkward playground. The more prudent ones among us will know that it is a space saver. You can blow it up when needed and deflate it when you are done using it.

The usual concerns often attached to having sex furniture include the fear of prying eyes. This is one concern that is easily brushed away by this kind of furniture.

Perhaps the difficulty would then be one of choosing the perfect furniture. Not to worry, we will introduce you to some incredible options shortly.

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How We Tested Inflatable Sex Furniture

We started preparing an article through a virtual meet-up with the Furnpeak crew, where we analyzed numerous pieces of inflatable sex furniture (some of our team members owned a couple of them before).

As the list began to pile up, our eyes widened, and our excitement grew. The criteria were simple – functionality, uniqueness, available positions, and size. Then we ordered some of them; Each one took on the task of trying out one-two pieces.

How does it feel? What’s the fabric like? Is it aesthetically pleasing? How easy or complicated is the setup? And, of course, is it worth the price tag?

Each piece went through rigorous and quite enjoyable testing… Okay, maybe not all of them. One of us where shocked after one of the chairs exploded while pumping…

So now, we’re back with the results. We’ve rated each piece out of 5, not just based on our own experiences but also considering the reviews from other users. We hope you find our experiences and reviews helpful.

Who knows, perhaps you might find your new favorite furniture among our recommendations.

Our Favourite Products

Perhaps each to their own applies to sex as well. There are some universal concepts such as comfort which these products have in common.

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Pillow: Sex Position Master

Perhaps you and your lover are searching for a dynamic duo to match your desires in the bedroom? For that extra fun and a little “je ne sais quoi,” you can’t go wrong with the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Sex Position Master! 

This piece of sex furniture is a delightful combo designed especially for your pleasure. How? What is it you like during sex? Let me guess…

Great oral? An easy time finding your sweet spots? To be able to last ages? To… eh-hem… climax?

Well, this inflatable wedge and ramp duo is going to get you there. I’ll be honest, after a lengthy session getting them both blown up (yes, it can take a while), you’ll be ready for your turn, whether you want to get blown or pumped.

They’re great for solo-sex (allowing your vibrator to get to the right place, which is so hard to achieve), but really they come into their own when two of you are playing.

Once set up, you lay on a velvety surface. The fabric’s designed to be soft on your skin and stop slipping, which is great for support.

It deflates and folds up super easy for when you need to travel or even store the pillow. Great for those romantic getaways with your partner. 

The ramp is big and will hold your whole body for leisurely pleasure. The wedge will lift your hips to that perfect angle. And guess what?

There are four “love handles” for you to hold on to. Time to really get down and dirty!

The pillow even comes with a free blindfold, which is a brilliant deal.  

If you’re ready to discover loads more variations on those traditional positions, take a look at the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Sex Position Master!

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Inflatable Multifunctional Chair/Sofa/Chaise Lounge/Bed

The multifunctional chaise lounge is one of the best erotic furniture pieces for those that are looking for versatility.

You will be pleased to know that it can support a combined weight of up to 300lbs, which is quite impressive. The manufacturer describes it as a “Magic Sex Sofa” due to the variety of positions that you can engage in thanks to its shape. Perfect for supporting you in every position imaginable.

With the chair being a great shape it also helps hitting her G-SPOT.

The material on the upper part where you would lay has a suede feel to it. This means that you are less likely to slip of giving you a better grip. It also makes it more comfortable.

An added benefit to the material is that it’s odourless!

Have a look at our products on how to keep your multifunctional chair protected. 

There are two sizes available, medium and large.

These variations allow for either partner to be on top, as well as for deeper penetration. The design of the air valve and the seal is designed to make it easier to inflate and deflate your sex couch. This makes it easier to store away after use as well. 

Electric air pump included.

As a bonus, it comes with a pair of hand and ankle cuffs, which is a massive bonus considering the price. If those do not inspire some adventures, I don’t know what will. 

You can read more you’re interested in other types of sex chairs.

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Inflatable Sex Pillow for Lovemaking

While other inflatable pillows may struggle for space, this one provides you with ample room.

You will be pleased to know that you will not be needing a pump to inflate or deflate it. It comes with an electric one.

That is one less logistic to deal with before sex. The less of those you have the better. 

The shape of the pillow is such that it is always balanced. It facilitates body weight distribution across the surface.

The elevation allows for both partners to be on the pillow during sex if desired. There is a wide range of positions in which the man or woman can be off the pillow. 

For comfort, the top part of the pillow is layered with faux leather. It has a suede sort of feel to it.

Our favorite feature is the pillow on the elevated end. This gives you somewhere to grab during sex, as do the handles on either side. Other, more sturdy sex pillows you can find in our reviews.

Read our guide and find out about other great air mattresses for sex!

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Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Remote Control Hot Seat

The inflatable Hot Seat is one of the few sex furniture of its kind that is remote controlled.

You will be pleased to find that it can take on weight of up to 300lbs.

The design is such that you can use it as a couple or an individual. For the single user, the remote control will bring this chair to life. It has the capability to deliver some good strokes.

There is a dildo vibrator that is included with this seat. You can use it to enhance your experience as a couple, or alone.

The only thing that we were not quite pleased with is that there was no C battery included. It is not that these are difficult to come by. No one likes to have to wait or go out to get some batteries before using their new furniture.

Durability remains to be seen. Until that can be established we know we are onto a good thing here.

Take a look at other amazing pieces of dildo furniture!

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Half Moon Pillow Adult Toy Mount For Couple Sex

I don’t know what anyone could possibly expect that is better at the price point that this pillow comes at. For such a simple design it delivers some variations of use.

One of the first things that are both negative and positive is the size of it. This makes for ease of transporting.

Most of us don’t get to travel with our sex furniture. Well, this changes things.

Having said that, the size also means that there is limited room on it. Which in turn means that there are some limitations when it comes to how you can use it.

The creative and daring ones among us will always find a way. 

There are two key uses that we found right out of the box. You can use this as an elevation pillow for the lady when engaging in positions such as the doggy style. It can also be used in some variations of the missionary. 

The one use that we would not have anticipated as the internal channel for a dildo. This allows ladies to have a more hands free experience with their dildos.

Love putting on a performance for your partner? Have a look at the best dildo mount for riding. You won’t be able to stop. 

I am sure there are other uses for those freed hands. 

The pillow is said to support up to 300 lbs. I am not sure what to make of this, due to how small it is.

Perhaps we can rest assured by the fact that there isn’t enough room to go above that weight anyway.

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Dark Magic Armchair

If you love being pummelled hard and fast, then this mischievious sex beast is for you!

Not for the fainthearted, the Dark Magic Armchair will take you from zero to screaming from the moment you click “on”, on the remote.

It comes with three realistic-looking dildos. Perfect for changes in mood.

Let’s be real, sometimes you’ll want the 5” dildo ideally curved to hit your sweet spot, but other times? You’ll want it as deep as only an 8” can provide.

The black chair is the ultimate in comfort. You adjust the height through letting out some of the air. On this note, I have to point out that it loses points for set up.

It can take 45-55 minutes to pump up. But once it’s ready for you to spread your legs on? Well, let’s just say, there’s no time for shyness!

Not comfortable with the wide-spread position? You will definitely find this leg spreader bar review interesting, make sure to check it out.

This 3-speed, hands-free, g-spot and prostate pleaser will make your legs shake and your bits quake.

Tip? If you have a lover, put on a show. Trust me, they’ll love it.

Once you’re done, let the air out, roll it up, and pop it in the cupboard… No-one will even notice!

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Festish Fantasy Inflatable Ride On Cushion

Now the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Ride on Cushion is a solo-sex inflatable designed to get you in cowgirl position. It fires you into minx-mode in moments!

This luscious love log comes with a 6” realistic dick-looking dildo. You can always whack in your favorite vibrator, but this multi-speed dildo vibrates a treat. Also, you get a remote controller with it so it’s nice and easy to switch vibrations.

This cushion happens to be a brilliant aid if you have a lover and want to explore new positions. It raises your bits up, which as you know, optimises staying-power. Yay!

To keep you in place and give you that extra leverage you have handles to grip hold of. They’re incredibly useful when you find your fluttery spot and want to keep humping.

The PVC material feels soft and velvety against your thighs (and nipples if you lean forward over it)! 

The handy part? It hardly takes up any space. At 32” in length and 12” tall, you don’t even have to deflate it if you don’t want to (just pop it in the cupboard)! It’s an excellent choice for mobile riding fun if you’re travelling!

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Dominix Wedge

If you’re new to sex furniture the Dominix Wedge is ideal. It’s mainly for use with a partner so if you’re queen or king of solo-sex, opt for something else.

Are you kinky, adventurous, and keen to have great orgasms?

Well, duh, who isn’t?! The Dominix Wedge is a sure fire way to spank your love life into shape. How?

Picture it: the wedge comes with a velvet-lined blindfold, and cuffs for your wrists or ankles.

Although it’s called a wedge, it’s sort of big so it really forces your hips or butt into the air. Oh yes, darling, you’re going to have three amazing things:

  1. Incredible oral sex (your lover won’t be getting neck ache).
  2. Deep, deep penetration.
  3. Improved targeting of your sweet spots because the wedge helps with angles.

And guess what?

It’s as cheap as two bottles of brandy (or whatever your favourite tipple is).

A great budget buy that is classy in its design. So get flexing your kink-buds and show your partner what you want to try next!

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Inflatable Massage Sheet

You like to get wet, huh? Or perhaps you and your partner are into oil-fueled massage, the really slippery kind. You know the sort, where you end up sliding up and down their gorgeous chest…

Or perhaps you’re into sploshing, or maybe you like sexy things even dirtier? Perhaps a little “golden”?

I’ve painted the picture…

Meet, The Inflatable Massage Sheet! The ideal cover if you’re into spicy bedroom play. It’s designed for hardcore wetness. The sheet is made from vinyl, so it’s soft and durable, but here’s the best part:

It has a 5.5” inflatable border.

Yes, to hold all the oil, lube, and goo in.

Trust me, your bed mattress will be happy with this one. It will be protected!

And on top of the bed, you will get the softness of the mattress, although you can use it on the floor too.

It’s time to ask yourself if you’re ready to get wetter…?

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Types / Categories of Inflatable Sex Furniture

Inflatable sex furniture can be divided into 3 categories. They come in the form of chaise/chair/bench, bed and sex pillows.

The one that you pick will largely be determined by the sort of activities that you have planned for it. An Inflatable Sex Chaise / Love Chair provides back support for at least one person

It allows them to lay back in a way that would make penetration easier. This makes it ideal for certain positions.

The ones that come to mind will have the erection being holstered from the seat while the recipient is on their feet. 

An Inflatable Sex Bed provides sufficient room for one or two partners to lay on it together. In most cases, you would be able to use it in the same ways that you can use a regular bed.

The key difference here is that the evidence (if any) can easily be hidden away afterward.

Inflatable sex pillows allow us to take up positions that would have either been impossible or painful to achieve.

You would be surprised how far one can go with a little support in the right areas.


It is not quite a matter of life and death, but picking good inflatable sex furniture is of utmost importance. Not only does it ensure that you do not waste money on products that are not worth the air that you blow into them.

It also means that you can also be blown or blow your lover in mid-air.

How sexy is that?

There is no foolproof way to make a decision on this. 

One way to do it is to consider whether you plan to be traveling with your furniture. If not, then going with the larger ones may be wise. If you will travel with it, pick a small but sturdy one.

If you loved daydreaming about all the positions you can try out on these inflatable chairs, there is another option out there that you might love. Hint: a lot of bouncing involved! Check out our Bondage Boutique Enhancer Chair Review.

DOMINIX Deluxe Large Inflatable Wedge

DOMINIX Deluxe Large Inflatable Wedge, Handcuff and Blindfold Set

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!