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Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Liberator Wanda Review: Everything You Should Know!

You ever heard of that back massager turned ultimate clitoral stimulator? No?

OK, so that’s the vibrator you might know as the Magic Wand. And, darling, it IS magic, isn’t it? I’m assuming you have one, of course… (if you don’t: get one)!

So, it’s been reported that 70% of vulva-owners need external stimulation to cum.(1) Well, I think we kind of probably know that. And here’s the thing, with a Magic Wand, it’s kind of guaranteed. With the Magic Wand’s BFF? It’s next-level ecstasy!

Want the hottest solo-sex, deep doggy possibilities, or multiple sex parties? Well, the Wanda is a wonderful partner for your favorite Magic Wand… Ready to cast love spells?

What is a Liberator Wanda?

The Liberator Wanda is a saucy little sex toy mount designed by the masters of sex furniture at Liberator!

If you’re a fan of the Magic Wand vibrator, you’ll want this. The Wanda is its ultimate partner!

This sex toy mount is 20″ x 11″ x 8″. This basically makes it a good height for straddling your Magic Wand. Excellent if you like to grind.

Before we go, on let’s be clear about something, Liberator makes other gorgeous toy mounts.

The ***Tula*** and Axis Magic Wand also hold your Magic Wand. Out of the three, the Wanda happens to be my favorite (for the Wand).

Although the Tula can hold other vibrators, the shape of this wedge toy mount is quite simply designed for your Magic Wand.

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Why Do You Need a Liberator Wanda?

You need the Wanda sex toy mount if you have a Magic Wand and love getting yourself off with it. If clit stimulation is your jam, this baby brings more ideas to you, and also to your lover (if you have one).

A cute bit? When you sit on the mount, the Wanda just kind of cups your pussy and butt. It’s a narrow mount, this makes it easy for you to straddle. It’s immediately comfortable and the material feels soft although it also stays still on your bed.

Love sexy play with a partner?

The mount is also made to hold your hips in place for your favorite doggy-style position.

Darling, it’s not just a nice product, it’s a velvety covered god-send for your vagina! And for plus-size beauties, no need to worry, the dense foam will your weight.

Get loads more tips for sexy play by checking out our ***Liberator sex furniture*** guide! (You’ll love it – it’s pure saucy!)

Liberator Wanda Mount: The Benefits

The benefits of the Wanda toy mount are pleasure-centered!

I also just want to draw your attention to the fact that it’s ergonomically designed. It helps you find that certain angle that you love your Magic Wand vibrating on!

Other benefits include:

Oh, the wonders! It just gives you so much fun!

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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What I don’t like about the Liberator Wanda

OK, so the main thing I don’t like about the Wanda is that it won’t hold any other vibrator.

I don’t see why Liberator couldn’t just stick another vibrator sleeve at the back of the toy mount. I’d love to sit on one of my other toys at the same time!

How to use a Magic Wand and Toy Mount?

It’s easy to use the Magic Wand and this mount. All you need to do is the following:

Tantalizing tip: you can also use this pillow with a Lelo Smart Wand (review) and a Le Wand (review).

Also check out the wand reviews on the Liberator or Lovehoney sites.

Just the Right Direction: A little Advice...

So I have for you a teensy bit of advice to get the most out of your toy mount

When you’re kneeling upright, play a little with angling your wand

You want your sex toy in just the right direction to hit your sweet spot! 

Also, you might want to try angling your body into a variety of positions to find new ways to cum!

Another thing is that when your toy mount arrives it will be vacuum-packed. The box will look small – don’t worry it will soon swell. (Nice and big – wink, wink!)

liberator wanda review

How Much Does the Liberator Wanda Cost? What's the price?

The $ price of Liberator sex toy mounts can change according to when the site is running discounts.

At the moment there’s a website-wide 15% discount on all prices (always worth checking out). While you’re over there, check out the reviews for more information (the majority of the reviews are 5-star)!

It’s important to note that Liberator provides very good quality (and vibrating!) sex pillows for reasonable prices. There is a reason this brand is the top-selling brand for sex furniture.

Use the code: FURNPEAK for 10% off sitewide

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Where to Buy a Liberator Wanda? Revealing my favorite shop...

The ultimate shop to buy a Liberator Wanda is on the Liberator site.

The $ price $ is the best you’ll find online (plus you get their website discounts)!

This way you can be assured of getting an authentic product. (There are many cheap imitations on the market, which simply don’t last as long.)


Is the Wanda going to improve my relationship?

This sex toy mount is going to improve your intimacy so much! Liberator specializes in enabling couples to enjoy better sex through their top-quality sex furniture.

How to hide the Wand vibrator from guests?

The Magic Wand isn’t that big and the toy mount is only small. You can pop them both in the closet easily.

Should You Buy A Wanda?

There are a variety of reasons that the Wanda is great.

However, the main point has to be made that this is a mount especially designed FOR the Wand.

Don’t buy it if you don’t have a Wand! Yes, it’s great for doggy sex, but you can get a ***sex wedge*** for that!

You want an honest review? Let me sum it up in a couple of words: amazing for Wand-on-clit solo sex.

Get it if you love your Wand and your Wand loves your gyrating body!

liberator wanda