Lelo Ina 3 Review - Take Your Climax to the Next Level

Did you know that only 10% of women in the US own a rabbit vibrator (1)? That means that only one in ten women in the United States has had the chance and pleasure to experience the simultaneous clit and G-spot stimulation that this toy can provide.

Well, we are here to try to change that – kind of. Unfortunately, we’re unable to fully guarantee that you’ll find someone who’s able to locate both – your clit and your G-spot… But we have a really good rabbit vibrator to recommend that will do both with no questions asked.

The high-end sex toy brand that we all know of – Lelo – has one of my all-time favorite rabbit vibrators, namely, the Lelo Ina 3. And since we want to change the world of masturbation for anyone with a clitoris and a G-spot, we are here to provide an in-depth review of this wonderful product; and answer any questions that you may have.

Why Do You Need a Lelo Ina 3?

You need a Lelo Ina 3 if you haven’t yet got the chance to experience a sex toy that can stimulate your clit and g-spot at the same time.

Or, even if you already are a proud owner of another rabbit vibrator, it doesn’t do any harm to try a different one.

Lelo Ina 3 is a powerful yet silky and smooth rabbit vibrator designed to hit all the right spots in one go.

It provides external stimulation, particularly on your clitoris, as well as stimulation on the inner parts of your vagina, including your G-spot.

This is an absolute must-have for any female-bodied person who enjoys various vibration patterns and different intensities and simply likes to have all their sweet spots touched at once.

Lelo Ina 3 is also an exceptional choice for anyone who is dealing with stress at work or in relationships. Trust me, one session with this vibrator makes you forget all about how your Tinder date didn’t own any glasses or mugs and made you drink water straight out of the tap.

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How Does It Work?

Lelo Ina 3 works like most other rabbit vibrators. Its dual-action massager makes it possible for the user to receive stimulation on the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time.

This toy can be used in a variety of positions. Its simple design makes it easy to work with, making your me time relaxing and centered around your pleasure and orgasms. Not solving a sex toy version of the Rubik’s cube.

Additionally, the three buttons on the interface of Lelo Ina 3 provide a range of vibration settings – which actually includes more options than your average vibrator.

Simply ensure the toy has been fully charged, lay back, grab some lube, and have fun!

Lelo Ina 3 Benefits

Ina 3

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What I Don’t Like about This Product

Lelo Ina 3 Comparison with Other Sex Toys

What is in the Box?

In the box of Lelo Ina 3, you will find a USB-charging cord, a soft satin storage pouch, a warranty registration card

And a detailed instruction manual on how to use the toy like a pro (without needing to remove it from holes that it doesn’t belong to).

Trust us; the manual is important – during the years from 2000 to 2019, it was estimated that around 18,547 vibrator and 6,468 dildo injuries were treated at different emergency departments in the United States (2).

Ina 3 in a box

How to Use Lelo Ina 3?

To use Lelo Ina 3, you simply hold it so that you can apply some pressure from the smaller arm against your clitoris to get yourself warmed up. You can then work up to thrusting the bigger arm inside your vagina.

Prior to this, I suggest using some water-based lube. Now that you’ve assumed the position get exploring. Try out different settings that Ina 3 has and experience the vast range of vibration patterns that this toy offers.

For this, you can adjust the vibration modes by pressing either the minus or the plus button on the interface. The insertable length of Ina 3 also allows you to go quite deep – or not – depending on your preferences.

After you’re done with your session, remember to hide the evidence, maybe take a relaxing shower – and be cautious of the slippery floor that you’ve created.

For more info read how to use a rabbit vibrator and how to use a Lelo device.

How to charge it?

To charge Lelo Ina 3, plug the USB charger into the charging port and the other end into a wall socket or similar. Then experience two hours of agony-filled anticipation until this sex toy is finally fully charged. If it is, the LED light will have a steady glow, and you can finally play.

How to handle it?

To handle Lelo Ina 3, you honestly don’t need to do a lot. This toy does a lot for you. When handling the toy, you simply need to know how to use the buttons and find a comfortable position for its insertion and use.

How to clean it?

To clean Lelo Ina 3, recall that the toy is waterproof – so no need to worry about damaging it with water. I recommend using the Lelo sex toy cleaner – followed by rinsing the toy with warm water (don’t try to use your saliva, trust me, it doesn’t work).

If you don’t own any sex toy cleaner – you probably should – but gentle body-safe antibacterial soap will get the job done as well. We want to emphasize that keeping your sex toys clean is crucial since silicone is especially prone to be nested by harmful bacteria (3).

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

My Experience

My experience with Lelo Ina 3 was wonderful. But I am someone who absolutely loves rabbit vibrators since I am a huge fan of g-spot stimulation.

With a rabbit vibrator, you are killing two birds with one stone since you’re also able to receive clit stimulation at the same time.

Overall, I found Lelo Ina 3 very simple to use. Everything seemed quite easy, from charging the toy to using it and even managing all ten vibration modes.

While some may prefer a larger vibrator – especially an insertable one – I found the size and insertable length of Lelo Ina 3 perfect for my body.

The only downside of using the toy was that I wished it were slightly softer.

Oh, and also, I came so hard while using it that I managed to elbow my partner in the face. He had to wear an eyepatch for a week, resulting in the exploration of some very awkward pirate roleplay.

What To Be Careful Of While Using Lelo Ina 3?

First off, if you moan too loud while using the Lelo Ina 3, you are most likely being very annoying to your neighbors, who have been subjected to having to listen to your masturbation for weeks continuously.

In all seriousness, remark that Lelo Ina 3 is incompatible with silicone lube. So stick to water-based lubricants instead. This applies to many other Lelo toys as well.

How Much Does Lelo Ina 3 Cost?

Lelo Ina 3 costs quite a bit – but its price is quite low compared to other vibrators by Lelo. In general, when it comes to Lelo, keep an eye out for discounts since they are regularly applied to many different products.

However, if you don’t have enough $$ for this one, save up – or alternatively, use your sugar daddy’s credit card.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Where to Buy Lelo Ina 3?

Lelo Ina 3 can be brought directly from Lelo’s website. That being said, other retailers sell this product too, and it is also available on Amazon.com, for example.

Lelo Ina 3 vs Ina 2

comparison Lelo Ina 3 vs Ina 2

Lelo Ina 2 is also a rabbit vibrator by Lelo – quite similar to Ina 3, as the product’s name implies. In my opinion, Lelo Ina 3 is definitely a good upgrade from Lelo Ina 2 since it offers two more vibration modes.

I also personally found the arm meant for clitoral stimulation to be slightly more comfortable with Ina 3 – but the difference is quite negligible.

At the end of the day, both of the Ina toys are really good high-quality rabbit vibrators – Ina 3 being my preferred choice due to the number of vibration settings.

Read also our comparison of Lelo Ina vs Soraya.

Lelo Ina 3 vs Ina Wave

comparison Lelo Ina 3 vs Ina Wave

Lelo Ina Wave is another rabbit vibrator by Lelo. Again, both vibrators are great, high-quality sex toys, but personally, I prefer Lelo Ina 3 over Lelo Ina Wave. One of the main reasons for this is that Lelo Ina Wave is much louder due to the WaveMotion technology.

I prefer my sex toys to be slightly more discreet to prevent complaints from my landlord. Nevertheless, both toys provide great stimulation on your G-spot and clitoris, have a wide range of different patterns of vibrations, and are 100% waterproof.

Should You Buy Lelo Ina 3? Conclusion

You should buy Lelo Ina 3 if you want to try – or already enjoy – simultaneous clit and G-spot stimulation. It’s by far my favorite rabbit vibrator and has quite a simple design. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who’s a vibrator newbie; or someone who just really enjoys high-quality sex toys and is a fan of Lelo.

To give my final thoughts on this toy, I will save you some energy and time and tell you this: although Lelo Ina 3 is pricy – since, after all, it’s a toy by Lelo. You will spend much less money on this than you will when going on several consecutive dates with people who think that your G-spot is located on your butt. Good luck!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


What is Lelo Ina 3?

Lelo Ina 3 is a rabbit vibrator with multiple vibration settings produced, designed, and sold by Lelo.

Is Lelo Ina 3 going to improve my relationship?

Lelo Ina 3 is going to improve your relationship – well, at least some aspects of your relationship. Let’s be real – it’s a sex toy, so it’s not a couples’ therapist and shouldn’t be used as a replacement for therapy. It can tremendously improve your sex life, which is oftentimes a big part of a romantic relationship.

Is the package with the Lelo Ina 3 discrete?

The package with Lelo Ina 3 is discrete. All Lelo products are safely delivered to your house in discrete packaging with no logo, saving your traditional parents and in-laws from having a heart attack.

How to hide Lelo Ina 3 from guests?

To hide Lelo Ina 3 from guests, do not leave it on your nightstand, at the dinner table, or even try to hide it in the bathroom cabinet. Trust me, your nosy in-laws might just get their hands on it. The best place to hide Ina 3 – or any other sex toy – would be in a designated bag or box that you can hide in your bedroom.

Is Lelo Ina 3 safe?

Lelo Ina 3 is safe – when used correctly. Follow the instructions given by Lelo, and keep the toy away from your dog.

Does Lelo Ina 3 come with a warranty?

Lelo Ina 3 comes with a warranty of one year – like all other Lelo sex toys. For this, the toy comes with a warranty registration card. Additionally, all Lelo massagers come with a ten-year quality guarantee.

How long does the Lelo Ina 3 take to charge?

It takes Lelo Ina 3 around two hours to charge fully. Additionally, the battery life lasts for around two hours.

Is the Lelo Ina 3 loud?

The Lelo Ina 3 is not loud at all. Even when set on very intense vibration settings, it somehow manages to be very quiet.

What modes are present?

The modes that are present in Lelo Ina 3 consist of ten different vibration intensities. These can be selected by using the plus and minus buttons on its interface.

Which lube to choose with Lelo Ina 3?

The best lube to choose from with Lelo Ina 3 is any water-based lubricant. Of course, the best choice would be the water-based lubricant by Lelo.

Can I use Lelo Ina 3 for anal sex?

You cannot use Lelo Ina 3 for anal sex. Okay, well, from a technical perspective, you can – but this toy has been designed for vaginal stimulation, not anal. However, Lelo does provide a range of options appropriate for anal play.

Take a look at our guide to the best Lelo toys to have a better idea on what the brand has to offer.

Does the toy come with a USB cable?

Yes, Lelo Ina 3 comes with a USB cable for charging.

Does it have the travel lock function?

Lelo Ina 3 has the travel lock function to protect you from awkward instances. It also prevents the sex toy from having fun without you.

How does it feel?

Lelo Ina 3 feels absolutely divine. Imagine using a powerful vibrator but adding more intensity to your session by getting a dynamic G-spot massage simultaneously.

What is the size of Lelo Ina 3?

The size of Lelo Ina 3 is 7.9 inches in length, 2.5 inches at the widest point, and 1.7 inches in terms of radius. The insertable length of the toy is approximately 4.3 inches.

Will Lelo Ina 3 fit my body?

Lelo Ina 3 might or might not fit your body – to know for sure, please take a look at the measurements of Ina 3. If it doesn’t fit, Lelo has a great selection of other toys you may find good!

What is the best position to use Lelo Ina 3?

The best position to use Lelo Ina 3 in has to be simply lying down and having a go at it.

That being said, Ina 3 can be used in various different positions – especially if you’re using it with your partner. Also, a hot tip to anyone reading: watching your partner play with this toy is extremely scorching hot.


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