Hidden Sex Room Ideas
Last Updated on August 2, 2023

Hidden Sex Room Ideas - Kinky Fun, No Evidence

There’s no greater pleasure in the world than sex – and well, maybe decorating and designing your new sex room, which you desperately might need right now. It’s not very sexy to share the most important and intimate moments of your life on an old moldy mattress surrounded by grey concrete walls.

Okay, so maybe you now have a brand new sex room idea in your head, but you keep asking yourself what would happen if someone were to barge in unasked, and be exposed to your impressive collection of bondage beds, whips, and big suction cup dildos?

Thankfully, this can be avoided by prioritizing the most important thing concerning your sex life – privacy. That’s why we’re here to save your parents any potential heart attacks by giving you the best tips for designing a hidden sex room, that only you and your partner can access.

Why Do You Need a Hidden Sex Room?

You can need a hidden sex room for a variety of reasons – maybe you have young children and want some privacy with your hubby at times, your parents tend to overstay their welcome and are a nosy bunch – or maybe you like to remain super secretive about your kink for dressing up as Courage the Cowardly dog.

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Hidden Sex Room Ideas

There are many different ways to hide your sex room – and you don’t have to dig a secret underground tunnel there. It’s going to be easier than that.

Sex Narnia in your bedroom

Sex Narnia? Sign me up. One great – probably the smartest idea of all – would be to choose your designated sexy space – a spare room or even a storage space. Then remove the main door, and find an alternative entrance.

Dungeon with a hidden passage

A Scooby-Doo-style entrance for your sex room. Uhm, heck yeah – as long as it doesn’t involve Scooby-Doo in a sexual context.

This is something that few to no sex rooms or BDSM dungeons have – and that makes it even cooler. Find a secret passage – this can be through the floor under your carpet, behind your bed – or even hidden in a bookshelf.


Do you have a fantasy of being tied up in your dark basement? Well, this is your chance.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be cold and dusty – you can make your basement incredibly romantic and make your fantasies come to life.

Choose a rose-colored new rug, and incorporate some scented candles and some light.

Get an additional sex bed, and place a mirror in the ceiling facing the bed – doesn’t it already sound sexier?



Why not? It’s not like your guests even bother to go up there – that’s where the junk is (well, quite literally now). Similarly to your basement, your attic can be modified into a sexy room with some decor and new furniture.

The attic is also a great option for sexy dim lighting and creating the perfect room for tantra. If that’s your preference though, you might want to check out these hot tips for creating a tantra room.

Dual-purpose workout room

This is a great option for any fitness enthusiast. With a dual-purpose workout room, you can easily hide your sex toys among your workout gear, and place sex furniture under blankets, disguising them as a part of the workout room.

Extra garage

Why not? Just pretend that you’re not using the garage at all, and lock it up. Little would people know, in reality, you have a crazy big area for passionate sex. Beat that.

Sexy dressing-room

A woman in a sexy dressing room

If you have a dressing room in your house, this one’s a good location for your brand-new sex or BDSM room.

You can hide your toys, lingerie, and restraints in your cabinets and lock them.

For bondage, you can easily incorporate a bondage bed with attached d-rings and disguise it as a regular bench.

Just remember to add the proper decor to set the mood and ta-da, you have a sexy dressing room!

What is the Best Place in a House to Create a Hidden Sex Room?

This depends on the type of house or apartment you’re living in. If you live in a house, use a spare room. And if you don’t have that, get creative – maybe your storage room can do the trick, or even your closet if it happens to be on the larger side.

What to Consider Before Building a Hidden Sex Room?

Before building a hidden sex room, you should always communicate with your partner and consider their preferences – if they express an interest in a sexy new mattress or rose-colored lighting, consider that.

And of course, decide on the best way to keep the sex room hidden together, and make sure both people understand the logistics – getting yourself stuck among dildos without your partner being able to help is not going to be a fun thing to have to explain and reveal to the fire department.


How much space are you realistically able to dedicate to your sex life? If you’re living in a small apartment, it may be difficult to explain why your one guest room is now locked or your bathroom is only half of the size it used to be.

Try your best to stay discreet – it may be difficult, but it’s much easier than dealing with an awkward moment caused by your nephews that you’ve been babysitting discovering your sex Narnia.


What’s your budget like? Perhaps you and your partner are both students, living in a small apartment – or maybe you’re a house owner.

Either way, to cut down costs, try to keep renovations minimal, and instead of a new paint job, invest in buying discreet sex furniture, maybe some second-hand decorations, and a few new sex toys that don’t have a motor similar to a power drill.

If you can’t afford any renovation right now, you can also take a look at these hot deals for sex room rentals.


Even though the plan is to have your room hidden, incorporating discreet sex furniture that you can fold up easily doesn’t hurt – especially if you’re building your new room in your at-home gym or dressing room.

Our top recommendations are the Divan Daybed and the Esse Lounger by The Liberator – both of which can easily appear as regular furniture, but they allow for bondage and exploration of different positions, which can enhance your sex life (we are speaking from experience with this one).

And to be fair, both pieces of furniture have visual sex appeal as well – they create an erotic and sensual atmosphere.

Women using Divan Black Label Daybed


As with any sex room, we strongly recommend mood lighting – this is a great addition, and is a bulletproof trick to make any room have sex appeal – well, except for your food cabinet, stay away from there unless it’s sploshing time.


Enjoy listening to hot music while having sex? Incorporate some speakers to play your sexy playlist. Don’t forget to disconnect this from any other devices though – because can you imagine your brother-in-law who’s staying over the weekend – or any other person for that matter – having to listen to it.



A hidden sex room is also a great way to store your toys, furniture, lingerie, and any pleasure-related objects.

You don’t have to run around the apartment to grab them each time, and no need to worry about an outsider finding out about your play activities involving a fantasy tentacle dildo.

How to Build a Hidden Sex Room?

To build a sex room, choose a space in your house or apartment that you want to make your designed romantic love-making nest – or a kinky sex dungeon. Figure out how to make this room hidden, and the rest should get easier.

Take advantage of unused room

Do you have a storage room or a guest room you never use? This is the best-case scenario. You can keep the door locked, and only share the key with your partner – or better yet, hide the room completely. Get rid of the main door, and create a hidden entrance.

Furnish it

An unfurnished room with a hard floor and a pair of handcuffs randomly hanging from the wall isn’t going to get anyone wet. Don’t forget to furnish the room properly.

As much as you should remember your sex furniture, incorporate cabinets and boxes for your sex toys, lingerie, and clothes you use during dress-up roleplay.

Don’t let your new Courage the Cowardly Dog costume just lay on the floor.

Sexy woman in a romantic bedroom

Create a secret door

No need to tape one of your doors shut with bondage tape – instead, have a secret door. It could be something that most people wouldn’t even notice at first look.

Hide sex equipment

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Now that you’re mostly done reading this, get busy. You have a hidden entrance to come up with and sex furniture to buy.

These are exciting times, and creating your first hidden sex room as a couple is like a kinky version of buying a house together – this is yours and yours only.

Enjoy, have fun, stay safe, and remember to hide the evidence – and the entrance.


What is a hidden sex room?

A hidden sex room is a discreetly designed area within your home dedicated to engaging in intimate activities. Remember though – you’re not limited to have sex in only one designated room. Here are some ideas for having sex in every room of the house.

Why do couples want a hidden sex room?

Couples want a hidden sex room for a variety of reasons. One big reason for wanting a hidden sex room is having kids – or having relatives living in your house.

Hidden sex rooms are also useful for couples who have tenants or roommates living in the same house. And of course, having a hidden sex room will solve any problems you may have with nosy in-laws.

How can a hidden sex room improve intimacy?

A hidden sex room can improve intimacy by not having to constantly worry about your kids or guests finding your sex toy box or BDSM gear hidden under your bed. On top of this, now you have a kinky dirty secret with your partner – what’s not to like about that?

What are secret sex room ideas?

Secret sex room ideas include having a designated space for your sex life that no outsider has access to. In this article, we’re providing you with some ideas to make this happen, including hidden entrances, and using an extra room that you have in your house, among other fun tricks.

What should I put in a hidden sex room?

In a hidden sex room, you should put all of your toys, sex furniture, lingerie – and any sexy decor that you want to set the mood to be romantic, sensual, or extremely kinky – whatever you prefer.

Can I make a secret sex room in my bedroom?

You can make a secret sex room in your bedroom. If your bedroom is on the larger side, you can build a small sex room disguised as a closet space. If not, consider getting some secret space to hide your naughty gadgets in.

What safety measures should you take into account when designing a hidden sex room?

The safety measures that you should take into account when designing a hidden sex room include several things, but the most important aspect is not to accidentally lock yourself or your partner there. If this happens, well, you’ve got a great script idea for a new kinky horror movie. Call Netflix.

Other than that, make sure that the room can be ventilated properly and cleaned thoroughly from time to time. Hygiene is crucial when it comes to any type of sex room.

Should I approach a professional sex room designer about creating a hidden sex room?

You can approach a professional sex room designer about creating a hidden sex room – although this might be a difficult request from the designer’s perspective.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s not doable – I’m sure that you can find an interior designer who specialized with sex rooms who would be more than excited about making your vision come to life.