Best Spreader Bar for Sex guide
Last Updated on February 3, 2023

The 7 Best Sex Spreaders for Bondage in 2023!

The world is getting kinkier. We have films like Fifty Shades and 365 Days to thank for that. The best way to join the kink rollercoaster is by building your own basic BDSM kit!

And guess what?

One of the hottest items you should include is a spreader bar.


Because it enhances sex and submission practice. It brings you more pleasure. In 2019, research revealed that between 10-50% of people practice BDSM (1).

It’s useful to have a few tricks and props to get the most from kink.

Want to know the best thing about spreader bars? You benefit from both restraint and total body access. By developing bondage and discipline play you’re able to improve intimacy in relationships and self-confidence.

I’ll tell you all about that later…

For now, read about the top spreader bars at the best online sex retailers…


Best Rated


Talea Spreader Bar

Spread your legs here…

Overall Score

Best On Budget / Affordable


Scandal Spreader Bar

Get restrained now!

Overall Score

Best for The Total Lockdown


Extreme Spreader Bar

Bend over for thrills here!

Overall Score

Best Rated - Liberator Talea

The spreader bar with all the top ratings and reviews is the Talea. It’s an excellent piece of sex furniture that’s going to introduce you to both new positions and some wonderful BDSM kink.

It features a soft faux leather cover on a “cushion”-type bar so it’s comfortable to wear.

If you’re in one of those couples who like to keep the erotic play varied, this bar will suit you. It can be used to spread your arms and legs, but also, you can place it under your hips which makes missionary sex even better!


Because that’s how your lover gets in deep and finds those tickly spots that even a good massage just can’t scratch.

You can choose which fabric cover and color you want so that it will fit in with your bedroom decor.

Liberator really are king of sex prop manufacturing. (Don’t fall for the cheap imitations elsewhere online!)

There are loads of positions to try.

There are pictures on the Liberator site to give you ideas. My lover and I used them as an erotic guide!

For more detailed information you can can check our Liberator Talea spreader bar review.



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Best On Budget/Affordable - CalExotics Scandal

The best spreader bar if you’re doing bondage on a budget is the CalExotics Scandal bar. It might be affordable and work really well, but it’s only my second favorite (after the Liebe Seele bar which is coming up).

What can I say, I’m a sucker for pretty-looking things?

This bar has two pins in the middle which make it adjustable in length. This makes it perfect for isolating either your arms or legs.

It features an eyehole at each end so you can attach your favorite set of cuffs (I love my Lacelike cuffs (from Stockroom) attached to this.)

It’s red and black, the ultimate colors if you have as big a collection of sophisticated sex props as I do.

If you’re into sensual submission that still lets you try various positions, this is the cheeky restraint item for you.

Even better?

There’s a discount on it on the Stuffgoodies website at the moment too!

Tip? Loop the spreader bar and your hands around the leg of a table or a column/pole so that you’re unable to move around the room while under command.



Submit, spread your legs, and spice up your sex-life now!

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Best for The Total Lockdown - Extreme Expandable Bar

The ultimate spreader bar for total lockdown and immobilization is the Extreme Expandable bar.

Your dom/domme decides what length to spread you between 18″-26″ inches. It has 4 leather, faux fur-lined cuffs for your wrists and ankles.

This forces you into a bent-over position. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? A nice bondage mouth ring gag would be a cherry on top.. What an amazing dom/sub scene.

Want to move?

No way. It’s not up to you anymore. You must stay completely still.

It’s incredible for power play and thanks to the padlocks and keys your partner has total control. m There are 8 keys, so you don’t have to worry about losing one!

Its removable pins make it easy to use but bear in mind, this BDSM bar isn’t designed for easy play, be prepared.

For me, this spreader bar is “the pin-up” of spreader bars. Ready to get pinned into place?

Avoid cheap spreader bars and lockable cuffs, you want the real thing. Lovehoney are reputable and have brilliant reviews.



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Best Adjustable Spreader Bar - Sportsheets Edge Adjustable Spreader Bar

The best adjustable spreader bar is the Sportsheets Edge Adjustable Spreader.

It’s perfect if you’re curious and new to the world of spreader bars.

It’s adjustable meaning your legs’ will be separated at various lengths ranging from between 29.5-38 inches.

Amazing if you’re a dom or domme who likes to switch things up. There are sturdy D-rings to keep you in place, while the clips are quick-release so you can quickly remove the bar if necessary.

This bar is perfect if you’re someone who loves BDSM play and you want to try an alternative form of restraint. If interested in less hardcore restraints you can check this article.

The soft, Velcro-fastened ankle cuffs are ideal if you’re starting out and want a little comfort.

You’ll find them easy to remove and once you’re ready to make things more hardcore, you can switch these cuffs out for buckled ones.

Oh yes! About improving intimacy with your partner and self-development: BDSM is renowned to increase couple discussion, help reduce emotional insecurities, and overcome anxieties. A nurturing dom is a master of intimacy, attentiveness, and aftercare (2).



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Best Suspension Spreader Bar - Stockroom's Steel Suspension Bar

The ultimate suspension spreader bar is Stockroom’s Steel Suspension Bar.

It’s a treat. If you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to bondage play, this spreader bar has to be added to your kit.

This restraint bar is designed to keep you dangling over the edge.

Perfect for keeping you in complete submission and at the mercy of your dom’s desires.

(Tip? Amazing for standing oral sex).

It’s made to cuff onto your wrists, but you can also hang upside down by your ankles (this made me giggle but I couldn’t stay there long).

The heavy metal is sturdy and built to hold all weights easily so you could be up there for hours.

The bar has two points, so your domme can choose whether to suspend you from one or two points.

There are eyelet holes and chains welded to it so that you’re totally secured.

For BDSM play at it’s most swinging, this is the bar for you!



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Best Design / We love the look - Liebe Seele

The spreader bar that has the most gorgeous and without a doubt, the best design, is the Liebe Seele bar.

Get this, it’s made from wood and red wine-colored leather that you’ll immediately fall in love with.

It comes with a cuff at each end to keep your gorgeous legs (or wrists, have you ever tried two spreader bars at once on your ankles and wrists?) fixed firmly apart.

Great for a kneeling doggy position!

The cuffs are detachable so you can attach other cuffs on different days to suit your preferences!

This is a brand that prides itself on its high-quality, the comfort it brings you, and stunning-looking erotic gear that lasts for years to come.

Because BDSM is racy and romantic, too!

You’ll be pleased to know that this hand-made spreader has got loads of sparkling reviews, check out Etsy for the lowdown!



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Best for Men Who Love It Hardcore / Something New - CBT Pillory

The top spreader for naughty men who prefer the hardest-core activities and deserve to have their balls crushed is the Cock and Ball Torture Pillory by Ballistic Metals.

This adjustable metal spreader bar forces you into a standing position, keeping your cock and balls squashed while your dom/domme chooses what to do with you.

This is the perfect BDSM equipment if you’re into cock and ball torture.

You attach an ankle cuff to each side of the bottom of the stand and attach cuffs to your wrists next to the contraception that your dick and testes will be pressed between.

The bar is adjustable so you can stand or kneel. Be advised, you’ll need to stay very still.

This dick vice is the stuff of vice heaven.

The only question left is what type of pain you’re dom will be inflicting and how well you’ll take it. Will you be begging for more, or squealing your safe word?!



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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What to consider before buying the best spread bar?

The first thing you to make sure of when you’re shopping for a spreader bar is yours and your partner’s experience with bondage.

If you’re an expert with Shibari ropes, for instance, you’re probably going to be much more relaxed with a bar than a newbie!

Spreader bars vary. Some come with cuffs and others don't.

Read the product descriptions carefully to check.

It's handy to buy an additional pair of cuffs even if the bar does come with its own set because you can get unique designs that really add to the mood.

Why have lace when you can have leather (or faux leather if you're veggie/vegan)?

You can get spreader bars that adjust, or you might prefer one that is a fixed size.

Consider what you will be using it for.

Adjustable bars where you can change the cuffs are amazing because you can use them on your arms and legs and for people with various measurements.

Spreader bars are made from various materials, usually metal, but as you browse our article you will also find a wooden one.

They are sometimes covered in leather.

You want to make sure you get a sturdy bar that will hold you in position. Especially if you're up for a bit of suspension restraint.

It's important to check the length of yours and your partner's limbs.

Whoever is going to be restrained will need a spreader bar that will actually spread their arms or legs!

You can get adjustable metal bars which are great if you have more than one BDSM partner.

The bars we feature here cost between $61.49 - $299.88.

This is the standard price range.

You can find cheap ones, but they tend to break and don't last very well. When you're going at it like rabbits or are taking the spanking of your life, you need something that can stand up the punishment!

That really depends on the bar that you buy and which cuffs you get to go with it.

Cuffs are made from various types of materials and their fastenings range from Velcro, to buckles, to padlocks.

Of course, if you're using a lockable version, as with all BDSM and bondage, you really need to make sure that you have a partner you totally trust.


What Sex Positions Can You Do With A Spreader Bar?

There are loads of sex positions to enjoy with a spreader.

They’re designed to immobilize you which is (for a lot of us) extremely pleasurable.

Lie on your belly, try doggy. Standing and kneeling positions all feel incredible.

Is it safe to use a spreader bar? What should I know before using it?

You should avoid getting a cheap spreader bar.

There are many low-quality metal bars online. You don’t want it to break during sexually vigorous activities as this could result in injury.

Sturdy, top-rated spreader bars from reputable brands are completely safe to use so long as you’re comfortable and have a partner that you trust.

What sex toys can we use with the spreader bar to have even more fun?

If you’re in one of those couples who loves sex toys, indulge in a good vibrator.

Build up a collection of toys and furniture so you get the most from your adventures.

A good sex-life is linked to better mental health (3). That’s got to be a worthy investment, right?

 A spreader bar can spice up your sex life and bondage fun; they introduce submission in a new way. It’s a brilliant alternative to bed restraints. Metal spreader bars give you the option of being moved about, of standing, of being restrained outside of the bedroom.

Is it time for your dom to increase your level of restraint from standard to top-notch?

You’re about to discover your favorite new position and a few unexpected orgasms…