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Last Updated on July 22, 2023

9 Best Ideas to Create a Tantra Room in 2024

Tantra has a huge reputation, doesn’t it? I’m sure we all think of it as the ultimate way to have enjoy pleasure, sex, and orgasms. Did you know, though? That Tantric sex isn’t just about energy orgasms?

It’s about connection. To yourself and your lover. Want body-shuddering, leg-shaking, exquisite fun? You’re in the right place, and guess what? It helps in other ways too…

Tantra is especially helpful if you experience premature ejaculation (“1 in 3 men have” ) (1). It lengthens gorgeous sensations for you and your lover. And if you’re a vulva-owner? This additional time gives your sweet spots longer to heat up ready for ecstacy.

You’re going to love some of the sensual, sexy tips coming up! Especially if you’re looking for new ideas!

How to Design Your Tantric Bedroom?

girl in tantra room

1. It’s Tantra time, so Time to Remove Technology…

Makes sense, right? When you’re involved in mental, emotional, and physical connection with your lover, it’s a time to focus on each other. These are moments to concentrate on how you both feel.

Removing your tech-gadgets from the space makes this so much easier. By taking away the blue screens, you turn your attention to the person who means the most to you.

2. Comfortable, Natural Bedding and Planet-Friendly Accessories are Best!

I’ll tell you about the most delicious sexual furniture soon, but I need to make the point that Tantra is about feeling comfortable. About tuning-in to yourself and partner. To do this, you need the right kind of bed and pillows to enhance your Tantric space! Natural fabrics feel softer on your skin. By choosing planet-friendly products, you also avoid any nasty chemicals that can be used in the manufacturing process.

It’s important to choose products that are completely body-safe, like the ones I’ll tell you about later…

Remember, the ultimate Tantra room ideas come through teasing all of your senses. Even your intellectual sense of caring about the planet too!

3. Bring in Your Favorite Soothing Colors

It’s well-known that colors affect your mood. Research shows (2) that red and yellow can increase arousal. While you want your Tantric moments to be pleasurable, you also want to feel calm. Blue is said to be calming (3).

Choose colors that suit you and your lover and that will create a sensual energy in the room. The goal is to feel aroused, yet in control.

Still not sure what color to choose? Read our sexy bedroom colors guide!

4. Switch to Sensual Lighting…

Place Lighting High Up

Now this is an interesting little trick that really adds to the ambience of your Tantric space. The great thing about lighting on high ceilings is that it means you get softer lighting!

One of the ultimate tips? Use natural lighting wherever possible. Candles are amazing. Also, lampshades with colored light bulbs (perhaps red to inspire your passionate root chakra) and fairy lights are great!

5. Use a Massage Table for Massive Pleasure!

Tantric touch involves massage. You’ll be indulging your lover in an exploration of their erogenous zones. This takes time. Having a milking massage table ensures your lover is comfortable. It also prevents you from straining anything through bending into awkward positions.

Discover how to do a Tantric massage here.

6. Drape Soft Curtains around Your Bed 

Hanging curtains is one of the easiest and dreamiest Tantra room ideas to try! Drapes, wall hangings, and canopies are a wonderful way to create an intimate environment. Your own little love bubble with your partner.

A gorgeous collection of sex pillows (preferably ones that enhance the feeling of penetration) is also essential.

7. Treat Yourself to Spectacular Sex on a Tantric Chair 

The hottest of all the Tantra room ideas has to be a sleek, sophisticated Tantric couch. With one of these in your love bubble you get delicious new thrills, including:

More tantric sexual positions to explore.

Deeper penetration and more satisfying angles.

Comfort, so you can hold positions longer.

8. Bring in Plants for Perfection!

Tantra is a way of life for some. Even if you only indulge a few times, it brings new life and energy to your sensual relationship. Plants are alive, by having them in your room, you improve the air quality as well as making it more beautiful.

Plants are a one of the top Tantra room ideas for bringing texture, colour, even scent. You can use leaves to stroke and petals to adorn your lover’s body.

9. Use Images for Inspiration…

The walls of your Tantric space need attention. How? Well, you can use photos or pictures of landscapes that you love. Art is the height of arousing for some. Inspiration comes in many forms. Visual turn-ons can be one of the easiest ways to get you in the mood too.

Tip Top Tantra room idea? Try using an image that has graphics on it too. One with affirmations, for instance, can be a well-timed reminder that you are beautiful, you are sensual, you are desirable.

And When Your Tantric Room is Ready…

Wait! Just before I share a few more Tantra room ideas, please keep in mind your 5 senses. Tantra is a treat for your entire mind, body and soul…

These ideas will also be perfect for your adult airbnb design, if you ever decide to rent your space.

What You See

A gorgeous lair for teasing, touch, and tasting. Everything you want for your most delicious fantasies. 

(Make sure you get rid of any clutter. Also, remove anything that holds a negative energy.)

What You Taste

The Kama Sutra recommends having sweet fruits nearby. Along with this, I’d suggest getting some tasty edible lubes. The following are my personal favorites:

  • Wicked Aqua Lubricant. Choose your favorite of 6 flavours, also? It’s vegan!
  • Sensuva Nipple Balm. It’s strawberry mint and teasingly tingles on your nipples. Heaven!
  • Jo Vanilla Cream Lube. Absolutely sensational for licking, spitting, and nibbling cocks and lips!
  • Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil. Perfect if you like kissing that hot spot you just stroked.
tasty edible lubes

What You Smell

Massage Candles


It’s worth buying top-quality massage candles. This keeps you body-safe. The best ones are:


  • The Oh! Vanilla Massage Candle. Infused with 6 gorgeous essential oils to make you and your lover’s skin smell incredible after you pour it on.

The Kama Sutra Ignite Candle. Six seductive scents to get you in the mood and they’re paraben and gluten-free!

Vanilla Massage Candle

Candles for Wax Play

Temperature play is a magical way to take sensory play to a sky-rocketing level. You need a safe one, though, one designed for skin! 

This candle ensures your skin stays unharmed during temperature play. The best one?

  • Doc Johnson Japanese Hot Wax Drip Candle. Not as hot as a regular candle so you can safely turn up the heat!
Doc Johnson Japanese Hot Wax Drip Candle

Essential Oils / Massage Oils

Research shows (4) that the stronger sense of smell you have, the  more sexual pleasure you get.

Women with a good sense of smell even have more frequent orgasms! Use essential oils mixed in with a good massage oil to enhance your scent experience during Tantric practices.

Also, get a really great tasting massage oil like the, Oh! Strawberry Massage Oil. It’s created especially for hands and tongues during foreplay.

Massage oil

Diffuser for a Romantic-Smelling Room (- I love this one)!

Because you don’t want the smell of this morning’s bacon and sausages in your bedroom! A diffuser uses essential oils to give you a gorgeous scent. 

  • The loveliest one for Tantric treats is the Moon Diffuser. It also helps to create that soft lighting you’re looking for through its soft, warm LED lighting.
  • If you’re looking for luxury, the Essenze Diffuser is ideal. You can choose between a ceramic or glass diffuser so you’ll find the perfect one for your interior decor.
Diffuser for a Romantic-Smelling Room


Now, did you know (5) that rose essential oil is said to increase your libido?

That’s why if you’re going to choose incense as your method to scent the room, then the rose incense by Flowers Of India is absolutely ideal!

Top Tantric room idea? Cleanse your room of negative energies by burning sage incense before you prepare it with all these other hot ideas! The Chakra Sage Wand is a dream for this sensual  scenario!

Incense for tantra room

What You Hear

Play your favourite music. The goal is for you both to be calm, so choose music that is ambient and chilled. This supports your relaxed energy and therefore heightens your Tantric connection. 

Try the Cosmic Harmony soundtrack on Youtube for flowing good vibes.

What You feel

Finally? You want Tantra room ideas to enhance your physical pleasure. You want to shudder, shake, and shiver, for all the sensual reasons!

Sex Toys 

Think of buying some Tantric sex toys to enhance your sexual experience. Here are the ones I love the most. (I’m afraid they’re designed for vulva owners, unless you might like a bit of butt fun too!) My partner and I use them even when we aren’t going Tantric!

  • The Filare Clitoral Stimulator. Guess what? It’s feels like a tongue circling your clit over and over again (or see best egg vibrators). Honestly, it makes you feel high as a kite after you’ve cum!
  • The Moxie Panty Vibrator. Yes! It sits in your undies vibrating the whole time, so long as you want it to…
  • The Vincent Glass Dildo. Gorgeous for temperature play and penetration. Alternatively you can stroke it over your lover’s body.
  • The Blue Moon Glass Dildo. A juicy G-spot massage has never felt so electric. Tip? Chill it with ice cubes first!
  • The Rose Quartz Heart Dildo is perfect if you love LOVE! Rebalance your yin-yang energy while enjoying the deepest of Tantric energy.
Avant Dildo

Sex Pillows

Sex pillows have been used for centuries in the East. Why? They make erotic play more comfortable and more orgasmic. No Tantric environment would be complete without them. 

Liberator has a huge selection to choose from, but here are two of the best sex pillows for a Tantric space…

  • The Heart Wedge. It looks gorgeous and perfectly lifts your hips. This is heaven when you just want it that little bit deeper…
  • The Hipster Sex Pillow. This wedge provides full body support making sexual positions more comfortable. You’ll also discover new positions and angles!
Tantric Pillow - the loveliest Tantra accessory to add to your bedroom.

Make sure your space is at a comfortable temperature!

It’s hard to get turned on when you’re cold. Likewise, it’s too tiering to get jiggy when you’re hot and sweaty before you’ve even started touching.

Make sure the room is a good temperature and have lot of different blankets nearby (or even better sex blankets), just in case.  

How Can Tantric Room Ideas Improve My Sexual Experience?

All these Tantra room ideas have been lovingly put together by me! After years exploring with various sensual furniture (like a tantric swing or a tantric sofa) and sexual aids… (with various darling lovers, may I add), I’ve come up with the things that bring ultimate ecstacy. This, along with following basic Tantric principles, means you’re sure to have more spine-tingling sexual intimacy. 

Tantra sex has been around for centuries. It’s massively popular for a reason. It improves your sexual experience by slowing you down so that pleasure lasts longer.

It’s up to you now to go Tantric and find out for yourself… Have fun, darling, have fun!

And in case tantra room design won’t deliver, you can take a look into our hidden sex room ideas, BDSM room ideas or romantic bedroom ideas.


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