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Last Updated on December 2, 2022

The Ultimate Sex Couch Guide of 2022

Over the last two years, my lover and I have been on an adventure to find you the best sex couch ever! Almost every month we tried a new sex sofa in every sexual position, angle, and in every room of the house (that they would fit in)! Of 20 pieces of sex furniture, we’ve whittled it down to the ultimate 6!

Our choices are based on the best erotic sofa you’ll find in terms of features, quality, comfort, and obviously all the sex positions you get!

Apparently, men think about sex 19 times a day, women 10.(1) Trust me when I say, that as a lady, sex furniture is one way to stimulate your mind more often! Whether you’re after BDSM and bondage, ergonomic design, different positions, or g-spot access, we’ve got your pleasure covered.

Want to meet the sexiest sofas ever? Ready to get your next-level orgasm? Here we go…

Best Sex Sofa: Our HOT Picks!

Best Budget Buy


Lift your body and bits with this wonderful chaise.
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The Cheapest

Our Favorite

Liberator Equus Wave

For elegant erotica, discover the Equus today!
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Best Rated + BDSM

Black Label Esse

Get tied up and teased on the hottest spanking couch here!
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The Best Sex Sofa for BDSM & Doggy Style

Now I’m gonna get as naughty, as possible straight off. Just because you like that, right?

The Black Label Esse is literally the most incredible erotic sofa you’ll EVER find for all your downright kinky desires.

This is the best sofa for those of you who just love, love, LOVE doggy style.

For those who want it bent over the supreme design and manufacturing that only Liberator offers.

So, I’m like reeeeeally into restraint play.

You know the sort where you start to sweat and beg?

My partner is pretty new to dominating me, which means this sublime couch made his job a lot easier.

The clips are all there, so all he has to do is choose how he wants me spread.

We also use the headrest on our regular bed. It just makes sex better, you know? The hip angles. 😉

You should get the Black Label Esse if you absolutely love luxury sex brands and want the best sex furniture on the market in your dungeon or bedroom!

(Remember to use the FURNPEAK discount code at checkout!)



It's only limits are your own imagination when it comes to using tie downs and blindfolds. Easily cleaned with the removable cover but will be tight after you dry it. Bought an additional cover to keep it discreet when visitors come over who aren't into the kinky lifestyle that fits over the black label cover well. Great for just laying on as well. Amazing as kinky fun... let's you get super deep with the face down and rear up over the larger hump want to make it even better add in my favorite vibrator.
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Bridget V.
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The Liberator Esse Chaise Lounge is an ideal candidate for the best sex couch in 2022. It has been put through its paces by plenty of couples who have hailed it a masterpiece.

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

The Most Amazing Ergonomically Designed Sex Furniture

Honey, it’s time to dive into the rippling waves of orgasmic bliss.

The Equus Wave is the dream set of sex furniture if you’re seeking more thrills in your sex life.

This is the curvacious furniture for you if you want reassurance from consistently great reviews as well as saucy fun to sink into, in your bedroom, lounge, garden…

My partner and I can’t get enough of the two huge wedges that are perfect for adult exploration.

In our erotic life, we commit to an “everything but” night once a month where we do everything but penetrative sex.

The Equus Wave is ideal for this because the shapes offer five ways of setting them up meaning we can indulge all our sexy ideas.

I’m especially into massage and straddling the Wave in “bench form” is really easy, but now I’m thinking how hot it is when we open the pieces out and my lover lays back…

This is for you if you want quality furniture from a luxurious brand.

It forces you and your partner to have more spicy sexual fun. Also, you get a special discount if you use the FURNPEAK code.



Being able to brace your partner or lift them into positions and not have to hold them there allows you to focus your strength and energy on better pleasure. (...) I recommend for everyone to give them a try, and just go all out in the beginning; they will love the face mask and restraints.
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Josh J.
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Use the code: JINGLE for Holiday Savings

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best Ever for Deeper Penetration

Come meet the hottest sex wedge for deep deep, deep… well, I think you know… Seriously, there’s a reason Liberator’s wedges are the most popular in the world. The Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo is no exception.

It’s for couples wanting to hit that g-spot, that p-spot, dare I say that a-spot? Ever heard of a cervical orgasm? Well now you have and this is the couch combo to get you there.

What I love about the Black Label model is it kinks up your sex. So not only do my partner and I get good sex from the wedges, I get my restraint play too! The combo is simple to use, lightweight, and we seriously use it all over the house.

I’m especially keen on using them in the visitors’ room after we’ve had people stay. (I love the smell of other people on my bedsheets, what can I say? I’m a perve. Hehe!)

The Wedge Ramp Combo is a must-have if you want the next best thing after the Esse for positions at an affordable price.

Check out our Wedge review for more information!



This product is so comfortable! The fabric is very soft and the wedges and bands and blindfold are super easy to adjust and secure. They feel expensive and luxurious, very nice quality fabric and construction. Love that it's washable. We call it our "sexy sex" time.
It's great to have variety and fun with your partner.
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Colin W.
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Buy the ultimate in sex couches.

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Most Comfy Couch For a Cosy Sex Life

Ahhhhhh put your feet up and relax into this beauty of a sexual cradle…

The Zeppelin Cocoon brings something a little different to your home as well as your erotic life.

It’s the perfect chair-come-couch-come-gigantic bean bag and is for you if you want simple, sweet, easy-everything luxury!

My partner and I are big film fans and regularly indulge in “Netflix and Chill” time.

You know what that means: when spooning turns into forking! The (highly supportive) foam-filled Zeppelin is our go-to for coziness and lazy loving (it’s also amazing teamed up with a saucy film – have you seen 365 Days, yet? Pure sauce!).

Aside from a gentle screw, it’s great in our lounge to sit on and lie on, and it’s totally easy to keep clean (just stick the cover in the wash).

Find out even more – click for Zeppelin review here. It’s the ultimate go-to if you want quick assembly, easy usage, and something that adds a gorgeous bit of luxury in the lounge.



Use the code: JINGLE for Holiday Savings

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Most Popular Sofa to improve your Sex Life

Get a load of this beauty. Isn’t she hot?

The Esse is seriously THE BEST sex couch in the world. It’s for couples who want comfortable amazing sex without causing any injuries. Let’s face it, we all know how the awkward BJ can destroy your neck for days.

The Esse is for lovers who want the ultimate sofa in order to get the safest, most sublime sex of their lives. Fact.

So, I’m in my late thirties and have found that sexual positions aren’t as easy as they were when I was younger. I’m not as fit or flexible. The thing is, when my boyfriend and I get down, I think I am fit. The number of times I’ve enjoyed 69 and not thought much about it till the next day when I can’t move my neck – eeeeek!!

Gone are all those issues. Of course, my partner loves this. On the Esse we can stay in any position for at least half an hour and the next day there’s no pain.

There are two things I need to point out with the Esse… You can “convert” it in two ways. Firstly, through the Black Label conversion kit so you can use it for BDSM.

This means you get the cover that has the 24 restraint clips on it! Secondly, if you’re tall, you can also get the Flip Stage in order to make the Esse taller.

The Esse is for anyone who loves great safe sex. It’s reportedly amazing for those who have mobility issues too. Check out the hundreds of 4.5-star reviews. 



Add some excitement into your romantic life with the Liberator Karma Sutra Chaise Lounge today.

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Best Inflatable Sofa & Budget Buy

Pure cheekiness is what you want to introduce to the bedroom if things have got a little dry.

Perhaps you aren’t able to spend all your hard-earned money on an Esse, though.

Well, here’s the perfect alternative if you want to get jiggy on a sex chair but at a minimal cost.

The Lux Fetish 6 Pc Inflatable Bdsm Sex Sofa Set brings you comfort and great support in your favorite f*cking position all at a staggeringly cheap price! We actually use it when we’re traveling because it’s easy to pack.

It’s also good for camping holidays and sauciness under the stars… depending on where you’ve stopped, of course. You don’t want any bears watching!

If you want all the pleasure possible from a sex couch at less than half the cost of the high-end options, then this is the ideal new piece of furniture for you.

For other budget options, I’d recommend to check out  Liberator shapes and our guide to inflatable sex furniture.



Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Sexual Couch

Ladies, gents, and all my non-binary beauties, when you invest in a sex couch, both you and your partner want satisfaction. There are particular features that people prefer in order to discover the ultimate position, angles, and excitement in their relationships.

It’s so important you choose a sofa to suit your desires and fantasies, otherwise, what’s the point in having one?! So, make sure you think about the following when browsing…

Ask yourself and your lover what's your favorite position. This is hugely important, but you know what else is? Ask each other what position you want to try next! And what type of fantasy you want to dive into because if you wanna dive into BDSM, you're gonna need a sofa with clips or restraining points!

If you're investing in an erotic sofa fit to last a lifetime, it not only needs to look good, you'll want it to fit in with your home's decor. Make sure you visualize each sofa in your lounge, bedroom, or wherever you want it. Also, if you have limited space, it's worth getting a tape measure and figuring out exactly how tall and wide the sofa is. Remember, many of these pieces can be used as regular recliners too.

Some erotic furniture will focus on making you comfortable, others on bringing you kink, while others will introduce new positions. Consider what you want, but also think about the practical features such as whether the sofa is easy to clean. Screwing on a chair leaves stains, it's worth getting one with a (soft) washable cover!

Most people will have a budget range. Decide what yours is, but keep an eye out for internet-only discounts, which can really save you money. It's good to stick to a budget, but worth remembering that spending a little more cash usually means better quality and longer-lasting furniture. (If you buy from Liberator, use the code "FURNPEAK" to get a website discount).

Keep reading to find out which karmasutra sofas we loved the most.

We’ve selected the best sofa for sex in the following categories:

Can you get a better sex life using a sex sofa? My final thoughts...

Absolutely, positively, you will definitely nurture a better love-life with a sex couch or chair (or both) in your home.

Did you know that non-verbal intimacy reduces stress?(2) It’s scientifically proven. So whether you’re spooning or forking on a sofa, your relationship is certain to get sweeter. (And we all love a bit of sexual candy, right?)

If you’re still unsure which chair or sofa to go for, I’d suggest it has to be between the Equus Wave or Esse.

The first is ideal for playful exploration and the second is best for safe sexual positioning. To be fair, you can do both on either, so it really boils down to what’s going to suit your house as well as your taste.


Do I need a sex couch?

If you want incredible, comfortable sex and value physical intimacy, then yes, a sex couch or a tantric lounge chair is going to add a little “je ne sais quoi” to your life. It could be argued that nobody really needs a sex couch, but if you have the desire and space, then why ever not?

Sex couches thoroughly improve your orgasms and heighten pleasure. If you’re after more intimacy and delicious, quivering, leg-shaking moments, then the decision is obvious. People all over the world are getting off on them, so why miss out?

How do you use a sex couch?

Buying erotic furniture might seem intimidating, but you can use it any way you want and should try it in every way you can imagine! It’s a dream for trying new positions, achieving deeper penetration, and making oral sex extremely comfortable.

You get loads of new angles on your usual sexual positions and for some people, totally new positions. Also, if you struggle with flexibility and mobility, sex couches pretty much hold you in place so all you need to do is find your rhythm!

As the Tantra sofa totally supports you, it makes sex easier and erotic play easier. Put simply, the sex couch will make your wildest dreams come true.

Once, the couch is set up, it’s just a matter of diving in. If you’re stuck for inspiration, Liberator has lots of position suggestions on their site.

Can’t I just have sex on regular furniture?

Yes, of course, you can! You can have sex wherever you like inside your house, but there are so many benefits to furniture specially designed for intercourse.

  • Firstly, it’s designed to support more weight.
  • Secondly, it can handle all the motion and movement you throw at it.
  • And thirdly, it features all your arousing extras.

We all know sex is better with a pillow under your hips, but have you tried it with a sex pillow designed especially to lift and hold your hips up high? And for those who have more cushion on their tush, there’s an entire range of best plus size sex furniture to give you a better, easier sex-life. So if more comfortable sex positions sound right to you, you can see our top 7 list and find out about the variety of amazing pillows you didn’t know you needed.

How many regular sofas do you know of that feature clips and sexual hand cuffs, like the Black Label Esse? Seriously, erotic furniture is tops!

Where can I buy a sex couch?

It’s best to get an erotic couch or chair online because you get more options and greater discounts. It’s also easier to identify specialist brands. Liberator tends to dominate all over the world market because it’s their niche area and they put so much time, effort, and expertise into creating their pieces.

There are a number of websites offering tantra sex sofas as well as other sex furniture including sex stoolssex chairs and sex benches. It’s worth having a browse, but I’d highly recommend Liberator as your point of comparison.

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