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Last Updated on August 15, 2023

The Ultimate Womanizer Eco Review: All You Need To Know!

There’s something really important you need to know. It’s to do with your solo-sex sessions. As good as they might be for you, old vibrators aren’t always the best for the planet…

Research shows how oral sex improves a person’s well-being in relationships.(1) There are, however, those of us who are single, or some of us whose partners don’t get down like that… so what do you do as an alternative?

Well, honey, let me tell you: you give yourself orgasms using a toy that mimics the feeling of being sucked. The issue with most sex toys, though, is that they’re made of plastic. Did you know that “80% of all marine debris” is plastic.(2) The crisis is out of hand.

Thankfully, Womanizer is doing its part to make the sex toy industry conscious. They’ve created a premium pleasure toy that is conscious, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Heaven, right?

Want totally planet-friendly self-loving? You’re in the right place… You’re gonna smile at this one…

What is the Womanizer Premium Eco?

The Womanizer Premium Eco is the sexiest eco-friendly sex toy on the planet

It’s one of the newest Womanizer toys which makes your clitoris the star of the show.

And the best part? Being an eco model you’re doing your part to save the planet.

Want completely plastic-free sex toy fun? 

You’re in the right place! Womanizer launched the Premium Eco on Earth Day (April 22nd 2021), taking the industry by storm and setting the standards for other brands to follow.

For those of you who love clitoral stimulation, the leaders of clitoral suction toys are taking things up a notch.

Pleasure Air Technology has quite literally never been so good.

In terms of size, it’s 6.49″ in length and 2.12″ in width. It’s a little bigger than the Lily Allen Liberty toy (I have a real soft spot for the Liberty).

The Womanizer slogan for this toy says it all really: “Comes from nature, can go back to nature”. I think that in itself is kind of beautiful. It’s natural… Anyway, it’s time to explain what all that means exactly…

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

The Differences between the Womanizer Premium Eco Vs Womanizer Premium

OK, so the Womanizer Premium Eco is basically an alternative model to the Womanizer Premium. Although they look incredibly similar, there are a few key differences.

Firstly, the Eco model is made from smooth, rigid Biolene (more on this soon). This means it can get a little sweaty in your palm (when you get a little, eh-hem, vigorous) in comparison to the silky soft silicone of the ***Womanizer Premium.***

The Premium Eco is made splash-proof rather than totally waterproof (like the Premium). So, I adore it that the Premium is waterproof: I love, love, love it in the tub. It’s just so slippery and delicious. But here’s the thing, the Eco isn’t due to the way it’s manufactured.

The renewable materials are 100% biodegradable. This includes the need for a lithium battery. The sex toy is designed to be dismantled at the end of its life. This way, each part can be individually recycled.

You get a cute storage pouch for the Premium Eco which is made from organic cotton. The pouch for the original Premium is made from synthetics, which looks more sophisticated. Unfortunately, what looks sexy isn’t always sexy for Mother Earth, know what I mean?

A couple more things…. The Eco doesn’t have the Auto Pilot mode feature. This mode provides you a little spontaneity when playing with its predecessor – it takes control of the vibrations for you. (I prefer to choose my own level anyway, personally.)

Finally, the Eco only has 2 buttons making it much easier to use than the Premium which has 4.

What makes the Premium Eco planet-friendly?

As mentioned earlier, the Premium Eco is made from Biolene, a bio-plastic which is a plant-based material. It involves a lot of corn starch (it’s amazing what they can cook up nowadays, isn’t it?).

This toy is earth-friendly because of the following:

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

How Womanizer celebrates Earth Day

So One Tree Planted is a wonderful project that Womanizer is linked to. 

The brand created a crowdfunding campaign money to support One Tree Planted in Rwanda

With the funds raised, the project aims to reduce the effects of deforestation in Rwanda. It’s pretty special.

In fact, Womanizer has also pledged to plant a tree for every Premium Eco bought! 

It makes you feel great knowing you’ve bought something that gives to a good cause. That really is an ethos I can get down with… and get off to!

Why Do You Need a Womanizer Premium Eco?

You need a Womanizer Premium Eco because it takes self-pleasure to another level. Are you a lover of leg-shaking, panting, groaning fun?

Trust me, the air pressure waves on this toy elevate your orgasms. You want the big O deeper, right? 

You want more, more, more? A Premium sex toy gives you that. I’m seriously the biggest fan of Pleasure Air Technology. 

It gave me my first multiple orgasm experience. (I sure as hell ain’t ever letting it go!)

Aside, from your own pleasure, there’s the fact that this is the Eco version of the Premium. 

In a world where being planet-friendly is essential, you’re making the conscious decision to opt for the Eco Premium model. 

This is basically the same thing as being a superhero because you’re, you know, helping to prevent the plastic crisis. (We’re big fans of this planet-friendly sex toy here at Furnpeak!)

Did you know the majority of existing sex toys in the sex toy industry aren’t biodegradable or recyclable? 

Yep, that. Well, this sex toy made from completely sustainable raw materials can be recycled. It’s like the coolest planet-conscious thing ever!

Pleasure Air Technology explained...

Oh baby, oh baby! Pleasure Air Technology is the source of all your future clit suction heaven. So, it was created by the WOW Tech Group who is an expert in “premium intimate pleasure products”.

Wow Tech manufactured a stimulation head that sends out tiny pulses of air over your clit. It’s the closest you’ll get to cunnilingus (pussy licking) from a toy!

Womanizer Premium Eco: The Benefits

You’re probably starting to see all the benefits of this wonderful vibrator, but just to sum them up…

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What I don’t like about the Womanizer Premium Eco

OK, it might seem silly but I don’t like that the Premium Eco is only available in pink (rose). It’s a classy shade of pink, I’ll give it that, but I’ve had a personal vendetta against pink since it was rammed down my throat as a little girl (all that gender stereotyping malarky drives me nuts)!

That being said, I know I’m being fussy. It’s only a color. (I’d just prefer black.)

The other thing to remember is that this Womanizer vibrator is powered by a replaceable battery. You get to it under the battery cover. It’s great because it’s a sustainable product, but I’m kind of short on patience when it comes to replacing batteries. (The battery can be recharged 300 times before that time comes, though!)

How to use a Womanizer Premium Eco toy?

Amazingly, the Womanizer Premium Eco is really easy to use. In fact, the Eco model is even more simple to use than the original Premium model because it has fewer buttons! (I’m a huge fan of simplicity!)

If you haven’t used a Womanizer toy before, you’ll want to get used to the feeling of the new type of stimulation. Pressure waves bring an exciting and unusual sensation and a new type of orgasm. Before getting busy, try the head against your thigh first so you know what to expect when you place it on your clit after.

Instructions on how to use this toy are as follows…

This toy is earth-friendly because of the following:

Point to remember! When you turn this vibe on, it won’t vibrate and you might think it’s not working. It is. It’s just in Smart Silence mode, which means you need to press it to your body for it to start vibrating. You can press both the plus and minus buttons for two seconds to deactivate Smart Silence mode.

Tip 1: Always use water-based lube on a Womanizer stimulation head in order to prevent deterioration of the rubber.

How To Charge And Change The Womanizer Premium Eco internal Battery?

It’s simple enough to charge and change the battery.

To charge it, just attach the magnetic USB cable to the pins at the bottom of your Premium Eco and the LED lights will start to flash to signal it charging. The LED light flashes slowly when the charge is low, fast when it’s charging, and stays on when charged.

To change the battery, all you need to do is slide the pick behind the battery cover and give it a wriggle to open it. Inside, you’ll find a 3.7V lithium-ion rechargeable battery. When it’s reached the end of its life, just replace it with a new rechargeable battery.

When the Premium Eco itself comes to the end of its life, you take apart all the pieces and send them off for recycling. There’s a video showing you how to dismantle it here!

What to be aware of while using a Womanizer Premium Eco?

There are a few things to be aware of when you get the Premium Eco. The first is that although the battery can be charged 300 times, it will run out. That’s fiddly, annoying, and why I have a drawer filled with battery-powered toys I don’t use that much (because I always forget to buy new batteries). (Yep, I’m a big fan of the Wanda and Magic Wand because the Wand is mains-powered). That being said, 300 times is a lot of times, the rechargeable battery is going to last a long while.

If you’re already a fan of Womanizer vibrators, then it’s important to bear in mind that the Eco Premium version doesn’t have AutoPilot mode. 

Finally, this Premium Eco is a toy for your clitoris. It’s not for internal use. If you’re into g-spot stimulation, then check out our best vibrating eggs guide… alternatively, consider the Womanizer Duo.

You should definitely check out my Womanizer Premium Vs Duo guide if you’re into internal stimulation and want to compare products. For more options see my guide about best Womanizers.

How Much Does a Womanizer Premium Eco Cost?

The $ price of a Premium Eco is the same price as a regular Premium. This might come as a surprise considering it doesn’t have the AutoPilot feature. The reason for this is that the Biolene material is more expensive than ABS plastics. I imagine the AutoPilot feature was sacrificed to keep costs down.

Always remember that Womanizer sex toys are top range. The brand brings you top quality at affordable prices. It also invests in market research and puts in the effort to ensure each new model it brings out is an improved or valuable alternative option to its predecessors.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

How Much are Womanizer Sex Toys in Comparison?

Womanizer vibrators cost various amounts. This is partly due to the materials they’re made from (i.e. ABS plastic is cheaper than silicone or Biolene, for instance). Another factor is what features each toy has.

The Duo is more expensive than the ***Starlet*** because it’s made from silicone and comes with every sexy imaginable feature you can imagine. The Starlet is simple, smaller, and doesn’t have as many pleasure settings.

Check out my Womanizer Pro 40 and Womanizer Inside Out reviews here.

Where to Buy a Womanizer Premium Eco?

You can buy the Womanizer Premium Eco directly from the Womanizer or Lovehoney websites. You get the best prices on those sites (keep your eye out for discounts). You’ll also get to read the top reviews from all the other very happy customers!


Is the package with the Womanizer Premium Eco discreet?

The packaging is discreet, yes. Also, the box is also totally plastic-free and made with FSC-certified materials.

How to hide a Womanizer Premium Eco from guests?

To hide the toy, just pop it in its storage pouch and slip it in your panty draw or under the bed. BTW, the Smart Silence mode will mean you can use it when you have visitors stay. They won’t hear it rumbling away!!

Is a womanizer Premium Eco safe?

Yes, this toy is safe. It’s made from Biolene and has a silicone head. These are body-safe materials.

Does a Womanizer Premium Eco come with a warranty?

You get a 5-year warranty with the Eco. All Womanizer products have this warranty. That’s how confident the brand is in the quality of its products!

Should You Buy a Womanizer Premium Eco?

If you’re a person who loves sensual, sultry, saucy solo pleasure… oh! And who is environmentally conscious, of course, then the Premium Eco is definitely the sex toy for you.

I’ll be honest, I prefer the silicone feel of the original Premium model to hold. However, the ethos behind the Eco model wins me over. I have both models, but if I had to choose between the two, I’d go for the Eco version based on this principle.

In terms of orgasm? You’re gonna absolutely love the Premium Eco… like all Womanizer products, it’s gonna blow your mind, make your legs shake, and get you addicted to masturbating, morning, noon, and night!

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