Womanizer Premium Vs Duo
Last Updated on February 25, 2023

The Womanizer Premium Vs Duo: Which Sex Toy should you buy?

OK, vagina-owners, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be a fan of orgasms. Know what that means? You want them for breakfast to start your day, on your lunch break to re-focus attention, to relieve stress in the evening… oh and the one that always puts a grin on my face? To relieve period pain!

That’s right, pussy pleasure can be had any time of the day, and guess what?

You can even cum during exercise. There’s this sex researcher, Dr Debbie Herbenick, who’s brought out a book giving you tips on how to improve your sex-life through a “coregasm” fitness regime!(1)

If you’d rather get your daily doses of ecstasy through lazier means, you’re gonna love the vibrators I have coming up for you.

Reading about these? Well, let’s just say they’re gonna make you flutter… down there…

What is a Womanizer Premium?

The Womanizer Premium is the ultimate clitoral stimulator toy ever! Fact. 

It’s essentially best wireless egg vibrator for your clit. 

So a vibrator, but like you’ve never seen before… well, unless you’re already a Womanizer fan! It’s basically one of their newer models.

It uses Pleasure Air Technology to send pressure waves – basically tiny little waves of air – pulsing over your hood.

For clit-owners who love clitoral climax? I’d go so far as to say this is a basic need in your life… (feed the pussy)!!

(Warning: I know someone who is addicted to hers and she can’t go a day without masturbating at least three times.

 Her sexual partners can no longer make her cum. Tip? If you have a lover: get them to use it on you.)

This toy provides a huge range of intensity levels (12 to be precise) to suckle your hood. 

You also get the option of AutoPilot which is a spontaneous pattern of pulsing that happens without you touching it! Whether you want it gentle or powerful, you’ll find your sweet spot.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What is a Womanizer Duo?

The Womanizer Duo is the best modern version of the rabbit vibrator. It’s the “upgrade” of the Womanizer InsideOut. It’s probably one of the most “effective” dual stimulation toys on the sex toy market. 

The Duo has both a clitoral stimulator silicone suction head (similar to the Premium) but it has something else to?

Can you guess? Something that rumbles down in your…

You’ve got it! The Womanizer Duo also has a vibrating arm designed especially to give you incredible internal stimulation. Right on your g-spot! More? You want more?

Are you sure you’re ready? Well, OK, I do so love to satisfy my readers…

The Womanizer Duo has a 12 speed clitoral stimulator (levels 9-12 will blow your head off). 

It has 12 vibrating arm speeds for g-spot stimulation (CRIKEY)! Finally? You get a 12 pattern mode for extra ecstasy!

I know… I’m panting just writing this… (check out my full Womanizer Duo review here!)

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What fabulous features do they have in common?

Although these two Womanizer products have one major difference (clit stimulation or both clit & vaginal stimulation) there are many features they have in common.

The vibrator similarities include the following:

The ultimate feature? The silicone head!

Of course I had to give the silicone stimulation head a section all to itself. Seriously, this is what suction toys are all about.

The silicone head is like a little mouth designed to suckle your clit. I mean, come oooooon! Isn’t that the hottest thing ever?!

So, a little thing to note is that the Duo silicone head is round. The Womanizer Premium has an oval head. The round Duo head is a bit bigger. The bigger head works on the Duo.

Why? Well, you know that thing when you want a little bit of movement in your vagina? Yeah, exactly. The bigger stimulation head allows for more movement!

Womanizer Premium Pros and Cons



Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Womanizer Duo Pros and Cons



Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

How to use a Womanizer Clitoral Stimulation sex toy?

The best way to use it is to have it on the bed. It stays still because of the fabric.

I lay on it, and my boyfriend either stands at the edge of, or kneels on, the bed. Also, because of the height at the taller end, it stops me from getting neck ache when I’m giving him a BJ.

Sex feels intimate because you can get real close to each other and it’s easy to kiss during thrusting, but it feels hot and dirty too.

Newbies: How to use the Premium...

OK, so before you start, you get two silicone heads, choose the size that suits your clit most. Then?

Newbies: how to use the Womanizer Duo...

Before we start, I need to point out that Womanizer products can make you an extremely lazy masturbator! With the Duo, however, you can rock it back and forth a bit against your g-spot. The vibrating arm is flexible and rocking feels insane!

Again, the Womanizer Duo comes with two silicone heads, choose the one that will fit your clit more! Ready to ravish your clit AND your g-spot? Let’s begin…

It’s useful to remember that the anatomy of each person is a little different. Although the shape of these vibes will suit the majority, there will be some people the shape might not work for.

Saucy Tips

Now, the dual stimulation of the Duo really offers an intense experience. Get to level 4 or 5 with the clitoral stimulator pulsing a the same time and you’re certain to cum very very quickly. (Well, if you’re anything like me anyway)!

Prefer vibration variety? With the Duo you get pattern settings and with the Premium you get AutoPilot. This gives you new ways to enjoy your vibes. Go on an adventure!

When two bodies collide with a Womanizer vibrator they’re definitely going to have fun. Try introducing your toy into sex sessions!

How to clean a Womanizer Duo and Premium?

It’s really easy to clean these two Womanizer vibes because they’re completely waterproof. It means you can totally submerge them in water. 

To clean them do the following:

Tip: You can occasionally sterilize your toys. This is especially important if you use them during anal sex play.

What are their biggest flaws?

Flaw is a strong word. I’d say there are a couple of things that could be improved on the Womanizer Duo and Premium, but really, the next person might see them as no big deal. It’s all down to personal taste.

Firstly, the Womanizer Duo...

The most annoying thing about the Duo is the low vibrations when pattern mode automatically switches to a low level. The pattern button has the power to build your climax up and then snatch it away!

Another issue with the Duo is that really, it’s designed for one person. Great, but sometimes you like to use a vibrator during sex, right?

Secondly, the Womanizer Premium...

If you’re a person who finds it easier to orgasm through penetration then the Womanizer Premium might not be for you. Make no mistake it’s a clitoral stimulator only!

Tip? You might be interested in other models from Womanizer…

Also, the Premium is probably not for those who are new to clitoral stimulator suction toys. If you’ve never used one before, check out the Starlet and Liberty.

The last thing to say about the Womanizer Premium is that at its highest setting, it’s louder than the Womanizer Classic. (Thankfully there’s the Smart Silence mode!)

How do these Womanizer toys compare in price?

The Womanizer Duo and Premium are actually quite similar in price. Depending on the site, there is usually a $20 price gap between them. The Premium is cheaper than the Duo.

The website you purchase them from affects the cost. You’re able to get them from the Liberator, Womanizer and Lovehoney websites. All three of these online shops run regular discounts too.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Premium Vs Duo: IMO, which is the better choice?

Right, the better choice depends on your tastes. However, there’s something to bear in mind because you might think all you care about is having your clit stimulated, but the g-spot IS part of the clitoris. Hence, the Womanizer Duo’s prestigious status as being one of the best rabbit vibrators on the planet. Other rabbit vibrators just don’t come close.

Those old vibrators with bunny ears from the naughties? Literally, they’re not even in the same league.

All this being said, I personally love the Premium. Purely because I can’t always be bothered to go in for penetrative solo-sex every time I do. The Premium fits snuggly with your anatomy and only has three power buttons to control. It’s easy.

If it comes down to features (i.e. Pattern mode or AutoPilot), I’d say they’re kind of equal, so just choose the one that sticks out to you personally.

If it comes down to money, the Premium is cheaper. I’d advise checking out the reviews over at Liberator and Womanizer!

Ultimately? The main thing is, well, YOLO. I can’t stress enough that a Womanizer sex toy elevates your orgasms. You’ll feel cosmic.