The Best Liberator Furniture explained
Last Updated on December 2, 2022

The 12 Best Liberator Furniture in 2022

You want comfortable, adventurous sex.

Let’s be honest, only a small percentage of us are acrobats. The rest of us usually need a little “help” to fully enjoy it. Sex can be uncomfortable, strenuous, and awkward. Not all of us have the gymnast’s arms required to hold, lift and support all those positions!

Whether you have a stiff back, mobility issues, or you simply want “new” ways of doing it, Liberator sex furniture will have you and your partner groaning, creaming, and dare I say it, screaming?!

Want to learn about a little secret right of the bat? Have a look at the best liberator shapes for giving oral! 

But “How does sex furniture improve your sex life?” I hear you cry.

We’ll get to that later…

For now, you want quality products to keep you and your partner smiling and that will last.

So what are the 11 best Liberator sex furniture pieces?

Read on…

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Best Liberator Bench


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Sex Pillow for Deep Penetration

Prop up on this daring Liberator wedge during bedroom antics and everything will suddenly feel easier, deeper, and as though you can last longer.

Did you know, pillows are said to have first been used in Mesopotamia in 7000 BC? Back then they were made of stone!

Rest assured, this Liberator pillow couldn’t be comfier and even better?

It will dissolve all those awkward angles so sex will fluid as milk.



For who?

  • If you want deeper penetration and more fun with your partner then a sex pillow is for you.
  • Especially great if you want lower back support and want to angle or lift your hips up.
  • The Liberator sex pillow is also amazing if there is a height difference between you and your partner or if you’re overweight.

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Esse Chair for Total Pleasure

Gasp in the breathtaking sex you’ll have on the original Esse chair. Its luxurious shape provides ease, comfort, and support.

All you’ll have to think about are the sweet sensations in your body.

Inspired by the chaise lounge (literally meaning “long chair”) made popular in France in the 16th Century, the Esse chair is your modern-day, best sex chair equivalent.

And it really is modern, when it arrives the box is small, but the Esse chair magically expands into a large, firm foam chaise lounge ready for adventure

Want to add in something a little extra to compliment your new Esse Chair? Have a look at a sex throw blanket

The cushions and curves of the chair mean you’re able to sink deeply into new angles and get the leverage you need for easy and exciting sex!

The Esse Chair is the perfect piece of sex furniture for those who want to experiment. It brings maximum possibilities with minimal effort.



For who?

  • Ideal for couples who are looking for physical support during sex. Especially couples with mobility issues. As well as those, who wish to protect their knees.
  • If you practice Tantra or are sexually experimental, the Liberator Esse chair is the ultimate in accommodating new positions.
  • If g-spot massage from penetration is important then you need the best angle. The Esse chair will give you all the body access you and your partner need to accommodate this.

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Comfortable Liberator Lounger

Sink into this huge sensuous sex pillow.

It’s large enough for the two of you to snuggle up for happy, easy sex.

Take the pressure off your knees and elbows and enjoy sex furniture at its best.

The Liberator Lounger is the sex furniture of dreams.

Absolute heaven if you want to feel as though you’re making love on cloud 9. If you would like to learn more about the Comfortable Liberator Lounger, look at our Zeppelin Liberator review



For who?

  • For romantics who want full access to their lover’s body.
  • Those who want an exciting, huge sex pillow as an alternative or spare bed.
  • The lounger is a must if you like to get really close and intimate. Eroticism is long, lazy and loving on this piece of Liberator sex furniture. Trust me, you’ll stay there for hours!

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Liberator Wedge for Better Access

For mind-blowing orgasms, the sex pillow wedge is a must. The 27º angle is purposefully designed for deep penetration, g-spot access, and long, luscious oral sex.

According to some research, it takes women on average 20 minutes to orgasm.

With the wonderful wedge taking pressure off the neck and back, you’ll be able to stay down there for days!

You know what that means: “Happy wife, happy life”!

There’s a reason this is the best-selling sex pillow in the world! Go and check out other best sex pillows we review.



For who?

  • People who want exquisitely long pleasure sessions. The Liberator ramp makes sex better by giving you easier access and body positions that are comfortable.
  • Those who want deep penetration and new positions in bed.
  • People who enjoy nipple play. This Liberator sex furniture can lift their back so you have access.
  • Those who want neck and back support during sex.

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Off-the-bed Sex Ramp

Because you want daring, spine-tingling sex out of bed too! Who doesn’t want to do it everywhere?!

The Liberator Sex Ramp takes you from your bed to the floor, to the hallway, to the living room… damn, if it’s sunny, you’ll end up in the garden!

The best thing about the Liberator ramp is all the head you can get and give without any of the aches.

This most adventurous piece of furniture is ideal for those who want to explore their lover’s body as though it was a new world!



For who?

  • The adventurous. Liberator sex furniture is great if you’re curious, but the Liberator ramp? It makes sex wild.
  • You’ll have more lift, more support, more penetration, more positions, more places to take your lovely body to. Most importantly? You’ll have all that wonderful sex you’ve been imagining for so long.
  • Great for those who need additional lift due to back pain or who aren’t very physically fit.

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Foreplay Liberator Bench

Your orgasmic options are endless on the foreplay bench. Teasing, licking, sucking, and body massage have never felt so good.

Yes, it’s a bench, but it’s covered in synthetic lambskin leather that provides a layer of softness to lie on.

There are even 12 (hidden) restraining clips to take your teasing and titillation to the kink level.

A study by Dr. Brad J Sagarin of Northern Illinois University documented the mind-altering states that can occur during BDSM practice that feel “dreamy, floaty, pleasurable”.

Worth exploring, right?

You can find more sex benches in our guide.



For who?

  • Those who love foreplay. Whether you’re the person underneath or on top you have support and full access to your partner’s naked body.
  • People who want to explore bondage. The slender design makes finding new positions easy.
  • A Liberator sex bench is an ideal aid for your love sessions if you need to look after your knees. You can completely avoid putting pressure on them.

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Decor Whirl for Couple Sex

For hip-rocking, rhythmic sex that really whips up a storm you must try riding with a Liberator Decor Whirl!

Its long cylinder shape is lovely under your stomach, hips, legs, or back.

Once you’ve enjoyed the penetrative swaying, toss the stunning Velvish pillow on top of your regular pillows for a stylish addition.

You can never have too many pillows!

Historically, excess pillows symbolized wealth and status, nowadays a firm Liberator sex pillow signals your wealth and abundance in the sack!



For who?

  • People who love like to lose their heads during penetration. The swaying and supreme angle is the best sex gift for your body.
  • The ultimate if you struggle with motion in the ocean due to size or physical capacity.
  • Those who want to start with a cute sex pillow.

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Adult Games On The Liberator Escape

Because sexual play shouldn’t just be in bed! This very large sex pad takes your love-life anywhere that tickles your fancy.

The Escape pad is a 2” deep mat which protects your bony bits from getting carpet burns. It’s a 62” x 72” rectangle large enough to easily accommodate three lovers.

Place it on the carpet in the lounge, kitchen, or out in the garden, so you get different views while getting saucy. It protects your floors and fabrics from sex-stains and the cover is machine washable so easy to keep clean!

It’s a lovely way to create a space of pure sexual indulgence. Are you ready?



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Waterproof Throw for Wet Games

Sex is at its best when it’s wet and slippery. The waterproof throw saves your bed sheets from all that lovely, dirty wetness!

Designed especially to throw on top of your bed, sofa, or bench, its special layers absorb any liquid (check out the best tantric sofa). The waterproof sex blanket keeps your bed and mattress fresh as a daisy and ready for you to crash onto after blissful orgasm.

Interesting fact: There are two types of female ejaculation. Squirting fluid and ejaculate fluid!

Female fluid contains both prostatic acid phosphatase and fructose which are also present in male semen!



For who?

  • People who get wet and messy when they’re up to mischief!
  • Those who like watersports and sploshing.
  • People who like to keep their furniture, regular bedding, and mattresses protected.

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Esse Chaise II Conversion Kit

For those who love to play on the Esse chair and want to go deeper.

You’ll have even more sex sessions when you buy this sex furniture!

The Esse Chaise II Conversion Kit is added to your original Esse Chair to make it taller and heavier so you can take things up a notch.

You’ll have more positions, angles, and leverage.



For who?

  • People who have and love the Esse chair. Make your Esse chair higher and heavier, and your sex wilder!

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Equus Wave for New Experience

The Equus Wave is for the sexual heroes amongst us! It’s all about shapes, body access, and couple positioning.

If you’re ready to embark on a voyage of discovery, play, and pleasure, then this sex bedroom addition is for you.
The sleek bench consists of five Liberator wedges that you and your partner can mix and match.

It indulges you with everything you need for oral sex, doggy, cowgirl, standing, and straddling variations. Oh, and of course it will spice up missionary!

This wonderfully adaptable bench can be used to accentuate your current furnishings, or any of the bits you’ve seen on this page!



For who?

  • Couples who want to conquer new angles and sex positions while maintaining the highest level of comfort.

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Flip Stage to Spice Up Sex Life

You’re never going to need a gym work-out again once you try Flip Stage sexercise!

It’s for the courageous lovers who want more, more, more amazing sex! It’s easy to move and you can use it as a love aid anywhere in the house.

The large, firm pad is particularly great for giving; especially massages and oral sex. You’ll feel so comfortable you’ll get stubble rash on your chin before you quit the naughty antics!

Ideal for kneeling on, straddling over, and lying on.

The world is your oyster with the Flip Stage.



For who?

  • If you’re new to the world of Equus Waves and Liberator sex furniture and want to dive straight into exploring but with a piece of furniture that isn’t as big as an Esse Chair, the Flip Stage is your starting position!
  • So there you have it, 11 of the best pieces of sex furniture known to man.
  • When you first discover the world of sexual opportunity, the endless choices can be mind-boggling. When you buy your first piece of sex furniture, you must get off to a leg-shaking start!
  • Well, how do you do that?
  • You think about what’s best for you and your partner.

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


What do sexologists and experts say about Liberator?

From sexual health experts to magazines (Playboy, Penthouse), Liberator products receive rave reviews.

Jay Friedman (a sex educator) summed them up perfectly, “intelligent adult toys – the building blocks of fun, playful and [a] sexually satisfying relationship.”

What do sexologists and experts say about using pillows to enhance sex?

Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health have advocated the benefits of tilting a woman’s pelvis for better angle and orgasms.

Marvin Grosswirth (sex writer for large couples) encourages the use of pillows, stating, “You would be amazed at the variations three inches up or down can create.”

Which size Liberator is right for my lover and me?

Regardless of your size, Liberator has the perfect furniture for you. The wedge and ramp have the additional bonus of a flip-side.

Try both sides to find out which works best.

Size guide:

Width: The 24” Liberator sex furniture suit the majority of people. If you’re plus size, then opt for the 30” furniture, but bear in mind that the 30” width isn’t designed for straddling. If you’re plus size and want to straddle then it’s better to choose 24”.

Height: It’s best to measure the inside of your leg for this. The ramp comes in three heights (10”, 12” and 14”). If your inner leg is 29” or under, go for the 10” ramp. If your inner leg is 30-35”, go for the 12” ramp and if your inner leg is over 36”, choose the 14”.

When should I order Liberator for Plus Size Lovers?

The wedge and ramp come in two sizes. You want the best fit. It’s advisable to measure how many inches wide you are.

If you’re 24” or under then opt for the 24” wide furniture. For those of you wider than 25”, opt for the 30” products.

Does the angle of penetration increase a female's chances of having an orgasm?

For many women, yes. The g-spot and a-spot can be very tricky points to reach. By finding new angles to hit those sweet spots, the chance of orgasm is definitely increased!

About g-spot climax, sexologist, Dr Robin Milhausen states, “The Liberator can help… women have G-spot explosions more quickly and easily”.

What is the best position for sex?

They say variety is the spice of life. Dr. Ruth and Dr. Amos (experts on sex and pregnancy), advise, “to engage in a variety of positions over your lifetime”.

The point isn’t the position, it’s to keep sex interesting!

Can Liberator help females who experience pain during intercourse?

It really depends on what is causing the pain. You should contact your GP if it’s an ongoing issue or if there is bleeding.

However, if the pain is related to the size of your partner or the angle, then Liberator sex furniture enables you to experiment with new positions.

With new angles, you’re able to find out what suits the direction of the vagina, what feels comfortable, and what feels incredible.

Can Liberator improve sex for males with smaller penises?

Oh yes, yes, YES!

Liberator sex furniture is designed to enhance sex for EVERY one. The design engineering focuses on angles. It brings lovers together so they fit perfectly.

Women feel tighter, men feel bigger, penetration is deeper, and those delicious spots are hit.

Can Liberator affect our chances of becoming pregnant?

If you remove contraception, Liberator furniture can support the chances of getting pregnancy.

Many doctors suggest missionary position with hips elevated and for women to stay in bed with her hips elevated for 15 minutes after sex. This encourages his little swimmers to find their way down her canal.

What is Liberator made of?

It’s made of three parts!

  • The inner core is a dense polyurethane foam. It is strong enough to support two rampant bodies!
  • The core is enclosed by a silky, waterproof inner liner.
  • The soft microfiber cover is a mixture of nylon and cotton that Liberator branded, Velvish. It feels like velvet and grips to other Liberator products. It’s machine washable!

Can Liberator be used with massage lotions and lubricants?

Yes! Of course.

Liberator products are designed for you to experiment and have as much fun as possible. This means including lube, food, oil so get playing! The covers are all designed for washing machine use.

Is Liberator easy to store?

It really depends on which product you buy. Most fit under the bed or in a wardrobe.

All Liberator sex furniture looks gorgeous so fit in with modern décor.

The larger pieces are designed to look good and double up as regular furniture so long as that suits you.

How do I care for my Liberator?

It’s so easy to look after Liberator pieces and to keep them clean. The outside covers are easy to take off and wash in the machine. Inner covers can be wiped down with a cloth.

You can buy Liberator gearbags for extra protection against dust and damage.

How do I care for my Fascinator Throw?

After all that wet, slippery fun, pop your throw in the wash on a delicate cycle, then tumble dry (low heat).

The more you wash your sheets, the softer they will become!

How do I make a return?

Liberator have an easy-to-follow returns process. Because of the nature of the products, returned items are closely inspected.

The shipping fee is non-refundable.

Please be advised that Liberator use compression packaging so if you want to return items, this should be taken into account.

If you’re unable to, then there is a 20%restocking fee.

  • From your order shipment date, you have 30 days to return the item. Unopened items are exchangeable.
  • Faulty items can be returned or exchanged.
  • Liquid products and opened electronic products can NOT be returned.
  • Allow 2 weeks for refunds and replaced items to reach you.

How do I receive an exchange?

Please call Liberator customer service to arrange a RMA-Exchange on 1-866-542-7283.

Office hours are Monday –Friday 9am-7pm.