The Best Sex Swing Stand Explained
Last Updated on December 20, 2021

The Best Sex Swing Stand For Hot Sex!

Sex swings are hot. They lift your pleasure from flat-on-your-back to floating in the air. Literally!

When you’re jumping into a saucier erotic life you want to make sure you get the best equipment. That can be hard when there are so many products to choose from. That’s where Furnpeak comes in. With something as big as a swing frame, you want to choose right.

WebMD report that orgasms last (on average) 10 seconds for men and 20 seconds for women (1). With good sexual aids, you increase your pleasure and can increase your frequency of climaxing! Sounds amazing, right?

Now, the thing is, you can attach swings to the ceiling by a hook, but it can damage the plaster. Especially if you’re a frisky minx! Sometimes people worry that the swaying chair might fall off, too. Using a frame takes away those worries so you get better sex, totally securely.

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Top-Rated Sex Swing Stand

The top-rated sex frame to introduce a whole new world of sexual positions is the Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Stand.

It’s 88″ tall, which means you’re able to use it in most rooms.

This frame comes with steel bondage loops designed to enhance your restraint play.

Coupled up with one of the Pipedreams swings, you end up with the best sex swing and stand combo!

Amazing if you want to improve your love life.

The frame holds up to 350 lbs, so will hold you if you’re plus-size, or hold two people if you’re both slender.

Want more pleasure?

You also get a free satin love mask to heighten your experience.



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Best Sex Swing Stand When You're On A Budget

The best frame for swings if you and your partner are on a budget is from Badassworkroom.

It’s 78.5″ tall, so a little shorter than the others, but is made to be universal so you can use all of your favorite types of sex swings on it.

This frame is handmade from iron to ensure you’re safe in all the new swing positions.

Its design and craftsmanship is sturdy and introduces excellent new adventures to your erotic life!

And guess what? The seller has full stars on their reviews, plus they provide free delivery!



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Best Sex Swing Stand For BDSM

The ultimate love frame for BDSM is the Trinity Vibes Swing.

This heavy-duty frame holds up to 400lbs so you feel safe when you’re spinning around discovering new positions, angles, and increased depth.

The wonderful thing about this frame aside from it being quick to set up is this: it makes your sex-life easier.

It takes the strain off standing positions.

This 82″ tall frame comes with a number of attachment points.

This is designed to accommodate all your favorite types of swings and slings. The Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing is perfect match for this frame.  

Perhaps even a yoga swing?!

Tip? Get a spinning swing with adjustable nylon straps, so you can alter the height and leg stirrups. Comfort is important. A leather sling is also soft on your skin.



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What to consider before buying the ultimate sex swing stand for swinging?

  • Material
  • Your weight
  • Size
  • When not in use, can it be unhooked and hidden?
  • Price
  • Attachments

Is it sturdy?

You want to get a frame that is heavy-duty and will hold your weight. It's best for you and your partner to buy one with a metal frame.


When you buy better quality frames made from strong material, they last longer. It's worth opting for the most well-known sex furniture brands (like Liberator) if you want items to last. Top-brands rigorously test products to ensure their safety and comfort.


The more hooks a frame and swinging seat have, the easier you'll balance. You can switch to fewer hooks the more you practice!

What is the weight limit?

Be sure that your new treat will hold you and your partner's weight. The ones featured here hold between 350-485lbs.

How tall is a stand when set up?

Frames tend to be between 78"-88" tall. You'll need to make sure it will fit in the room/s you intend to use it.

The swinging seat can be removed and the frame can be taken apart.

It's good to have a storage bag to keep the products safely together in a cupboard when not in use.

The sex stands here cost between $267-$359.10.

This is normal for frames.

You'll need to remember that sex swings are not included - for good reason.

You want to take time to choose a saucy seat that suits you and your partner.


My favorite is the Pipedreams love swing frame. I do, however, have the Fetish Swing to go with it.

It’s great for bondage play, I find the swing comfortable and frame sturdy.

You’ll really want to think about what sort of swing you want and how much you weigh before you buy.

But my main advice?

Swings really help things slip and slide in deliciously, so they’re a worthy addition to your adult playground!


What's the ultimate sex swing stand?

I like the Pipedreams Fetish Stand which is also highly rated.

How can I use my sling with my sex swing with a stand?

It’s best to try this once you’re fully comfortable with using a sling and swing separately.

Each sling and swing is different.

Learn your favorite positions in the sling before figuring out how you can sit comfortably in the swing with the sling on.

Should the sex swing stand be installed above my bed, or just above the open floor?

Not unless you’re really nervous. You can place a mattress or pillows underneath while you’re getting used to using the swing and frame. If space is an issue then you could always try a door sex swing. The perfect alternative if you do not have a big enough area for a stand! 

How to make my own sex swing stand?

It’s best not to try. You’re better off buying from companies who specialize in manufacturing body-safe sexual equipment.

How to use a swing & stand combo?

Simply follow the guidelines that both parts come with to set them up. Once the swing is attached to the hook, you’re ready to sit in and have the ride of your life!