womanizer liberty review
Last Updated on February 25, 2023

Your Hot Fantasy: Womanizer Liberty Review - All You Need to Know!

Oh darlings, you’re going to looooove this! Being that it’s Masturbation May, it made sense to introduce one of the hottest self-pleasuring toys ever! It’s so good that singer Lily Allen sang its praises and ended up co-designing a model with Womanizer!

The world might need a masturbating month, but we like solo sex every damn day, don’t we?! Hmmm… just me? Perhaps not, a recent survey revealed that 60% of women have the best orgasms with a sex toy.(1) So I can’t be the only clit-owner who’s at it on the daily!

Now, the Liberty toy is absolutely nothing like any other g-spot or clitoris toy you’ve played with. It’s more intense, in the sense that you get the deepest orgasms from its six levels of fun. Oops! More of that later. I need to explain what the Womanizer Liberty toy is first!

So pour yourself a red wine, put your feet up and enjoy your intro to this saucy little minx

Womanizer Liberty Review: What exactly is it?

The Womanizer Liberty is a clitoral toy that is completely unique. The stimulation features an exciting new way to give you back-arching, leg-shaking orgasms.

Liberty’s size makes it a smaller version of the Womanizer Classic and Premium models, and similar to the Starlet model.

Pleasure-wise, how does it work? The Womanizer Liberty is known as an Air Pulsation toy. 

The suction head is designed to create a light seal around your labia over your clit (without actually touching it).

 Turned on, the toy sends pulses of air over your clitoris for the ultimate stimulation sensation.

Now, this is what I call important and essential, nay, the height of technological advancement! I believe it’s absolutely one of the ultimate suction toys for your bean ever.

This smart little Womanizer sex toy comes in three colors, purple, powder blue, and pink rose. 

I’ve got the Lily Allen one, which is pink and orange. Of all my sex toys, it’s the one that sticks out when I dip into my sex toy box.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Why You Need a Womanizer Liberty!

It’s true. You do actually need the Womanizer Liberty. I firmly believe this. As a woman to all clit owners over the planet, all I can say is: GAME.CHANGER!

(With this in mind, it might also be good for those who struggle to achieve orgasm.)

The Pleasure Air Technology introduces women and clit owners to deep orgasms. Whatever intensity you desire you’ll find it. You control its power and speed over six intensity levels.

The silicone head has two suction attachments bringing you variations in stimulation. It’s light and easy for you to use. And wanna know a lovely thing? Fully charged, this cheeky little sex toy lasts you two hours. The question is, can you keep up?!

It’s petite and discreet, only about 4″ long and 2″ wide, which you’ll find great for traveling. It has a magnetic charger making it easy for you to power. The fact it’s waterproof means you can have fun in the tub and it’s also easy to wash.

Womanizer Liberty Benefits

Holy moly, in my opinion, the list is endless. Whatever your favorite features in sex toys, expect to have your checklist ticked off here. Pressure wave toys are the revelation our pussies always deserved.

From the box it turns up in, to the storage bag you keep it in, there’s a list of benefits for you…

Liberty’s touchless orgasms tend to feel like a whole new world has just big-banged into existence between your legs. Darling, take it to the shower… trust me! 😉

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What I don’t like about the Womanizer Liberty

I don’t like having to keep pressing the buttons to change the intensity! I’m lazy. Also, sliding my thumb under it (especially with it being small) to press the buttons means altering the position of the toy during play. It’s not the end of pleasure, though, by any means.

Also, this is going to sound mad, but it can make you cum too quickly! 

Now I’m all for a quicky and often, but also? I love fantasizing. I love imagining that hot guy who works at the local deli in an apron bending me over the counter-top… know what I mean? I like to fantasize for a healthy half-hour. The Liberty made me cum in 29 seconds once (yep, I timed it and was also watching ***sex club*** porn).

Finally, although Womanizer products make you explode into a hot quivering mess, the name “Womanizer” always grates me a little because it sounds kind of sexist. 

However, what I do love is that it puts pleasure back into the woman’s hand so perhaps the womanizer becomes the woman herself. Is that sexist or clever feminism? I dunno.

Either way, ignore the word politics and concentrate on the climax! Check out more of my Womanizer reviews here or head over to Lovehoney for more juiciness!???

How to use the Womanizer Liberty?

To use the Womanizer Liberty there are a few things I’d say you should keep in mind and try…

Firstly, you want to be fully relaxed. It’s commonly agreed that “letting go” might have an effect on a person’s ability to orgasm. It’s also thought that orgasm can produce an altered state of consciousness.(2) Mindblowing stuff, eh?

If you’re using it with a partner then perhaps start with a ***Tantric massage.*** If you’re alone, try it after a long soak in the bath. Either way, if you’re going to use lube (and you really should), then make sure it’s a water-based one. Oh yeah, before use, charge it so you know it won’t run out of power at that special moment.

OK, so instructions on how to use the Liberty are as follows:

Gift idea: The Liberty is my favorite out of the Womanizer models. Honestly, its size, price, and also the fact it looks so gorgeous makes it an incredible sex gift for your partner. Why not give the gift of multiple orgasms to your wife, lover or BBF just because?! 

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Womanizer Liberty Comparison with Other Sex Toys

What to be careful of while using the Womanizer Liberty?

I pride myself on giving you an honest review. Womanizer Liberty has to have some negatives, right? 

Truth is, I’m struggling… The only thing I can think of is this…

It feels different. It’s a different type of orgasm. 

I imagine this might feel kind of intense for some clit owners or first-time toy owners. 

What I would suggest is to set the speed low at first and you should be fine!

BTW, the different orgasms you get are due to the Pleasure Air Technology. I

t sends waves through your vulva and vagina. 

That being said, the fact that it’s touchless means your clit doesn’t feel numb so you get to have more suction fun over and over!

How Much Does a Womanizer Liberty Cost?

The $ price $ of a Womanizer Liberty is very reasonable. In terms of clitoral suction toys, this is one of the cheapest you’ll find on the market. Whatever sex retailer you buy it from it’s one of the more affordable offerings.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Where to Buy a Womanizer Liberty?

You can buy the Womanizer Liberty at reputable sex retailers online. One of the best things?

If you get the Womanizer, Starlet, Womanizer Premium, or the Liberty model from Lovehoney or Liberator, they often run website-wide discounts. This means you can treat your orgasm-deserving body to all the hot toys you can dream of!

Not: The Liberty model is the most pocket-friendly of the Womanizer models. This is why it’s so good in a handbag or suitcase!

Womanizer Liberty Review: FAQs

Is the Womanizer Liberty going to improve my relationship?

Yes, the Liberator has great potential to improve your relationship. Especially the sexual aspect of it. Which, when you’re willing to invest in the sexual side can have positive consequences throughout the rest of your relationship.

Obviously, the concept of Liberty is that it’s designed for solo sex. However, exploring your body and playing with sex toys with your lover has endless power in enhancing the sauce in your love life.

Is the package with the product discreet?

Of course, the box that your toy is delivered in is discreet. It’s plain. The sex toy companies I recommend make discreet packaging a top priority. They want customers to feel reassured that the neighbors won’t notice a thing!

How do I hide my Womanizer Liberty from guests?

You can easily hide the Womanizer Liberty from any house visitors because it’s so small. Simply stick it under the bed, at the back of your panty drawer, or locked away in your ***BDSM room***!

If you have friends who are very comfortable talking about sex and sexuality, though, my advice is to get the Liberty out. Show them it! Everyone loves a person who’s introducing them to their next big orgasm!

Can a Womanizer Liberty help my relationship/help me conceive a baby?

The Liberty brings you more pleasure. It makes you want sex more. More sex means more likelihood of getting pregnant, right?! Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Tip: Stay on your back for 10-20 minutes after sex to help the little swimmers find the egg!

If you have friends who are very comfortable talking about sex and sexuality, though, my advice is to get the Liberty out. Show them it! Everyone loves a person who’s introducing them to their next big orgasm!

Is Womanizer Liberty safe?

Yes, Womanizer creates totally body-safe sex toys. The Liberty is made from ABS plastic and silicone which is safe for you to use.

Does a Womanizer Liberty come with a warranty?

Absolutely, yes, yes, yes! Womanizer offers a 5-year warranty on all of its products. This means you can relax in the knowledge that on the slim chance there are any product faults, you can get it replaced.

Conclusion: Should You Buy a Womanizer Liberty?

If you’re a woman or clit-owner who is comfortable and happy experiencing climax, then you pretty much need this. Seriously, out of every damn thing I’ve ever recommended, this is my ultimate go-to. It’s a pure pussy pleaser. It never lets you down, it’s affordable and is easy to use.

It’s the toy I bought my two closest girlfriends last Christmas. That says it all, right?

If you love to climax freely, the Liberty will liberate your pussy!