Lelo Nea 3 Review - New Clitoral Orgasms by Lelo

Did you know that around 36% of women have been reported to require clitoral stimulation during intercourse to be able to orgasm? (1) And given the selection of people out there who are not capable of locating the clitoris on the human body, the problem is only getting worse.

Thankfully we are here once again to save you from bad sex and missing orgasms by providing a detailed Lelo Nea 3 review.

Nea 3 is Lelo’s new sex toy intended for clitoral stimulation – which can be used solo or with a partner. And trust me, even if you’re unable to orgasm by clit stimulation – or at all, this inclusive invention by Lelo can only enhance the experience.

Why Do You Need a Lelo Nea 3?

You need a Lelo Nea 3 in your life if you haven’t been lucky enough to experience the kinds of pleasures a clitoral stimulator can provide.

Or, if you’re simply curious about Lelo as a brand, this is the perfect introduction to Lelo sex toys.

My partner, who has his fair share of experience with toys by Lelo, thinks that Lelo Nea 3 is probably his favorite toy to use with me – and maybe alone by himself, but he won’t admit it.

Additionally, Lelo Nea 3 is perfect for beginners with little or no experience in sex toys.

Lelo Nea 3 on pink and purple backround

No beginner wants to start their sexual journey with a Shrek-shaped butt plug or a vibrator the size of a baseball bat. Lelo Nea 3 is a small, cute, discreet toy perfect for anyone looking to start exploring their body.

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Lelo Nea 3 Benefits

Lelo Nea 3

Trust me when I say this, but you will never have a lonely or unsatisfied night again with Lelo Nea 3. What I love about this product the most are its following qualities:

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What I Don’t Like About This Product

What Is In the Box?

Nea 3 arrives in a box with its USB-charging cord, a satin storage pouch, a warranty registration card as well as a detailed instruction manual that prevents you from destroying your pussy with this lovely toy.

Lelo Nea 3 in a box

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

How to Use Lelo Nea 3?

Lelo Nea 3 on pink and blue background

To use Lelo Nea 3, first, you need to charge it using the USB charger it comes with.

After two hours of anticipation, the toy is ready – to get going.

Incorporate it into your solo play, or use it as a teammate while getting wild with your partner.

You can explore various vibrations by using the two neighboring buttons on the toy.

How to Clean It?

To clean Lelo Nea 3, use your favorite sex toy cleaner spray. If you don’t happen to have any, antibacterial soap and warm water will do the trick for you. Please stay away from using laundry detergent. Your vagina will not like it and will likely sting badly afterward.

My Experience

I had a great experience with Lelo Nea 3 – as I’ve had with most toys by Lelo that I’ve tried.

I have to say, though, that the clitoral pleasure that this little guy provides it’s not unique.

There are many similar toys by Lelo, such as Lily 2 or Lily 3, that provide similar sensations.

Still, using Lelo Nea 3, especially with my partner, has provided me great pleasure and plenty of awesome orgasms that required a mop when doing a post-sex cleanup.

Lelo Nea 3 alien blue

What to Be Careful of While Using Lelo Nea 3?

While using Lelo Nea 3, be careful of shrieking during your moments of pure ecstasy, as your neighbors, parents, or whoever happens to be closest – might hear you.

Moreover – for the love of god – please do not push this toy deep into your vagina or butt because you will regret it. Probably more than most blind dates you’ve had.

How Much Does Lelo Nea 3 Cost?

Lelo Nea 3 doesn’t cost much for a toy by Lelo. By general standards, the price is still relatively high. On the other hand, when it comes to sex toys by Lelo, Nea 3 is on the cheaper side and won’t require as much $$ as the gold-plated Lelo toys, for example.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Where to Buy Lelo Nea 3?

Lelo Nea 3 can be bought directly from Lelo’s website. Preferably using your sugar daddy’s credit card since he can’t make you cum even if his life depended on it.

Should You Buy Lelo Nea 3? Conclusion

If you are new to clitoral stimulation and don’t happen to own a clit toy just yet, I highly suggest buying Lelo Nea 3. Or, even if you just absolutely adore clitoral stimulation and are a sex toy collector, this one is a must-have.

However, if you happen to already own clitoral toys by Lelo, such as Lily 2, then Nea 3 doesn’t bring anything super new to the table sensation -wise.

Additionally, I would especially recommend buying Lelo Nea 3 if you’re looking for your first sex toy to start with. It’s subtle, high-quality, and just simply feels freaking good.

Overall, whether it’s Lelo Nea 3, Lelo Lily 2 – or some other clitoral toy – anyone with a clitoris should certainly own one. It has been shown that 87% of men cannot locate a clitoris on the female body (2). Be kind to yourself, and save yourself a lot of trouble.

If you want to know even more about clitoral stimulation, read our guide on how to stimulate a clit.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


What is Lelo Nea 3?

Lelo Nea 3 is a newly released clitoral vibrator by our favorite luxurious sex toy brand, Lelo.

What is the size of Lelo Nea 3?

Lelo Nea 3 is a small toy – its measurements are 1.5 x 1.3 x 2.9 inches in width, height, and length. Regarding sex toys, this one is small – but trust me, it still packs power.

Will Lelo Nea 3 fit my body?

Lelo Nea 3 will fit your body – but whether the sensations are good depends on your experience. Its design is accommodating to anyone with a clitoris.

How can I use Lelo Nea 3 with a partner?

To use Lelo Nea 3 with a partner, you can simply place the toy on your clitoris while having intercourse with your partner. Alternatively, you can use it during foreplay with your partner – or if they have a vagina on them.

Can I get good orgasms with Lelo Nea 3?

You can get good orgasms with Lelo Nea 3 – although Lelo does not fully guarantee this since every single body is different and unique. To maximize the chances, explore different vibration settings and place the toy on your clitoris in various positions.

Is the package with the products discrete?

The package with the products is discrete. Every single box delivered from Lelo is a discrete, plain simple box with no company logo or any other incriminating details.

Can Lelo Nea 3 help my relationship, improve my sex life or help me conceive a baby?

Lelo Nea 3 can indeed improve your sex life. Consequently, in some aspects, it also helps your relationship. Unfortunately, Lelo Nea 3 is unable to help you conceive a baby. So Lelo, if you’re reading this, maybe consider designing and producing perhaps a vibrating wand that is intended for conception?

Is Lelo Nea 3 safe?

Lelo Nea 3 is safe – if you’re using it as a sex toy. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be safe if, one night, after two bottles of wine, you decide to swallow it.

Does Lelo Nea 3 come with a warranty?

Lelo Nea 3 comes with a warranty of one year – like all other products by Lelo. However, this does not mean you should give the sex toy to your dog or cat to play with.

What Material is Lelo Nea 3 Made of?

Lelo Nea 3 is made of ABS plastic. It’s completely body-safe and, best of all. It’s also fully waterproof.

Is Lelo Nea 3 waterproof?

Lelo Nea 3 is indeed waterproof, so there is no need to worry if you’re a squirter – or trying to become one. And the good news – you can also use this product in the shower!

What is the best position to use Lelo Nea 3?

Lelo Nea 3 works well for all positions – it’s a small, versatile toy that can be used with or without a partner in various positions by being held against your clit during the action.


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