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Last Updated on July 14, 2023

The Sexiest Bedroom Colors for Instagrammable Sex

Your bedroom is boring. It should be a direct reflection of your intimate life, and you’re not doing it justice right now.

Do you still own that same mattress and those duvet covers you bought from IKEA eight years ago for your white bedroom? That doesn’t exactly scream ‘romantic feel’ or “hold me down and fuck me.”

Don’t you think your bedroom deserves to appear as sexy as you would like your sex life to be? Perhaps it’s a good time for a bedroom intervention – specifically when it comes to the best sensual colors for your bedroom. Oh, if these bedroom walls could talk…

Romantic & Sexy Bedroom Colors

Beige upholstery equals beige sex. We think we can take your sex life onto a new sensational level with the following seven seductive colors for your bedroom.

Your surroundings are a big part of intimacy, and we assume that you don’t want to be staring at cracked drywall and threadbare sheets during of a moment of pure ecstasy.

All the colors suggested below are not only the best bedroom colors for couples or the most romantic colors, but they also create an orgasmic atmosphere for solo sex – and they work for larger and smaller spaces.

And no, we will not suggest that you paint your walls bright or hot pink and display all of your sex toys – unless this is the romantic vibe that you want to go for.


Traditionally the color of royalty; nowadays the color of the eggplant emoji. Instead of covering your old mattress with those worn out, off-white sheets, think of how much more fun it would be to explore the limits of human pleasure on sensual dark purple velvet sheets (or take a look at the best sheets for sex).

On top of this, purple can be coupled well with dark blue or aqua color. Let’s just say that there’s a reason that plenty of sex toy retailers have chosen purple for their products. Additionally, we believe that when it comes to bedroom paint colors, purple is a great choice!


We are definitely not telling you that you should wrap your body in tight latex or dress up your significant other in a gimp suit – but we’re not telling you that you shouldn’t.

Kinky or not, black is a great seductive addition to your sexy bedroom color scheme, whether it’s a black feature wall or silk sheets.

Black can also be nicely combined with any lighter shade, and choosing black as your main color does not mean that your bedroom has to be light deficient.

For any romantics out there – just think of how nice black lace pillowcases would look like next to your lacy black babydoll one-piece.

Black and white bedroom


Ah yes, the classic – the most classic romantic color for your master bedroom. Think red lipstick, red lingerie, roses and rose petals, the essentials… Even a small addition of red can brighten up your bedroom and make it appear ten times sexier.

When it comes to seductive colors for bedroom and particularly choosing a romantic bedroom color, red is the natural choice. That being said, if you want to really commit and have an entire red room makeover a la Christian Grey’s BDSM room, we don’t discourage this either.


Girly bedroom

Cute, girly, sweet… kinky? Whichever you prefer, pink can be a pleasant and uplifting addition to the bedroom.

Maybe it’s orchid pink curtains, raspberry pink decorative pillows that scream romance, maybe an adorable baby pink suitcase to keep your naughty toys in – or perhaps a pink heart-shaped sex pillow.

Cute pink home decor aside – used correctly, it is also one of the most romantic bedroom colors.

Warm Brown

Warm and browns and burnt oranges are earthy, organic and warm colors – this encourages our primal instincts to surge forth.

Alternatively, these seductive colors for the bedroom can also have an autumnal and modern feel – especially when accompanied by natural light – that just makes you want to snuggle up and feel cozy. And who knows, maybe the spooning might turn into forking.

If warm brown is your color scheme of choice, we suggest to combine it with soft lighting, fresh plants and other natural colors – or perhaps just adding a warm brown accent wall does it for you.


When we think of luxury, we think of gold – and is there anything more luxurious than having great post-date sex surrounded by golden walls, pillows, and sheets?

Or perhaps you would simply prefer small gold accents, such as a gold-colored curtain holdback, a golden floor lamp – or a small stripe of gold on your astonishing aqua bedsheets.

Gold is a go-to option for a luxurious bedroom color – particularly when combined with luxurious textures, wooden furniture, accent walls and dark colors.

Bedroom with golden elements


Similar to red, orange is known to be one of the best bedroom colors for couples. After all, what’s sexier than watching a sunset while holding your significant other’s hand – followed by getting handcuffed to the bed and teased?

Instead of watching the sunset every night, why not bring the vibrant hue to your romantic bedroom where the tantric atmosphere exists 24/7? If that sounds good, get inspired by our tantra bedroom design ideas!

You can also take a look at the video below to get some more visual hints.

Colors You Should Avoid

Aside from these sexy, sensual colors there are some colors that have unintended significances associated with them – and some colors simply lack sex appeal. If you want to guarantee an evening of memorable sex and intimacy, try to avoid the following:


If you want to be fucked while surrounded by greenery, go to the forest. Bringing it into your bedroom is not a great idea if you want to put your partner in a romantic mood – even though much like the color blue, green may help you with relaxation and sleep, it’s not exactly arousing to have to think about Kermit the Frog during your intense solo session.

Additionally, in some cultures, green is associated with jealousy – which is the last feeling you want to experience in the bedroom.


Fifty shades of nope. Getting fucked in a pit of concrete does not sound enjoyable or visually pleasant, no matter how hot you may find that janitor role-play. You want to move as far away from that as possible. Gray is most definitely not a romantic bedroom color.

How to Incorporate Sexy Colors into Your Bedroom Decor?

Small details matter – whether this is a visually appealing picture frame or the design of that Saint Andrew’s Cross you happen to own. You can change the entire personality of your bedroom space with scatter cushions, so pick a color palette and stick to it.

You can also consider adding some romantic lights for your bedroom.

What to Consider Before Choosing Bedroom Color?

Colorful bedroom

Choosing your sexy and romantic bedroom colors will say a lot about you – sexually and otherwise.

Additionally, you should ask yourself: how do you want to express your sexuality? Do you prefer classically romantic dark red surroundings with a hint of gold?

Or perhaps you find sunset orange to be the choice that puts you in the mood? Maybe you consider dark shades as the most romantic bedroom colors?

Remember, this will be the atmosphere where you will have your most intimate moments in. Make the most of it.

Another option is to hire a sex room designer to help you out with choosing your bedroom color. After all, they know best what would work!


If you want to improve your bedroom life, toss out the stained old pillows and consider switching to one of our suggested color schemes, incorporating some new sexy bedroom colors. Maybe it’s finally time to go shopping at

Benjamin Moore for the most romantic color that is just the right bedroom color for you – whether you own a couple’s bedroom or you’re a single person who prefers a smaller room size – sexy bedrooms are for everyone.

And if you need even more inpiration – check our sex room ideas!


What is the best color for a sexy bedroom?

Are you an extremely kinky individual who owns latex harnesses and whips? Or perhaps you’re an incurable romantic?

The color scheme really depends on your preference and what you consider sexy, but we consider the most seductive colors to be warm tones, like purple, black, red, pink, warm brown, gold and orange instead of blues and pastels.

Especially remember to stay far away from colors like beige, gray and green – after all, you don’t want your love nest to remind you of a garage sale.

What are sensual romantic bedroom colors?

Any of our suggested sexy and romantic bedroom colors can create a sensual atmosphere depending on how you decide to use them in your decor.

We recommend that you go for at least some hints of classic red with perhaps a saturated hue – but warm brown and gold can similarly be sensual and romantic – think of dark lace, velvet sheets and a pretty nightstand where you keep all the essentials.

For more inspiration, check out our romantic bedroom ideas!

What are seductive bedding and other accessories colors for the bedroom?

With bedding, we suggest you stick to our recommended colors and stay away from anything light or too vibrant, and consider the Fascinator Waterproof Throw for an easy post-orgasm cleanup.

Choose accessories that you can also use in your sex play – examples of this include tassels, curtain ties and anything else with a dual purpose in the bedroom.

What color turns him on?

We guarantee you that he will be turned on by any of the given choices as long as the colors are in harmony, creating a seductive and romantic atmosphere that screams “pick me up and fuck me like your life depends on it”. However, if we had to give our top pick, we would go with the classic red – it’s a classic for a good reason.

What color increases horniness?

Red, the color of romance, has been scientifically proven to make people horny – and this includes men, women and non-binary people. Same goes for the orange color and shades of pink, such as raspberry pink.

Which color is best for love making?

Are you planning to have sex on the bed? Against the wall? On top of the desk? Perhaps it’s finally the perfect time to try Shibari?

Whichever location you choose, dark purple, black, warm and caramel brown and red are highly recommended – not only because of the seductive atmosphere that they create in your romantic bedroom, but also since – let’s be real – the cleanup afterwards is going to be much easier than having to wash your white sheets time and time again or to scrub the sex off your white furniture.

Which one is best for the bedroom, according to psychology?

Many recent studies concur that red is symbolically sexual – and it is not a coincidence that this is considered the color of romance.

Theorists suggest that in nature red occurs in instances of danger or mating rituals – the latter hopefully being more relevant to your bedroom life. Therefore we suggest a red as a go-to for a sexy and romantic bedroom color from purely a psychological perspective.

How can you incorporate sexy colors into your bedroom decor without it looking too overwhelming or gaudy?

Be subtle. Use complementary bold colors to balance the atmosphere in your new romantic bedroom. You do not want those florescent pink and neon yellow polka dot wallpapers to cause you any nausea while you’re on top. Safety first.

Which colors should you avoid in the bedroom for sensual and romantic ambiance?

As above, we suggest to stay away from all florescent, neon and bright colors.

Also avoid light neutrals such as beige and warm white as your main colors – you can’t bore your way into an orgasm surrounded by an Instagram wine mom’s interior design grey walls and the only colorful detail being an old blue vase.

A night of romance deserves a romantic space.