Lelo Tor 2 Review
Last Updated on July 20, 2023

Lelo Tor 2 Review - Cock Ring With a Pulse? Or Will It Drain Your Blood Flow?

The next time your girl asks you to put a ring on it, pull out a cock ring. Trust me; she’ll go crazy for the pulse vibrations, which can feel like a lady’s vibrator on your girl’s clit.

They were even using these things in 12th-century China because they help you feel great without requiring so much effort. (1)

But as both me and you know, the quality of sex toys can vary substantially from one product to another. So how does the Lelo Tor 2 compare to other cock rings on the market?

I tried this body-safe silicone out to let you know and also because, well, it felt good.

Keep reading to find my complete Lelo Tor 2 review. It’s based on personal experience through solo play and with my woman and covers everything you need to know about this popular cock ring.

So, without further delay, let’s penetrate the subject together. Unless you’re not into that kind of thing, in which case, I don’t know, watch porn or something.

What Makes the Lelo Tor 2 Hard to Ignore?

The Lelo Tor 2 is hard to ignore because it’s powerful, offers several vibration levels to choose from, and gives pleasure to both you and her. But let me start by telling you a story.

Knowing that I was going to write this Lelo Tor 2 review, I planned a special evening for my wife, which I was going to conclude with a little test run.

Needless to say, things began to get hot and heavy when we returned from our night out.

But when I pulled out this vibrating cock ring and gave it the old college try, I saw my girl making faces I’d never seen from her.

And I’m not a porn star, but I’m definitely no slouch either.

My erection felt incredible going through the great vibrations and vibration levels in different positions. With a little finesse, we were able to keep the noise level down long enough for her to climax more than once without waking the neighbors in our building.

Point being, the stimulation settings on this cock ring really got my partner going, which, in turn, got me (and my cock) going even harder.

We were having a grand old time until the battery life gave out, and we had to complete our pleasure in the traditional style.

The whole experience was super pleasurable for my penis and my partner’s clitoris. The Tor 2’s material felt fine during sex, and the vibrating portion of the cock ring really impressed us.

The Tor 2 has more power than ever, which makes it ideal for all kinds of thrusting pleasure. We absolutely plan on using it again. We just wish the battery life lasted a bit longer on this since we probably won’t have enough time for foreplay and sex with it.

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Lelo Tor 2 Comparison with Other Sex Toys

Lelo Tor 2 Benefits

Here are some of the main benefits of using the Lelo Tor 2:

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What I Don't Like About This Vibrating Cock Ring


The main thing I don’t like about the Lelo Tor 2 is that it doesn’t have great battery life and doesn’t come with a remote control.

There’s still a ton to like about this sex toy. And product specs aside, the device will make you climax with pleasure in the shower, on the bed, or anywhere else you want to play with it.

But with all that in mind, here are some more things I don’t love about the Lelo Tor 2.

First, the battery life isn’t the best. If you get the idea to plug a hole in your partner or wife and the Lelo vibrator isn’t already charged, forget about using it for a very long time.

There’s a bit of a learning curve with this sex toy as well. It feels great on your penis right out of the box. But you won’t experience maximum pleasure until you learn all of the vibrations, and the minus power buttons can be a bit tough to operate while having sex with the Tor 2 on.

Also, unlike some other high-end cock rings, The Lelo Tor 2 doesn’t come with a remote control. This can make operating it a little uncomfortable at times.

Likewise, there’s no way for your partner to pleasure you remotely with this sex toy, which can be a bit of a bummer if you like that idea as much as I do.

How to Use the Lelo Tor 2 Vibrating Cock Ring

If you’re wondering how to use the Lelo Tor 2, this section tells you how to do it:

  1. Start by getting yourself hard. Use other toys if you want, or get into the vibe with your partner however you would normally do so.
  2. Next, lube yourself up. And remember, the Tor 2 is waterproof, so any lube will do.
  3. Next, stretch the material out and wrap it around the base of your penis. Make sure you put the large part at the top so your partner will get to enjoy the toy as well
  4. Use the side buttons to turn the Tor 2 on and change the vibrations.
  5. Enjoy your partner’s body and lose yourself to the vibe of the experience.
  6. When you’re done, wash the satiny-smooth finish off with some antibacterial soap, and recharge the Tor 2 so you can use the ring again the next time you want an out-of-this-world orgasm.

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Things to Be Careful of While Using the Lelo Tor 2 on Your Erect Penis

There are some things to be careful of while using the Lelo Tor 2, such as overly restricting your blood flow and making sure you fit the device correctly.

Cock rings like the Tor 2 are proven to be effective at getting men harder, but these things shouldn’t be ignored. (2)

The biggest safety concern to know is that cock rings are designed to restrict blood flow to the penis.

That’s great for you and your partner under most circumstances. But it can lead to bruising and even burst blood vessels if you leave the device on for too long.

That’s why experts say you should only wear a cock ring for a maximum of 30 minutes. (3) Any longer than that, and you’re at an increased risk of experiencing safety issues.

It’s also worth mentioning that toys like this can sometimes be harder to fit on your penis if you have a girthier one. If this applies to you, then having your partner apply the ring while you’re still a little soft can do wonders.

Just make sure you’re using lube to make the ring easier to get off when you’re finished.

How Much Does the Lelo Tor 2 Cost?

The Lelo Tor 2’s cost is a big factor to consider while shopping. And, listen, the product is great. But you always have to pay for quality ($$$). The price of the Lelo Tor 2 can vary based on where you buy it. But it’s pretty much always going to be on the pricier side of the market.

Whether or not the price is worth paying is up to you. Knowing what I know now, I would say that it is worth the cost because this is a toy I plan on keeping in my wife’s and I’s rotation for a very long time.

But not everyone enjoys cock rings as much as we do. If you’re unsure how you feel about them, you may be better off trying a cheaper model first, and then upgrading to the Tor 2 only after you know you’re going to enjoy the experience.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Where Can You Buy a Lelo Tor 2?

You can buy the Lelo Tor 2 on the company’s official website and many other places where you buy sex toys, like Amazon.


What is the Lelo Tor 2?

The Lelo Tor 2 is a vibrating cock ring that stands out with six vibration modes, impressive power, and comfortable material that will bring pleasure to you and her alike.

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Is the Tor 2 going to improve my relationship?

The Lelo Tor 2 can improve your relationship by helping to bring more pleasure to your sex life — for both you and her.

That being said, it’s never a good idea to ask a sex toy to be a savior for your relationship. But with that being said, it’s absolutely the case that having better sex can re-ignite the flames between you and your partner and help you come together (in more ways than one).

The Tor 2 can definitely help you have better sex. Not only will you get harder for your partner, but they’ll feel the satisfying vibrations of the ring as well. Just don’t let that be a replacement for therapy if you need it.

Is the Lelo 2's package discrete?

Yes, the Tor 2’s packaging is totally discrete. You can have it sent to your home, and if someone besides your partner sees it, they won’t know what’s in the box.

How to hide cock rings from guests?

You can hide cock rings from guests in a drawer, closet, shelf, or anywhere else you want. Cock rings are small enough to hide really easily. Unless your guests are super nosy (in which case, it serves them right), they won’t find it.

Can the Lelo Tor 2 help me conceive a baby?

Yes, the Lelo Tor 2 can help you conceive a baby if your conception problems are related to not being able to stay hard. This device will help you stay harder for longer to get the job done. But it doesn’t increase your fertility or anything like that.

Is the Tor 2 safe?

Yes, cock rings like the Tor 2, in general, are safe to use, and the Tor 2 is a reputable product from a great brand. (4)

Does the Tor 2 come with a warranty?

Yes, the Tor 2 comes with a one-year warranty that covers a free replacement if a problem occurs. Just make sure to fill out the warranty registration card to activate it.

Testimonials From Real Users of This Body-Safe Silicone

I have nothing negative to say, only positives. My husband has zero complaints. If you are looking at this, and trying to decide, do yourself a favor, and buy it. You won't be sorry.
Woman with short blond hair
Sara Shelton
This silicon ring stretches and maintains the perfect pressure for me. The vibrations feel great throughout my shaft and, if turned upside-down, feels awesome on the balls, too. For me, this is a great addition to "fun time." My wife, on the other hand, isn't too impressed with the vibrations. She doesn't mind them, they just don't do anything for her. Though, she has never been much for vibrations...
Man with a beard

Should You Buy The Lelo Tor 2? Our Final Thoughts

You should buy the Lelo Tor 2 if you want to spice up your sex life, enjoy using cock rings, and are okay with paying a high price for a great, long-lasting product.

So we’ve reached the end – the climax, as it were. Now it’s time to cuddle and spoon before falling asleep. In other words, here are our final thoughts on this product to wrap things up.

The Lelo Tor 2 is a great cock ring. It’s powerful, has six vibration modes, and I’ve personally had a wonderful experience using it with a woman. Seriously, this thing feels great no matter what position you use it in (we tried several).

The biggest downsides are that the Tor 2 is more expensive than other options, and its battery doesn’t always last as long as you would hope. But if you’re looking for a cock ring that can join your long-term sex toy rotation, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


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